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In case you missed it…or want to watch it again…True Blood Season 6: Live from the Set is now available to watch online! Yay!

@unfoRETTable, who plays Donna on Parks & Recreation is a huge True Blood fan, asked the cast questions from fans LIVE on the True Blood set (Fangtasia).

Watch the entire video below!

It was pleasing to see Alex, Anna, Stephen and Kristin sitting at the same table together. Alex was hysterical – with the added touch of drinking a fruity drink in a margarita glass. LOL They really seem like they have a lot of fun working together on set.

Here are a few gifs – thanks to marvelandwhimsy which proves it.




The cast were amusing to say the least…did anyone else notice Joe M. starting to pole dance at the very end? Alex looked like he was up to something too…judging from how he was peering around Anna at the camera.

The cast was great at answering our questions, weren’t they? Some of their answers make me go, hmmm though.

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below.

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6 comments on “Video: Live From The TB Set

  1. The pole dance was funny, I don’t think he’s ready to let Magic Mike go. And I got the impression Alex had quite a few of those drinks…lol!

  2. Did anyone notice how low key Nelsen was (sorry about the spelling if I got it wrong). I hope that wasn’t because his character is the one being killed off this season. I guess we’ll have to wait to find out. I watched this Sunday night and I loved it.

    • Nelsan is always like that, but someone pointed out that Ryan is the only one not shown in the group photo and we know he was there. I’m sure that doesn’t mean anything, but I find it weird how he was the only one not included.

  3. Thanks for sharing this :) I bet they had a party at that set afterwards, that would have been good to see x

  4. Thanks Erika – I’d been waiting to see that to make my perfect TB week even more perfect :)

  5. […] In case you missed it or want to watch it again…We shared the video of True Blood: Live from the Set! […]

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