Anna Paquin on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video)

Late Night talks shows have gotten a taste for blood as the True Blood cast have been making the rounds. Our very own Anna Paquin, who of course plays our favorite Telepath Sookie Stackhouse, made a stop on Jimmy Kimmel Live last night (June 20th)!

Anna on Kimmel

Ms Anna had me cracking up with her playfullness.

If you missed it, check out the video clips below posted by Jimmy Kimmel Live.

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

What did you think? What did you think of the clip?

I think she was very relaxed and was supper playful talking about her kids, and not getting much sleep.

The clip has me giddy actually with all the plate throwing. But what is this about her blood, hmmm?

And I am adding “bitchy resting face” to my repertoire, cause we all have one. I think the most important thing for me from this interview was when she share that they are filming the LAST episode of the season.

Sound off below!

As and added bonus, here are some pictures of Anna arriving for her JKL appearance

anna arrival to kimmel 2    anna arrival to kimmel 3   anna arrival to kimmel 2

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18 comments on “Anna Paquin on Jimmy Kimmel Live (video)

  1. Thank you for posting this as I had every intention of watching last night but I
    passed out before it aired and missed it.
    Anna looked great and she was SO FUNNY!!!
    Too bad we didn’t hear anything about Sookie/Eric.
    Interesting scene between Bill & Sookie in her kitchen?
    Can’t wait to see it on Sunday!!!

  2. Love her!! Great video bill is EVIL!!

  3. Thank you for posting this. The ballgame messed with my DVR and I didn’t get it, Anna is just so pretty and funny … I thought she did great cause you can tell she gets nervous some times. Loved it!

  4. The ball game messed mine up too! Loved the interview, thanks for posting!

  5. Yep, I know when I found out the post game show ran over, I turned off my DVR so I wouldn’t record something I didn’t want. Therefore, I stayed up late just to watch it. I thought Anna did well, I enjoyed the new clip they showed too!!! I wonder if Bill is the one to kidnap Sookie?? Wonder if Eric gets involved at all…… This sounds like a really interesting season, can’t wait for Sunday!!!

  6. I loved the interview . Excited about Sunday . Motherhood agrees with her . Beautiful ..

  7. That’s about the most relaxed I’ve seen Anna in an interview (I know she is incredibly shy). Loved the clip too, it’s good to see that Sookie is still standing up to Bill and he’s not fooling her anymore (fingers crossed it continues all season).

  8. Thank you for posting this. I have no DVR and my body won’t allow me to stay up that late anymore. Loved Anna and I totally get the “Bitchy resting face”. People ask me all the time why I’m so peeved when really, I’m just there and not upset at all.

    The clip was interesting. So Bill wants to use Sookie for her blood…The more things change, the more they stay the same.

  9. I hope all the things that Bill has said and done will be remembered at the end of the season when he will be redeemed by killing Warlow or helping Sookie to kill Warlow because that’s what I see them doing in the finale …..Sookie should never think of him as a romantic option ever again in life.

    • THIS! From your typed words to the powers that be eyes! No matter if he ends up helping her against Warlow this season, he should not yet another pass from her!

      • Nope, especially if she believes that’s not Bill, I don’t see why she would ever go back to him, whether they manage to redeem him or not. If he does kill Warlow, it definitely won’t be out of the goodness of his heart.

  10. Wow, that clip was AWESOME – so Billith is gonna try to take some of Sookie’s blood – well, lets just see what our Viking has to say about that!!

  11. Loved the clip, anything that builds on the dynamic of Sookie & Bill NOT being together is a big positive. He does comes across as completely cold and uncaring doesn’t he? have to say Stephen Moyer does a good job of playing a wide range of emotions.
    The clip was so funny, I too fell asleep before it came on so thanks so much for posting.

  12. Now having watched the videos, yes, he is a huge asshole. It’s sad that she’s just now realizing this.

  13. Thanks for posting. I also feel asleep. I hate to say it but by the end of the season Sookie will be able to see the old Beehl in there somewhere.

  14. Loved it. I could not stop laughing when Sookie hit Bill in the face with the plate…he didn’t move and her face was like wtf….just made me laugh.

  15. […] Anna Paquin appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live where they showed a new clip from a future True Blood episode where Sookie says something to Bill we’ve been dying to hear for a LOOOOONNNNNNGGG time! WARNING: SPOILER ALERT is in effect. You can watch Anna’s interview here. […]

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