Alex discusses Eric’s “Fate”


Alexander Skarsgard will soon be on his way into the vast Icelandic wilderness for a well earned break from filming True Blood and promoting a string of movies.  So right now it’s a case of grab him whilst you can, and cinema.de have done exactly that with a new interview during which Alex talks about The East, his grandmother, and Eric Northman’s fate on True Blood.

Thanks to The Alexander Skarsgard Library you can a read the entire translated version of the interview, but here are a few bits and pieces to wet your appetite.

C:  What is your life like?

Alex:  Over the past months, it was very stressful. I worked almost nonstop for the new season of “True Blood,” and on the free days I had press conferences for my other films. But soon I’ll go with some friends for a week after filming to Iceland for hiking. Last year I did a four-week sailing trip across the Atlantic  ​​- without phone reception or email, just me and nature – wonderful
C:  Would you like to work more in Sweden?
Alex:  I love to be in Scandinavia. There are a lot of interesting projects and directors. But to me it is not necessarily about the country where I work, but the story. If it interests me a bit, I’m sure even in the Kalahari Desert.

C:  Do you know a very charismatic person?

 Alex:  Stockholm. My grandmother has a lot of charisma. I’ve been away from home for six months  and will see her again in three weeks – and I am looking forward to it very much.
And the most important question of all (as so many people are still worrying about this)

C:  A final question about “True Blood”: There are rumors that Eric dies in the sixth season …

Alex:  We just filmed the last two episodes and I’m still here … Of course I can not tell what will happen, but Eric definitely does not have an easy time. People have found a way to fight against the vampires – for the first time in 1000 years! Geez, I really need to watch what I say. Just this: There will come a new person in Eric’s life.

So there you go folks, straight from the mouth of the Viking, Eric is still here, he’s survived “the funeral”, and if we are lucky enough to get a Season 7, he’ll be right in the middle of all the action!

And remember, tomorrow is not just another day, it’s True Blood day, and we suspect this “new person” could be female and is about to make her first appearance…….



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28 comments on “Alex discusses Eric’s “Fate”

  1. I really hope this isn’t another love interest. What do we have to do to get the writers to sit up and take notice? WE DON’T WANT SOOKIE & ERIC WITH ANYONE BUT EACH OTHER! Should we send smoke signals at this point? No one cares about Sookie or Eric’s new side pieces and I for one will be looking forward to their demise.

    • I tend to disagree, I might be in the minority but I have felt for a very long time that Sookie simply does not deserve Eric. He should move on to someone who will appreciate all the wonders he has to offer. The executive producer and the writer’s of this show (and in some ways CH in the book series) will continue to dummy down Sookie and keep her forever and always attached to Bill. They seem to think that your first love will always linger. Perhaps with some ppl that is true, but some of us have only bad memories of our first and would never go down that road again.

      • Whether Eric deserves better or not, Sookie is the one he wants and I don’t see him falling in love with someone else. I want him to be happy, not just settling like the Sookie in the books did. She can’t be oblivious forever, at least they’re proving that her first love will never care about her as much and will always be a douche. If she does go back to him after all this, then I will agree with you. As of right now, she seems to be done with Bill. We’ll see how long that lasts.

  2. I wonder if they are going to give him a new love interest and just completely skip over him and sookie ever being together, they may just let them always want each other but never get together ugh

  3. Sookie and Eric need to be together.
    Writers need to pull heads out of the ass and listen to us fans of show

  4. Ladies:
    After last Sunday we know how much Sookie really means to Eric.
    Just by the way he responded to Nora’s question of “Can we use the Fairy”?
    “Nora,Dont even STIR THAT POT”
    The writers know what they have to do~and they will do it.
    for one thing I don’t want Eric with another woman?
    Only with sookie~ nobody else.

  5. When reading the books, I was all for Sookie ending up with Eric… until I got to the last book. And she was truly happier with someone who wasn’t already dead. I love Eric, he’s amazing, but the series has taken a different turn from the books. Lafayette would have died at the end of series one if they had followed the books. The witches would have been far more powerful, Bill would have never been king of Louisiana, Arlene would have joined the Fellowship of the Sun’s side. The series is it’s own little dimension of Sookie’s world, and while it’s enjoyable, Eric and Bill both have betrayed Sookie in various ways to the point where any relationship would feel forced in my opinion…

    • I guess I look at it differently than you. There are major differences between what Bill has done and what Eric has done.Eric is not perfect by any means but I would still pick him over Bill any day. Bill’s transgressions were more severe in my opinion. With that being said, I have no expectations of them being a couple again but it makes more sense than her picking Bill.

      • We can’t ever equate the two as ever doing the same things to Sookie ever…..Eric understands her and loves her for herself but Bill was always trying to mold her into his idea and was disapproving of alot of her ideas ….basically trying to control her and of course always had another agenda that he was never truthful about to her. Eric is not perfect but like I said, he is not trying to control her and in the finale of season 5 when he said “she is a waitress” that shows you he totally gets her. In the first episode this season he gave her back the house without expecting anything from her but he is very much in love with her…we see it on his face thru his eyes and the pain we see.

  6. They will dangle the possibility of them being together in front of our noses for as long as they can. They are not stupid, they know what we want. That is what keeps the show going. We will all keep watching just in case. That is how it is gong to be. All of them have had way too much of the Alan Ballsack Kool-aid. They all believe it’s all about Sookie and her struggles to be with her star crossed lover Beehl! Makes me want to gag. But I will keep watching right along with every one just in case!

  7. I agree everyone!!!! They can’t give Eric a new love interest too. We all know that Sookie and Ben won’t last and if they do give Eric a new love interest, we know that won’t last either. If they don’t have Sookie and Eric together at the end of this series, I just don’t know how I will feel. They are fated to be together.

    The writers just like to keep the angst (sp?) going between those two and with us, the viewers. I think they know how the fans feel and I would hope that at the end, they will give us an appropriate closure to this story.

  8. Well, we knew he wasn’t the main death since he makes it to the finale, at least that’s something. If they do ever get together again, it won’t be until the very last episode I’m sure, they have to experience other things to realize what they want. We know the feelings are still there, but that’s just not enough anymore.

  9. I’m kind of happy for him because he chased Sookie for too long……I also thought he and Sookie made some type of progress. Maybe someone new will force Sookie’s hand the way Quinn forced his hand in the books. If the show explore the possibility of Sookie and Eric when it does happen I’m sure Sookie will be an emotionally stable adult

    • you are right Sookie needs to appreciate him and come to him with the revalation of loving and wanting to be with him…if they get together it will probably be something like that.

  10. What about the possibility he might be talking about making a new child? That seems more possible, I can’t see him falling for someone else so quickly if ever.

    • Yeah, that could be a possibility. It goes with the trailers of what looked like him in a hole with I’m guessing Willa since there was someone wearing a white nightgown next to him, but in order for him to turn someone, I think he would really have to trust that person. It’s not something he just does for the sake of it, so I believe some feelings would have to be involved.

      • Or maybe she was dying, hence the emotional moment with a “blood bag” and that’s why he decides to turn her, if that is in fact even close to what happens. I really have no idea, anything is possible at this point.

    • That was my thought as well….somebody new coming to his life doesn’t need to be a love interest ….well hopefully not…I think there will be a lot of emotional things for Eric towards the end…

  11. I think the new person in his life is the girl that protested the Governor’s speech by hitting him with the blood seems like he is gonna need a human ally

    • I don’t think she’s someone we’ll even see again, that might have been her only part. If anything, it will be the Governor’s daughter or it’s someone who won’t show up until the end of the season.

  12. when the moment comes and i know it will she is going running to eric in her white dress realizing she will always be his. a girl can dream. i am hopeful that will happen.

  13. I think the writer’s are going to drag us along to the very end to keep us watching and guessing just like a certain author did. They give us some S/E moments to appease us and get our hopes up and the next episode it comes crashing down to reality ie (when Ben reads Sookie’s mind and it’s too soon after Bill to get romantically involved) No mention of Eric in Sookie’s brain.
    It just pisses me off!! And just like the sucker and masochist I am I will continue to watch because I still hold a shred of hope for S/E. I have to prepare myself with all these S/B HEA hints being shoved down our throats and how AB and Buckner see S/B as soul mates.
    They will keep giving us S/E tidbits to keep our appetites wetted and keep us watching like CH kept us reading her books but in the end I fear we will be in for a huge letdown. I’m hope I’m wrong and have to eat crow but in the end I just want Eric to be happy with someone and we get a better ending than what CH gave us

    • I had no Idea S/B was believed to be soul mates. I agree with your comments about the books. I can’t wrap my head around everything Sookie has endured why would she ever go back if it has caused her so much pain? I am speaking of myself I would want to move forward and hopefully the show will do the same.

      • They’re soul mates in real life, so of course they would be on the show. These writers have always been delusional and tend to get reality confused with fiction, it’s pathetic.

  14. […] those worried about Eric’s fate…Alex talked to Cinema.de where he revealed what’s going to happen by the end of the […]

    • I hope he doesn’t turn anyone you know how Sookie reacted when Bill turned Jessica that is her deal breaker and we can lose all hope of them being together.

      • If it was a deal breaker, she would have had nothing to do with Bill after that. I honestly don’t think she gives Eric much thought to care what he does.

        • I just looked at the clips and episode 1 and I can agree. He and Sookie have found a new respect and loyalty to one another that can’t be rivaled for any new hook ups or new progenies that may appear on the show. Tammy you are a godsend for giving me the total picture, thank you. I could clearly see Eric is doing what he can to take care of his family (Pam, Nora, and Tara) and the leading lady in his life (Sookie) and live to fight another day.

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