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The good people over at spoilertv have included 2 True Blood scenes in their round-up of Scenes of the Week, and unsurprisingly both of the scenes are Eric and Sookie ones.

Here’s what they had to say:

The Scenes: Eric and Sookie say goodnight (and goodbye) & Sookie stakes Bill to save Eric
Justyna Kubica: 
Eric and Sookie saying goodnight (and goodbye) won me over this week. These two usually are one of the most entertaining parts of the show and this episode just proves it. Even when they’re not the couple, their relationship is really strong and interesting to watch. It was quite sad to see Sookie rescinding Eric’s invitation to her house (especially since he has literally just signed it over to her!) but still, the scene was very well done.
Genevieve Taylor: Eric signing over Sookie’s house and Sookie rescinding his invitation. Sookie and Eric were easily one of the big highlights in this episode and this scene was a big one for their relationship. Their chemistry was palpable and you could absolutely feel how difficult it was for Eric to walk away.
Linda Zoi: Sookie stakes Bill to save Eric.

You can go over to spoilertv, check out the competition from other shows and then cast your vote HERE

But will you vote for Sookie staking Bill?


Or Sookie and Eric saying goodnight and goodbye?


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10 comments on “Eric & Sookie in “Scene of the Week” Vote

  1. I voted for Eric and Sookie saying Goodbye (night) and so far it shows Hannibal in the lead by a healthy margin, so everyone please go and vote to Eric and Sookie scene. I’d hate to see Hannibal win by eating the parts of his kills and feeding it to his dinner guests…………..(ick!!!! I can’t even watch that show because of that simple fact).

  2. Sookie and Eric saying goodnight and goodbye?

  3. Yeah, I don’t think I could watch that show either, but I’ve heard the last episode was a shocker. I’ll stick with vampires and faeries I think :)

  4. Yeah, that show is so not for me, I haven’t even seen any of the movies. I voted for both of those scenes because it’s just hard to choose.

  5. the tides have turned. Eric and Sookie say goodbye is now in the lead, Hanibal is 2nd and Sookie stakes Bill is 3rd.

  6. I voted for Sookie staking Bill, though I loved the scene Eric and Sookie say goodnight best. I don’t want those writer thinking that it is acceptable for Eric and Sookie to be done. I do wish that Bill would have met the final death when she staked him . Now I guess it means we are stuck with Bill forever and he is the strongest vampire. Not cool at all.

    • No one lives forever, I’m sure decapitation would kill him. It’s hard for anyone to survive without a head.

  7. They are definitely the most interesting parts of the show. Currently they are still ahead.

  8. Great direction by Stephen Moyer – the way Eric slowly floated out the house as if he was slowly floating out of Sookie’s life (hopefully just for the time being) and him saying he never expected Sookie to stake Bill to save him – there is something just soo special when they are on screen together! Hope we can see more of it!

  9. […] & Sookie have TWO scenes which were nominated in SpoilerTV’s “Scene of the Week” poll! Sookie staking Bill and Eric & Sookie saying ‘Goodnight’. Both are tough […]

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