The One with the Whooping Crane


In typical True Blood fashion, the second episode of the new season was less than stellar and could not stand up to the quality and goodness we saw in the first episode. I am not saying it was a bad episode; it was just not on par with the first one and for very good reasons. I was hoping it would start to be a trend. With that being said, there were some bright spots among the highs and lows.



That’s all I have to say about that, for now!



Jason Stackhouse always seems to get the short end of the stick and this time was no exception. He meets his Grandpa Niall who picked him up in the last episode and finds out that he has been watched his whole life. Niall knew about the middle finger he broke in the fourth grade and how it upset Jason that he could not flip off his friend Hoyt. Jason looked really happy that his Grand pappy was there when he scored the winning touchdown against the Shreveport Bulldogs but not about the juicy porn under his bed! Poor Jason was being tested and he failed miserably. Niall, the poor baby just needed to unload on someone! You know he hates tests, don’t make him feel bad!

I found it hilarious when Niall jumped through the portal in Sookie’s bathroom and Jason tried to follow! Jason and his “what the fuck are we eating spaghetti for,let’s go stake the bastard”! I love everything about Jason, no matter how dim-witted he can be. He is just so lovable.

I felt bad for Jason for two reasons: 1. He never gets any credit, he is not as stupid as people think and for his own grandpa to have doubts about him; it is a shame and 2. He was so excited at the thought of being a fairy prince and Niall had to shoot that down by telling him that the gene skipped him. Poor Baby! I fear that something terrible will happen to Jason in an effort to prove himself to his fairy grandfather and to protect Sookie. No one hopes that they are wrong more than me.


Just when you think you are gaining some ground on this show, they go back to the ‘stupid is as stupid does’ routine. I was proud of Sookie and her apparent growth in last week’s episode and then this episode came along. While walking to work, she stumbles upon a man moaning in the woods, she continues to walk on saying “no, not today” and he moans even louder. Of course she goes back and helps, just like in season One when she helped Bill. We know that this was a part of his gaining entry into her life and Ben is just more of the same.

When she hears his thoughts and finds out he is a fairy, she asked no questions when he said he was attacked by a vampire. Really Sookie? A half-fairy was supposedly attacked by a vampire in the middle of the day for 1 and for 2. he was not drained by the alleged vampire and you had no questions. Girl, your womanly instincts should have been screaming at you to RUN LIKE HELL! Instead, she brings him to her home for some bandages and he promptly passes out.

I see parallels between Ben and Bill, alright and the outcome will not be good. We all know how that first relationship worked out. Why does she HAVE to be with anyone right now? I think she has bigger fish to fry at the moment. Besides not trusting Ben as far as I could throw him, having Sookie gawk at him like she just found a new play toy just proves my point about her lack of growth. She just never learns her lesson about trusting people she just met. As I said, the outcome will not be good, I see it ending badly.

Stupid is as stupid does!

Sookie’s stupidity continues when she has no doubts about her fairy grandfather either. Jason made his grandfather prove things but they both still did not have enough questions about their history and heritage. We could have used more information and Sookie being a tad but more cautious and leery than Jason typically is, should have asked more questions.

For me, I would like an explanation on how Sookie is half-fae and a better explantion of why the gene skipped Jason. I will go back and forth on Sookie’s supposed growth throughout the season, I am sure one minute I will be applauding her and the next I will be ready to slap her. The below picture might be all the grown up Sookie gets though but only time will tell.

I am grown damnit!


I love La La and how he spent the day with Emma, playing dress-up and having high-tea but I really hope that the writers have something really good for him in store. The way he stuck up for Sam and Emma was great and I hated how Alcides merry band of hounds attacked Sam and La La for trying to keep to Luna’s wishes. I love how Sam is devoted to Emma and abiding by Luna’s last wish and I think he will make a great father to her but he is still soooooooo boring. I think Alcide was a proper prick for taking a crying Emma away over his shoulder.Oh and some friend you are Alcide, letting your cronies beat on Sam and my La La I abjure you, you brainless brute!


I will take it and then some. This was hands down the best part of the episode for me! I have been wanting to see Eric get into another character for a while and my patience paid off ten fold! Eric went from ‘I’m the boss’ with Nora and Pam after taking the nasty silver UV bullet from Tara’s side to a Fish and Wildlife junkie in nothing flat!

Alex has some mad acting skills to go from one extreme to the other and Eric’s conversation with the Governor was priceless. I loved the debate they were having and thought the Whooping Crane’s survival methods was a good analogy for a vampire’s survival! I love when I get Eric Northman as a nerd one minute and a seductive Viking the next! It was amazing!

I love his mad acting skills!


Notice to all my Eric fans or anyone else reading, as long as Eric is protecting his fellow vampires and those he loves from the likes of Bill AND anyone else……he will get a PASS from ME, NOT MATTER WHAT! That is it, that is all!


I am all for praying to the heavenly father but this was ridiculous and downright cringe-worthy. How she could be praying for/to him is beyond me when she just saw what he did to that poor woman. Last I checked God did not hurt people in that manner, it was disgusting. I thought the twisted neck scene was bad but this was twenty times worse! How can he be a ‘good’ prophet when we know what Lilith stood for last season and she was a ‘mad’ God! It did not sound to me that Lilith ever had good intentions and I wonder how True Blood will try and sell it to me. Oh wait, I know I know it will be a case of the writers block I write about below and give a very good example of. Here is what I have to say after seeing this…………


and this……………


Bill/Billith or whatever that thing is…WILL NOT get a PASS! NO Redemption! NO Sympathy! That THING gets NONE of that from me. Until such time as he takes responsibility for his actions and not even then will he get that from me. Period.


I am not sure if you (the writers) know this but we fans know and see all and will call you out if we feel the need to. We remember everything that has been said and done on this show, probably more so that you do. That has never been more apparent to me than at this moment. On the INSIDE THE EPISODE for ‘The Sun’ writer Angela Robinson stated that “[Eric] set all these things in motion, and now the vampires are f***ed. and well I think she needs to do some research on what happened in previous episodes.

I think that Angela Robinson is forgetting that Eric pretty much kept quiet while at the Authority, he offered up no plans or ideas while there. The reason the Governor went off like he did is because the TB factories were bombed and his wife left him for a vampire. We know whose idea it was to bomb the factories, Bill’s! Eric looked at him like what the hell are you doing? It was Bill’s idea and Eric warned him not to. Someone needs to read the past scripts again and get a clue. This is when the vampires became well and truly fucked and the humans are now using the weapons that were made in case the vampires ever stepped out of line.

“We’ve figured out a lot about your kind, helped us develop these fancy new weapons…. I have spent YEARS waiting for the political winds to swing my way and then you fuckers went out and bombed your own TB factories. All a sudden, no more obstacles and I’m a genius, so thank you for that!”~The Governor

This is what is wrong with this show, no one seems to know fuck all what is going on. If the writers are this lost and cannot get shit straight, how can we trust what they will bring us? Angela, this blame is all on Bill and the Authority council’s shoulders (to which most are dead)as well as Russell and Steve’s! This is when the shit hit the fan and someone on this show has got to grow a pair and admit it. If the writers keep this up, they are going to have to eat crow a lot!


It seems as if Eric has to own up to all his bad deeds but Bill will get a pass ever damn time for it is always someone or something else’s fault. Don’t you writers get that this is the HUGE turn off that makes most fans not want to watch? We are not interested in seeing the ‘rinse later and repeat’ cycle you have going on with Bill. It is beyond nauseating and at the same time it has become quite the joke. Come on True Blood, OWN IT! I just find it a shame when the viewers know more than the writers.

What did you think of this episode? Sound off below!

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I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

39 comments on “The One with the Whooping Crane

  1. YES! I agree with everything you said. i felt so cofused when Angela said Eric set it all in motion, she obviously has a very bad memory. Bill was disgusting, uhg. i really didnt like how jessica looked so horrified and disgusted, then once she buried the poor woman it was like it never happened. how could she hug him after watching that.

  2. I couldn’t have said it better myself, they need to leave this show in the capable hands of fan fiction writers. We would do a much better job.

    • We will fix it…lol! At the very least, they should take our ideas and run with them to the bank. We do remember everything even if the writers don’t. It is a shame.

  3. I agree. There were definitely some lows in Sunday’s episode. For me, when Alcide turns into everything that he hated and was against in his first few seasons, it just made no sense. Even if he drank V, there is no excuse for violence.

    Also, the whole Chamber of Light thing was such a copy on Interview With a Vampire – aka: the Kirsten Dunst scene where she burns up and turns into dust.

    The writers must have caught the Hollywood Flu – regurgitating old ideas and messing up new ones.

    The only redeeming points were as you said – Jason is always a hoot and Eric and the Crane, made me laugh so hard I almost fell out of my chair. I love Eric!

    • Hollywood regurgitates itself all the time and you would think without all the talent located within that backdrop, we would not get remake after remake or 6 Saw movies and Blah Blah Blah Blah!

  4. This Episode showed us just how versitile actor Alexander Skarsgrd is.
    He can go from pure drama to being downright hysterical as a “Geek with
    a pocket protector” in the span of two minutes~and I loved how he thought
    that he could pull something over the Govenour?
    I mean the “ultraviolet Bullets” didn’t give him a clue that the Humans would
    have come up with a way to block a Vampire’s hypnotic powers??
    It was a good “Try” at gaining entry in his abode.
    Liked Eric’s second attempt~hovering outside of Willa’s bedroom window.

    Sookie has to keep her distance from Ben,The Fairy.
    Something in me says “Don’t trust him”????

    Now as for Jason and his fairy GodFather who is he really??
    Was the story he told them TRUE?

    didn’t like what Alcide & the others did to little Emma.
    And what was B*tch # 2 doing there causing trouble.
    Rikki wouldn’t agree with what Alcide/Martha did.
    Think we are going to see that in Episode 3.

    feel sorry for Jessica, she’s become the “Caregiver” for Bill.

  5. I agree that we have William Thomas Compton III to blame for this whole mess.
    He wanted to show himself to the Authority that he could come up with a “big”
    idea, to him “Bombing the trueBlood factories was a good thing”
    But instead it created a nightmare~you don’t go and bomb the place where
    you get most of your sustinace from. Really bad call if you ask me.

    Bill always wants to come off a “BIG MAN” like Eric Northman.
    Who he is extremely jealous of.
    In Bill’s mind he’s just as much of a “Man” as Eric is.
    But that is not the real truth~ Bill will always come off a “worker Vampire”
    He just got lucky when he was made “KING”~but he was still being used
    by Nan Flaganan to speed up her agenda.

  6. Nymerias:
    Oh how I agree with you on the subject of Hollywood reusing old ideas/storylines!!!
    How many times have we seen remakes of movies we’ve seen before.
    And remakes are NOT always better then the Originals~ though there have been
    some exceptions to the case????

    TrueBlood is beginning to reuse storylines from Seasons 1 & 2???
    I was hoping that a new regime would come up with new ideas???
    The rest of the Season should be interesting?

    • that remains to be seen. I still have no expectations but I am enjoying the Viking.

      • I always enjoy the Viking, the rest I could really care less about. If it wasn’t for him, I would have given up by now. This show just doesn’t hold my interest anymore.

  7. I just loved Jason jumping in the bathroom and every bit of Eric’s screen time :)…Seriously the way Alex speaks his dialogues, geeky to challenging to seductive is super awesome to watch….

    After that blood fountain, Bill looks like a demon to me now, right out of Emily Rose movie

  8. Angela Robinson “forgot” about Hoyt and had to be reminded by the actress Deborah Ann Wall who plays Jessica that it was only 3 days since Jessica said goodbye to him. Deborah asked for Hoyt to be included in the prayer. It was on Inside the Episode. Don’t these writer’s watch the last season to catch up before writing an early episode? Doesn’t give me much hope for consistency. Just saying.

    • The answer to that question would be no and the BANGERS love it that we hated that AR put the blame solely on Eric but at least we actually don’t watch with blinders on and forget some major shit that happened. I know everything every unsavory thing my Viking has done and he got no pass from me but he will from now on!

  9. Eric was awesome…. and Alex is an amazing actor…. Loved the cat fight between Nora and Pam…

  10. Well, I agree with most of what I’ve read above. Some of the story is being reused, but some it seems to me comes from the comic books they’ve (McMillan/Steve Newlin) came out with. I remember reading excepts from the comic on the Ancient Pythoness website, dealing with bottling trueblood or something like that a loooong time ago. I don’t know if its’ the same thing, as I believe the original TB got infected with some sort of Hep virus thats’ deadly to vamps or something like that. Does anyone remember that?

    Well anyway, the thing that pisses me off the most is that they (the writers) have been saying how Sookie is going to be so much smarter and wiser this season and shes’ as big of a dumbass as shes’ been throughout the whole show. I’m not going to write it all, but with this Ben crap and then the Bill crap and her feeble memory forgetting her big love for Eric, WTF?????? She better pull herself up by her big girl panties and start to get a brain……………………….. That is what pisses me off the most this year so far.

    • I agree which is why I did not speak that much about her this week. I am sure I will go back and forth on the supposed growth issue. As I said in my post, hasn’t she learned her lesson helping strangers in the woods, her instincts should have been telling her to run the hell away. Instead we get stupid Sookie once again, it is Bill all over again. I like it when she uses her brain.Always leery of Eric (which she had reason to at one point) but never who should be leery of. It is insulting to viewers.

  11. Just loved, loved Eric as a Wilde Life Enthusiast :) could not stop laughing – reminded me for some reason of Hugh Grant in Notting Hill when he was pretending to be a journalist from Horse&Hund ….also loved how seductive he was at Willa’s window…I mean who needs glamouring …she will fall for the Viking so badly … Also I liked Nora/Pam talk….think I am beginning to like Nora now…
    Everything else pissed me off really – from Sookie and Ben, to her thoughts about Bill and Eric is nowhere in her universe …to Billith bs …. Alcide – such a dumba..s … Jessica’s annoying prayer – I know she meant well but enough of B/S hammering already
    And inside the episode pissed me even more…..to be fair Eric did kill that General…but excuse me he had nothing to do with TB bombing…It was all Bill’s brilliant mind – praise the Lillith ….I really hope they won’t swipe that under the carpet like they did with the Rats ….they seem to thing that we are bunch of sheep…to quote Eric ‘that’s not very nice’

    • Yes he did kill the General and it was stupid but it was not the catalyst that started these things in motion/ It was Bill’s idea to bomb the factories,and Steve and Russell’s actions at the frat house! If the writers were smart (which I have doubts of) then it will not be swept under the rug or pass the blame on the blood of Lilith. I wish they would let us at the writers, I really do!

  12. *stands* *applauds* Brava!

    “Stupid is as stupid does!” Yup. Warning lights should have been flashing when she heard the implausible story but she took this complete stranger into her home! *eyeroll* She might show occasional glimpses of growth, but the stupid outweighs them, IMO. I don’t think she is any smarter or stronger and she has some really bad short and medium term memory problems. She’s forgotten the Ratt Reveal, She seems to have forgotten all about her love for Eric since she only remembers the loss of Bill. And since the moved back into the house she has not acknowledged that her brother sold her home and received the proceeds of the sale, and seems to be unable to appreciate the significance of the fact that Eric just GAVE her a house. She keeps repeating the same mistakes, and she’s bound to suffer dearly because of Ben. Oh well!

    • It will be her own fault, I really cannot find sympathy for someone who is written so dumb. I sure would be asking Jason where that money is he got for the sale of the house. Eric would not mind if she kept it. He does not need the money. Lord knows she hardly ever goes to work so she would need the money to pay shit like taxes and buy a car.

    • Honestly, I hope she does. It would serve her right, but sadly, she probably still won’t learn.

  13. Thank you Nymerias for the awesome recap!

    Totally on board with the Sookie is stupid. I’ve thought she belonged on the short bus to Fairy ever since S.4 “Burning Down The House.” Eric regained his memory and still loves her but she loves Bill too. Nevermind that he just plied her with his blood AGAIN! What woman in her right mind takes a complete stranger to her house? And the interaction between her & Ben just felt forced and unnatural and i don’t trust this guy at all.

    So sick of the writers not knowing the characters they’re writing for and about. Alcide has always been boring, but he was a good guy. Now he’s boring & an ass. Bill is a TOOL! There is no redeeming him and if they think the fans are going to accept yet another BS reunion, they are drinking the blood of Lillith. Hey Dipshits, BILL and the Authority caused this clusterf**k not only by bombing the True Blood factories but also issuing the edict of increasing vampire numbers too. Eric had nothing to do with it. Furthermore, because of their shenanigans, I didn’t like Jessica. Who prays to a catatonic vampire who just telekinetically twisted and drained his dinner? That was was worse than almost anything I’ve seen on Game of Thrones and that show is brutal.

    The only thing that saved this episode was ERIC. Alexander Skarsgard has mad acting skills! I wish him a very successful career long after True Blood is over.

  14. I was wondering that the whole time. How did a vampire attack him mid day? Really Sookie, needs to come out her shell and start kicking some butt. The whole scene with bill was one of the worst ones I’ve seen, really…blood across the room?! Awful, do they have different writers for every episode? Hopefully Sookie will have to save Eric again and maybe Bill will die saving Sookie from Warlow. We can hope.

    • Yeah, it’s usually a different writer every episode. Unless he was attacked at night and just waited there until someone could find him, seems very suspicious to me. I think he was just waiting for Sookie. I don’t know if Eric will even be a part of the Warlow story line, Alex said he wanted to be, but that leads me to believe he’s not.

  15. Ladies:
    It just came to me where I’d seen those “New fangled bullets the Government has”
    It was in the first “Underworld” film when we see Selene go after Michael in the
    Subway~ The bullet’s are made up of liquid Silver/Ultraviolet combination
    that “Fries Vampire’s from the inside out”.
    Anyone else ever see Underworld, with Michael Sheen.??

  16. It’s the same, book and show. Eric look after everybody, but who look after Eric? No one cares that he’s heartbroken, he doesn’t complain and took everything with dignity. I totally understand his protectiveness towards his loved ones, so he got a pass from me.

  17. 1.I really think Ben is Warlow. The meeting between them was just too set up. Also, on the Inside the Episode the writer said there were a lot of parallels between Sookie and Bill and Sookie and Ben. I think Sookie will figure out there is something up because in the previews I’m pretty sure it’s Ben she is arguing with.
    2. I’m afraid they are setting Bill up to the hero. He had that vision on Eric and company burning and the preview shows him telling Sookie that if she doesn’t help him, they will die. The synopsis says that he has an idea for the lady that is over True Blood, and I bet he is going to try to use Sookie’s blood to get the company to synthesize fairy blood. I won’t be able to stand it if Bill turns out to be the hero this season. Sookie is likely to fully embrace him again and forget every bad thing he has done.
    3. I think Eric will turn Willa and that the Governor takes Pam in retaliation.
    4. I went all last season afraid that Eric and Sookie storylines wouldn’t meet up in the end, and they surprisingly did. I am hoping for the same this season, that although they may be apart, the Warlow storyline and the Governor storyline will bring them back into each other’s lives by episode 10.

    • If they are going to make Bill the hero once again, it just proves how stupid they are if they think that crap will fly. We know Lilith was all about feeding on humans and that she was no good. Bill won the battle for her blood and if she had good intentions, she would not have picked the likes of Salome, Bill and Kwibe to appear to and say you are the chosen one. These people Salome especially believed like Lilith that humans were meant to be food for vampires and nothing else. If they want us to believe differently now, I am afraid they will have another thing coming. It will be a hard pill to swallow. This is the problem with this show, they spend all this time pointing out these kinds of things and then then turn it on it;s head at the last minute and do something different and totally unbelievable. They start the little bombs (bad or good) and they never set them off. Example: Eric saying he knew Sookie was not dead (he had her blood and so did Bill so Bill should have felt that Sookie was alive as well) so it was more than the blood bonds between them that had Eric know she was alive. Bill should have since he has had her blood more than anyone but he did not. This would have been the perfect time to let the cat out of the bad, that at some point during Sookie’s year long absence, Eric would have encountered Niall somewhere and somehow.

    • With regard to Bill being the hero. I think he may become some kind of hero to vampires, or try to be one as he battles to save their kind, but under the influence of Lilith I think he may still be seen as an enemy to humans (who Lilith just views as food) and also to Sookie, if he wants her for her blood. I don’t really think TB do out and out heroes, so whatever he does there will be something dark and not good about him. I think his methods will be very questionable and unappealing, and hopefully Sookie will continue her stance that the Bill she knew has gone.

      I’m hoping too that Eric and Sookie will somehow be brought back together towards the end of the season, and it would be nice if they did’t wait for the finale this year. Let’s have at least a couple of great E/S episodes please!

  18. Bill is not a hero, it’s as simple as that. No matter what they have him do, they can have him save all the vampires for all I care, there still won’t be one heroic bone in his body.

  19. I am not disagreeing with any of you here but I was reading some posts on tumblr and they have a little different take on the whole “Bill as a hero” theory. A lot of what we were seeing Sunday was from Bill/Billith’s perspective so it is not so much that he WILL be the hero/savior but that HE SEES HIMSELF as the hero/savior. Whether that is actually how it goes down remains to be seen.

    I agree on the Sookie storyline but some of that comes down to how much time they give to each character’s development and they should have allowed for more time there cause there is no way she should have let either of them in her house without a whole bunch more questions!! :)

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