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2 Clips for ‘You’re No Good’

HBO has released two new clips for the third episode of the season. If you don’t want to know then don’t scroll!


The first one is Bill and the second is Eric! I will let the clips speak for themselves.

Sound off Below!

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About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods and many other shows. I am very much looking forward to the Outlander series that will soon be on Starz! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

64 comments on “2 Clips for ‘You’re No Good’

  1. Well, as far as starts to dreary Friday mornings go, not much can top a delicious Vamp about to go all Viking… Unless of course said Viking was doing that to me, in which case I’d die a very happy woman!!!

    I’m now just going to clean up the drool before I promptly start my swooning :)

    Thanks for making this one heck of a happy Friday!

  2. Nymerias:
    who wouldn’t love to wake up to Alexander’s sexy voice?
    It sounds like honey mixed with some spice throw in.

    • All kinds of spices! Alexander wherever you are ‘Will You Marry Me’? :) This coming from a grown woman who would be speechless due to extreme shyness!

  3. this is just horrible and wrong … I am really disappointed in Eric, I thought that loving Sookie and after everything with Godric had some effects on him. I know he is not saint but this is just too much…pretty much ruined it for me not much better than Bill here I am afraid … he WAS about to rape and kill this innocent girl ..for what??? I hate it was presented in this creepy way … S6 pretty much ruined now

    • I don’t think he was going to rape her, just kill her. He was going to drain her femoral artery. It is just the writers have to make him every bit as cruel as Bill. Typical TB, never mind that we have never seen Eric like this before with women. Sure he ripped Roy apart but we have never seen him hurt a woman.

    • Nothing this show does surprises me anymore, that’s very typical of them. We know he doesn’t kill her, at least not yet. I have a feeling a lot will change as the season goes on.

    • After reading the comments on the spoilers I will not look. I guess I’ll just start recording this season and when there is nothing on tv I will have something to watch

  4. I haven’t even watched the Bill one yet – I’ve been too busy with the Eric one. Now I need to spend the rest of the my night locked in the freezer, a cold shower just won’t work after that clip, I need to surround myself with ice-packs and keep chanting to myself that I’m not a bad and wicked girl really!

  5. Is it wrong of me to think that scene was hot enough to melt my whole heart (and other regions of my body)?

  6. I don’t find that Eric clip swoonworthy at all, it would be terrifying to be in that situation. I see they’re determined to make us hate him, but they’re fighting a losing battle. As for him, that would have made everything ten times worse, so I’m glad he doesn’t go through with it. Bill is still a dumbass, sorry, but you’re not sun proof. I’m really getting annoyed of Jessica whining over her stupid maker, gag me now.

    • I definitely wouldn’t describe it as “swoonworthy” – it’s a whole other ball-game!

      I don’t think the intention of the clip was to alienate people at all or make us hate him. With TB there is always a risk in what they do that a certain % won’t like something. But I have seen in many places on the internet people complaining they want to see Eric act like a viking, this clip is for them (and I admit I’m one of them).

      • I was not overly concerned about the clip but not entirely happy with it either. If that was Bill I would have called him an asshole for scaring that poor girl. I can say the same for Eric, thank God he does not decide to kill her. However, I did say I would give Eric a pass as long as the writers continually give Bill a pass for all he has done which is twenty times worse. I just loved Alex’s voice, very seductive.

        • Eric is an asshole, but he will never be in the same league as Bill. In my opinion, anything he does is just to protect those he cares for. We know the number one person on Bill’s list is Bill.

          • Although he claims otherwise. I am just not like the Bill Lovers, when Eric does something I do not like, I call him out on it. I don’t make excuses for him and more importantly he does not make excuses for himself. Eric is Eric and I love him for it. He does not claim to be perfect but we all know contrary to popular opinion, Eric is not all about Eric. He has reasons for everything he does.

          • Exactly, yet according to Bill lovers, he can do no wrong. I really have to wonder what show they’re watching.

          • I don’t think they are watching True Blood, they are watching True Bill!

    • Me too, I was screaming let the dumb ass burn, you are not God Bill! Your just an asshole!

  7. Eric is just trying to save his family & other vamps from being killed by humans. The best way is through the governors dtr. Eric can be ruthless when he needs to be. Remember Talbot and what he did with him?

  8. All I know is that I’ll be dreading every Sunday until the season is over, I don’t even know if Eric can keep me interested for much longer.

  9. I agree with nymerias on this one with Eric. I kinda got turned on between Eric using his smexy voice and him being kinda badass (I really don’t think he was gonna kill Willa, he got the result he was truly going after.) As far as Bill, it would be devastating if Bill could actually walk in the sun, but I think that that clip is actually a dream sequence Bill is having. Why not? they’ve done that before too…..

    • I doubt he’ll be walking in the sun any time soon, but yeah, if Eric really wanted to kill her, he would have made it quick. He was moving to her neck very slowly like he was waiting for her to say something.

  10. I’ve been listening again and again in the background at work whilst doing my work… Well, I say doing, I mean TRYING to do…

    And for the amount of love I have for this man’s voice; he mumbles badly! Of maybe I’m just deaf? When he says to Willa that she is going to die for her father’s sins, what’s the next thing he says? Before the bit where he tells her that she’s not going to scream…

    • Oh my God, yes, I thought that was just me…lol! I don’t understand half of what he says most of the time, I’m tired of always turning my volume up so loud.

      • I think at times his accent comes out or he talks so low that you cannot make it out. I will listen again and see if I cannot make it out

        • We know he can yell really loud, bad idea to have him speak softly in one scene where you turn your volume up, and then he yells his head off in the next and scares the crap out of you…lol!

    • He says and not your own

      • I though he might said that but I couldn’t be sure, I didn’t know how to make that many words fit into a space of a second of his speech!

        Yeah, I almost fell outta bed when I jumped at his yelling at Nora to try again…

        • I think the fangs and his accent that comes out from time to time make it hard to understand him especially when he is talking softly. I had the same problem with his brother Bill in Hemlock Grove and his accent is stronger but oh so damn sexy!

  11. LMAO You ladies have just made me feel 100 times better! I really noticed it last year when he was in the room with Molly, the scene where he tells her that he doesn’t speak techie!

    It was his reply to her asking him if he had a plan for them to get out of the authority that I couldn’t understand properly – I spent hours trying to find a transcript… *sigh* the things we go through for our Viking: square eyes and bleeding ear drums…

  12. LOL, yep, it was the same in season 3 when he told Sookie he got her rug all wet. I didn’t realize what he said until someone pointed it out in Facebook.

  13. Two episodes in and I’m already tired of “I can do no wrong Billith”. For Christ sakes he is a 150 year old hick for the south and now they are giving him God like powers. Can it get anymore blantent who the writer favor? I don’t care how “bad” they make Eric, he will never be as low down as Bill.

  14. Call me crazy; call me sick. I found the Eric clip to be very sexy. Eric isn’t a sanctimonious prick like Bill. He doesn’t pretend to be anybody but himself. He doesn’t make excuses for what he’s done and he will do what he needs to do to protect his own. That’s what we love about Eric. We can speculate about whether his true intention was to kill her or to get her to give him information, but it’s really not the point. Eric will figure out how to get out of this mess and save as many of “his own” as he can in the process. He’s survived 1000 years by being ruthless. Why would he stop now? He loves Sookie but he’s still an ancient vampire. I love Eric for being Eric and I hope he never changes.

    • Yeah. I reckon if you’re going to love Eric, you have to love all of him. He’s not a hypocrite. He loves Sookie, but she’s the only human he feels for. He didn’t start the war, that arsehole Bill did that by destroying the factories. The humans have declared war on vampires and Viking prince Eric is in warrior mode defending his people and particularly his loved ones. I don’t like the fact he was going to kill this young woman but he’s a 1,000 year old vampire and that’s the way he decided to fight. If I can love psychopathic human Dexter, I can love Viking vampire Eric.

      • I don’t think my feelings for Eric will ever change, no matter what he does. He didn’t kill the girl, so that’s more than enough for me. If the Bill fans can still love that douche after everything he’s done, we can certainly do the same, but at least our love and devotion makes sense.

  15. C’mon…We all missed our bad ass evil sexy Eric..I did…Eric Northman is not a puppy dog…The only human he cares about (Miss Stackhouse) is not human…They were making him loose everything and turning him into a sad romantic hero…I was beginning to miss the grey shades in Eric..The good and the bad make him what he is (remember the heart slurrpy from season 4?)….And he has never claimed to walk the safe or well mannered or goody two shoes side of the world….

    Relax…Listen to his awesomeness…Besides he didnt kill her.

  16. Thanks Nymerias for posting this! :)

    I’ll talk about the Billith video first because that will be short and sweet. LOL He’s an idiot if he believes he can daywalk. LOL I think Bill is completely delusional and he’s reading way too much into his visions with Lillith. Jessica is getting really annoying too…with her whining and pleading with Bill over and over again. I hope Bill burns or at least is proven wrong in the next episode and at least shows there are some things which will still kill him.

    As for the Eric one…sure, I can understand why some of you are upset. The fact Eric considered killing her is not something we like to think our Viking would do. But at the same time, I understand his reasons and his motivations. All is fair in love and war and Eric was a Viking warrior when he was a human being. If anybody understands what it takes to win a war…it’s Eric. Remember in the first episode Nora wanted to know what his plan was for Bill? Eric told her to find Bill’s weakness. That is exactly what Eric is doing here. Willa is the Governor’s weakness…so Eric wants to use Willa to exploit it and use it to win battles.

    I found the scene hot when Eric was running his hand up and down her thigh and in between her legs. :P I never noticed not being able to understand him before…I just love the sound of his voice. He can make anything sound sexy. I do have to admire Willa for having the guts to plead with Eric to use her in another, more useful and less harmful way. As a steadfast Eric and Sookie lover…I found that even though he was touching another woman’s thigh, it didn’t bother me as much as I thought it would. Probably because I know Eric doesn’t have feelings for Willa and it’s only a means to an end.

    Don’t get me wrong…if Eric was being a douche like Bill…I would be the first to say…YOU’RE AN IDIOT ERIC! I too, didn’t like it when he chained Sookie in the basement in S3. But since I understand Eric’s motivations behind this scene…I can accept it easier.

    The fact that after Willa convinces him to use her knowledge instead of killing her shows that Eric is open to new ideas. I don’t think Bill is that pragmatic or practical to see other ways of doing things…especially in a moment like that. Would Eric have killed her? I guess we’ll never know…but I AM relieved that he changed his mind because it would have made things worse in the war against humans.

    Never mind the fact that Eric IS a vampire who’s only use for humans is sex and blood. I think the fact he LISTENED to Willa shows that he’s still the same character we know and love. :) Besides, I miss BAMF Eric sometimes.

  17. It’s really interesting how we interpret the scene differently but it’s all part of the fun :) For me it wasn’t the he wanted to kill her – because lets face he was just about to do that – I know who Eric is and never thought that he was perfect romantic hero (just think of poor Talbot) and he is ruthless eye for an eye kind of guy and many times very impulsive…I adore his bad boy side and it’s part of his charm, but this just didn’t do it for me …. I wasn’t expecting him to be like that with a woman…ripping her ‘down there’ and the hand was totally unnecessary and I hate the way they wrote that… maybe Eric from before S4, but he is supposed to be ‘more’ now..I guess not so much

    • I finally looked at the clips and Eric hasn’t learned to survive a thousand years on pure luck alone. We as viewers see him act like a father to Pam, a grandfather to Tara, a brother to Nora (with benefits) may I add, and a husband to Sookie. He is doing what he can to care of his family if he could not be that rock that his leading ladies could depend upon how would we a viewers look at him with respect. I like bad boy Eric as well as good boy Eric because they are both doing what they have to to care for the people they love the most and hold dear to their unbeating heart☺

  18. I hate this Eric scene. Not just because of how he treats Willa but for the stupid plan he had. His plan to kill Willa does not make any sense as it would give the governor even more fodder for his anti vampire politics. Just imagine Willa hadn’t stopped him from killing her, the public would have gone along with the grieving father. The media would’ve gone apesh! t. That’s even more stupid on Eric’s part than killing the general in S5.
    Moreover I cannot compare this to Talbot or any other past transgressions as up to this scene Eric always had a sound reasoning behind his actions but was never unnecessarily cruel. Ruthless – yes. A warrior – double yes but intimidating an innocent with no real cause? That’s just wrong, esp. as up to now TB has not shown us that the governor has killed any vamps. The SWAT team could’ve wiped out Pam and Tara at Fangtasia but they did not.

    • I don’t think it was his plan to kill her but that it was his plan to scare her into thinking so. He let go of the glamor and he ended up with information which was his intent. Eric is not stupid and does not do stupid things.

      • I see your point but he could’ve just glamoured the information out of her. Maybe it comes across differently in the full context but as it stands I don’t like it at all.

        I agree that he is not stupid but maybe my distrust towards the writers of the show is too strong. I can’t help but worry if they are taking the CH path in terms of Eric’s character.

        • I don’t blame you for not trusting the writers but seeing as they don’t or can’t remember what happened from one season to the next, I chalk it up to continuity, Angela Robinson seems to think that the war with the humans was caused by Eric. Any time the writers get stuff wrong about their own show, they need to be schooled.

  19. Come on girls! Remember who this is! It’s our Bad Ass Viking Vampire Eric. It’s what he does. He protects his own. It was Bill who had the idea to bomb the True Blood factories. Eric is just trying to clean up the mess, by any means necessary. He is not amnesia Eric.He is blood thirsty and ruthless and will do what ever it takes to save those he loves. I say bring it on. This is what we have been waiting for!

    • Honestly, compared to what we have seen him do in the past, this is pretty tame. He’s not stupid, he had to know killing her would have made things ten times worse. I think he just wanted to scare her, sometimes you’re willing to do anything to protect your own.

      • I guess we’ll have to see it in the full context – what was clear to me in this scene that he was pretty much going down for the kill – why would they call the scene ‘bargaining of the lifetime’ – that was just what poor Willa did at the end …
        This is nothing but really very badly written scene imo

        • I would expect nothing less from these writers, but he doesn’t kill her, so that’s more than enough for me.

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