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Three “At Last’ Clips


Christmas has come early Lovers! Not really but HBO had decided to give us two clips to episode four “At Last” airing this Sunday. if you don’t want to know, don’t scroll!

Spoiler sign


RUT ROH, it looks like someone drank the Kool-Aid of Ben! Poor Jason!


They went to bed as 8 years old and all of a sudden it is happening again and creepy Bill and Jessica are creepily stalking outside!


What does Willa want with Eric? She thinks she deserved Eric’s blood? HA!
Thoughts, share them below!

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About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods and many other shows. I am very much looking forward to the Outlander series that will soon be on Starz! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

55 comments on “Three “At Last’ Clips

  1. As to the first clip with Jason – I guess Ben really is a faerie – his blood must have something magical in it to make Jason have an erotic dream about him – Does this mean Jason has tasted Ben’s blood and is attracted to him?? and if so, wouldn’t that make Ben more of a vampire than a faerie???

    • Keep in mind we have been shown that it is Vampire Blood that makes people have erotic dreams.

      • I think this proves that Ben is Warlow. He fed Jason his blood to save him and the cat is out of the bag! I don’t think they’ve been trying to make it a big secret. The point is how differently Sookie reacts to her latest mysterious, handsome stranger.

        Can I just say how perfectly hilarious the background music was! And Jason on boner check after he woke up. I love that Man!! Also, Ben really does have some delicious charisma going on. I can live w/ Eric and Sookie going there separate ways for awhile when the replacements are as engaging as Ben—and Willa…her story w/ Eric feels more like traditional vamp story, down to the bridal gown nightie. I’m enjoying it way more than I ever thought I could.

  2. oh…wait a minute – what kind game is Willa playing here… why does she think she deserves Eric’s blood and wants it so much. Maybe she took V before and has this strange vamp obsession because of her mum or she is just plain and simple mesmerized by him (not that I blame her :)
    I wonder what happens…did Eric let her go?? What about Pam and Tara. Eric seems to be composed at this stage – so Pam is not in danger at that point.

    And Jason’s wet dream = wtf actually. Reminds me of V induced dreams…hmmmm

    • I think he did let her go and we shall find out soon. Yeah something is not right about Ben. Bring on Sunday!

    • I think she’s saying she deserved his blood because he mentally tortured her for 24 hours thinking she was going to be killed. But why she wants it? Hmmm. I’m still not convinced she isn’t really secretly on her Daddy’s side and she’s playing Eric. Maybe she really hates Mommy and Vamp lover for leaving her? I’m not taking anything she says at face value….but I do like how she brings out Eric’s badass vampire mode and she is a good actress. I’m in shock I’m enjoying it, but I am.

  3. I think Eric should let Willow taste his blood – that way he would always know where she was and what she was thinking, and as a side effect she would want to have him – mmm ymmy – and he seems to be flirting with her – that scene in the coffin was soo sexy – when he licked the blood off her finger – oh my – she (I) must have the Vikings blood

    • I don’t blame him for saying he could not let that happen. He does not want another connection with someone like he has with Sookie. I don’t blame him. He was flirting because he knows she likes it and it bodes well for more information.

  4. Whoa, information overload here, and I haven’t even properly women up yet!

    Thank you for yet more swoon worthy clips that will no doubt send me over my mobile data usage limit in their constant replaying! :)

  5. Willia is attracted to the Viking~and yes, I’d call her a fangbanger.
    Like most woman who live in Bon Temp’s/Shreveport.
    what has happened between Jason & Ben?
    And what is BEN really?? He’s more than a Fairy?
    Didn’t anyone who had V have sexxy dreams of the Vampire Blood it came from

    It’s funny with Andy’s girls~ but they may not be alive by Episode 5?

  6. Jason’s dream only makes me suspect Ben is Warlow more. Vampire blood causes erotic dreams, not fairy. Unless the writers are thumbing their collective noses at the established universe’s rules. Wouldn’t be surprised.

    I have a bad feeling Andy’s daughters won’t be coming home anytime soon. Could Andy be the death? He goes to Bill’s to make him pay for his crimes & Bill Billiths out on him?

    Willa really looks desperate and that does not turn the viking on. Part of his attraction to Sookie was her resistance to his charms. He may be flirting but as Nymerias has already pointed out, it is to benefit whatever agenda he has, nothing more. Is it sad that I get physically nauseous whenever I see Eric or Sookie with anyone else but each other?

    • I agree, Eric likes a challenge and Willa does not present one to him…unlike Sookie. He likes saucy wenches!

    • My husband laughs at me because I get crazy because Eric is with someone else…ANYONE else…but me :-) I think he’s right. I admit it. I’m a 42 year old married woman who wants to Eric’s persona Fang Banger!

      • LOL! I know the feeling! My hubby always teases me if we see Alex in anything or while TB is on…says, your crush is on! LOL

        • you are lucky your husband teases you on Alex…mine just sulks :P :D

        • Ha, ha…mine cannot stand him …and since we live in Stockholm and AS is in town now he thought that I would actually go out and look for him :)

          • WHAT?!? You mean you haven’t gone off to search for him as yet? :) :D…Damn girl what are you doing? :D

          • You mean, you HAVEN’T yet? :o Girl, what are you waiting for? LOL I would actually drag my husband along too…in part to reassure him, and the other part is to keep myself from doing something which might get me arrested ;) Like manhandling (if that’s a crime?)! LMAO

          • Ya’ll are barracudas, he’s not a piece of meat=P

          • Manhandling I don’t think is a crime, but indecent assault sure is :P

            And I’ve only told a select few about my adoration for Alex, but no one but you guys know that it’s a tad more than that :)

            And least of all any boyfriend I might have in the future!

  7. remember niall tooka vial of warlow’s blood and sookie freaked out when jason’t fall!then he has ben’s dreams!he is warlow!!!
    willa is listed 9 episodes…if eric turns her we are s…

    • I don’t think Niall or Sookie would let Jason have that blood to heal.

      • she runst into de kitchem maybe to get it an on the promo niall holds the vial.And also niall went to catch nora

        • Then Sookie is more fucking stupid than we all thought.

        • I agree it is vampire blood he had but to give him mysterious blood in a vial is jsut stupid!

          • yeah nymerias! but we know sookie…

          • But if he’s fantasizing about Ben…? How would that work? Wouldn’t he be dreaming of the vampire of the blood it belongs too? IDK…this is starting to give me a headache. LOL

          • Either Ben is a hybrid or he is Warlow! And maybe helping Jason will give him points w Sookie! And is like those times when a princess was promised to another prince to unite the kingdoms? You know everything can happen with this crazy writers!!!

    • If Ben is a Warlow, for what is he waiting? He was with Sookie alone, now he is living in her house..

  8. I think Ben is somehow connected to Warlow. Maybe he is the vamp that attacked him & now has some control over Ben. Willa is up to no good I don’t trust her. Her father may have come up with some new advantage over vamps by tasting their blood. If they try to get back to the books Sam maybe the one that dies & Sookie will bring him back.

  9. 3 greats clips which mean that I won’t sleep a wink between now and Sunday :)

    Bill is just a creep, hopefully Jess will see sense soon. 4 mini Arlene’s out on the town won’t end very well for anyone! I love the Jason/Ben clip, Jason makes me laugh so hard and the actor who plays Ben has been terrific so far. I’m liking Willa and His Royal Hotness in the dark, deserted fairground too. I don’t think I’m as suspicious of Willa as some of you are, I think she’s just besotted with the Viking, but it would be a good surprise if she is up to something!

    • I don’t think Willa is up to something either…not yet anyways. LOL I feel for her, I really do! She’s as besotted as most of us are. I just don’t like it that Eric is in scenes with her instead of Sookie. LOL

  10. okay laughed my butt off at Jason, i think Ben is an agent of Warlow since Jason is having erotic dreams like Sookie did after Eric’s blood. AS for the Fairy daughters, oh shit i think Bill and Jess will end up killing them before they get to do anything with their blood, plus doesn’t Bill realize they are his granddaughters? Okay Willa, don’t trust her, she is up to no good and Eric needs to make sure she doesn’t get his blood, she doesn’t deserve it whether she thinks so or not… It’s only meant for Sookie….

    • He knows but I really do not think he cares. lol

    • I laughed my butt off at Jason too. I’m not sure why he’s dreaming about Ben though…but I do think his blood might have something to do with it. Maybe we haven’t seen the scene where he drinks his blood yet and this is one of the effects?

      As for Andy’s fairy daughters…I agree with you on this too. And it’s creepy that Bill is going to use his own decendants to get what he wants. But then again…it doesn’t surprise me either because Bill IS a douche!

      Willa has it BAD…she wants what all of us want. I can’t blame her either…BUT while watching this, I got defensive on Sookie’s behalf and hope Eric will figure out a way to keep using Willa WITHOUT giving her his blood which belongs to Sookie! I’m a huge Big Brother fan (Nymerias will appreciate this) and I keep hearing Rachel who won BB13 saying, “nobody comes between me and my man!” This applies to what Willa is trying to do with Eric too. LOL

      • Erika – I love that you are getting defensive on Sookie’s behalf. I just wish we got some kind of feeling that she actually knows what’s she’s missing. Since she rescinded his invitation, she doesn’t seem to have given him so much as a passing thought.Still crossing my fingers for later on in the season though.

        • exactly my thoughts.I want to see her care at least think about him once.I wish she is showing concern for him after Bill’s comments that they are all in danger. But then again she doesn’t trust Bill’s bs now and seems to be listening to Eric’s advice to totally stay away from him.

          • I want to see her show some emotion for Eric as well. I know she has a lot on her plate but at least think about him like she did Bill. Walking in the woods with Ben thinking about how she lost Bill but then again she did not lose Eric, he is still there.

            She is not going to believe Bill/THE THING about Eric and other vamps being in danger and rightly so, she just sees that he wants her blood and it is a bitter reminder that her blood was the reason he came to BT in the first place. I hope she never forgets it.

          • All good points – I didn’t think about it that way, that she refused him because of all the BS he’s touted to her in the past. I saw it more like she just wanted him out of her house because of what she sees him as: a monster!

            And speaking of houses: I don’t know how she can look around it WITHOUT thinking about Eric in some way, even if we don’t know she does it, it’s gotta be happening. He arranged to have it painstakingly put to rights after what happened to it in season 2…

            Just my thoughts…

    • I think Eric doesn´t see his future with Sookie now. He still loves her, but like he told Nora – in another life. We will see…

  11. I don’t trust Willa or Ben at all there up to something

  12. Some way or how Jason was given that blood in the vial that Niall had and that’s why he is having these dreams because Ben is Warlow that is the most logical conclusion and he is half fae and half vampire no nees to keep trying to come up with excuses for the dreams its vpires blood where these dreams comes from

  13. well, for whatever reason I got this in my mailbox late. Everone has already stated the obvious. Therefore, I just want to say I agree that both Willa and Ben are both trouble.

  14. I have a question after seeing the Eric/Willa clip… Remember an earlier clip we saw of Eric getting confronted by men with guns? At some point Eric “loses his shirt”! I remember this because I was hoping he didn’t find it for the rest of the season :). Anyway, maybe he does give in to her, things get a little hot and then in an act of betrayal she basically hands him over to daddy?? Or else daddy has been tracking her all along?

    • Who could forget that image? LOL I have his bare chest emblazoned on my mind. :P

      Maybe…could be. I just hope we (as viewers) know his heart isn’t in it. I can see Willa using this as a ruse…or something will happen and she’ll turn him over to daddy.

      • He will end up humans even more!!! After all Sookie has to do to get him here and not kill Willa the second he got in her bedroom!

    • It could be we shall see.I was wondering what happened to that scene as well maybe we will still see it

    • v good point …isn’t that a scene where Tara is behind him as well and they both get captured.
      What about the scene where he is is totally shirtless and in some kind of ditch and is turned towards somebody in white dress (Wila) standing above him. Maybe that happens before he is captured (hence just a jacket and no shirt). Was he in the process of turning her and got interrupted?
      Maybe he asks her if she wants to become vampire to ‘really help him’ – but that’s strange and would be OOC for Eric, he doesn’t need another child, not right now. However, that would hurt the Governor big time. And where is Nora in all this?
      Cannot wait to see what happens

      • I posted my opinion on what I think might happen in the forum, but it doesn’t mean it’ll happen.

        And the more I watch the Eric/Willa clip, the more I cringe when she says that she deserves to have Eric’s blood. I don’t know, but the more I see it, the more I’m starting to think she could be up to something.

        And I actually loved the faery clip, but I’m a little worried about their chances of survival. And didn’t Maurella say that Andy was responsible for ensuring that half of them make it to adulthood? What’s going to happen to him when that doesn’t happen? :O

  15. Willa wants with eric what all of us want…to jump his bones

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