Videos: “At Last” Inside The Episode & “F*ck The Pain” Promo


Finished watching True Blood Episode 6.04 “At Last”?

Let’s go “Inside The Episode” to see what writer Alexander Woo has to say about “At Last”!

WARNING: This may contain spoilers for those who haven’t watched the episode yet. If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below.


Watch HBO’s Inside The Episode with Alexander Woo below.

Let’s get a sneak peek at what’s in store for us next week!

Watch the promo for next week’s True Blood Episode 6.05 – “F*ck The Pain Away” below.

Now it’s time to draw first blood…

What did you think of the episode? Feel free to share your thoughts below!

If you need any additional inspiration on spilling your thoughts, check out these photo’s from HBO.

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(photo credit John P. Johnson/HBO)

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27 comments on “Videos: “At Last” Inside The Episode & “F*ck The Pain” Promo

  1. I loved this episode, it was off the wall crazy and the pace was incredible. I didn’t even get annoyed at the were pack mess. This is so much better than season 5, and using Etta James’ “At Last” as the theme song for episode was icing on the cake for me.

  2. looking forward to next week…. I like that Sookie finally found her balls to fight back before anything happens… still don’t trust Warlow/Ben…

  3. OMG…..I am still breathless after watching this one!!!!!! Best season ever as far as action and plot this eppy!!!!!! Can’t wait to rewatch it again in a few minutes……. Pretty much was what I thought but it was nice to watch the confirmation too. Wow, Ican’t wait for the next eppy…

  4. Well i was nice to see that i was right in my predictions but i still don’t trust Sookie to not fall for Ben she always tries to find good where there is none and she is to forgiven i’m just hoping she continues the way she’s been through this season cause i’m totally a fan of her kickass actitude also i was really happy that Eric doesn’t have a thing for Willa he thought that turning her will fix the vampire war but it didn’t, and i didn’t like he turn her Pam must be his only progeny so i think Willa will meet the true death eventually

    • A part of me is wondering if he is the big bad he has been touted to be. It was a few things he said to Niall that struck me but I am still on the fence about him. It actually made sense how he is a hybrid, color me impressed.

  5. I have to say TB might have wowed me a little bit that is as far as I am willing to go for right now! lol

  6. It was a very good episode and I did love Sookie in this episode when she said to Warlow about Bill lying to her and manipulating her as to why she broke up with him ….i said it was good for us fans to hear that…eric turning Willa was a surprise to me but i see why he did it but it backfired but i knew he wasn’t interested in her sexually like people were saying ….

    • I agree…there was no sexual attraction on Eric’s part for Willa at all.

      I have to say…I’m really enjoy Sookie this season. :) She’s starting to prove that she’s learned from previous experiences. Sure hope it sticks.

  7. insane in a fabulous way

  8. Love that Eric/Willa piccie above, about an hour and a half until I can watch the crazy for real too! From all your comments, I’m going to go out on a limb here and assume it was a good episode, yes? :P

    Of course it was, Silly question that turned out to be!!

  9. Only saw Eric parts but it looks like it was a good episode.

    I didn’t manage to understand Eric’s last line to Pam/Tara… was it ‘meet me tomorrow night’??? can somebody confirm..tx

    Looking forward to see the whole thing

    • I think it was more “We’ll meet here tomorrow night” but I could be wrong… wouldn’t be the first time I’ve misinterpreted him.

      Crazy episode, I have mixed feelings about Willa being turned by Eric, but I guess if that’s what the show was aiming for, then it succeeded.

      Of course, not enough of the Viking, although I guess there isn’t much you can really do about a turning: dig a hole, say a few words, bite, stab yourself, let the other person drink your blood, go to sleep, then wake up. Damn shame if you ask me.

      I am a little nervous for next week though, and Pam in the jumpsuit looks very, very ominous! Nora will be there, as will Willa… uh-oh :P

      • thanks – it makes sense. He will come back and meet Tara who’ll break the ‘good news’ about Pam. I am hoping that he’ll feel Willa’s fear and that will lead them to the camp and then they’ll do something ‘drastic’ – probably get captured purposely

  10. Here we go again – they lead us on about the quads blood being interesting to Bill and I was wondering how Andy was gonna get them back, or if they could somehow assist Sookie later on in defeating Warlow and they kill them! I hate when they do that! Love Eric more and more – when Willa asked him if turning was gonna hurt and he said “not the way i do it” – Whew – Skarsporn!! …and yeah Tara needs to shut the f$#@k up!!

    • There is a huge difference in how Eric turns someone and how Bill turns someone, he really doesn’t care to be gentle at all. It’s obvious which maker I would choose.

  11. I agree Tara was turning back into her “human” pain in the arse self last night. I just read one of the reviewers recaps of this eppy (I think it was EW) and they didn’t sound so impressed with the eppy, made it sound kinda run of the mill….blah, blah, blah stuff. I don’t know what TB did to EW but the show was once one of their favorites and now it sounds like they don’t like it so much anymore.

    I think they are wrong tho and if this 6th season continues like this, IMHO, I think TB is back from the grave and I can hardly wait (and pray) for season 7.

    • I get it, the show really doesn’t interest me much anymore. This season is definitely better than last, but I’m still not that impressed.

      • I think TB is better without Alan Ball. I´m feeling something like new fresh wind this season

  12. So far this was my favourite episode this season. I do hope the faebies are not dead. Maybe they’ll be turned into faempires?

    Loved Sookie – you go girl! I fear though that she might give Ben a chance – let’s just hope he did not kill her parents otherwise it would be as bad as forgiving Bill for the Rattrays.

    So it seems we were mislead again and Sarah is the big bad this season and not Burrell. I don’t think he’ll be able to kill his daughter.

    Eric turning her was a surprise but at least she was willing. Loved how Pam stood up for Tara even though she disagreed. Then again Pam does not know that Tara was “the girl in the white gown kidnapped by a vampire” a year ago, too. Loved their bickering about eating humans.

    Hate the weres and more so Rikki who so easily wantd Sam dead. I can’t understand what they did to Alcide who was a good gux and would’ve not subjectef a little girl to so much violence in earlier seasons. Is he still high?

  13. Maybe EW is a Eric and Sookie fan as well and tired of hoping that the writers get a clue and give us more screen time of them together. Lord knows I’m not quite sure that this brief moment of intelligence and cluefulness regarding Sookie about Bill and the newest male trying to jump her bones will stick either one episode does not make a new direction or show enlightenment by the writers

  14. I would have to agree with most of you here, I think this season is way better than 5 and has been full of surprises so far. Loving that Sookie figured out Ben early on so we didn’t have to put up with that all season long (maybe)!

    Personally, loved the Eric turning Willa scene. So seductive and old school (like Dracula). Even the words he spoke to her…wouldn’t it be great if we could wipe away cowardice and hate and replace it with wisdom & honor!

    Can’t wait to watch again…except for the weres…just not getting where the hate is coming from?

  15. I agree that the episode was very exciting. I still don’t trust the writers though. They can and have turned on a dime to totally disappoint. It’s going to take more than one episode to urn is around for me. From the previews for next week, maybe we will get some Eric and Sookie together scenes.

  16. […] watching the latest episode of True Blood? “At Last” it’s time to go “Inside the Episode” and to check out the promo for next week’s, “F*ck The Pain Away” on the […]

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