The Curious Case of Barlow


Were you left with more questions about Barlow than you were given answers to? Sure you were. Well, Rob Kazinsky MIGHT be able to shed some light on the subject but NO PROMISES!


As we saw last night Miss Sookie sussed out that Mister Ben is Warlow, even before his glamoring of Jason (who he healed) and his sending the King of Fairies into the same realm of from whence he originally came from. We found he was a neighbor of the Brigants and young Niall before he was turned. He found himself battling between his light and now dark side. I am confused because I thought the fae could not be turned, according to Alan Ball anyway but I will let that slide as this is not about him and I digress.

Recently Mr.Fairy/Vampire hybrid himself gave an interview with Vulture and he gave some insights to Barlow! It appears he did not even know he was going to be Warlow.

Up until this point, all you could say was that you were Sookie’s new love interest. And as the season started, some people were even speculating that Rutger Hauer was Warlow, not you …
Yeah, well, when a network tells you that upon pain of death you can’t talk about it, it makes you nervous! [Laughs.] And to be honest, I thought Rutger was going to be Warlow as well. Before I got cast, I didn’t know I was going to be playing Warlow. I thought I was just auditioning for the part of Ben. I didn’t know until about three weeks after I got the part! And I didn’t hear from anybody else other than wardrobe, who had my name written up on the wall as “Ben/Warlow.” And I was like, “Who’s what? Am I Warlow?” And eventually they told me that I was. I really wanted Rutger to be Warlow at one point. I was like, “Oh, that would be so cool!”

Can you imagine coming into work and you finding out you now have to play two different people? For me, that would being told I have to work for two different lawyers (which I have done) who vastly different styles and mannerisms. More power to you Rob and by the way, can you speak in your British accent more often? I find it very sexy! Oh, there I go again, digressing, like he is even reading this. Moving on.

Since we are confused about the fae being turned vamp, Barlow, I mean Rob gave some insight on that as well, somewhat anyway. Whether it will take away the confusion that some of us have, I have no idea. Read and judge for yourself.

So what are the parameters with vampire-faerie hybrids? What are all their powers and weaknesses? We’ve never seen one on the show before.
And he’s the only one that’s ever been made. Can he bleed? Can he cry? Can he have children? These are all questions we’re going to find out about. It’s kind of nice to be a new breed of creature. Faeries have never been the most fascinating of creatures on the show. They’ve always been kind of pathetic, let’s be honest. They’ve always been fairly weak. And here’s one who’s 6,000 years old. And he’s not only the most powerful faerie around, he’s the most powerful vampire around, too. And that’s kind of an intimidating prospect, if he were to ever let go, if you know what I mean. The best way I can describe him is he’s a drug addict, and he hates what he is, he hates being addicted, he’s been clean for a long time, but he’s prone to the occasional relapse. And if he were to ever truly, really let go, it could possibly be the end of all things. And the future of all vampires kind of depends on his actions. But you’re also dealing with a creature of immense pride, and if someone’s going to cross him, it’s not going to end up well. He has a temper. He has a dark side.

Well,I have to say for a 6,000 year old hybrid, he does not look half-bad! Does that mean I trust him? HELL NO but I will tell you what I do wish. I wish that True Blood would do the opposite of what we have been told about this character. We have been led to believe that he is the BIG BAD but this show would shock me if he was not what he has been touted to be. Nora said they got the vampire bible wrong that it was her progeny that led Lilith to the sun, not the people. I, for one would love it if BARLOW took out Bilith but I am not sure they have the guts. NOTE: My thoughts on why he spit out Niall’s blood is because he is an addict like he said and is still fighting his dark side, battling between the light and the dark.

You can read the full article here.

Well, what are you thoughts my friends? Sound off below!

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17 comments on “The Curious Case of Barlow

  1. I was thinking about why he spat out Niall’s blood!

    And I agree, I want Billith to be the big bad and Ben to kick his ass, I just don’t want Sookie trying to save Bill yet again! I’m thinking that she might, as she might start to become convinced he’s trying to save the vampires…

    Hang on: what if this whole thing, and the ending has her cutting off vamps in general (like in the book)??

    • No clue but I don’t want to go there or even think about that thing that must not be named! lol. I am wondering why Lala appears to be trying to drown Sookie, unless he is possessed. I do think Ben is still trying to battle his light and dark side.

  2. Yes, speaking of our evolved and smarter Sookie! As I’ve said here before–the big reveal was NOT that Ben is Warlow. To me, they left many obvious bread crumbs. No, the big reveal is how completely Sookie has changed since Bill tried the same tactics on her. I was blown away by her on every level this episode–especially when she said why she broke up w/ Bill. For so long I didn’t think Sookie understood what he’d done to her and tried to do to her–but that exchange w/ Warlow revealed she understood it all and she wouldn’t excuse it or tolerate it again. WOW.

    I believe that we, the audience are supposed to be blown away by THAT reveal: Sookie is no man’s sucker, not any more!! I can root for her again after seasons of frustration w/ her willful and shrill blindness.

    I’m excited to hear that Ben is conflicted because I too think the actor has enormous charisma and I’m shocked at how much I enjoy him on the canvas, yes, even w/ Sookie at this point. Can’t wait to see where it all goes.

    The only tiresome thing at this point is the werewolves and Bill is right back to self righteous douchery. sigh. Please vampire bible–be true. Warlow have at Billith–will ya!?!

    • I will say it again,they need to be able to make it stick, if Sookie goes backwards again in regards to Bill or anything else then I have to say shame on the writers.

  3. Why do I like Ben? I’ve tried not to, but I agree Kristen, he has a lot of charisma. I still don’t trust him and my only complaint with this episode is no e/s.
    if this is an example of how Brian Buckner is going to run this show, then all I can say is bring it on! We’ve seen very little of the side characters and I love that. Please let Sookie stay smart and be done with Bill and at least pass Eric on the street and look at each other with longing. :)

  4. I guess I just don’t find anything at all appealing about him, but maybe that’s just me. He’s definitely not to be trusted.

    • It’s not just you – I cannot stand him! He will do his best to win Sookie’s heart and if it turns out that it wasn’t him who killed her parents he will be a serious ‘threat’
      Also I think there will be a big clash between him and Bill at the end.

      Something really needs to happen soon to give us some hope for E/S –
      Eric must get involved in her story line somehow otherwise the first episode meant full closure on those two.

      • If this show wants to truly wow people,they will not do the expected. People are looking for Ben to be the bad guy because of the way it was set up so to shock people and I meant truly shock people, they could and should totally blind side people. It just seemed to all of a sudden to reveal him as big bad Warlow, even though are only ten episodes and they have to get the ball rolling. We should have been left guessing some more on who he was so there has to be something coming our way, something we did not think of or expect. This is what I wish they would do but I doubt they do. It will most likely be about him being totally bad and Bill will save the day which is absolutely boring and predictable and they won’t be able to help themselves at all.

        @if it turns out that it wasn’t him who killed her parents he will be a serious ‘threat’

        How does that make him a serious threat if he did not kill her parents?

  5. loving the nickname you gave him BARLOW LOL!

  6. I don’t like Ben I sorry I don’t I feel like he Bill 2.0 I don’t trust him at all, I do feel Eric and Sookie will be in scene together by end is the season, I still have hope, what Anna said not to rule out Eric and Sookie I’m holding on to that, I feel like the writer are just make it look like there OVER but there not!! I have faith!!!

  7. If Sookie falls for Ben she will be so dumb again like she hasn’t learn anything i don’t care if they somehow make Barlow a “nice” guy and that he didn’t kill her parents but c’mon he massacre the fairy club and he would’ve kill Hayley and Hunter too if they were there he also kills Niall’s parents and the reason he left him alive is so he could have children and then made a deal to get Sookie and has been watching her that is so creepy

    • Yeah, if she has any sense left, there is no way she would fall for that guy. He is creepy on so many levels, she really doesn’t need another Bill in her life.

  8. […] Spoiler Alert! For those who don’t know…we found out who is Warlow during the last episode of True Blood. Let’s find out what Rob Krazinsky has to say about Ben and Warlow in the upcoming weeks! Let’s take a deeper look inside at “The Curious Case of Barlow”. […]

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