The one where Eric procreates and Sookie invites Warlow to Dinner



Ok let’s do the  sh*t first – and that would be anything that doesn’t involve a faerie, a vampire or (would you believe it) a faerie-vampire hybrid. This episode was so good that even Alcide couldn’t ruin it. Let’s all  be  thankful that he and Sam have a joint story-line this season so that we don’t have to suffer them both on their own. Do I care who gets Emma? No. Would the show be better if they all caught a bad bout of rabies? Yes.

Now for the good stuff……..


We didn’t even get as far as the opening titles before Warlow’s identify came out into the open, at least for the audience. (And yes, I called it right, so I’m feeling pretty smug today). But that wasn’t the best part, as just after we got the nod on who the devious old so-and-so was, Sookie Stackhouse worked it out for herself, all on her own. And seriously, did that feel good. This is a leading lady  the audience can actually get  behind! Quite wisely Sookie decided not to involve brother Jason and grandpa Niall in her cunning plan. Quite wisely because those two completely f*cked up. Niall has to be the worst faerie king EVER! (He’s been chasing Warlow for over a thousand years and he didn’t think to find out who his vampire mommy was?)

Why anyone would think it was a good idea to raid the motel room of an ancient and highly dangerous faerie-vampire is beyond me, and taking only Officer Stackhouse for backup was a recipe for disaster. Knowing that their failure was complete, a forlorn Jason utters “goodbye grandpa we tried” and Niall ends up being thrown  into purgatory (or somewhere else really bad) .Warlow/Ben (I think I’ll just call him Warlow from now on) left the hapless monarch alive for a second time. Why? Possibly because Rutger Hauer has been paid to appear in further episodes? Or perhaps Warlow is not going to be the straight forward big bad we were led to believe he is?

When the boys  make a mess of things, leave it to the girls. Sookie did what every self-respecting young woman would, she invited him to dinner, got dressed up and gave the man food. Her little speech about the reasons she and Bill broke up warmed my heart, it seems she has learnt her lesson after all and she won’t be falling for any more of that crap in the future (fingers crossed). Then it was on to the couch of unfinished sexy action, where Sookie advised Warlow to “get the fuck off me or die!” Her ball of light is ready to go and we’ll have to tune in next week to find out how he manages to get out of this one. (Presuming he does as Nora needs him to lead Lilith to the sun).


Whilst Sookie’s light was shining last night, the other faerie halflings were not far(ae)ing so well. Great, great, whatever grandpa Bill had big plans for 1,2,3 and 4. He’s got a high-tech underground laboratory (fully functioning in the space of what? 12  hours?) and a not so willing scientific genius all ready to go.  Their frantic daddy Andy tries to work out where his offspring were, not an easy task when they are aged somewhere between 10 and 50 (listen to Kevin – half of missing kids are taken by a relative!) Things of course never go to plan for Bill, the luckless god-wannabe (*insert snigger here*) as the girls had decided he was “creepy” (yep, and they actually caught him on a good day). Jessica  finally lost control and before you can say “I really wish Bill would set himself on fire again”  1,2,3, and 4 are laid lifeless on the floor. Are they dead? Full faeries we know turn to dust upon death, so let’s hold on to that positive thought,  and hope that “at least half” of them make it home.


Hopefully I’ve now covered all the main plot points, feel free to add any I’ve missed in the comments. I can’t put it off any longer, it’s time to enter the Viking Zone!

Eric and Pam have high-tailed it after Tara, and Pam, as her maker, quite rightly is about to demand obedience from her. Eric, being Eric, takes matter into his own hands. He wants to know where the girl is. As much as I love him, it was delightful to see Pam stand up to Eric  over his treatment of her progeny.  Sadly though , her all-new girl power didn’t  last too long in this episode, courtesy of those pesky new vampire-unfriendly  silver /UV bullets.

Tara has left Willa on the local carousel (a great place for a sexy vampire scene, and note this vampire sits down on the faerie painted seat). Rather than run away as fast as she can, Willa’s sitting it out waiting until Eric calls by. She wants to help him……be careful what you wish for Willa………..never mind it’s too late!


Eric appearing at Willa’s window and the young innocent in white inviting him in was a definite homage to the old European vampire movies that have exited and terrified viewers in days gone by. Eric carrying the panting girl in white to the graveyard was more of the same, much, much more. Was he actually going to do it? Make only his second child in 1000 years? Well this is war, and this was just about the last card the Viking could play. It could be a win/win. Daddy sees his daughter as a vampire and has a change of heart, or daddy sends his daughter to vamp camp and Eric has a way in through his new progeny’s blood. Cue the hottest vampire turning scene ever seen anywhere in the history of anything ever that ever happened.




It  was all completely perfect, from the words he uttered (“Everything your father put in you, his cowardice, his small mindedness- his hate,all of it will seep out, and into this vessel I will seed a millennium of wisdom, honor, life.”), to the red, red blood oozing down the back of her white, white dress, and the use of a crucifix in the blood giving process.  As a fan of the old-style vampire genre my sudden desire to watch Dracula is only surpassed right now by my all-consuming urge to keep re-watching this scene until my eyes eventually fall out.

Moving on to the next evening, and Willing Willa is now a newly made vampire on speed, not surprising really when she has the blood of a Viking Vampire Sex God pulsing through her veins. She wants to f*ck obviously. But anyone who was worried that daddy’s little girl was the new Sookie Stackhouse in Eric’s life, can now rest assured, Eric has other plans for his new progeny, and the blonde waitress from Bon Temps still remains his only weakness. Willa is sent home to her other daddy, and I have to admit my heart broke a little bit for her. The seductive Viking cruelly took away her life, she expected an eternity by his side, and the first thing he does is send her away.

Some might say she got what she deserved, I don’t agree. I felt for her and I felt for her when she had to be invited in to see Daddy 1, a terrific scene from both Willa and the Governor, with Sarah Newlin also again on despicably top form. Will Willa fulfil the vampire potential that her maker seems to think she has, or will she be a sticky pile of goo by the season’s end? (Watch this space).

So where does this all leave Eric? Fighting a losing battle perhaps? I think we can all guess where he is heading in the episodes to come. Nora, Pam, Willa and the unfortunate Ginger are all on their way to the Vampire Camp and so I think we can safely say that the star of the show won’t be far behind them.


EDIT: Thanks to my fellow fang-banger Beverley for sending me this.




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Eric/Willa gifs by peachiex

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43 comments on “The one where Eric procreates and Sookie invites Warlow to Dinner

  1. Great thoughts Evie, I knew you would love this episode! It made me want to watch the old school vampire movies as well!

  2. As much as I despise the Governor, I really felt for him and Willa in that scene. You could tell how much he loves his daughter, that he was still willing to accept her even after the change. It’s just those baby vamps tend to lose control very easily. I think on some level, Eric was hoping she would kill him, but it could also be that he was using her as his way in.

    • I felt for him too – for both of them – and both actors were terrific. I think Willa’s story may be a very tragic one.

    • I’m inclined to agree, if Eric was seriously using Willa as the messenger of peace, wouldn’t he know (from experience and being with Willa when she rose) that there was every chance she would go after daddy #1, and therefore issue a Maker’s command that she not hurt him? Instead, he uses it to send her back!

      Definitely siding with the whole progeny gone to camp theory. He doesn’t have the same connection with Pam any more, and none really with Nora.

      And loved the whole old-world setup for the turning, just beautiful!

  3. To me when Sookie said that reason why she broke up with Bill was he was lying and manipulating her that was great to hear because most of us was upset that she forgave him at the end of season 4 …..so Sookie was great the whole night. …I understand why Eric did the Willa turning thing but it backfired and he will have to save along with Nora and Pam. Bill was his stupid pompest ass self leaving Jessica alone with the faerie girls……Ben was Warlow which some of us saw all along just too many coincedences for him not to be Warlow….he still has killed most of her family members regardless of saving Jason or not killing Niall. Good episode better than all of season 5 except the finale.

  4. I don’t think poor Willa will make it out of the vamp camp alive (or undead.)

    Thank you for your thoughts on the Jason/Niall attempted takedown of Warlow. You and I are in complete agreement on the absurdity of it. I told my husband it looked like Barney Fife and Bilbo Baggins on a spy mission…laugh-out-loud ridiculous!

    I hope that our first taste of Buckner in his new role is indicative of the rest of the season, ’cause I was so thrilled and engrossed that I didn’t even want to blink!

  5. For a moment i was scared thinking that maybe Sookie was developing a thing for Ben but that girl has learn her lesson (hopefully) and she doesn’t trust misterious good looking men anymore i don’t think she ever liked him she felt related to him but that’s it

  6. Loved your recap and loved the episode! Very pleasantly surprised and very relieved that sookie didn’t get it on with Ben and Eric didn’t get it on with Willa! I do not want to have to see that-ever! I want to believe that this whole contract thing is not going to go the way of”that” book and serve as a cheap device to accomplish what nothing else can in our hearts and minds- tearing any chance of Sookie and Eric apart for the fans. I hate Eric and Pam at odds and want that to stop already! I also hope that the “we will be one” from season 4 comes into play here and we learn that it was a “marriage” between them! Billith is boring, Alcide is a JERK and I hope the faebies are Ok! Sorry to the actor who plays Ben but no matter how much you talk your character up he can never fill Eric’s shoes so please stop! All in all at this point in the season they have drawn this jaded fan back in. Fingers crossed for it to continue!

  7. Thanks for your take on last nights’ eppy Evie, I think all of us agree that it pretty much was the best eppy we’ve seen in a loooong time on TB. It most probably is the best season (with the exception of E&S parts of season 4) that we’ve had since the very first one. I like that they are trying to take it back somewhat to the basics of the books (to a certain degree….don’t want it to end like the books tho’).

    I, too, was very proud of Sookie last night for really showing that shes’ no longer the naïve little girl any longer and has pulled herself up by her big girl fairy panties and isn’t going to take any crap from the men around her any longer. The fact that Ben is Warlow wasn’t much of a surprise, but it was nice to actually see the confirmation on screen.

    I hope that Buckys’ takeover (which I believe happened at eppy 5) continues the excitement of the season so far. I can’t believe that we only have 6 eppys left until it over for the year. I sure hope that we have another season next summer too.

    So far, I have to give kudos to the writers for trying to pull this show out of the mud where AB kinda was heading….. Lets’ hope it ends as well as the first part of this season has been going.

  8. I just hope it’s not to late to save the show. Still no word on if the show will have a seventh season, and that worries me. I am also still worried about the major character at is going to be killed. I pray that it is not Eric.

    • If it is Eric, then this better be the last season, but I’m not really worried about him. If it was going to be cancelled, they probably would have mentioned it by now. I still think it’s coming back for at least one more.

  9. I don’t think they’ll kill Eric and on another note since i watch this episode i’ve been thinking that if Sookie were ever to be turn into a vampire she woudn’t just be a regular vamp she’d be a hybrid and to me that’s pretty cool cause she could have the best of both worlds i guess, and she could be with Eric forever, the only thing that worries me is what Ben/Warlow said about the fight inside him between the light and the darkness but i don’t think Sookie would have that problem, anyway i’d rather she’d be a hybrid fae/vamp than she ends like in that horrible book that i would not mention

  10. Thanks Evie – great recap. I also loved the whole Dracula set up :)

    There is only one place where our Viking is heading to – governor’s camp – apart from Tara, all his girls are in there. I am hoping we’ll get some great interaction inside the camp…I cannot wait to see Pam’s reaction to the company that’s waiting for her in the camp: Nora – you?! and then Willa (turned) you?! and then Ginger as well …
    It seems there will be some kind of gladiator games in the camp and I am really worried that some of Eric’s girls will be faced against each other…even worse to have Eric against them…
    It will be also interesting when Jason comes. My hope is that he will somehow see Eric there and he’ll help him escape

    • I’m wondering if Jason will arrive at camp through a connection with Sarah Newlin, either being on her side, or pretending to be? I just hope he picks the vamp side for the fight this time :)

      I can’t think about the family of Godric being forced to fight each other – too stressful – I’m not having it! Humans are going to die if that happens!

      • He probably pretends, I remember reading something about Sarah wanting revenge on Jason. I’m thinking their little reunion doesn’t go well.

      • I think he may initially go there on their side looking for help to get rid of Warlow, but maybe later he’ll realize that it’s wrong – a bit like S2.
        I agree Tammy – he will side with Vamps later based on that spoiler that Sarah seeks revenge on Jason, he will let her down again :)

  11. Totally agree with the best vampire making scene ever, in history :)…Eric is surely on his most erotic game this season even without our fiery little Miss Stackhouse. Loved that there were very few distractions. Fairies 1,2,3 and 4 have my prayers with them..I hope they are not dead.
    I used to despise Bill earlier….Now I just hate him…Didn’t he feel anything Jessica was feeling while she fed off 4 fairies? He could have gottten there sooner. All the Vampire God crap and he still doesnt know what his own progeny is doing in the next room….

  12. Guys, I got some bad news. Alex`s not listed at Comic Con.

  13. ok the word we are getting now is not good :( Alex is NOT going to Comic Con according to his management, so unless there is a last minute change, that really sucks :(

    • Great, people are going to be even more worried that he’s getting killed off. It really doesn’t look good since we know they’re filming the finale right now.

    • I don’t think we need to panic. Last few months were very quite stressful for him with all his new films etc. so I think he felt he needed longer holidays back home and they agreed. This helps the show in the way with all this suspense ‘who dies’ bla, bla

      They would kill him off only if he personally insisted to get out – I really hope it didn’t do that. We all know that his show will be nothing without him.

      Maybe Ben sends him off to another dimension before finale :)

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  15. Episode 4 was the top rated cable show on Sunday night – over the 2 showings it had over 5m viewers. Let’s have season 7 now please!

  16. I’ve got my fingers crossed!

  17. Good funny stuff Evie – but you need to go back in and clean up some typos (exited/excited) and extra spaces in your finished work. :)

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