Farewell, Fellow Viking Sisters

We have some sad news to tell you…our good friends over at the Sookieverseblog are “officially” closing down. They posted their last and final post early this morning. We wanted to pass this along – so you can visit them and leave your own parting words and/or cry, like we’re doing.


Here at ESL…we would like to take this opportunity to thank SVB and her mods for all they’ve done for us in the past. I’ve asked my staff to say a little something in their own words –  as a final send off to our dear friends.

Okay, girls…let ‘er rip!


I stumbled upon SVB by accident sometime during season 3. It was a wonderful find as at that time my Team Eric options seemed to be very limited. As I’m a die-hard trubie, and True Blood Eric is the one for me, SVB and I have not been on the same wavelength for quite a while now, but at the end of the day that doesn’t matter at all, the most important thing about SVB was the people there. We laughed together, we cried together, we stuck nails in our Bill Compton dolls together! If I had never discovered SVB I would never have been introduced to Erika and invited to bring my true blood obsession to E&SL, nor would I have ended up administering the Eric Facebook pages I’m now happily part of. I owe that place and the people who befriended me (and put up with me) there a heck of a lot. SVB was the acorn out of which Team Eric grew and grew, and they should be proud as we are now by far the largest, most diverse, and obviously most kick-ass team in the fandom, and for many of us, SVB was our maker. TEAM ERIC ALWAYS AND LONG LIVE THE VIKING VAMPIRE GOD!



I admit I was rather gun shy after visiting some other TB sites…so when I visited SVB, I tended to lurk more than anything. Then they started to show up in my Twitter feed, and I enjoyed reading the Twitter chatter. Then I started reading their book blog posts. They made me feel like I wasn’t alone on why I loved the books and Eric and Sookie. This shouldn’t surprise you…Sunday Skars always made me smile. One of the coolest things about SVB was randomly running into folks at book events. Like I did in Charlotte. I may not have posted in the forum or comments but I always enjoyed their book views. Thank you, and best of luck in your future endeavors.



When I first entered this crazy fandon, it was through Facebook and it was there that I met my first set of Viking Sisters and SVB was one of them. My first set of Viking Lovers were small but we had loud mouths that more than made up for it! Then when I joined the site I met the rest of my sisters and now they are all a part of me for life.

From Sunday Skars to epic fucking rants in TUS and RR and schooling folks on the FB board (R.I.P to the AB and Eric Northman threads where I met my Viking Wenches aka TUS) I will forever cherish those memories. To all the mods and SVB, my hat is off to you for creating such a great internet cafe with one hell of a hidey hole where we talked about laminated lists and Askars ass! To SVB, whose blog we were not supposed to read, you are my “Ambassador of Quan,” and I love you!

SVB never did and never will! Love you!


SVB, Serena, VL, MAS, Dazed, Ashley and krtmd…I just want to say how much you ladies ROCK! I mean, seriously! As a former moderator of SVB…I got to know these lovely ladies very well. If there’s one thing I’m thankful for is the friendships I’ve made with all of them, and with all of the other Viking sisters I met over there too – including my own staff. SVB had a way of writing blog posts which seemed like she knew what I was thinking, though SVB swears she’s NOT telepathic like Sookie. Who could forget MAS’s recaps? Still some of the BEST recaps I’ve EVER read! My favorite day of the week was Sundays of course, not because True Blood aired – but because I knew I would be drooling over Sunday Skars. The forum was THE place to go to talk about True Blood and/or the books. SVB has always been supportive of us here at ESL too. Most of all…she gave us a place to go in times when we needed support, a place to vent, where you could find out the latest juicy spoilers, or a place to share our thoughts, hopes and dreams. I can only hope ESL will be a 1/4 the success the Sookieverseblog once was. I will never forget the good times we’ve shared or the bad, but one thing is for certain…my life is truly richer because of it. Thank you SVB, et all – wishing you nothing but the best in the future!

To all who visited the Sookieverseblog – please remember…


If you would like to say your last goodbyes too…please do so on the link below.

Sookieverseblog’s Requiem For A Team

To SVB and her mods…you may be gone, but you’ll never be forgotten.

Cheers…we salute you!


Goodbye and good luck, fellow Viking sisters!

I think I’m going to go sit in a corner and cry now… :(

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The owner/administrator of Eric & Sookie Lovers and All About Vikings. A writer, blogger and avid reader. Favorite shows and books include; True Blood, The Vampire Diaries, Sons of Anarchy, the Black Dagger Brotherhood, the Night Huntress series, Once Upon A Time, Vikings and Game of Thrones. Motto is: KISS (Keep It Simple Stupid)! Most people tell me I have a way with words. My second language is "sarcasm". Hope you enjoy your visit!

14 comments on “Farewell, Fellow Viking Sisters

  1. So sad!!! I am always not happy when fandoms shut down, and this is one of the ones I enjoyed. I found it through MAV’s site, and since she is the first WordPress site I visited, she directed me to a lot of places. I will miss the blogs!!!! SVB you WILL be missed!

  2. I will always love you Sookieverseblog, just like I’ll always love our Viking (books or show).

  3. Reblogged this on Inside Iamerika and commented:

    As they say…”All good things must come to an end”. But what wild ride it was in the meantime. LOL Just wanted to show our appreciation to the Sookieverseblog who has always been one of ESL’s biggest supporters.

  4. It’s so sad, but we all knew that the day would come. SVB was one of the places that kept mentioning this site in the comments. And I don’t know how many nights I’ve stayed up reading every single entry and laughing my arse off – my family often wondered what it was that I was doing!

    To SVB, your writing style, your wit, your thoughts, and your gifs have inspired me to ensure that I give nothing less than my best when posting my own commentary. Your analyses on being loved by a vampire and Mr. High handed and the Fairy Prince, amongst countless others, were what really got me to sit up and take notice (and stay up way past my bed time)! When the travesty of no name was released I anxiously checked back with the site to make sure I didn’t miss the absolute thrashing I knew was coming.

    I wish I had discovered the site earlier, but by God I’m glad I discovered it at all.

    Long live the Viking and his wenches! You SVB will be very sorely missed. May your ship sail the oceans of ambition, and anchor in the harbours of success!


  5. I feel like I’ve been staked :-(

    thanks for the laughs, skarsporn, agreeing with me that Billith is a douche, Sookie is a wuss and Vikiing Vampire Kings RULE! Not hitting your blog right after TB is going to take some getting used to. My sincere best to you always.

  6. SVB will be sorely misses by many, myself included!!! I truly am speechless as to what to say, other than Thank you for “being” for all of us Viking Vampire fans!!!! My wish for you is wherever life takes you, I hope it will be joyful and prosperous!!!!!!

    Thanks you for your devotion.

  7. It is a sad day. You!will be missed.

  8. You will be missed ..Sad indeed . Thank you !! Good luck on whatever this adventure takes you from here .

  9. Such a sad day in our beloved fandom.SVB you will be greatly missed and will live on fondly in our hearts. Thank you for everything.

  10. Thank you so much everyone for your kind farewells, and also to Erika and everyone here at ESL for this lovely send off post. It means more to me than I can say to know that my little labour of love meant so much, to so many.
    I will miss it, and miss everyone who was a part of it. Yet at the same time, I’ve been feeling ready for this for a little while now so it’s nice to free up some headspace for other things.
    We pass the mantle of Team Eric’s homebase on to ESL – knowing that the awesome ladies here will continue to provide a fitting shrine to our Viking for a long time to come.

    • OMG…you’re gonna make me cry AGAIN! :(

      You know you’re always welcome to join us for a post or two in the future if you ever feel the need or so inspired. :) Thanks for passing the torch on to us…we hope we can live up to the high standards set by you. Don’t be a stranger now, you hear? ;)

  11. I have spent many enjoyable hours on SVB with my viking soul sisters reading and discussing about our favorite viking. So sorry to see you go and you will be greatly missed. You were apart of my daily life. Thank you so much . I hope to see many of you here at our new home at Eric and Sooke Lovers.

  12. This is so beautiful! Thank you so much!!

  13. […] start this issue off on a somber note as we say a final goodbye to our good friends over at the Sookieverseblog. If you would like to leave your thanks and best […]

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