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It’s that time of week again folks. HBO have just released the new clips from this week’s episode “f*ck the pain away”.


There is only 2 so far. We will update the post if we get another one.

Let us know what you think below!

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43 comments on “Episode 5 Clips

  1. Oooooh, been patiently waiting for this! :)

    Very interesting with Jess/Jason – but he coulda been a little more convincing about his reasons for loving her, though I guess he’s just come from having a bit of a difficult day.

    And go Sookie! Stay strong girlfriend! Remember, he’s nothing more than Bill version 2.0

    Thank you so much for sharing these Evie! Always prompt and quick-like off the mark xox

  2. eric needs to save sookie and kill warlow we all know eric and sookie loves each other still come on guys get them back together

  3. Yep, I agree that Jason wasn’t very convincing that he ever really loved Jessica. I guess I’m just glad that he seems to be over his hating vamps stage right now.

    As far as Sookie and Ben/Warlow go, I hope that Sookie doesn’t fall back into that crap like she did with Bill……………Cause Ben is just like Bill in certain ways. What I’m afraid of is shes’ going to find out that Warlow didn’t really kill her parents and she then falls head over heels for the guy…………..(Yuk, I want Eric and Sookie back together!!!!!)

    I will say that this is a much better season than the last one tho’. Just hope that they can keep it up til the end of the season. Is it Sunday yet????????????

    • I’m scared of that too! I don’t want the writers to go back on the fact that Warlow killed her parents – they showed him do it right? Yes, he was really REALLY hairy, but he has proven that he knows how to have a “close shave” with the whole Jason V-dream!

      There’s no way that it could have been two different people right?

      I think as long as the writers don’t rescind that fact, I can take anything else. Sookie won’t a) have relations with the killer of her parents or b) succumb to the whole destiny crap he’s spouting as she fervently doesn’t believe in it, you know being the take charge type of gal she is and all…

      But I’ve had a scary thought: what if her parents weren’t really her parents, or were under some kind of influence? Fae in disguise? Case of the body snatchers! Maybe Warlow was trying to protect her?

      I’m going to stop now… :P

  4. ^^^ I hope so soon .Eric does love her .

  5. Whats this destiny crap he is talking about? :(

    • He probably thinks since she was promised to him before she was born that they’re meant to be together, but it’s just ridiculous. She shouldn’t have to be forced into that, it would definitely be way more dangerous than being with Eric. I have lots of doubts when it comes to Sookie based on what we’ve seen in previous seasons, but I really hope she stays strong this time.

      • Yes I hope so too…If she pulls something like she did in the end of season 4, then I’ll stake her :D

        And Eric really needed Sookie’s help this season with everything going on with humans but she is not there :(…He has to make do with his angry child, cranky as ever grandchild and upto no good sister…

      • Exactly. Forced into an arranged relationship doesn’t seem a great message to put across and they’ve established him as too dark to do the star-crossed thing. But I don’t think he’ll be wholly bad. I’m expecting a twist/excuse with the parents death.

  6. Psycho freak indeed, I don’t believe in that destiny crap, he doesn’t even know her. I really hope she stays strong, and it was nice to see Jessica finally getting a clue about Bill.

    • you know what else… he literally freaked her out in her bathroom last season, rarrrrrrrr you’re mine Sookie i love you rarrrrrr LOL real romantic.. :/ sorry Barlow, i dont buy it!!!

      • LOL, right, and he just killed a shitload of fairies. Even if it turns out he wasn’t responsible for the death of her parents, there’s still no forgiving that.

  7. I am going to make myself unpopular most likely but there has to be more to this Barlow story than we are thinking. There has to be more to it that just, ‘I killed your parents and you were promised to centuries ago’ thing. I am not saying he is a good guy by any means because we know nothing about him but there has to be something MORE to it than I am Barlow me Tarzan you Jane and you come with me now k routine.

    If Ben is not a dickhead then he will explain why he tricked her into getting to know each other (how they first met because it was just like Bill) and if he had been able to watch her like her Pappy Niall then he would have known this. I know TB does not set up good shit but there is still the possibility and if he can take out the guy we all cannot stand then I am all for it. I don’t know where TB is going with this plot but if they manage to take it in a different unpredictable direction then they just might blow my mind. I am on a wait and see. Do I have my hopes up? HELL NO! lol

    • I kind of agree with you. I think that Ben is more complex than just being a bad guy. I think that’s why they showed him healing Jason and sparing his his and Niall’s lives. Also, interviews with the actor that plays him have indicated there is more to Ben than just being a bad guy. Not that I think he is necessarily going to end up with Sookie and that he’s a totally good guy or anything, just that he is more layered than he was initially introduced (anvil after anvil of his evil badness).

      • I really don’t want him with Sookie but I am not convinced he is the ultimate bad guy and villain this season. It just seems different to me than the previous obvious villains. We all had already sussed out that he was Warlow so no big shock there, so there has to be something surprising about it. We just do not know what.

  8. If anyone is destines to be with Sookie, it’s Eric. Take a hike Barlow and take Billith too!

    My heart broke for Jess. It’s been so long since S1, I’d almost forgotten her devote Christian upbringing.

    This season is waaayyyyyy better than last. Just hope the writers keep it up and bring our favorite couple back together by the last episode.

  9. yeah i’m not sure Jason ever really loved Jess… I honestly think it could have just been the blood…

    I hope Sookie isnt reliving another Bill, please let her be smart this time… It makes me so annoyed Barlow is trying to smooth talk and reason his way out of everything… Just go kill Bill already then die yourself… ugh!!!

    Eric oh Eric, so overlooked by the one you love… How tragic!! :(

  10. C’mon! so MANY people watch this show,to see sookie and eric TOGETHER.at least put them in the same scene!! I like the storyline and mystery,and this season is WAY better than S5 but…wheres eric?? dont give a shit about willa,sookie knows eric will love, protect,do ANYTHING for her and they are not together,or even talking for this matter.The writers dont care! they have so much chemistry so put them together.Theres not much True Blood/episodes left, and assholes already have had enough airtime! ERIC AND SOOKIE!!!!!

    • I was talking (ranting, whatever) about this earlier to a friend and fellow TB fan. They’re ignoring the majority of the fandom at their peril. Even if they’re not planning on having them together romantically at least give them some scenes! They have great chemistry. I’m starting to think they’ll have even less interaction than last year where it was minimal. Which means two seasons of the main ship being kept apart. At this point I’d actually settle for a dream scene just for some Sooric…and that’s saying something!

      • Right? I was actually thinking that I wish we would at least get dream sequences again, just to have a chance to see them on screen together. I could care less about Jason and Barlow shaving each other, that’s just as pointless as the Bill/Sam dream from season 3.

        • i totally agree, i need me some dream action like ES in season 2 laying in the bed.. I love that scene…
          I wouldnt even care if it was Eric dreaming and not Sookie…

          • Yes a dream sequence please….They are so relaxed and lovely in their dreams and Sookie holds her acidic tongue and Eric does not hold back on touching her ;) ;)
            Is anyone listening out there? Please give us something to get by…. (making puppy eyes) :)

  11. “F*ck you…F*ck destiny” and “What if Bill isn’t god. What if Bill is the devil.” I’m not sure I want to watch Sunday’s episode anymore because right now it’s perfect! 

  12. Sookie gives so many people chances and we already know shell give ben/warlow a chance..why wont she ever give eric a chance. absolutely unbelievable. I am HOPING for end of the season…I wish we could make a petition,but i know they finished writing the season already. want them together already!

  13. Her destiny is Eric that’s the only man that loves her unconditionally but she has to come to the truth all by herself …..Warlow did kill her parents she even saw that last season when they were doing visions together her and her fairy cousins plus he just killed the whole club full of her cousins so he is not the man for her anyway you slice it.

  14. shit i don’t know if i can wait three more days for the answers , damn waiting sucks :F

  15. YES!! at least give us some scenes of them together…even if they are just looking at each other for christs sake!!! anything! I even liked in S6x1 when they were in the car and sookie was staring at eric when they were listening to the radio! and that wasnt much!

    ..and yes they are ignoring a HUGE majority of the fans.they MUST know that soooo many of us want them back as a team..and if they dont,what the hell am i watching the show for at this point! its gotta happen.they have 10000x more chemistry then any guy they’ve matched her up with so far,even her own husband!

  16. OK – where is the Northman clan clip??!! Not impressed. Couldn’t care less about Ben – all this hype about him and his character is exciting for me as Alcide and his pack – and that’s saying somthing :). Poor Jessica – I am convinced that something happens with her and Bill – I think Bill will imprison Andy and I think it will finally dawn on Jessica to get the f away from him. I think she’ll turn herself in. Did somebody figure out who is standing behind Jessica in the house when she gets arrested??

    I mentioned this in the Forum – this ship is soooooo frustrating – first a giant slap in face from the book writer and now TB – well, it’s not over yet and I am a masochistic with a some hope but many times I wonder if I am totally delusional. We need something to happen ASAP to at least have these two think of each other, refer to each other, have their story lines meet.
    Sookie first refused Eric because of her unresolved feelings for Bill / at the time she loved them both bla, bla, bla…and now when Bill seems to be out of picture she is still, she wants her life back and still doesn’t want him. So here comes this new VAMPIRE and they may have her fall for him. WTF!! Makes me really pissed. They didn’t give real Eric and Sookie a chance – well not so far. But we’ll keep watching this anguish and hope for the best

    • I’m very surprised we didn’t get an Eric clip. Last year we got one most weeks, so hopefully they will rectify their mistake next week!

  17. I don’t know what it is about unrequited love that the show and the books can’t just resist blowing a beautiful chance at love away….

    My Questions –
    1. With Bill out of the way, why does the girl want to wash her hands off Eric when most of her problems were caused because of Bill and not ERIC!
    2. With the kind of short life expectancy because of everything going on in the Supe world, why does Sookie never think about having some worthwhile moments with someone she feels completely at home with?
    3. Does she even watch any news of what is happening to vampires in the state and how Eric may be in big big trouble? I mean people worry even with friends :(

    The writers have totally taken the two apart and expect us to get excited with werewolves (d-uh), fairy-vampire hybrids (WTF) and stupid shifters (phbttt)…Even Lala might have been a balm on sore nerves but he is not getting any good dialogues….

    • Sometimes it looks like Sookie lives in another world, I agree with you

      • Totally agree as well. I hope Eric doesn’t become like Sam – separate story line and hardly ever interacts with Sookie. I am really hoping that last 2 episodes will be good (I mean regarding e/s) otherwise I don’t think I’ll have patience for this next year (now that’s what I said last year as well)

  18. Poor Jessica, she has always just been a good girl. Remember when Bill made her and she was crawling on her knees begging him not to do it? I think she will be arrested and sent to the camp like Pam and Nora and maybe even Willa. “I like Faerie Sookie, she should come out more often” remember when Eric said that to her? Well, I am glad to see a tougher, stronger Sookie – although i think by the end of the season she will cave in – especially if Barlow is the only vampire who can handle Bill. Where were my Eric clips??

  19. When I see some comments on other TB sites it really makes SMH even more than usual because how can some of these fans like Sookie to be with Warlow thst has killed a lot of her relatives especially about a day or so at the fairy club slaughter her cousins …..and these people think she is destined to be with a Ted Bundy type character that bought her with a contract maybe killed her parents …..and is a psycho at worst and your a fan of Sookies?? Come on! These comments I have seen are crazy even some Bill fans are wanting her with Warlow. …but they are crazy people in general …..Eric loves her regardless if they ever get together or never do he has proven that

    • They just don’t want her with Eric that anyone else would be better, lots of delusional people if you ask me. I usually just stick to this site and avoid the crazy.

  20. I thought i’d just check out the castings again and here’s what i found… Looks to me like Barlow ends up not being the one who killed Sookies parents?? hmmm… It’ll just mean theres another douche in the way of getting ES back together again :(

    [Ben] a highly charismatic faerie who takes a liking to Sookie (and vice-versa) and helps Sookie and Jason delve deeper into the mystery of their parents’ murders.

  21. I don´t understand. If Warlow wants only Sookie because he is her fate, why this bloodbath in fairy club?

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