Video: Inside True Blood’s “F*ck The Pain Away”


Now that you’ve finished watching True Blood Episode 6.05 “F*ck The Pain Away” it’s time to go “Inside The Episode” with director, Micheal Ruscio!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


You can watch the video by clicking on the image below.


Or you can watch it on the player below.

All I can say right now about the episode is…


What will happen between Eric and Pam? Will Lafayette drown Sookie?  Let’s see what’s going to happen next week on the video below…

Let’s draw first blood…what did you think of Episode 6.05 “F*ck The Pain Away”? Share your thoughts below!


Screencaps courtesy of SkarsgardFans.com

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59 comments on “Video: Inside True Blood’s “F*ck The Pain Away”

  1. Not good, not good at all, now I’m going to be stressed out all week…lol!

    • Look at the bright side, at least we found out what Warlow wants with Sookie ” to turn her because he loves her” at least he’s not trying to eat her like Bill and the Queen. I like all the action but tonight Sarah messed the episode up (the writers gave her more lines) and nobody noticed Niall and Nora are missing. Can the group pull together long enough to come up with a plan to get rid of Warlow now?

      • It would have been better if he did just want to eat her, but now this makes me think she might actually fall for him. She might see that he was just trying to protect her, but I know becoming a vampire is something she would never accept.

        • I hope she doesn’t Tammy because all those good things we saw in the first 4 episodes and revert back to stupid things like falling for likes of a Warlow…..Eric and Pam will team up and mess Burrell and Steve Newlin up…..unfortunately I think Warlow will probably kill Lafayette to save Sookie

          • I’m worried about that, too, but I’m not sure how he would be able to get away from Bill. If that’s the case, then hopefully Sookie would want nothing to do with him. It wasn’t Lafayette’s fault.

  2. I think Pam and Eric might hurt each other but not kill. I think Stevie boy is going to be a dead man!

    • I have a feeling Pam and Eric will pretend to fight, but then team up and go after the Governor, Sarah and Steve. LOL

      • God, I really hope so.

        • Agree – they will play up a bit (although Pam will be truly pissed when she hears about Willa) and I think Eric will slam that stake through the window with all his Viking strength, he may even kill somebody in the process – one of the guards or a Dr. Evil…and we hear him talking to Steve – yeap I agree Steve is a dead man

  3. Warlow I feel kinda sorry for but he didn’t tell Sookie the whole story about him wanting to turn her into a vampire and that’s why her dad overreacted with wanting to kill her and then he kills both of them …he is trouble and not good for Sookie

  4. I guess the whole vampire therapy thing with Pam is what they thought we would find hilarious, that was pretty funny. I get why she said what she did, she probably figured she was protecting Eric by not revealing how much he meant to her. It’s a shame the dude saw through it.

  5. I think so too it looks like they open up a hole in the glass and that where Eric salutes Steve, by the way i think Sookie is back to her dumb self with the whole Warlow thing

    • We don’t know that yet, it’s hard to listen to anything else when you just find out your father tried to kill you. He’s still not a good guy in my opinion, no matter what they do.

  6. Warlow is far from being a nice guy even if he “had” a reason to kill her parents which by the way it’s was he’s own fault cause i see no point in him showing up to tell Sookie’s parents about the contract when she was still a kid, he also kill all of those people in the fairy club i just don’t like him he gives me a Bill kinda vibe i hope Sookie doesn’t fall for him personally i don’t agree with contract weddings and “destiny”. If he loves her because she is promise to her that’s so pathetic i rather Eric’s love that was born out of attraction care and authentic love feelings for her

    • I am in total agreement with your points you are making ….I feel kinda sorry for Warlow but he does give me a Bill complex…..which is pathetic

  7. You don’t think that he will kill Pam?? It says someone dies this season… But there are some possibilities..It showed Terry asking his friend to kill him, and Andy, I feel so bad for him..He could end up getting killed… It better not be Eric!! I just can’t stand it. I hate not knowing. I hate to admit it, but there is something about Warlow that I like. Don’t get me wrong I am a true believer in Eric and Sookie. But there is just something about him ;)

    • I just can’t find anything about him to be appealing, but no, Eric will definitely not kill Pam.

    • I’m with you, Heather. I think the actor has great charisma and I’m curious to see where it will all go. I think Sookie and Eric are the end game for the show, but they are winding us up for it, no doubt….let’s not forget the 1st episode. The writers many doubt so much have set up Eric as most compassionate, honest, and respectful vamp to Sookie. And they have shredded Bill and especially revealed that Sookie was keeping a tally of all his crimes against her all along. Bill is not her end game, no way.

      But at least, Barlow is an interesting foil for her. It’s much more bearable than Bill or Alcide sucking up bs. And LOVE the plot twist about her parents–that will flip everything she believes on it’s head–especially about vamps…so cool!

  8. Completely random but the bar that Alcide and his dad are in, The Unfriendly Possum is the same bar in Talledega Nights, also The Unfruendly Possum; I cracked up when I saw it.

  9. I cant believe this..we are getting farther and farther away from anything eric and sookie. I wonder if warlow is going to force sookie into a marriage and THATS when eric saves her.They have to have something like that happen!!! Its getting a bit to much that were not even getting any thing about the two,not even thoughts!! Cant eric feel her? or sookie wondering about him??? I just want something to change,and FAST!! also, screw warlow,i want him dead and gone,with bill!!!! i really miss eric and sookie scenes!

    • We pretty much knew that would happen, their story lines just don’t fit anymore. I hope they will be brought back together by the end of the season, but it just keeps seeming less likely with every episode. I don’t see Sookie being forced into a marriage, she wouldn’t tolerate that or being turned, but it’s about time she saved herself. Eric has his own problems to worry about.

      • Maybe Jason goes after Jessica to the vamp camp and then Sookie goes there to save Jason…I dunno, just wishful thinking of getting our Viking and Sookie in the same frame….

        Have they like finished their shared time ration in the first episode? :P

  10. also,i hope the preview where bill is outside isnt him saving sookie from drowning!

    • Why would he? He made it very clear that he doesn’t care about her anymore and now with Warlow, he has no need for her blood.

      • Exactly! Bill said to Sookie, “You are dead to me.” To me, that was deliberate word choice by writers–it’s exactly what he said to Lorena. I think Bill may even die this season.

    • I hope not…whoever saves her will kill Lala – it’s my guess …and also sookie had bloody mouth when she goes to fairy hide place – so whoever saved her gave her some blood as a bonus … so it could be Bill and hence she goes to hide from his influence

      • Again, I’m not seeing how it can be him, as far as we know he’s still allergic to the sun. I don’t think anyone saves her. She either gets herself out of it, or Lafayette breaks free of the possession. I’m not sure where the blood came from.

        • you have a point – but what if he drinks some of warlow’s blood?? But then again it doesn’t make sense. Ben would be really predictable – but you know the writers anway…

  11. The writers don’t want Eric and Sookie together. You know deep down that it will be Bill in the end to save Sookie. They (the writers) are so predictable.
    As far as who dies, we won’t know til it happens. It just better not be Eric. Or the show is over. On that thought, the season is half over and still no announcement about next season. Hmmmmm. Makes me wonder what they are waiting for.

    • Yeah, I hear you about the writers not wanting E/S. Think they will stay on good terms and hardly interact in the future – if Eric survives and if there is s7.
      I am beginning slowly not to give a f about Sookie and what she does. Self-loathing Warlow will find his way to turn back to being human and him and Sookie will live HEA *vomit*

    • They’re probably waiting for Comic Con, but I really believe it’s over with him. I don’t think she’ll be with Eric, either, but there’s no point in putting her back with Bill. She doesn’t seem like she would take him back, and he’s proven he no longer cares about her. Of course, who knows what they’ll do by the end, but if there’s going to be another season, they better get their shit straight.

    • I think Bill will be great hero in the end too. He will save Sookie and maybe the vampires in the camp also. I hope it will be all completely otherwise

    • I understand the bitterness, but I feel like I’m watching another show. In real time–Eric and Sookie were together for a few blissful days after she was chewed up and spit out and upon by Bill numerous times…then he got caught by Authority for a few weeks…then the humans declare War and long story short, in the narrative they haven’t had time to work their way back to each other. I don’t think Sookie trusts her own feelings about him after all the mistakes she’s made in judgement w/ Bill….Don’t forget that 1st episode!!! Eric was amazing and loving and true–but the timing is all wrong–they are revving us up for their reunion–but Sookie has to come full circle w/ everything to make her way back to him. This season, I’m pretty thrilled w/ what she’s saying and doing. She has learned and evolved.

      So keep the faith! Bill may be on the canvas to stay (but maybe not)–but it doesn’t change the way the writers write Eric. That is what made me love his character so much–the way they write him….well and it doesn’t hurt that he looks and talks like a viking sex god–but Still!! They are building up to them. I can’t wait to say I told you so….and not to toot my horn, but I called Ben was Warlow when the actor was cast, so I hope like hell I know what I’m talking about again :) HA!

      • i agree with you on Sookie not trusting her feelings for Eric. Thats the whole problem, what sucks is she rescinded Erics invitation but Bilith and Barlow can still get in?? wtf! but then again that just proves to me that she really deep down thinks Eric cant just be in her life otherwise she couldnt resist him.. lol

        Shes definitely grown up and gotten smarter though.. finally… I’ve also heard from so many other cast members that the writers are always planting seeds which by end of season will make a whole lot of sense and bring everything together which will make viewers go, ohhhhhh!!! I hope thats also regarding Eric and Sookies goodnight scene… I do wish I had your optimism :)

      • I’m trying to keep the faith but it’s getting harder and harder to do!

        • Agree, and there’s Ben who is like tragic hero. I think he will give Sookie his blood to save her. Then, Sookie will like “You save me from my parents, AGAIN”. She will fall for him. *vomit* Isn’t this same circle getting old?

    • Guess I spoke to soon!

  12. Damn, can’t wait 1 week

  13. This episode was not my favorite. It was all over the place! Warlow/Billith is quickly turning into a snooze fest and I can see myself fast forwarding through their stuff from now on. No surprise that Bill/Billith is suddenly more powerful than Warlow/Ben. Isn’t that the way of it these last couple seasons? First King, then Billith, now what? Sorry for those of you that like this and like Warlow/Ben but I find it completely silly and predictable. It boggles my mind that anyone would ship Sookie with either of these guys! They are both creepy and I don’t care how cute they might be. It kind of proves my theory that I am clearly not the type of fan they are pandering to these days if I find them both so unappealing and their whole storyline very silly, but it seems that lots of others do. Eric had about 4 minutes of screentime and seems to be relegated to side story and for that I am sad because he really rocked those 4 minutes. I do not believe for a minute that he or Pam will kill each other. I also don’t believe that Sookie will really die but I have a terrible suspicion that either Billith or Warlow will zoom in and save her. Lets hope that she isn’t written to be stupid enough to fall for either of them! The vamp camp is sillier than I expected too. Super creepy and again the scenes there seemed to pander to an audience that I clearly don’t seem to be a part of. I don’t need to see skin just for the sake of it and really want a good, juicy story to be engrossed in. Not happening yet.

    • amen to that peecan. I really hope this is not Eric’s future in the show (if there is a next season) – and that is side story and hardly any interaction with Sookie. I am afraid that maybe this is what AS wanted to be able to do other things in his career.
      I posted my rant about this in the forum. I hate that Eric is not the strongest and powerful any more, we have all mighty Billith and all mighty Ben. As you said I hope they don’t write Sookie stupid to fall for Ben as this whole character seems so forced and boring.

  14. It´s was the worst episode for me. Four minutes for Eric? It´s all what can I say…

  15. The writers are really getting lame…

    One, don’t they know in vamp camp that Pam is so much younger than Eric and cannot do him any damage in a fight?

    Two, Sookie is not using her fairy powers to get rid of Lala’s hold and save herself

    Three, Andy did not contact any other authorities to get Bill/Jessica arrested for abducting and killing his daughters. He knows how even very small things are getting vampires arrested and killing three girls/fairies is serious.

    Four, What kind of stupid experiment games were they making Eric play? I mean you get the Alexander Skarsgard to play the part and you make him catch idiotic balls? REALLY?

    I have a headache since last night of watching this show….Even the miniscule AS scene could not cure it….AM I ranting?

    • I’m just wondering why you guys are surprised, this is nothing new. The writers have always been all over the place, I don’t see that ever changing. I think they wanted Eric to kill Pam as the ultimate revenge, but we know he would never do that. It’s possible Sookie could use her powers to get away in the next episode, I agree the vamp camp is really stupid.

  16. i don’t think they can make Sookie ever go back to Bill that would be so nonsense alcide is totally ruled out he’s become such an ass sam well is so boring and let’s be honest he’s even worst than book sam he hasn’t been on a scene with Sookie since forever if they tried to gve them the HEA from that horrible book i will not mention that would be one of the worst finals in tv ever so Sookie has two options Ben and Eric, and that is so pathetic if the writers think a relationship with Ben would have more sense than a relationship with Eric, she barely knows the guy he wants to marry her throught a contract made 300 years ago turn her and has serious self loathing issues how can she want something with him when she can have Eric Northman the perfect man that loves her for who she is not for what she is plus the whole Ben thing feels forced and akward

  17. Agree with all the comments on the board, I HATE BEN/Bill storyline it SUCKS I was hope Sookie don’t go BACK to dumbass Sookie really this guy Ben is obsessed with her I don’t understand how anyone can think he a good guy?? Really I hope Sookie open her eyes and see that Eric is the only one that Love her for who she is and not trying to charge her

    • I think you are supposed to lump Barlow and Bill together because it is history repeating itself for Sookie. What’s different totally is her reaction to it. She’s changed for the better and smarter. It makes me sad so many people don’t like what’s happening. I feel like the show is recapturing it’s magic. Pam, Andy, Jess, Jason, and La La were pitch perfect…and Eric! I didn’t even realize he was only on 4 minutes! He owns this show. I’ve just been grateful he’s been on as much as he has and he’s the center of the primary plot: war w/ humans.

      • I hope you are right. Because I believe they will get Sookie to drink Ben’s blood. I’m not sure she would still be that smart and strong.

  18. I am glad one of Andy’s Faerie daughters survived Jessica’s slaughter. Now, the Vamp Camp, I really hope Eric doesn’t have to kill Pam, we all know that he is 10X stronger and faster than her – really the only other vamps that could hurt him would be Billith and Barlow – and where is Nora, thought she was at the camp too – LOVED Pam’s psychotherapy session. It is a sad state of affairs that Barlow and Billith are the only ones that can save our Vamps!! Somebody, stick a hot poker in Sarah Newlin – damn she is annoying, and for that matter let’s drop the whole Alcide and Sam storyline – BORING – and if Alcide says one more time “I am the Pack Master” I’m gonna scream – ya know for a guy who didn’t want to be Pack Master he sure is rubbing it in everybody’s face! – And who is gonna save poor Sookie, of course she won’t drown, but who is gonna get her out of this – I guess she could always use her faerie powers – duh

    • I think Lafayette will snap out of it, but Sookie really needs to learn how to save herself more.

  19. Absolutely, the alcide/sam plots bore everyone. No one will EVER like bill again.Lets really hope, now that there is a 7th season, that eric and sookie will at least be in a a scene!,like everyone i am hoping the last few episodes he scoops her up and rescues her! we fans deserve it!! hit the road warlow!

  20. Bill is an idiot. Who puts warlow and the blood scientist in the same cage?

  21. Interesting episode I speculated earlier last week they would have Barlow either have a sob story that she forgives or be rescued by Bill thus having her forgive him again. I can honestly say I’m glad that at least it wasn’t rescue by Bill. I like the shows Sookie maybe because I envy her ability to forgive to the degree she does I’m just not that much of a cheek turner sad to say so its an admirable trait I’d just like her to use some common sense with it. And I’m sorry for those that like Warlow? Barlow? Ben whomever he really is but I don’t buy what he’s selling reminds me too much of Bill so to me he’s either crazy, manipulative, or delusional. Worse case scenario all three since he wants to kill her to save her. Any time a vampire has behaved like that… kill your parents to save you.. Let fang bangers beat you so I can heal you i.e. get blood in you so I can manipulate you.. it ends really badly for her.. See where I’m going with this amazing how much Bill and ole Warlow have in common. The only vampire that’s been straight with her good bad and ugly is Eric it would behoove her to remember that but now that I’ve enjoyed aspects of this season the writers will jinx it for me and have me once again questioning if they were dropped on their heads as babies..

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