My One Hundreth

This is my one hundredth post here at Eric and Sookie Lovers, can you believe it? I cannot quite believe it myself for it seems as if I have been a part of this blog since its inception. Before I go on with this monumental post, I would like to thank my Viking Wenches here at ESL.

First, to Erika for taking me on as a staff writer and allowing me to start up new features for the blog and for letting me have a place to mouth off with my rants and opinions to like-minded people or to people who may not have given a shit, as the case may be!

To Bee and Evie, for not minding one bit that an outsider (read newbie) was coming into a territory you had well and truly earned your place in, wanting to muck shit up with her rabid ways. I know you must have thought ‘damn this chick is so going to upset the apple cart and can we vote her off the island please?” I just want you ladies to know that you rock and I love you!

So to Bee, Erika and Evie I want you to know that I see you three as family and that will never change! I see us as a functional/dysfunctional family at times but family nonetheless.

My Viking Sister! ;)

Now that I made you cry, on with the post!

We are now at the halfway mark of this season of True Blood and already so much has a happened! We have been on quite the ride so far and it is so much better than the season before it as it seems we have gone back to basics a bit. For me, the best part about this show is the Viking but that does not mean I do not pay attention to the other characters.

Rather than go into a bunch of things I have already talked about endlessly already, I will let pictures and gifs do most of the talking. This is a celebration post after all!


I think I have stated many a time just how much this whole storyline completely bores me. I don’t even know why we have to suffer through it at all. I don’t care about Alcide and his daddy issues. I know the plight of the vampires will soon be on the were’s shoulders as well but right now they are pretty useless and feel so far removed from the main plot. Leave Emma alone, she really is of none you your concern, you big bully! Excuse me while I get up to relive myself!


Sam, where for art thou Sam? Did you get lost in the subplots? Why, yes I think you did and it doesn’t really matter as you don’t really have a story anyway, outside of Luna dying and taking care of her child. I have no idea what his purpose even serves (same as Alcide), what little story he has just feels like a filler that takes away from the really interesting storylines(same as Alcide again) and I am bored. This plot is also far removed from the main plot and it is waste of Sam’s talents. At least my La La is fitting in with more places in the storyline……speaking of…….


AMAZING LA LA! I simply love him with all my heart. When talking about Luna shifting back into herself on national TV, his comment was hilarious. La La along with Jason is my comic relief. Lafayette is and was not only essential to the plot of Sam and Emma but also to the main plot of Sookie and her issues, it all ties in and thank God Nelsan was not marginalized. Lafayette should never be put in a corner!


Jason Stackhouse always seems to get the short end of the stick and this season is no exception. He is always in pure Jason form and I would not have him any other way. Jason is my other comic relief besides my La La! You can count on him always to give you one hell of a laugh! The way he went about killing the vampires and strutting his I hate all this attitude, it was worth watching over and over. The way he loves his sister is very endearing as well, even when Jason acts like a jackass!


I find this Bill a little more interesting but I still want him to take some responsibility for his actions because we all know he never has. If anyone deserves their comeuppance it is Bill Compton. Like Lilith says this week, ‘It is all on your shoulders” Just in case, he does not take responsibility then this picture speaks volumes and Lilith can take Mr.Compton with her!

Jessica and her relationship with Bill just keeps getting creepier and creepier and I hope this ends soon,like very soon because Jessica needs to wise up! She has been a vampire longer than Tara who beats her by a mile as a newbie. VAMP UP Jess I know you have been through a lot but so have we all!


I am still on the fence about this guy but I will say this, if he can really stick it to Bill/Billith then I will love the guy for life. I may not want him with Sookie but if can give Bill his comeuppance (which he so richly deserves) then I am all for it! ALL HAIL BENLOW, you picking up what I am putting down?


I am really loving Andy this season, becoming a daddy is the best thing that could have ever happened to him, even if it was twelve kinds of crazy! I felt so bad for him when three of daughters lost their light thanks to the likes of Bill Compton! RIP one two and four or whatever numbers you were.


I am having some issues with Pam this season, kind of I love her but dislike her at the same time. I understand how she feels but the petty jealousy crap has really got to stop. As Tara said, “love doesn’t have to be a competition between you and everyone else” but I still love her and she does have style!


I still have a love/hate relationship with her but I love her much better as a vampire and her bitchy lines are still epic!


I know they are a part of the story and they can be entertaining but I wonder what purpose they serve. All the the same, Terry please don’t let your crazy army buddy kill you, you have children man!


So far I am loving that she is not acting pretty damn stupid as per usual, especially where Bill is concerned and I hope this much at least sticks! She is far more interesting when she is not stuck up Bill’s arsehole. I am glad she sussed out Ben real quick and I felt bad that her own parents tried to kill her, not matter their reasoning!


I am not sure there are enough words in the English Dictionary to describe the depth of my feelings for the Viking so pictures will have to do the talking.

Shew now I am exhausted, searching through tumblr for all those gifs and pictures but it was well worth it!

About Nymerias

I am an avid book reader and when I am not writing for these two (now three) blogs that is what I am doing. I love Boardwalk Empire, Game of Thrones, Big Bang Theory, Criminal Minds, Blue Bloods, Outlander and many other shows. I am also a major hockey fan, especially my Detroit Red Wings! I also enjoy classic books and legal thrillers.

30 comments on “My One Hundreth

  1. Thank you for the lovely insight into each character for this season…. :)…

    That picture of Eric and Willa is so ethereal…actually the whole shot was amazing…That makes it to my top 5 Eric scenes (It would be in my top 3 if Willa was not the girl with him ;) )…

    Pam’s therapy session was hilarious :D and Jessica really needs to grow up…But look at it this way. It is really all about parenting and Tara and Pam have the best bad ass as a parent…Poor Jessica is stuck with the whiny sorry excuse of a vampire Bill who is still not sure what is right and what is wrong even if he calls himself God (Puz-Leez!)

    • Eric turning Willa was vampire perfection, I can imagine that Alex S had always wanted to do this type of scene with a real vamp vibe. I really like the way Alexander Woo writes Eric, so I’m glad he got to write it, I can imagine the 2 Alex’s worked really hard on it together. It’s just about my favorite TB scene ever!

  2. DAMMIT! There you go and made me cry…I’ll try to comment through my tear filled eyes…

    Thank YOU for helping me out! Yes, we are a functional/dysfunctional family…but it works. LOL I’m glad I took you on because it helps us provide varying POVs which is just like our fandom. LOL You have been a tremendous help and have given me my life back in a way too…my hubby especially thanks you. ;) *hugs*

    As for this season…I’m constantly surprised by how much I’m enjoying it. I don’t know why… I agree with your character breakdown too. Hopefully we won’t be disappointed by seasons end… :)

  3. Girl, if you want me to actually read what you’ve written, then please don’t include so many gifs of Eric Northman in your article :)

    I did manage to vote – you’ll never guess which way my vote went :)

  4. Eric/Alex has been great in every episode this season and he has shown more and more why he is the fan favorite. Sookie has rebounded this season too she is stronger and determined to look at the truth and have a good feeling on what kind of life she wants to have…I hope this Sookie we have seen continues the rest of the season. Warlow I feel sorry for him but he is not Sookie’s destiny more like a stalker and I hope he destroys Billith but hopefully both of them will kill each other. The weres are disgusting and the less we see of them the better. I like Sam but they have no storyline for him and I like Andy’s storyline with his daughter’s now only one daughter and Holly and I love Lafayette he is great as usual.

  5. Nymerias:
    Congratulations on you 100th post.
    I totally agree with you about how many words there are in the dictionary as to
    how you describe THE VIKING VAMPIRE.
    Don’t get me started,~I’m loving Season 6. And I can’t wait for Season 7 .

    Give me a break with Warlow? let’s end this storyline by Episode 10.

    Love Andy Bellefleur and his girls,too bad that we won’t be seeing
    all of them growing up thanks to Jessica possibly draining 3 of them.

    Jason, glad that he’s still the same loveable guy who thinks he can
    do almost anything to “Save the day or someone in trouble”

    LOVE the “Kill Bilith” poster!!!

  6. Congratulations Nymerias! I ALWAYS enjoy your posts! I agree with you on almost every point every time and it is great to have this site and you hard working ladies to visit, share with and be entertained by (especially during not so entertaining stretches of the show). *Raising bottle of Molson to you and tossing off an octopus in your honor*!

  7. Congrats Nymerias!! Well done so happy for you ..

  8. nymerias, all I can say is a hearty Congrats and hope that you have many, many, many more posts in you as they are all so entertaining (especially when you include bunches of Eric gifs, pics etc.) and informative.

    Thanks for your take on the season so far. Naturally, it is spot on as always. I agree with all that you’ve said. All I know is that I am going to be very sad in a few weeks when the season is done and then have to wait that looooooong time til season 7 once again. The only thing that makes that wait so much more bareable is being a part of this marvelous group here. You and Evie, Erika, B all do such a wonderful job keeping us entertained during the off season that between you guys and fanfiction it isn’t too bad of a wait I guess.

    So once again Thanks Ladies for giving us this wonderful site and friendship over the years.

  9. Congratulations on your 100!!! I hope you guys gets to 1000 posts. I like this season better than last season. But I was really disappointed about last week’s ep. I really hope next week’s ep will be better and the rest of season. I really hope Eric gets Sookie out of Faerieland and save the day.

  10. Congrats on your 100th post i really agreed with everything you said Sookie seems to be the smartest i’ve seen since season 4 when she was with Eric and my beautiful Viking you’re right there are not enough words in english to describe the way we all feel for him so i will just use spanish cause that is my first language and say Hermoso

  11. awesome!! and those pictures were way to good! couldnt stop staring at the viking! but who the hell could?!!! .ERIC NORTHMAN. so happy this site is here!

  12. Congrats in your 100 th post Nymerias!!!
    Amazing as always!!

  13. Congrats and quite insightful. I agreed with allot of what you said. And when you got to Eric it was beautifully eloquent!

  14. Congrats on your 100! Nice mid season recap – love Kill Bill poster :) hopefully that’s where the rest of the series will be heading, minus Benlow
    I hope you get to write many many more posts with our shippers heart fulfilled :)

  15. Congratulations on your 100th post. Hope you have many more! This season is awesome. It’s not to hard to beat last year because in my opinion last year was the worst season ever. As a big Eric and Sookie lover, the only thing that could make this season better for me would be some actual Eric and Sookie screen time!

  16. […] celebrated her 100th post by writing a mid-season review! Find out what she thought about each character and their story so far this […]

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