True Blood Comic Con 2013 Trailer

TB Season 6

The True Blood cast appeared at their Comic Con 2013 panel today…we’ve already seen some interviews…now it’s time to find out what’s ahead for us during the last half of the season!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!


Let’s see what’s going to happen to our beloved couple in the coming weeks…

Watch the video below!

WOW, WOW, WOW! There is a LOT to process here!

It looks like Eric’s going to be locked up and Sookie will be off in another dimension soon…

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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89 comments on “True Blood Comic Con 2013 Trailer

  1. I dont know not enough of Eric and no Eric and Sookie scenes shown at all?? I think she is gonna have sex with Warlow from the looks of which I don’t like …the werewolf stuff I could care even less about and We know Billith is gonna have a showdown with Warlow and probably kill off the Lillith part of him but I think Warlow will die as well. Nora dies which we see in the 7th episode and poor Eric will feel responsible for that. and Sarah Newlin is the big bad not Burrell even though he is an ass too. I didn’t like the trailer that much mostly because I hate we didn’t see any Eric and Sookie scenes.

  2. like i said on FB , you know i watched this and i think i have a theory on Sookie and Warlow. when her parents tried to kill her , Warlow stopped it and got his blood in her when she was little and thats why they have feelings for each other. and she doesn’t understand why she is drawn to him it’s because he has always been in her… and since his blood is ancient, more so than Eric’s. I still want her to go to Eric that will never change but i am trying to figure all this SHITE out…
    Maybe i’m wrong but there has to be some twist going on about it. but her feeding Warlow and taking his blood only makes me wonder WTF…

    • Kleannhouse, after she does this then she takes off her clothes and have sex with him I am sure…..so what the hell is that all about??? What are they doing these writers?

  3. I want her with Warlow… just because he is pretty fucking hot

  4. I have no hopes for anything Eric and Sookie anymore on the show after the last CH book. I mean not that the show ever really followed the books anyway but, still, I will just watch to see what twist the writer’s at HBO put on things and continue to watch for the impeccable acting skills of all the actors on the show that I’ve come to know and admire especially Alex, Kristin, Rutina and Nelsan. The single thing I hope for is that, despite the rumours swirling about Eric dying, I hope he is still a pivotal character on the show because he is the only reason I watch. If he’s gone I could care less about the weirdo werewolves or the Billith or even the faeries or Lafayette as much as I love his antics. For me it’s Eric or nothing. His storyline interests me.

  5. If it real I lost RESPECT for Sookie really?? Your going to have SEX with the man that kill your parents?? I mean really?? SMH?? I’m also starting to loses HOPE for Eric and Sookie, I guess I just going to watch for Eric storyline and NOT care about Sookie anymore

    • Did you lose respect for Eric last yr when he had sex with his sister, twice, and almost immediately after Sookie walked out the door?
      I want them together as much as anyone but I can’t see all the Sookie hate if she looks at another man. Men have sex constantly on this show and you never see anyone say, oh ,they’re a whore, or a slut or I’ve lost all respect for them!

      • I agree…though it would be disappointing. But then again, at this point they’ve both said goodbye to each other. They are both free to do what they want – with WHO they want.

        Would I respect her for it? I don’t know…that depends on how it’s portrayed.

    • Well, I don’t want Ben and Sookie together either, but to not do it b/c he killed the parents doesn’t make sense, as her parents were trying to kill her!

      • They were still her parents, it’s wrong however you look at it, but she seems to overlook the fact he slaughtered all of those fairies. There was no reason for that.

        • I don’t think Sookie realizes that, at least not yet. Also, Sookie is a little fast and loose on excusing suspect behavior….I mean Bill practically killed HER and she still had sex with him after that!

          • Yeah, she seems to forget a lot or just chooses not to care, I guess some things will never change. So much for her getting smarter, I knew it wouldn’t last.

        • Knowing the writers it will probably turn out that Ben is not the one who killed the fairies. I’m so dissapointed, I was so hoping for a really good villain when they introduced Warlow and instead what they give us is just another Sookie obsessed creep. I liked Eric and Sookie together because Eric was man enough to love her yet let her be herself and not try to change her or continuelly pine after her.

          • I’m not sure about that…didn’t Benlow (RK) say in an interview somewhere that he’s going to still be revealed to be a very bad character? We’ll just have to see…maybe he’ll turn into one of those stalker types and Eric will come to Sookie’s rescue. :) We just don’t know yet…

          • There is only one really good villain – Sarah in red dress… Will be Sookie a hybrid like Ben?

          • Actually no Erika he has not said one way or the other. He said he has a light side the fairy side and the vampire side he considers dark. Unlike Bill, he deplores himself and does not make excuses for himself or tries to reason away what he is. That, to me is refreshing and the only other one to act admit to being dark is Eric. I used to think he was Bill 2.0 but I am seeing something in him I will never see in Bill. I hope the writers are smart enough to make Bill the real villain while trying to fool us about Ben. It would be an awesome move!

          • I’m basing this off the casting calls I guess. Lol

          • He is deliberately being vague about it all. I can tell he fights his vampire side and loses. The way I look at it is, Bill has done worse to her, outside of killing her parents but they were trying to kill her. I don’t care how justified they thought it was, she is there child and they could have thought of something else but I digress. lol

  6. I REALLY HOPE BENLOW DIES IN THE FINALE BY SACRICING HIS SELF TO KILL BILLY BOY!!!! I CAN’T STAND HIS BRITISH A** ANYMORE!!!! SOOKIE F**KING MAKING THE SAME MISTAKE LIKE SHE DID WITH BILLY!!!! I can’t trust him. I believe he don’t want to protect Sookie. I think he’s working with Mab like Billy did with Queen SophieAnn. I think he want Sookie to be his queen to conquer Mab’s throne to rule faeryland and take over the human world……I ALSO PI** OFF AT THE WRITERS. AT LEAST, THEY LEAVE OUR ERIC ALONE!!!!! HE HAD BEEN THROUGH ENOUGH!!!!! >:(

    • If they did this, they would just be more and more of the same and the same gets boring. The show knows they cannot keep up with regurgitating of used up material if they want fans to believe they are trying to change. IMO, the big bad this season is Bill as Billith. Eric is in fine form this season and I love it so far.

  7. I don’t know what to think. I know what I don’t see is NO ERIC AND SOOKIE SCENES!

  8. Did anybody notice that Sookie hugs Sam? Here’s a better look at it. It’s the gif 3rd down and on the right. http://ericandsookielovers.tumblr.com/post/56004158448/true-blood-comic-con-promo-part-1

    If so…that’s even MORE UGH in my book.

    I agree…I don’t want to see Sookie sleep with Benlow either. I hope it’s only a dream. I’m disappointed there’s no Eric and Sookie scenes together, but I’m not surprised. Since when have they given us anything to hope for anyways?

    • It’s just a hug, that doesn’t mean anything. We know they’re still friends, it probably has to do with whoever dies.

      • I hope you’re right Tammy…

        • Sam is the least of my worries right now, especially when it looks like she gets hot and heavy with Warlow. Like I said before, she’s always a glutton for punishment.

      • Tammy your right to me Warlow is just another Bill a self loathing vampire and Sam is hugging her because of the funeral and Sam has a new girlfriend unless the weres kill her…..I hope Sookie and Warlow is a dream but knowing these writers its probably not.

  9. I think the Ben and Sookie hook up is just a dream. Remember, last year they did the the same thing with Bill and Sookie and that was a dream too.

  10. Okay, I think I pieced some things together. This may be obvious to everyone, but I just got it! :) I believe Bill drains Ben to strengthen vampires and Sookie gives him her blood to save him. However, I’m not sure why she drinks his, unless that’s sort of some dream induced part he is b/c he’s low on blood. Just a theory!

  11. ahhhh crazy trailer!! Felt so sad when i saw Nora’s blood tears… So much crazy shit happening… No Sookie and Eric which i’m not happy about BUT hopefully that just means their reconnection is really significant and MASSIVE!! please please please :)
    so much footage in there, its obvious Barlow comes to Sookies rescue and he doesnt kill Lala cos they are all sitting down with Smiles on their faces.. not keen on Sookies ‘affections’ for Barlow :/

  12. The warlow/sookie scenes looks like a dream,you could tell right away…i wonder if jason dies,and I cant even believe there is NOTHING with eric and sookie. not even a second worth of scene.I am beyond disappointed…and i hate hate hate warlow and sookie together.no chemistry at all.he bores me just as much as bill! c’mon writers! please even the last episode,ill take anything eric and sookie!!! but not happy about this crap.

  13. I feel like she is make that same mistake over and over again, like when is she going to learn from them, that why I lost RESPECT for her not cuz she sleep with benlow it the fact that she keep doing the same thing over and over again. And it bill all over again that what I’m talking about she can have sex with other ppl, not the person that kill your parent and killed all of the faery in the club and his village, and she like in the promo I have feeling for you and drunk his blood really Sookie that why I don’t RESPECT her anymore

    • I’m not sure where this is going to sit as there are so many comments now but it’s about Sookie falling for Benlow and making the same mistakes over again. I agree that would suck but Anna did say something at panel about if Sookie continued to make the same mistakes when people lie to her that she would deserve everything she got. I took that as quite positive as though Sookie isn’t going to be fooled anymore?

  14. i don’t really know what to get from this promo there where so many things going on i do have to say i don’t think Sookie and Warlow are going to have sex and those scenes do feel like a dream or something else but there was something that she said about she rather died that feel the way she felt and so that gives me hope

  15. i also think that trailer scenes are most from episode 6 and 7 maybe 8 and if Sookie and Eric are going to reunite it would in the final episodes there was a scene where you can see a tall blonde guy drinking from a screaming girl and to me that’s Eric after he when he is finally free maybe he would visit Ms Stackhouse

    • You got a point, it looks like they are tricking us by showing clips of episodes 6, 7 and 8 like they did freaking same mistakes last year. I really hope we`re out of the wood yet for Eric and Sookie. Probably they will hook in the last 2 eps,hopefully. I really hope Benlow will turn out be a stupid dream.

  16. i still think sookie is the death that doesn’t stick this season and she becomes a vamp. i had hoped it would be eric turning her to save her life but now i wonder if its warlow.

    i think next season will be the last somehow and wonder if sookie will become the big bad. bill will of course be all good by then and unable to help her so it will fall to eric to slap her into shape. *crosses fingers and hopes* after the reaction the books got, surely the writers realise we all want an eric and sookie hea?

  17. I do think your right, I think that promo is for the next 3 episodes,and they havent shown anything from the last 2 eps…that said you could tell that warlow is the one who saves sookie from lala,her hair is wet and same outfit outside where they were by the water…PLEASE let eric come and rescue her/end up with her! NO warlow! cant wait to see the whole panel with true blood from comic con, maybe well get some more hints! and eric was barley in the trailer, so maybe that means something big is in store for him and sookie!!!

  18. I LOVE Ben/Warlow! Too bad it won’t last. He is hot!

    • What is there to love about him? I’m really trying to figure that out. He’s just another obsessive, stalker freak who wants to turn her so he can protect her for all eternity, because God forbid she can protect herself. It’s not love, he doesn’t even know her. I guess I just really don’t get it, and nothing I see is going to change my mind. He needs to die and take Billith with him, otherwise Sookie will just keep making the same mistakes.

  19. me too….the actor seems nice.but Its about the show.and in the show,warlow/ben is exactly like bill…and hes getting sookie farther apart from eric. and in danger.will never understand why someone would root for him.ever.

  20. Well we all agree it sucks that there are no E/S scenes. Lets just hope that last two ep. are not in this trailer. Was it like this last year? When did we get a glimpse of the finale scenes??
    I think a lot of this – especially the camp stuff was from the next ep and ep7. I am hoping that things will change after Eric escapes.
    The scenes where they were all about to meet the sun – could that be another vision? That would mean that Eric is recaptured? God a lot to digest.
    I am trying really hard to just focus on Eric and forget about e/s – if they are heading towards e/s surly we would see something. At least I really respect them for not misleading us.

  21. I have a headache from this trailer. I also hope it´s only from episodes 6,7,8 and in the last episode we will see a big family celebration, maybe in Fangtasia…

  22. Wow! That’s a humdinger! I really think that most of the footage is from the next couple of episodes.

    I’m guessing Eric in a cage is after he and Pam do whatever they do instead of kill each other. The Gov wants Eric to suffer so he does something terrible to Nora. Eric goes Viking and escapes with her and takes her to Bill. Even Lilith can’t save her and she’s meets her true death (cue emotional bloodbag scene).

    The Sookie/Benlow stuff could either be a surreal experience as she’s been drowned or when she goes to faerie-land after that.

    I know Lala is in the promo but I’m still thinking it may be him who goes. Sookie would talk at his funeral, they grew up together and Tara won’t be there to say anything, who else would talk? (Maybe Sam as his boss).

    And I’m loving that Sarah Newlin is turning into the main big bad.I’ll look for some decent screen-caps of it all today.

    • A bit of a wild theory but after watching it a few more times – Bill says he has to do whatever he’s doing to Benlow, so maybe it’s because he’s draining his blood so he can go to vamp camp during the day and give all the vamps in the “sun room” Benlow’s blood to day-walk and survive. There’s a little scene in there of Jess dancing in the sunlight.( I’m not sure Eric is in the room anymore in the clip, so the future has already been changed by Eric escaping). Anyway that’s my theory for today.

      • Good theory, but I took it a different way…I thought he was saying it as a way of apologizing for having to drain him. Lol As if Bill is being “forced” by Lillith. Which as we know, he has control over his own actions and if he wanted to, could stand out in the sun and burn – if he REALLY regretted it. ;) In other words…just another poor excuse for being a douchebag! Lol

  23. Wow, wow. Great clip and yes so much going on! I am baffled though by how many people still want E/S to hook up. Eric is a great character & Sookie is pretentious, annoying, idiot and has crapped all over him (others too) and doesn’t deserve half the men that glance at her. I’d rather see a Sookie and the goofy cop hookup than any other. She runs rampant making stupid choices, then whines & whines, & bats her eyes while crying about them till she has a some support, then tosses them to the wind (Laffy, Sam, Arlene, Eric, Alcide…ect) Bleh! But to each his own opinions.

    OTH, I’m enjoying this season. I really hope Pam survives the dual. I’m thinking a few characters will not make it out of this season alive. I think a lot of the theories above are great and plausible. I was sad to see Niall go but maybe he’ll be back.

    • Really? You’re baffled by how many still want Eric and Sookie together? We’re die-hards, I guess, because no matter what happens, out of ANY and ALL of Sookie’s suitors, Eric will and always will be the perfect match for her. It’s just taking her awhile to come to that conclusion too. No matter if she deserves him or not…we’re in it for the long haul, because we love their love/hate relationship. And they have the most chemistry together. Besides, who is perfect?

      • I agree with you Erika, Plus I like Sookie because she does have a good heart…she makes bad choices but dont we all at different points of our lives….Eric is the best match for her and he is the most popular character …she is the main character even though it is not written that way (Bill b.s.) and he is the best suitor of all these suitors we have seen ….so yes, Eric and Sookie needs to be together …I hope that we get something in the last 3 episodes that gives us hope of them being together we need it!

        • Exactly! I know I’m not perfect and I don’t deserve my own awesome husband who – has had to put up with the likes of me and my E/S obsession. :P But you’re right. Sookie cares about her loved ones, wants to believe there’s good in everybody, and sees the best in people. We can’t fault her for that. It’s just who she is as a person. :)

          I hope we get more of them together by the end of the season too. :) From your lips, to the TB writer’s ears…

  24. Fairy vamp Sookie is coming and i have a feeling Andy’s fairy daughters could pop up fairyvamp too its possible..they were left at Billith’s house …i want Warlow and Sookie to be happy they need to share eternity

    • You see…I think Sookie becoming a vampire is still spec at this point. It could be misleading. One thing I do know is that Sookie does NOT want to be a vampire.

      As for Warlow and Sookie…I think it’s a temporary diversion. We really don’t know much about him. He could still turn out to be very, very bad…and all of his “I love you’s” could be just smoke and mirrors. If he turned her, I think she would resent him forever…

      • Well.Sookie said it herself she doesnt feel right without a tan..but look at her now.shes got blood in her mouth in a few different scenes and pale skin like a vamp..I thought Eric’s love for Sookie was the sweetest thing..a love he always wanted and she was blown away by him.as well.. but honestly i don’t see them rekindling their romance and if they ever do it will be in the very distant future :(

  25. Well, it looks dismal for Eric and Sookie..at least that’s what we’re led to believe. But the trailer for last season did not show any Eric/Sookie interaction at all and we did get a reunion of sorts and some lovely exchanges/body language from them, especially in the finale. Maybe, just maybe!!…we’ll get a little something as the season winds down…least I’m hoping.I need more of that glorious angst! It can’t just end with Eric giving her house back and that’s the end of all of their scenes together for the season, ya know?

    • I love angst myself! ;) And very good point…we might be surprised yet, but they are keeping things hush-hush to keep us guessing.

  26. i also read the season 6 casting calls..giving a brief description of each new character and what they were looking for and also explained if the role would be reocurring or not..
    BEN] Mid 20s to mid 30s. Ultra charming, ultra handsome. Needs to feel like the kind of guy women and men are completely drawn to, but also needs to possess a low-key quality, a southern gentility, that Sookie would find familiar and comfortable. His dark side, however, is dark, dark, dark…SERIES REGULAR. ONE-YEAR DEAL.-Role filled by Rob Kasinsky
    aww 1yearonly??? daymm here’s the link http://skarsgardfans.com/about-alexander/filmography/true-blood/true-blood-season-6-casting-calls/

    • Thanks, we have the same casting call on here too in our Episode Guide: http://ericandsookielovers.com/season-6-episode-guide/episode-6-01/

      That one year contract leads me to believe Warlow is only temporary.

      • Sookiie is not gonna want to be with Warlow when all is said and done and Warlow is gonna be dead in the finale so I don’t see them as a couple whether her and Eric come together or not he is a diversion at best …you can feel sorry for him but outside of that he has killed her parents and put her great grandfather in another dimension plus killed a lot of her fairy friends…..what happens between her and Eric if anything we will see….I am hoping we see something because she did tell him in season 4 that she loves him, so where did the love go? Her feelings for Eric is never disgussed and they need to be…..he obviously loves her by actions and expressions but does she feel the same well she needs to show it.

      • God I really hope he is only temporary. I simply cannot feel him as a character at all, maybe because he is so new and they are trying to force this fairy tale romance with him and Sookie. I think I would able to comprehend hook up with Sam or even Alcide as we at least know them as characters. But this….just no. I felt the same about Nora last year. I don’t know how all these people suddenly adore Ben and Sookie, but I guess it’s just a matter of individual opinion and tastes.
        This also doesn’t work me because of the long history and slow burning dynamics we had with Eric for so many season – it’s hard to let it go and accept it wasn’t meaningful (BTW this willing blood exchange between Benlow and Sookie from the promo really pissed all over ‘we will be one’ scene which was one of my favorites).

        This forced hook up also doesn’t make sense in terms for what Sookie really wants with her life. She broke up with Eric and Bill because she loved them both at the time and had conflicting emotions and just couldn’t deal with it – she thought no matter what she does somebody will get hurt. Then we have Billith stuff and Sookie finally let go of Bill. But when exactly did she let go of Eric? Did she ever really love him? As one of you said we really need to see what happened with those feelings for Eric. She breaks his heart again and lets him go because she wanted her old life back. Sookie wants to get away from the whole supernatural world – at least this is what she has been saying. Why would she fall for the vampire again??? If she does then it sadly means that she never really loved him that much.

        • Sookie never will be a normal human, it´s the fact. Sookie must to admit she will be always a member of supernatural world

      • Okay I am probably going to be disliked but we have no idea where they want to go with this character and I have seen plenty of casting calls and never seen within the CC the one year deal thing in there. Seems to me a let’s see where it goes and if there is a season 7 kind of thing. The actor has style and I would not mind him sticking around Bon Temps to keep old Bill in line but I doubt I get that.

        • Oh for shame! LOL It’s right in the casting call I posted the link to somewhere in here…*looks around* Same with the link to Barbara’s site.

          Here I thought you had a better memory than me? ;) LOL

          • I know it is in HIS casting call , I mean to say it is the first time they have put in ONE YEAR DEAL in said casting call. I think they would be smart to keep him. If I were people I would be rooting for him to be the good guy if for no other reason than to rid us of Bill at least in Sookie’s life. He can always be another thorn in Bill’s side like Eric. Instead, people are looking at him like he is an obstacle rather than as a potential means to an end. I just don’t think he is anything like Bill, unpopular opinion I know. If he was he would have lied to her from the jump when he confronted him about her parents death. I know I will be unpopular but I really don’t care…..lol!

          • Now using Ben as a means to a Bill end…is something I can get behind! LOL But that’s IT…I don’t want to see Sookie fall in love with Ben though. She has too many suitors as it is. But I do think the actor is hot…just sayin’ ;)

          • No one is saying that and least of all me but I can no longer say that I can paint him with the same brush that I do Bill, not yet anyway. From what I have seen of the trailers, he seems to be a bit more truthful than Bill. He tells her he can’tbe trusted and it sounds to me as if he is saying he does not trust his vampire side. Hell yeah the actor is hot and a damn nice accent to boot! We know a fine looking man when we see one!

  27. Guess it means the character Warlow may or may not stay on longer possibly depending on the writers and storyline.. Idk Didn’t realize today is Sunday can’t wait..ok so enjoy the episode tonight.. btw im new to Twitter ..learning the ropes ..feel free to follow me .ill make you laugh..:) https://twitter.com/yogidee224 you nice chatting..:)

  28. I am not all that bothered by not seeing any Eric Sookie scenes like most everyone else seems to be. At least she is smarter this season and not pining over Bill’s ass and she is quick on the draw as well in all things.Nor am I on the hate Benlow train either. I used to think he was Bill 2.0 but unlike Bill he truly does not like when his dark side comes out and unlike Bill, he deplores himself and does not make excuses for himself or tries to reason away what he is. I used to think he was Bill 2.0 as I said but I am seeing something in him I will never see in Bill. I think at first he might have had designs on turning Sookie but seems to truly hate his vampire side so he changed his mind. Who knows? It is all speculation at this point. I just think there is more going on here than we know so I am not going to get my panties twisted. I am just glad Sookie is more sensible this season and I get to see my bad ass Viking!

    • I got 3 thumbs down probably for saying “i want Warlow and Sookie to be happy & that they need to share eternity” Eric & Sookie Lovers. i just find the idea of Warlow as her destiny so intriguing…i think because.he’s also a fairy./and a vamp ..he’s the oldest most powerful creature walking ..he’s waited all this time…he can protect her AND he’s also the reason she’s drawn to vamps in the first place ..its always been him… .so whether or not they actually end up together matters not I’m just enjoying the story…

      • I get what you saying and I am not even bothered by it. You feel how you feel and that is okay, As far the thumbs down, it is because it is what most people want. I have come to the conclusion that this show is going to do what it wants regardless of what I say or who much I rant about it. So if Sookie walks away from this a better person and not playing the fool for Bill, I am good with that. I just hope that the oldest and most powerful creature can destroy Billith again and yes that means Bill or at least can keep Sookie for falling for Bill ever again as this what upsets people. Ben destroyed Lillith once and so he should be able to again and then if he has to fight Bill without Lilith in him, then he should win eassily as Bill is no where near his age.

        • Billith has to go.

        • He is another Bill because of the self loathing and to me he is a stalker because he showed up to her parents and told them he was going to turn her so no I don’t get the wanting her to be with Warlow like you do Danielle and you are on a site called Eric and Sookie lovers …..so I can’t see why people would give you thumbs up on making these type of statements about Warlow with Sookie….your not gonna get much agreement here.

          • Can I ask.. how does one become so angry that you feel the need to remind me which site I’m commenting on? Just because someone doesn’t completely share your obsession doesn’t give you the right to behave uncivil. That’s Bully behavior…can you distinguish the difference between fantasy and reality? Hate to burst your bubble but the TB characters are fictional..can you distinguish a real threat from an imagined threat? Any anger or concern should be rational. The TB writers create Eric & Sookie and the others for our entertainment….It’s great to be a fan but you’re directing aggression based on a fantasy..This site is for fun . we come to exchange theories and discuss our favorite show with other trubies …it keeps us excited with anticipation while we wait>>
            give A HEADS UP like this

            Warning! Hard Core Eric & Sookie Lovers Only others enter with caution >subject to immature rude irrational aggressive behavior > thanks but TB is a show not your life have fun yall and enjoy the show

          • We’re sorry for the way others have treated you, Danielle. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion – including you and other Eric and Sookie lovers. I think most of us are frustrated by the lack of Eric and Sookie screen time and having to watch Sookie (and Eric) with other people makes it even worse. Having someone come by saying they like Sookie with Ben kind of sticks the knife in even further.

            Let’s just all try to enjoy the show for what it’s worth. Something we can get excited about and talk about and keeps us entertained. :)

          • She still has a right to her opinion about them being together and she was being very polite. She may not get much agreement here but we will be polite! I hope EVERYONE can grasp that.

          • While I’m sure most of us who visit here agree with you…it doesn’t give you or anybody the right to personally attack another person for sharing his/her point of view, especially if it’s different than your own. Can I please ask that you refrain from doing so? We are all fans of Eric and Sookie and TB. While we can’t all agree 100% of the time (it’s a shame I know)..we should still treat each other with respect and treat others the same way as how you would like to be treated. Thank you. :)

          • Danielle I don’t feel like I personally attacked you ….I just stating the obvious that you don’t understand why you would get 3 or so unlikes because people didn’t like or agree with your liking Sookie and Warlow being together but I apologize if you felt I was personally attacking because I wasn’t …and Iknow these are fictional characters but we come on here to voice our opinions whether we agree or not and I respect everyone’s opinions whether I agree with them or not.

          • we can have playful arguments can’t we? Im on forums alot and we have fun disagreeing..thanks staff :)

  29. I think the Ben/Sookie scene is just a dream of some sort. I think there is still hope for Eric/Sookie scenes. Last year we got clips of the next to last episodes but not the final two. They finally released a clip of the last episode right before it aired. They are usually pretty careful with the last couple episodes and don’t leak much of them. It’s possible Eric and Sookie could have a scene together at the end. Usually all the storylines connect by the end of the season.

  30. So while Eric is trying to save the vampires in the camp, Sookie is again running around with a new guy, getting intimate in a graveyard again and Bill has still not come up with anything….I mean what kind of god is he anyways :(

    Are they implying that Sookie is going to turn?

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