Videos: True Blood’s Comic Con 2013 Panel


For those who missed following along with True Blood’s Comic Con 2013 panel on Twitter, and would like to know what the cast said during the Q & A panel…here’s some videos from the event!


WARNING: These videos may or may not contain spoilers. Watch at your own risk!

spoiler warning

Thanks to imhereforsookie for the find!

Part 1:

Part 2:

Part 3:

Have to say…Anna looked stunning at the event!

Here are some pics of her…please click image for larger view.

Courtesy of:  TrueBloodHBO’s Instagram

Looks like we have some more info to digest! One thing’s for sure…it’s good to hear Buckner saying that they will be focusing more on the vampires and humans by the end of the season and fewer storylines too.

What are your thoughts? Please share them below!

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8 comments on “Videos: True Blood’s Comic Con 2013 Panel

  1. I agree Anna looked beautiful. I loved this outfit and the one she wore for the X-Men panel.

  2. Ok I’m officially a “Bucky” fan, I love what he said at the end about humans and vampires and focusing on the town, and as I’m also impressed with what he’s done with the show already on screen, all is good :)

    Completely agree with Anna about Sookie – if she hasn’t realized people lie by now, she deserves all she gets.

    And please don’t let Nelsan go! No more lala-land is unthinkable :(

  3. i hope Bucky can pull it off. maybe he will give us back the Bon Temps we love. KY

  4. The cast & crew are amazing . Great photos\ & interviews . Anna dresses are beautiful she looked amazing .

  5. to be honest, i feel sad because there’s no Bill & Eric this year. :(

  6. After watching those videos i love Lala even more if that’s possible i loved what Anna said about the lies it’s so true i Sookie hasn’t learn anything so fa she deserves what she gets and i also think she looked beautiful and i don’t know but now i kinda like Rob he looks like he’s so sweet and i adore he’s accent obviously i don’t like Warlow i don’t want him with Sookie don’t trust him but in the meantime the show reunites Eric and Sookie i might enjoy what’s going on with that storyline cause i just focus to much on E&S being apart and don’t enjoy enough

  7. The lady running the panel was a lil off, she didnt introduce Ryan at all then she completely bypassed Joe when they went down the line to ask questions… :/
    otherwise it was a nice panel but not as fun as the times with Alex and Stephen… Def missed hearing about Eric, wished they would have addressed the first episode with Eric and Sookie…
    I do love how Brian said they would be tightening the story and having everyone together again but i dont think Joe is all pleased with this direction… He seems very bitter… but at the end of the day, sorry man but the Werewolf story sucks :/

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