Anna Paquin at X Men Panel


Anna Paquin is probably used to doubling up since becoming a mom to twins, and she had to do just that again at Comic Con this year, with appearances at both the True Blood and X Men Panels.

Today Anna joined stars such as Hugh Jackman, Jennifer Lawrence, Ellen Page, Halle Berry and Ian McKellen to talk about the upcoming movie “X Men Days Of Future Past”.

Here’s the Panel video:

And a few photos from the event:

I particularly like Anna in the middle there, standing on a box. She must be used to working with very tall people by now!

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9 comments on “Anna Paquin at X Men Panel

  1. Evie:
    Anna Paquin looks outrageous for someone who’s turning 31 next Wednesday
    and who just gave birth to twins last September!!!!

  2. Thanks Evie! :)

    I find it very interesting and cool that both Anna and Ellen who are both Alex’s co-stars (TB and The East) are short enough to have to stand on boxes in the cast pics! LOL I’m looking forward to finding out what they’re going to do in this X-men movie. :)

  3. Anna seemed shyer at this panel than the TB panel and I think it was because it was so huge, the cast I mean! I love the X-MEN movies and was wondering what they would do with Rogue since she took the cure but it is past and future so she must return to a time when she had her powers again. I cannot wait to see this. Goes in search of the trailer!

  4. Anna looked beautiful !

  5. I can hardly wait to see this film, I love all the X-men and Wolverine movies, wouldn’t miss it!!!!! I am waiting with baited breath!!!

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