Inside “Don’t You Feel Me” & “The Evening” Promo


You’ve watched what happened during True Blood Episode 6.06 “Don’t You Feel Me” which revealed the major death and so much more… Now it’s time to go Inside The Episode with writer Daniel Kenneth and director Howard Deutch!

WARNING: If you haven’t watched the episode yet…this WILL spoil you!  If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!

spoiler warning

Let’s find out what the writer and director had to say…please click on the image below to watch HBO’s Inside The Episode!


Or, you can watch it on the player below.

Even though many of you have already seen it…here’s the promo for True Blood Episode 6.07 “In The Evening”!

It’s time to draw first blood…who’s going first?

Feel free to share your thoughts about the episode and these videos below!

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92 comments on “Inside “Don’t You Feel Me” & “The Evening” Promo

  1. I don’t know what to think about Sookie!! SMH

    • I hear ya! I think she might be influenced by his blood…but that’s JMHO.

      The good news? It’s NOT Bill…and Eric has escaped..

      • At least that’s something, but this isn’t much different from Bill. I somehow don’t see Warlow surviving the season, though.

        • Yeah let’s just hope the fairy light wasn’t them making a baby. Bill will be relentless in his pursuit and claim over the baby Benlow is his progeny. The writers are never going to give her and Eric a fighting chance and Benlow will survive just to torment the Team Eric and Sookie viewers.

      • This will lead her back to Bill everything always does….I’m team Eric and this is just WOW the writers duped us into believing Sookie was going to be a different person this year. I guess not she will never give Eric a fair chance now.

        • We still know Warlow is not to be trusted, he said so himself. We’re not at the end yet, I’ll wait to see what else happens first before I completely rule it out. They always have a few twists and turns up their sleeves, I really don’t think she wants anything to do with Bill anymore.

      • but she had his blood after she decided to give in a accept she’s a “danger whore” so yeah she has his blood but she already made the decision to be with him :(

    • I am so disappointed in that scene but he said he was going to get down and dirty with her this season I never thought it to be true but I never saw that coming. She swore off vampires gave up Eric because of his dark ways and hops in the bed with Benlow I am Wow…..

  2. I just can’t believe Sookie is that stupid during the episode you could see that she was thankfull and somewhat attracted to him but she seem doubfull too like she was thinking something we don’t know and then that final scene happened and i died i was in shock i couldn’t believe she would do something like that i still think there’s gotta be a twist cause it was all so weird and un-Sookie like

    • Wow!!!!!! I am in a state of shock……this leads me to believe she is going to end up with Bill Compton

      • I’m refusing to believe that just yet. (lalalalalalala *closes eyes and ears*) I don’t think it will be this season though…IF that happens.

      • How do you figure that? She wasn’t jumping his bones.

      • You know think the same thing!! Sookie a mess!! It like grow up learn frm your mistake. I had faith in her but right now NO FAITH AT ALL. Ppl are saying she should get her some but not like that, really GROW UP SOOKIE. I can’t keep watching the lead on the show make the same mistake over and over again

    • I agree…it was weird and un-Sookie like.

      • Seemed right to me, I wasn’t the least bit surprised.

        • it’s not the fact she DID it. It’s the WAY she did it that seemed very weird and un-Sookie like. For starters…she made the first move and called herself a whore.

          • Yeah, well, now she is one, mission accomplished on that. It could also be the place they were in that was changing her.

          • Not to mention…his blood.

          • Yeah, but she was ready to boink him before she had his blood, now she’ll just fall for him even more. She knows it was mostly the blood with Bill, it seems she never learns her lesson.

          • we’ll just have to see I guess…I’m still thinking there’s more to this than meets the eye

          • you’re right but still this is a new film director and is you look from Sookie’s side she found out that her parents wanted to kill her (twice) and he saved her both times and he still hasn’t used her and her telepathy thing. It’s weird that she wanted not to hear her partner’s thoughts but now she’s ok if he hears her’s too…

  3. Exactly my thoughts too it was very unSookie like what she they had her do at the end of the episode and they the writers have made a point of saying that Sookie only sleeps with men she is in love with to the point that’s why she didn’t sleep with Alcide last season…..I don’t see her as in love with Warlow but almost like just being out of character of being a good girl and in her own words a whore….it wasn’t a very sexy scene at all to me and weird ….but sookie is not a slut for doing this at all …its just doesn’t fit.

  4. I was surprised cause there was nothing that lead to that in the episode just a bunch of questions and she didn’t seem pleased with the answers and i don’t think in any way that beat th “We will be one” with Eric that was romantic and sweet this was the weirdest and ridiculous sex scene Sookie’s done (aside from a couple she did with Bill that i hated)

  5. I can’t help but think that there is more to the Sookie/Warlow thing. There has to be some reason we don’t yet know of why she did that. It totally doesn’t match how she has been acting. She knows he plans to turn her. I’m not completely sure she has feelings for him. There has to be some kind of catch.

  6. I hope for that too and the fact that there is no Sookie in the promo hopefully is an indication of that

  7. Woohoo! Way to go Sookie!!!

  8. i dont think Jason is going to be impressed with her… and has she not thought to ask where Niall is?? seriously Sookie…

    And i hate you Steve Newlin!!!!

  9. I read that Niall is gonna be in ep 7 maybe he’ll kick some since to his grandaughter and speaking of Steve Newlin the actor who plays him Michael Mcmillian is the writer of the ongoing series of true blood comics and let me tell you if you haven’t read then you should check then out they’re great they have great E/S moments they’re not a couple but they are close care about each other Eric is always the hero and the best part Bill is never around plus he’s even make Alcide and Sam connect to the story and they’re actually somewhat interesting

    • I’m not a big fan of comics, but you’re making me want to read them now. Michael has always been Team Eric, so that doesn’t surprise me.

  10. Yeah Michael is great i think they should put him on the writers staff then we would get better plotlines and E/S moments which we all need at this point

    • I completely agree, or leave it in the capable hands of fan fictions writers.

      • I’m convinced they already have, sort of, in a warped way. I wrote Sookie as gaining & harnessing the power of the sun & sharing it with Eric as part of my ff stories. It infused their bond and joined their souls and more importantly, it was written over a year ago. Imagine my disgust when I had to watch it play out between Sookie & Ben!

        Really don’t care now if she stays in fairy land indefinately! All the growth she showed in the 1st half of the season went bye bye and it’s painfully clear Buckner is running the show now.

  11. Still gagging over that incredibly unsexy sex scene! For the love of God Eric please don’t ever give her another thought….ever. she seems to turn her nose up at the Vikings amazing everything and go after all kinds of blech….sorry I just gagged again. So many disturbing and disappointing things going on again I am reminded of season 4. It also started out so well and was stopped dead in it’s tracks and became stupid and anger inducing. Just BLECH!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Not that I’m defending Sookie at all, but Eric has slept with two other women since her and no one seems to get on his case as much. At least this is technically the first one she’s been with since him, but we know it likely won’t end well. She’ll realize her mistake soon enough, if not, there’s really no hope for her.

      • Yes, we must remember this. Plus, judging by what’s said in the ITE…where they talk about how Sookie thinks being a vampire might not be such a bad idea? On TB…you know what that means…it’s a VERY, VERY, VERY BAD idea…LOL

      • The whole purpose and goal of Sookie that led her away from Bill and Eric was her wanting a normal life. She put herself in the same position she was in in the first place. She is with Warlow and I don’t understand how she can forgive a man that killed her parents but can’t forgive her parents reasoning for trying to take her life. How do we know if Bill didn’t command Warlow to get his blood into Sookie? How did Warlow find her anyway he never had her blood. I understand Eric has slept with two people but Sookie left him supposedly for something better now she ingested more of Bill’s blood through Warlow it’s gross and she is a hypocrit

      • Didn’t like that either!!!!!!!

      • The point is, Eric has never claimed to be an innocent and Sookie has always stood up with a lot of BS values which she forgets about the moment there is a crisis….
        I have fallen into hate with her and now I don’t want her to touch Eric. That is because she is a hypocrite who lied to Eric about the reasons she was leaving him. She could not face up to her real reasons of not feeling enough for him to risk being with him. To cover up her lack of feelings for Eric, she made up a BS reason that she wanted a normal life and Eric acted the true gentleman and left without arguing. So in addition to being a hypocrite, she is a liar and a coward. I am not calling names. These words apply to anyone who does this sort of thing on a regular basis.
        This kind of person does not deserve Eric.
        And I hated that sex scene because it was totally devoid of any sort of chemistry/buildup/love. Call me old fashioned but I still think sleeping with someone should be because you love and trust them and not because you call yourself a danger whore!

    • Eric, take Willa! She is young, hot and sweet and she will love you…

  12. Willa and the governor scene was good, she is a wonderful vampire. I’m loving her and Tara bonding. I don’t want to talk about Sookie and Warlow. I think she is suffering from bonding sickness, yep that’s the story I’m going with.

    • Willa and the Gov was terrific – their scenes together have been great. I hope Willa sticks around as she is already showing she has great potential with the Viking blood inside her.

      • Willa is REALLY starting to grow on me… :) Not to mention the resemblance between Willa and Nora is uncanny…sometimes I’m confused by which one is in the scene? Lol

        • Willa’s grown on me as well. It looks like she’s going to be quite the badass. I hope that she and Pam can get along as sisters, but I think that’s going to take awhile.

          PS…I still despise Nora, and the thought of her gone makes me happy…with the exception of my Viking being devastated.

          • you know i realised the only reason i hated Nora last season was b/c she slept with Eric… Now even though she hasnt been around all that much i really have grown to love her… Her dry british humour and her worldly intelligence makes me sad that Eric wont have her as a rock in his life. She’s also the last part of Godric he has left… :(

      • Oh I agree, this episode especially made me love her character… Every scene she did was amazing and it just proves how smart Eric is… He has certainly got the best fam on TB…

  13. I agree there is something up wi sookie in this scene and why did only bill know that she was in danger? Eric would have felt that as well even in vamp camp. Maybe she will trick benlow into thinking she loves him to undo the contract with his blood. I also think bill may kill him this season. Still hoping for Eric and sookie, maybe Jason and Jess will help Eric and that will lead to sookie…who knows with a new writer every episode

    • I also wonder why Eric didn’t feel Sookie being in danger. I just figure the writers only care about Bill and Sookie. Just like always. Another stupid plot line dropped.

      • totally agree, they just forgot about it or thought it wasn’t important. It just shows us that they are really not heading toward E/S reunion as a couple. If they were, those would be details to give us some hints, but nothing sadly.

    • Benlow already agreed to rip up the contract though. I’m thinking it’s a dream induced by their blood exchange. And she’ll wake up and maybe Benlow will be attacking her? IDK…

      Yeah, that bothers me too…why was it only Bill who sensed she was in trouble? Maybe Eric did sense it…but didn’t show it because he had more important things on his mind, like taking out the guards. At least, I hope that’s what happened…

      • it totally upset me that Eric wasnt shown feeling sookies fear… it made me even more pissed off that they had Bill looking all worried for her like he still loved her… arghhh barf!!

  14. I’m so disappointed in Sookie. Not because she had sex with him, if she had said “f it, I’m horny and he’s hot, let’s get down” I would have been fine with it, but because she’s so stupid. How many times are she going the get attached to the creepers that make her out to be something holy? Girl, you have known him for five minutes and like everyone else says, this is Bill all over again..

    The only one who sees her for who she is is Eric, the rest just oooh and aaah over her like she’s some kind of trophy.

  15. This episode with Sookie& Warlow made me barf! I really hope for this to be a dream .I have mixed emotions on this . Maybe Warlow was dreaming .

  16. I want Sookie to be a vampire. She still will be able to walk under the sun and eat normal food… And I also like Warlow, still hoping about Erick and Sookie and maybe little about Bill and Sookie but Worlow is…. is so coo….

  17. Well I said I tentatively liked this season but having said it I will jinx it and the writers will once again make Sookie dumb as dirt. As I screamed in frustration tonight over this latest humdinger I questioned the sanity in watching a show that seems determine to make Sookie set all new record highs for dumb cliches in any given episode. At least when GOT makes me scream its not frustration. But… there is no Eric so I cling on to this show by my fingernails.

    WTF!!??!! woman you have known him a hot second and you screw him, feed him and do I need my glasses but did I see her dimwitted self bond with him??!! Bond??!! Eric practically had to blow himself up saving her to trick her into getting his blood in her. WTH he has told you he wants to kill you to save you, you twit!!! Let him die who gives a rats ass about the creepy freak!! You shouldn’t, not after that rousing Bill tirade about users!!! He ate your kin, killed your crazy misunderstood parents, almost killed Jason and has sent grandpa into the Twilight Zone of who knows when you will see him again if ever not to mention Bill or Lilith or both is mommie and daddy or all of the above. That alone should send you into hiding. Wake up and smell the friggin reality we have been here done this before with Bill!!

    Don’t misunderstand now that I freaked out I will try to explain my seeming over reaction I try hard to not be a hypocrite its a new age for women get your groove on if you want honey. I’m not judging your morals but your common sense! I could have respected her allot more if she had as one poster said you know what I’m horny your hot lets tear the sheets up.I wouldn’t get it cause frankly I don’t see this supposed hotness in Benlow but different strokes and all. I don’t expect her to be a cliched extra out of GWTW mimicking a scene where she abstains cause shes waiting for Eric’s holy grail the rest of her life. And as Tammy rightly pointed out Eric certainly isn’t waiting for her to stop blowing hot and cold and who would blame him she could give a soul whip lash with her mood swings while she waits for a sign from the heavens? 1800 psychic number? telling her who is using her for a vampire antibiotic for the sun and who really cares about her best interests. Its her lack of sense killing me.

    Hopefully TB writers are going somewhere with this that is incredibly clever that we didn’t see or even expect coming…Please! I honestly sincerely hope so otherwise this is like a cliched formula for putting together episodic television at its simplistic, shocking and most titillating and I really am dumb for holding out hope..

    We have blood this week… check. Death of a favorite character… check. Sookie does something else stump dumb.. check. Sookie sleeps with yet another manipulative user looser Bill clone…check. Wait, wait, did we get this losers blood in her again? Check..

  18. Surprisingly I am not ass pissed as I thought I would be – maybe because I was kind expecting this. I am just plain tired. Even before I saw this episode I was trying to make my peace with E/S ship and accept that it most likely won’t happen and just try to enjoy the show for other stuff like majority of TB fans. And this kind of really helped. If Sookie doesn’t see what most of us see in Eric and wants to surrenders to her ‘destiny’ so be it. I am loosing interest in her and it’s disappointing.
    Will she find her true love and happiness with this new guy / will she go back to Bill / or go all CH and live ordinary life in BT … I think these will be options going forward…so whatever – I care about that as much as I care about Alicide’s pack or Sam’s naked arse and his new girlfriend.

    Eric/Nora was so heartbreaking. Poor Eric, I really worry for him now – he will be desperate for revenge and he’ll join forces with Bill – unfortunately – but I don’t blame him. They have to put a stop to this craziness and save their race (btw I am not sure what’s happening with vamps in other US states or around the world or who the hell is representing them now :) ). Really loved all the scenes and the action with the Northman clan – this is what I now care about. I loved Willa and I want her to stay the next season. I want them to go back to Fangtasia and all live HEA as one big cool family – is that too much to ask :)

    PS I think some kind of shocker is on the way in preparation for the next season
    A. Sookie will turn into fairy vamp
    B. She will get pregnant by Warlow
    C. All of the above

  19. All roads (story lines), on True Blood, always lead to Bill they always have and always will . We know this. What I don’t get is while all this is going on with the vamps and Sookie doesn’t seem to care. That’s not like her. She is suppose to care about those she loves. We know she loves Tara and Jessica. Maybe not so much Eric and Pam anymore. But still It’s not like her not to want to save them. There has to be something going on in her mind to get to them. Does she even know they were taking away?

  20. Sookie’s behavior was one of the biggest disappointments in a long time. It makes me feel that there will absolutely be no Eric/Sookie except as teasers. I don’t know why the writers want to go in this direction. So many people want them together and now it is truly likely that it will not happen. Another example of the show, AB, & HBO saying we will do what we want to. You will pay your money for the show and you will like it or not. If not, who cares, we got your money. Does this sound like CH DEA all over again? Perhaps we should all cancel HBO in protest and tell them in mass that they can stick it where the sun don’t shine.

  21. Sookie’s usining Warlow’s light to help kill him without using up all of HER LIGHT.
    Remember what Naill said about her using a lightball,”You can only use this once
    in your case and then you’ll be fae NO MORE” well if she has Warlow use HIS
    light she will STILL BE FAE~and Warlow will be dead.

    • wow i really hope you are right about that… and it made me think about the part where Sookie tells her dad shes smarter than to fall in love with Warlow… Lets hope its all part of her plan…

    • Ya I think there is a plan because he said he bound himself to the rock with his life…and sookie strengthened the knot with more light before she hopped on the fairy train, we’ll see

  22. Eric is going to get all of his “Family” out of Camp.
    And then he’s going to bring everyone to Bill’s house hoping that Bill can save
    Nora’s life~I hope that she lives.

  23. bwtawney:
    If you don’t like the show anymore don’t watch it.
    I’m in it for the LONG HAUL,I’ve watched every Episode,Season & repeat
    that’s ever been shown~And I’m never cancelling HBO just cause I don’t
    like something that’s not going the way I think it sould be going.

  24. RIP Terry Bellfluer – you were a good ‘ole boy!! and – I am really happy that LaLa is safe! Jason is in love with Jessica, did you see the look on his face when Sarah was gonna make her boink the other guy? And by the way, that vampire was hot! Knew Eric and Pam would never hurt each other – looks like next week they are gonna kick some ass and I hope Sarah Newlin and Steve Newlin get theirs. As far as Sookie – IDK – what the hell?? A “danger whore” – I suppose – as far as her and Bill – that ain’t happening – as far as her and Eric, that ain’t happening – although Eric might be a bit softer now that it looks like Nora might die. We only have 4 more episodes, so lets hope they are saving the best for last

    • This vampire James will be in season 7 too. I think Jason will be jealous.I´m wonderin what will be with Jessica after this war. IsI it possible for her to live in Bon Temps after her disaster with sheriff´s daughters?

  25. By the way – Can someone please explain to me how Sarah was able to order Jessica out of Jason’s house?? Even Jason wanted to know how she did that!

  26. What are the writers trying to pull? :(
    It is hard to believe that this is the same show I fell in love with when I started to watch. Every character used to be well defined and we as viewers could understand why anybody did whatever on the show.

    Now everybody is hard to recognize.
    Sookie acts like Arlene (Jumping the first man that shows interest and spouts words of destiny etc)
    Eric is Impulsive, without a plan and bullying people. Where is the poised, political, scheming bad ass we loved? He shows sparks of intelligence sporadically but usually he is doing nothing and Eric never used to sit around doing nothing.
    Tara and Pam are clueless which is really OOC.
    Bill is pretty much Bill, dull and unoriginal.

    So what is left to watch or expect? I really don’t know. Everybody is just sleeping around without a second thought.

    • Seriously? Eric was awesome in that episode, he got the job done and was trying to free those he cared about while finding out about the poisoned blood in the process. He was totally bad ass, I’m not sure what you saw that we obviously didn’t.

      • agree 100%

      • Hey don’t get me wrong! I am team Eric through and through and even became a fanfic writer to get E&S together. My issue is with the writers. They keep on writing weak stuff that doesn’t add up. I loved Eric in this episode too. I guess I can’t keep seeing him under lock and key or under pressure or sad because of Sookie…Maybe because of my anger (Sookie with Warlow) I just lashed out and it came out wrong!

        I hope I haven’t ruffled many feathers because I love everyone of you on this forum and this is the only place I can rant :(

        • It’s fine, I was just confused because I didn’t see that at all. And really, when Eric is on screen, anything else easily gets ignored. I don’t really give Sookie much thought anymore.

  27. i’ve replay the SDCC trailer so many times and i can’t get over the Sookie line that said: “i’d rather walk the earth as a corpse than spend another minute thinking of you” who is she saying that to could i’d be Warlow or Bill, but somehow Bill doesn’t make sense was she thinking about him? when? it was not when she was on top of Warlow so i don’t know that has me confuse what does it means plus is daylight when she is saying it

    • Maybe when she gets to know how Warlow killed her entire fairy kin and kicked out Niall to silence him, she grows a brain cell and says that stuff to Warlow …We don’t know, lets see…

    • that has my brain rattling as well… it could be Bill b/c she hates him right now and his blood is still in her BUT it could also be Warlow as she only just exchanged blood and his darker side is supposed to come out….. unless that was Warlows dream… ?

  28. Omg I can’t talk to dumb ppl, oh I ship benlow and Sookie cuz he HOT!! Like OMG what show are you watching SMH!!!

  29. Look Vicky i don’t think anyone here is dumb and i think it’s rude that you said that everyone is entitled to have a diferent opinion and you don’t see people judging yours so i advice you to be more respectfull of others opinions and if we want E&S together that’s our choice and we respect yours

    • Look I don’t call anyone here dumb!! I just post a comment cuz I was talking to someone on another board how benlow love Sookie and he great and I just came here to make a statement about how other ppl see the show different I DON’T CALL ANYONE DUMB ON THIS BOARD!!

  30. There was nothing of that on your comment and i respect your opinion and i hope you respect mine and i don’t think Warlow loves Sookie he sees her as his only option so that he doesn’t have to be alone ,a trophy he has no reason to love her they’ve just met there is no build up to that relationship so maybe we are watching different shows

    • I don’t like Ben and Sookie I agree with you about him, I want Eric and Sookie together I losing hope for that to happen, but I’m Sooric shipper for LIFE!!

  31. I was thinking how come benlow didn’t just glamour Sookie dad into NOT killing her?? He didn’t have to kill her parents?? But ppl say he a good guy??

  32. disgusting. Iv stood up for sookie for so long.but that is it.so sick of all of this. I HATED this episode. i dont even now what to say.that right there, is proof that eric and sookie wont be together.what the hell!

  33. …she gave in to warlow so easily.and it took forever for her to be with eric! Why are the writers making her like this!!!! I love sookie, I am so disappointed in what there doing with tis show.

  34. […] out HBO’s Inside The Episode for “Don’t You Feel Me”, the promo (which is now officially released) for Episode […]

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