The One Where Somebody Died


Episode 6, “Don’t You Feel Me”

Let’s cut straight to the chase here, and the long anticipated human death. Is it wrong that I found Terry’s demise mildly un-moving? Perhaps it’s because once Holly had the really good idea of glamouring him into forgetting he was ever in the Marines, I pretty much knew he was going to be the one to go, or was it that I was simply relieved it wasn’t Lala? Sorry Terry, but I actually felt more pain during several other very moving moments in this episode. Maybe next week when Andy reacts to the death of his beloved cousin I might more acutely feel this loss?

It is however still fitting to write “RIP Terry Bellefleur”, your death may not have lived up to the hype and your smoke monster story-line deserved the true death but you were a sweet and gentle guy, you loved your family and you never did kill anything by accident. I hope someone somewhere sees fit to take care of your pet armadillo  for you.




Sam made the right decision and let Emma go with her grandmother, and Martha made the right decision and left the wolf-pack far behind.  (Insert here anything you want to say about Alcide and his dad because I can’t even be arsed anymore).

This was a great episode for Jason Stackhouse, the brother who is stupid managed to con his way into Vamp Camp in the space of a few brief hours, and his scenes with Sarah Newlin were absolutely top class. The high-heeled blonde vixen is turning into my very favourite villain ever on True Blood. I look forward to more Jason/Sarah face-offs in the episodes to come. Ryan Kwanten is one of the show’s most precious gems, and his face when Queen Bitch introduced Jessica to the scientific copulation observation moved me on so many more levels than the death by the dumpster at Merlottes.



Add Jessica to my current feels list, she’s the most human of our vampires who wants to be punished for her crimes. New boy James was having none of it. James looks like just the kind of emo-vamp that teenage girls will lap up, and that might mean that he could be perfect for Jess.


Moving onto House Northman.

I’m fairly sure no one was fooled into thinking that Eric and Pam might actually attack each other and it all ended pretty much how we thought it would. The Governor planned to kill Eric slowly and for him to feel “immeasurable loss” along the way. Thankfully for Pam, she is excused from being the cause of such pain as the local shrink has a thing for her, and poor Nora will be used instead.


This whole scenario was completely excellent, and as a viewer, I could most certainly feel Eric’s pain, aggression and helplessness in equal measures as his sister was injected with a seemingly lethal dose of “Hep V”. (Steve Newlin may stick around for a while as he’s one of those recurring characters but the Viking will catch up him in the end I have no doubt – just ask Russell Edgington).

Whilst House Northman may be losing Nora very soon, let’s not forget the newest member of the clan. I was straight up from the start in my appreciation of the new characters this season (Willa, the Governor and Ben) and the final scene between Willa and her human dad was another great moment . You can already see the Viking attitude deep inside her (Pussy-whipped mother*cker) . I already knew Bill was going to decapitate the Gov, but I didn’t expect that he wouldn’t even put up a fight. His human daughter had been everything to him and as she is no more, he was happy to die for the cause. And whilst I’m sure Bilith got a lot of satisfaction out of walking in the sun and getting revenge for all vampires  by killing the man who sought to destroy them, he still hasn’t got anybody out of Vamp Camp and needs to remember that behind every strong man is an even  stronger  woman, indeed he has the power of Lilith behind him and the Governor’s most dangerous asset is still alive, whoring for Christ and kicking the crap out of anything that gets in her high-heeled way.

Willa is down to just one daddy now, and the sexy one that was shackled in a cage most definitely needed her. We’ll never find out whether she beat her new best friend Tara at Connect 4 because Eric was calling  (and when Eric calls, you get up and move your ass). Ok the bit about her ripping out the guard’s contact lenses so he could be glamoured was a little bit too much (why didn’t the prisoners just do that before?) but  I’ll let it slide because Baby Vampire did good and even got to rip off an arm as a reward. So Eric is out of his cage, with an ailing Nora in tow. He wants to get Pam, and Willa wants him to get Tara and Jessica too. Ever the reluctant hero he says  “I guess”. And then it’s time for another Eric Northman human disguise which allows him to discover the devious plan to destroy vampires with contaminated “Tru Blood”.


fuck me

As we leave them, the greatest vampire family in the history of the world were still working on a way out of Camp, and I can’t help but wonder if Nora’s plight means we might be due this season’s obligatory Godric appearance very, very soon.


And so to Sookie and Benlow. The episode began and ended with them (Benkie anyone?  Or maybe Soolow?) Mmmm I’m going to tread carefully with this one, partly because I know opinions are very strong (one way or the other) and partly because although I’ve now seen the episode 3 times I’m still not sure what my own opinion actually is. With his maker’s apparent permission Benlow rescues Sookie from drowning and they teleport to a faerie place. Benlow wants to be tied up as he hasn’t fed today and Sookie is more than happy to oblige. Was I surprised that Sookie so readily embraced her inner danger-whore and went for a ride on the faepire express? Yes. Was I completely mortified when it happened? I’m just not sure anymore.



On one hand Sookie was finished with vampires, she gave Eric the elbow to try and get back to a normal life. On the other hand, Benlow can do what Eric can’t and share her light. On this crazy show many characters have had sex for a whole variety of reasons, sometimes with someone they don’t even like, but when Sookie has had sex so far it has been all about love. When she gives a guy her faerie vagina, she has always given them her faerie heart as well. Is she falling in love with Benlow? What’s the bit about herself that she is accepting now? That Benlow is the one for her or that she’s just going to keep going from one dangerous man to another? (Was everything that happened even real?) I’m a little confused in Sookieville right now. I honestly have no idea where this one is heading and on some levels I actually like that.


I for one would be very surprised if a character introduced 6 seasons into the story ends up being the perfect romantic option for the heroine of the show. But as I finish off another recap I’ll be going away and wrestling with myself as to whether or not Sookie  has the capacity to make or break my enjoyment of my favorite show anymore . I’m not sure she does. All I know for definite right now is that if Eric, Jason, Pam, Tara, Willa and Jess don’t all get out of Vamp Camp alive I’m going to be very, very pissed off.



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39 comments on “The One Where Somebody Died

  1. Yea that kinda describes where I am I watched and re-watched and I’m still friggin lost. Stellar recap. I’m routing for the Northman clan and Sookie well whatever I guess if we have to put up with her pretty much sums up at this point I cant decide if she annoys me more or just baffles me with cringe worthy moments more.

    • Thank you – routing for the Northmans always!
      I’m glad it’s not just me who is completely lost with what Sookie is feeling right now!

      • Amen Evie, I know I’m a little late giving my comment, but I had to say something to let you know that you’re not only one who feels as though the Sookie may not make or break their enjoyment of the show.

        As soon as Willa showed up and Eric… “Well done baby vampire… uh uh uh… then you can rip her arm off” I could just listen to that scene over and over and over again! :) to quote the Viking, “Fantastico!”

        Long live Casa de Northman :) :)

  2. Hi Evie, congratulations for writing such a politically correct review. It must be tough to write about the Sookie and Warlow coupling (right now I can’t even think about it without getting depressed). So way to go girl :)

    Team Eric is going great…I love them all now and they are the only reason I still watch this show…

    Sookie is a sorry excuse of a main character now. I mean I don’t have anything against exploring romantic options but she is a hypocrite and I hate people who do the opposite of what they preach. Didn’t the devious wench preach in the beginning of the show that she wanted to be that girl in a white dress with a normal life away from supernatural stuff? And Ben really deserves this two timing girl because he is as confused as she is over what he wants in life. I have relegated the two to my list of side/supporting characters and whatever happens with her and Ben does not interest me now.

    Next up I really want some real girl/vamp who can define girl power on this show and actually show some courage, integrity and honor, all three of the which having being brutally missing from our female protagonist and I really hate weak girls like Sookie. Pam and Willa are looking way better than the lead character right now.

    Jason has really developed as a character and he is doing some proactive good stuff for saving vamps that their god Billith has been unable to do as of now. So three cheers for Jason :)

  3. Evie:
    I was shocked,Terry’s death was so unexpected.
    Justin had told him “You won’t see it coming”
    And he was right, we never saw it coming.
    We never saw Justin stalking Terry.
    It just happened,a wonderful man’s life ended.
    Terry Bellefleur was a gentle man with a troubled soul.
    Arlene said it right last night “that damed War”.

    Now onto the Family Northman:
    Knew that Pamela could never harm her Father and
    vice a versa, now on to other things.
    When Burell brought in Nora and then injected her with
    Hepitisis V as he called it I thought that Eric would kill him
    But Bill did that job~ Thank you Mr. Compton.

    Now let Eric get his sister,and two daughtersJessica and
    maybe Jason, and James out of the Camps??

    would love to see James or Tara turn Sarah into a Vampire?

    Sookie’s taking up Warlow’s extra light~ and she’s going to
    kill him and send him “Back to where he came?”

  4. A great recap Evie, although I’m not quite sure where you stand with your feelings for Sookie and her Benlow dilemma. I understand that you said that you weren’t sure either but I for one, am very against the Sookie and Benlow hookup. All I can say is the following:

    “Really???Sookie, Really!! You’ve fallen back into your oldself and just gave up……
    I was so proud of you the beginning of this season, I thought you’d finally decided to grow up and more importantly, wise up to the a**hole type of guy (especially Bill) that you had fell for before and Ben is EXACTLY like Billith in sooooooooo many ways. You really need to rethink this whole thing and while I understand that you are attracted to the fae in Ben and can enjoy the day with him, I don’t believe he really loves you I still believe that he is up to no good and he is going to try and crush you. ”

    I don’t want to see Sookie turn into a faepire!!!!!!! I want Sookie to wake up and see that Eric is the one who truly loves her and that she needs to be with him or in the worst case, not to be with any guy/supe and just wise up and enjoy being happy with herself, cause theres’ a difference between being alone and being lonely…. (I know, I’ve been there before, a looooong time ago).

    Other than that, I agree with the rest of your recap Evie, especially the Jason parts, hes’ at least coming into his own now, which I am glad to see, just wish his sister would too.

    This has been the best season since season 1 (with the exception of a few eppys in season 4 which I think everyone knows which I’m referring). I’m just sad that we only have 4 more eppys left and then we have to wait a another year to see what happens.

    • Thank you – I’m really enjoying this season too.
      I can completely understand how you feel about the Sookie/Ben hook-up, but for some reason what happens between her legs doesn’t affect me the way it used to.(Maybe the final book just drained it out of me) I honestly can’t work out what is going on with her and Ben, whether it’s even real, whether he is an evil so and so, or even if Sookie has some kind of grand plan. I guess we’ll find out soon enough!

  5. I’m hoping that it was Benlow’s dream in down time if not Sookie is going to be stuck like chuck in a threesome that she didn’t bargain for. Bill can command Benlow and give a makers call and still has a bond with Sookie. I don’t think our resident Viking will be able to save her fairy vagina out of this. She leaves him to lead a normal life of 2.5 kids, a dog, and a house to end up tied to Bill through her new love. Benlow is older than Eric and can’t control his dark side so until Sookie is ready to be turned does she hang out in Fairy during the night waiting til her fairy night in shining armor is able to control himself to spend time with him. I feel sorry for Benlow especially once she learns he glamoured Jason, ate the last of her fairy relatives, and threw grandpa Niall in another dimension. He will definitely feel her wrath because Bill was the most unique vampire she has ever known. I love Willa and hope she survives and feel sorry for Nora and Eric. I wonder if Eric closed his side of the bond with Sookie to give her her sense of normalcy? I’m glad he is staying away for the crazy of Bill and Sookie because he deserves a break after being in the fairy camp. However it is sad to say a person can only cry wolf so many times, ask Peter.

  6. Correction vamp camp and I love your insight into that episode.

  7. i for one don’t see sookie as a main charecter as there are few main charecters in this show in my opinion Eric <3 is one of them (and for me he is the main charecter) about sookie and benlow well i don't think i hate it … i actually like warlow more then sookie( maybe because he is a fearie vampire hybrid that is in my opinion is so fuc%$ng awsome):P and sookie..well.. i stopped understanding her a long long time ago.. a great review!! i agree with every word!!

    • Thank you again! And I must stop commenting on my own post now but we all really appreciate it when people join in and give their thoughts!

      True Blood is definitely not Sookie’s story in the same way the books were, and I also see Eric as one of the leads. I really like that the writers have given him his own strong back-story and family unit, with their own little section of the show.

  8. Thanks for the recap and I am so with you when it comes to the Northmans / and I love Wila, Eric made a good choice. I hope she survives and I would love to see their relationship develop.

    And Sookie/Warlow … well I seriously hope that this will be more than a very cheesy story.
    If she going to pass on the Viking, it’s her loss

  9. I was wondering if the whole Sookie/Ben sex scene was a dream?

  10. Like everyone else, i too think this is a great recap!!

    One thing i’ll start with is Sookie and Warlow, I call them Wookie b/c NO ONE wants to see a Wookie having sex!! Ewww…

    Eric knows how to pick his fam and even though he didnt pick Tara I think he will end up really appreciating her esp once Nora is gone… I can see he will release his wrath once she dies, he will go back to the camp with Bilith and they will rescue the vamps!! Bilith I actually didnt mind this episode, from his devlish laugh to ripping Governors head off, LOVED IT!!

  11. Thanks for another awesome recap! Look forward to them every week. :)

    A few thoughts:

    Sookie/Benlow – I can’t. *my eyes are still bleeding* Poor (hypocritical) Sookie…how far you’ve fallen. I realize the show is supposed to be about her, but I just can’t make myself care anymore, especially since she’s (AGAIN!) become nothing more than a doormat to Bill 2.0, i.e., *stalkerWARLOWstalker*

    Team Northman – YAY!! Eric has been AMAZING this season, as has his entire family. I still really don’t like Nora, but I feel really bad for her right now, and especially for Eric having to watch her waste away now. That scene where they injected her was SO powerful; you could just feel Eric’s rage and helplessness (how about a round of applause for Askars!) And I STILL don’t like Willa, but after last night, there’s a spark of “maybe she’s not so bad” in me now. I am LOVING Tara as a vampire; she’s got her spunk back and it’s glorious. And has Pam EVER looked so gorgeous? Just wow. And I hope we get to see more of her therapy sessions. Some of the best bits of the season so far!!

    Billith – UGH. Although I do have to admit (at the risk of being thrown off of Team Eric) that Bill’s scene with the guards and the governor last night was AWESOME!! I hate him with a passion, but last night I was actually cheering for him!! *ducks tomatoes*

    Overall, I’m LOVING this season so much. And I for one am glad they’re completely gone off the book rails, not only because of the way they ended, but because we really now have no idea what to expect. True Blood is fun again!! :)

  12. My main problem with Terry’s demise is the fact that I have always seen him as a minor character and all the hype suggested a much more central character. Not that I wanted any of the people I see as central characters to be the one to go. I agree Jason has really stepped up to the plate, but then he is always good. I’m loving Sarah she is shaping up to be one of the best villains of the whole series, unlike Warlow who has turned out to be a “I hate being what I am” (Bill has already beat that horse to death) whiner. Sookie, OMG she has known this guy a some total of what maybe 5 days and she’s falling in love and already doing the nasty with him. Sorry what little respect I had for her, which is not much, is completely gone. Eric is well out of any involvement with her he deserves so much more. The Northman family is such a dynamite group, but knowing the writers and exec producer they will destroy what could be the best thing that has happened to this show by killing off Nora and probably even Willa. Such a shame.

  13. Great recap, Evie! Always good to read your thoughts.

    I liked Terry and I’ll miss him, but by no stretch of the imagination can I contemplate his death changing the whole tone of the show. Terry died because Terry wanted to die. He set it up before the glamouring and it would have happened anyway. The glamouring just made it sadder because it showed his ongoing suffering was unnecessary. His death occurred because of ordinary human shit. He was a traumatised war veteran, and bad shit happens to traumatised war veterans all the time. It was in no way due to supernatural shit and Terry was a peripheral character, so why are they seeking to make a big deal about it? I don’t get it. He certainly should have been given a choice, though, since maybe he could have stopped Justin.

    Adored the Northmans. Eric is in top form and Willa is showing a lot of potential. I hope the writers don’t kill her off. I feel Eric’s going to lose Nora, but I’d hate him to lose his baby too.

    Sookie is just perplexing. I don’t understand how her brain works at all. She’s inconsistent and hypocritical and at the moment I don’t care what she and Warlow do. One minute she’s kicking Eric out because she wants to be the girl in the white dress and have a chance at normal, and the next she’s seriously contemplating Warlow’s offer. Her brain seems to be scrambled. And I don’t care for Warlow at all. I don’t dislike him, I just find him fairly bland and not at all attractive. I can’t bring myself to care about him. I thought Warlow would be someone charismatic, but he leaves me cold. The sex scene was just odd, not remotely sexy, IMO. For all I care they can stay in Faery and knock boots all day and night. Anything to keep Sookie away from Eric. And it would drive Bill bonkers to not be able to find them, so win/win all round. :D

  14. Great recap!
    I am really loving this season. It’s because of Eric. This is the bad-a** Eric we love, but we see him caring about others as well. I really don’t give a damn about Nora but I felt Eric’s pain. He’s not waiting around for billith to show up and “save” them. He’s taking matters into his own hands. Now that we are rid of AB the writers will give Eric a decent story line instead of concentrating on trying to shove bill down our throats.
    I did give bill a “way to go” though. Now we are rid of the governor. The only problem is that leaves Sarah in charge. I just really can’t stand her. I don’t like the actress; her face and voice annoy me. I am torn between whether I want Jason or Eric to be the one to kill her. I hope this is her last season.
    I have to mention Terry. How could you not see that coming? The minute he made his deal with his “war buddy” I knew he was toast. It was a classic set up. You know why? As soon as that scene was over we “forgot” it. The writers counted on us to ignore Terry & Arlene, and we did. Then all his war memories were glamoured away, setting up the perfect HEA for them. No, we can’t have that! Honestly, as soon as he walked out with that trash bag, I said “this is it.” It was so obvious! And then I was mad. The scene was wrong, poorly laid out & badly played. Terry himself was great, quiet, scared, & confused. So was Lafayette in the background freaking out. The rest, no. But I DID cry because I LOVED Terry. He was a minor character & they never gave him anything interesting to do, but he had a lot of depth. I will miss him, and I don’t look forward to whiney Arlene mourning her husband. I would rather they had killed her.
    The situation with sookie.. I am beyond words. She can’t help herself, can she? But she said it.. She herself sees the pattern she’s formed. Why deviate now?
    My opinion? IF Warlowe really loved her, was genuine, no evil, no ulterior motives, I would say he is right for her. He would never leave her. She would be lucky to have him. But I don’t think he’s real. There’s something wrong. I don’t believe what he says only because this is TB. Nothing ever works out for the good. For more episodes to find out what he’s really about. And if it turns out he is real? He will die. If it’s a bill-or-warlowe-has-to-die thing, we know who they will keep.
    I’ve taken up enough of your time even though I have more to say. Thanks for reading.

  15. Well you have written my exact thoughts!! Tnk u for that!! And all hail the Viking real royal family!! I love them all!!!

  16. By the way, there is no one more faithful than our precious Viking!!

  17. I am VERY anxious to see what is going to come after this episode. Sookie is going backwards! .How could she have feelings for warlow…so fast?? To me, they have NO romantic spark or chemistry what so ever.kind of brother/sister in fact! I REALLY hate sookie and warlow together. eric was the star as always! WHY are they not having eric feel her fear anymore.I am disapointed and bummed out in this direction, just disgusting! i want warlow gone!

    • Eric possibly blocked the bond, so he wouldn’t be able to feel her anymore. He’s going by her wishes and trying to stay out of her life, the only one who actually gives a damn about what she wants and Sookie doesn’t even appreciate it. He’s better off without her.

      • Spot on Tammy
        Eric is working hard to let her go and I hope he manages. Something tells me as soon as he hears about her and Warlow it will help.

  18. New theory, warlow said he bound the rock holding him to the earth with his life before he asked sookie to tie him up. Maybe she really does have a plan…

  19. I agree with you tammy….and i think we all wish she has a plan.but unfortunately,i think she is just back to being stupid sookie. I would be SHOCKED if they were able to get that past us! also, i was re-watching the comic con trailer and i think when she says ..”i rather be a walking corpse..” she is talking to bill! so much for getting her old life back.will this girl EVER wake up!

    • I do think she was talking to Bill, but at least she’s made it clear she wants nothing to do with him anymore. We’ll see how long that lasts, Warlow is really no different in my opinion.

  20. Valerie77, I saw that scene with Sookie talking about rather being a corpse and its in the daytime ….I know we saw Billith in the day last episode but I think its Warlow she is talking to and not Bil….because Billith needs more of Warlows blood to walk in the day….but your right she never does learn!

  21. OH I loved seeing Eric dressed as one of the guards! i laughed so hard when he said Fantastico! lol and was like Fuck me! LMAO. that was so great. I am so glad hopefully they will soon destroy all of it. Warn others DO NO DRINK TRUE BLOOD that is given in Louisiana.

    I felt kinda bad when Terry died. I am guessing he’s probably going to do other shows or movies etc. So he got out now lol.

    Bill totally kicked ass but um Warlow and Sookie will be in terrible danger now that Bill drank Warlow’s Blood lol. eeek!

    I guess we’ll see more next week. .

  22. I still am hoping Sookie has made too much progress this season to go back and that this incident with Warlow is a way for her to get his light only to turn it and use it against him. I really hope the whole I’d rather be a corpse scene in the trailer is her talking to Warlow. I am continuing to hope that Sookie is going to show Ben the door by the end of the season!

  23. I love all things Eric and he was so BAMF. I will keep my Ben comments to myself as they will not be popular even though they have nothing to do with Sookie. RIP Terry!

  24. […] It’s Evie’s turn to share her thoughts as she recaps this week’s episode! You can read all about it in her review titled, “The One Where Somebody Died”! […]

  25. Hi,girls!I’m Brazilian, i love True Blood,specially Eric and Sookie, and i like this site very much!I’m always reading your comments and in most of times i agree with you,but sorry,this time i can’t agree with you,girls!Getting straight to the point,i just finished watching this episode by the fourth time and when Sookie is f…… with Ben/Warlow i didn’t see love or sexual attraction from her, in anyway.What i saw?Determination.She has a goal,a plan for saving her life which i still couldn’t understand.That’s the reason why the scene isn’t sexy or tender,it’s crude…she’s not making love or having sex with him,she is really f…… with him for something that we’ll see soon.Let’s give credits to the writers,they told us that Sookie would become more mature and wiser and in her dialogue with Warlow,she said “I can be a danger whore,but i’m not stupid…”.So we can’t be sexists,Eric can have sex with anyone,even his sister,but Sookie not?I love him,but it’s not fair.Hopefully we’ll see Eric and Sookie together.still in this season,Anna Paquin gave us some clues about this in her last enterviews:” Paquin said not to write off her relationship with Eric Northman (Alexander Skarsgard) just yet. Even though she’s rescinded his invitation from her house, the actress said that there will always be something between the two characters because they “genuinely have affections for each other” ” and “at least Anna says that there’s still love between Eric and Sookie…it’s just the wrong time and wrong place”.Finally,i don’t care if Willa is a promissor baby vamp and is helping Eric to get out the Vamp Camp,she has a crush for him and i can’t bear that;i hate Willa and Nora just like i hate Bill and Warlow,by the simple fact that they are between Eric and Sookie,so i want the extermination for all them!!!
    Sorry for my English and I’m happy to be in contact with you!Bye,Girls!

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