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Anna Paquin and some others from the True Blood cast talked to Access Hollywood at Comic Con 2013! We have a couple of the videos below for you to view.

You can watch these interviews below…

WARNING: These may contain mild spoilers…if you don’t want to know – don’t watch below.

Anna Paquin talks about getting back into shape for True Blood Season 6. She also talks about working with new co-star Rob Kazinsky. Plus, Anna discusses possible deaths this season. You can watch the interview below.

We figured because Sookie is directly involved with Benlow this season…we’d share what Rob Kazinsky said too. Watch his interview below.

Rutina Wesley and Kristin Bauer van Straten also talked to Access Hollywood. If you would like to watch their videos too…please click here!

This really stood out for me from these interviews – “Should we read into the fact Alex isn’t there?” Say wha…? Is this True Blood’s way of making us doubt whether or not Eric is going to die by the end of this season? Oh please…if they killed Eric off, they KNOW nobody would watch the show next year. That would mean the true death of the show, and we know it’s already been renewed. They can’t be THAT stupid right?

At least Anna says that there’s still love between Eric and Sookie…it’s just the wrong time and wrong place. Hopefully their paths do cross this season at some point.

I’m not going to touch the faepire baby possibility with a 10 ft. poll…because that’s so wrong in so many ways…

What are your thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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25 comments on “Anna Talks to Access Hollywood

  1. I adore Anna Paquin. I wouldn’t be here if I didn’t. That being said, I found her use of the words, “you know” to be kind of distracting.

  2. My thing too is Anna has done a few interviews about how Sookie and Eric has genuine feelings and now even says love for each other but then says wrong place wrong time ….when it is ever going to be right place right time? Warlow bores me …..I know some people find him intriguing or whatever but anytime your a vampire and you hate yourself there is something weak about that character to me so he can die and I won’t miss him…..and when this show starts doing fae/vamp babies then I am done because that’s twilight.

    • Benlow does more than bore me every time he gives an interview he is the first to say “Everything that Ben says is the truth, trust me I’m the real deal”. Is making me want to spit fire. He needs to embrace his inner vampire and stop being a big baby. I’m glad Bill stands between them more than Eric right now at least Bill will stand a fighting chance with all their powers between them.

  3. Yep, I agree this better not turn into a “twilight” themed show with faepire babies and Eric (Alex) better not get killed off this season cause then I among quite afew other people will quit watching the show and they will be pulled off the air before the second eppy of season 7 airs!!!!!!!!

    I truly don’t believe that HBO/writers and producers of TB are that stupid……..

  4. I don`t trust War low at all. I really hope he will be evil at the end of the season. I really really hope it is true about Eric and Sookie hook up last eps,but I don’t known and I started to losing hope for them after I saw Sookie f**king War low. I don’t want Eric gets replace for Warlow for next season. I freaking hate the writers done to Eric this season. Eric had suffer enough. I would rather to see Warlow dies at end of the season than Eric.

  5. OMG i love Anna she is so team Eric everytime i see o read an interview with her she is always supporting Eric she actually thinks is better for the show the E&S couple i love Stephen too he knows the B&S ship has sail and sees Eric as a better suitor for her they know and want what’s best for the show i think the writers are the only ones in the darkness

  6. This interview just made me so mad. I will not watch next season if Benlow replaces Northman.

    • Aolani08…..don’t worry as far as Benlow is concerned ….I am sure he will be dead and Eric will be around in season 7 ……Billith and Benlow will kill each other off I bet or Benlow will die and the lillith part of Bill will be dead.

  7. I will wait the outcome of the last episode and am hoping it was just a dream😩

  8. After watching the interview with Pam and Sookie – I think Eric is in danger! I was only happy about Terry, cause I thought that mean the Eric was safe, but just the way Benlow was talking and Sookie about how Sookie and Eric are not there now, and then Pam being so excited to be back for a 7th season and then saying there were multiple deaths, some of them will be really sad, and some will make people angry I worry for my Viking God – but I still hold to my promise – No Eric – no more True Blood for me!!

  9. Having seen a poster on this site coin the ship Wookie I think I will use that from now on has a certain ring to it I like which is about the only thing about the situation I like. And continuing with another train wreck thought Fairy babies…As my eyeballs bleed yet again remembering the revolting scene. Sookie needs one of those like a hole in the head. She cant take care of herself much less protect herself and a child and who wants to have a child with someone you have to worry 24/7 is going to eat said child or did she miss the part where Benlow ate her fairy relatives like pot stickers. Then there is Benlow’s mommie/daddy Billith. So considering how Sookie is written she would ignore those pertinent facts as well until she caught him in the act of eating his own child by then it’s too late.

  10. Wookie! Haha I think I will use that one! Still stuck on blech mode 2 days later. I may try a rewatch of the episode fast forwarding through the Wookie!Blech! stuff to see the rest of the good stuff that was there. I have to say again how utterly sick I am of hearing this Rob guy talk! Is he the new spokesman for the show or something? As for Eric being written out by killing him…. Well that would be it for me too!!!

    • I see I got a thumbs down so to clarify I too am sure he is a perfectly nice guy in real life but I certainly do not like hearing his take on how we should worry about Eric and being such a newcomer to carry on like the new lead male!

  11. Does anyone know whether or not Rob Kazinsky sign two years contract? By the way, I really hate faypire thing, really. That’s twilight! And with Warlow, that’s creepy and disgusting. Don’t go there. Please True Blood. Don’t make me abjure you.

  12. I’m sure Rob is a nice enough dude, but I’m so ready for Benlow to go! Almost threw up during the faempire sex scene. It was just too ooky for me. And if the powers that be kill Eric, they kill the show. Period! Do not pass go. Do not collect $200.

  13. Uh, If they kill off Eric, I probably feel relieved. I can finally give up this excruciating torment called Bill and Sookie center show. I don’t give a damn for this show if not for Eric.

  14. It sounds crazy even hearing AP mention eric and sookie together..havent heard that in a while at this point! and the former ‘love’ of your life is a lier.YES! we know that love is there, thats why we get so angry when sookie does something dumb! I am just hoping that something good comes out of this, because what the hell. I want the show to be about the main character next season, sick of new people! I miss when the show was filled with eric scenes!!!

  15. All I have to say is if Eric meets the true death, I will never watch True Blood again! Period. I can not even picture the show without him. He is the reason I started watching it in the first place.

  16. I dont understand why some people are cursing sookie of what she did with Ben. She was very frustrated. I mean she wanted to be that girl in the white dress again then she found out that her parents are trying to kill her …. She realized she cannt go back and has to face the truth of her destiny. I imagine she was not in a good state of mind at that point.
    Anyways, I really want to see some scene between ben and eric.
    I doubt eric sookie will b back together this season though…..which is very dissapointing and i hope im wrong.
    Eric said in a different life. And Anna said wrong time and place. There wont be the right time for Eric when he is trying to save his kind this season.

  17. […] recovering from Comic Con 2013…we shared interviews with Anna Paquin, Rob Kazinsky, Rutina Wesley, and Kristin Bauer van Straten. We found what Anna had to say about Eric and Sookie’s relationship MOST […]

  18. Just waiting for the Warlow and Eric showdown. Eric might get a little roughed up but he has something Warlow never had a father in his human life, a maker that taught him to survive, and unbeknownst to both Eric and Sookie, Sookie’s love for him and his for her.

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