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Whilst we impatiently wait for this week’s new episode on Sunday night, SpoilerTV have today posted some further information on the following week’s episode 8, from an HBO press release.

Spoilers ahead folks!


The episode is now titled “Dead Meat” and here is their synopsis:

Sookie (Anna Paquin) faces a major dilemma in deciding whether to broker a deal between Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) and Bill (Stephen Moyer). Over in vamp camp, Jason (Ryan Kwanten) gets to know Violet (Karolina Wydra), while Sarah (Anna Camp) goes to extremes to keep Tru Blood flowing. Alcide (Joe Manganiello) makes a decision that will impact the futures of Nicole (Jurnee Smollett-Bell) and Sam (Sam Trammell).

Written by Robin Veith; directed by Michael Lehmann.

So it looks like Sookie will be caught in the middle between Bill and Warlow (how lovely for her!) but no mention of the Northman family. Are they in or out of Vamp Camp by now? We’re hitting the final run-in soon and all will be revealed…..

Let us know if you have any thoughts on what you know so far about episode 8.

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42 comments on “Episode 8 – further information

  1. Rob K did say that Sookie would be caught in the middle of the prophecy. My take is Bill wants his blood and he does not want to give it without some reassurances of his life. Where is Eric and what is he doing? I am not worried, it is not the first time time he has not been mentioned in a synopsis.

    • Hopefully House Northman are on a secret mission somewhere :)

      Robin Veith is a another new writer btw. She’s been a supervising producer but this is the first one she has written.

      • Thanks Evie :)

        I’m not sure why the Northman clan isn’t mentioned…but my guess it has to do with keeping that Eric’s death rumor alive…at least, I hope so! Lol

    • We can’t expect for Eric to keep saving someone that doesn’t want to save herself. I think it’s good for Eric to be out of the picture every time something goes wrong Sookie finds a way to blame him, this way she has nobody to blame but herself. Eric gave her what she wanted it’s up to Sookie to put on her big girl panties and realize what she needs (to finally leave Bill Compton alone).

      • I agree with that because Eric is no where near her and this situation so if she gets in trouble with Bill again, she can’t blame Eric. I believe she only goes near Bill for Ben’s sake.

  2. I don’t feel sorry for Sookie and right now don’t care about that story line. She went in guns blazing no questions asked to save Bill from the Authority. Her brother is fighting for his life and she is still playing house with Billith and Benlow. I am looking forward to more of the northman clan and the baby vampire (Willa). Eric and Willa are the highlight of the show for me.

    • I’d go for Eric, Willa and Ginger LOL I do hope they get her out of Vamp Camp too.

    • But if you remember…she ONLY went to the Authority because Eric asked her to. She had no desire to go there until Eric came to her house. I also seem to recall…the whole time she was there, Eric was by her side. So, it’s not like she was there with just Billith.

      • I remember Evie but she really didn’t want to go until Eric told her Bill was in trouble and the speech she gave “How Bill was the most unique vampire she knows” did it for me. I guess Pam is wearing off on me. Sookie never gives Eric any credit for anything. I know she and Eric will protect one another with their life as evident in episode 1. Now she is telling Benlow she can’t stop thinking of him or words to that effect. Sookie is fickle and I will pick up the story line once she chooses and only if she makes the man work harder than Eric has to deserve a shot. Bill blew in to town and has been deceiving her for 5 seasons. We are on season 6 and the writers still haven’t made her anymore the wiser. If Sookie treated all her male suitors as she has treated Eric I can say hey that’s just Sookie. She only portrays that Southern Belle persona with Eric trying to change him into her ideal man while she allows other men to change her into their ideal woman. I think 5 seasons of the same old Sookie never learning her lesson in love it’s more to True Blood than her and Bill’s drama of on again off again and other people in the grand scheme of things when she throws a temper tantrum. She and Eric laid the foundation to a wonderful relationship her uncertainty and holding hope to Bill changing is what’s not using that foundation to build a home.

        • Pam has been so right about Sookie since day 1…I love the way Pam thinks :)…And you are totally right. I am going to ignore her story till she does something worthwhile to get my attention again.

  3. I like the Sookie story line. It’s deep, disturbing and the parellels between Billith and Benlow are interesting.

    I could do with less Northamn clan and more Eric Northaman. Willa and Snora can drink Hep V for all I care.

    • I don’t mind the storyline either. I just hope Sookie goes back to the way she was before at the start of the season…by being smart and cautious.

      I don’t mind Willa…as long as she stays as just the “baby vamp” and there’s no love on Eric’s part.

      • I think I mind the storyline because I’m tired of her, Bill, and their drama in extension to Benlow.

      • I didn’t mind the Sookie/Benlow stuff until this week – and it’s not because they had sex, it’s because it all seemed a bit weird and he went all Edward Cullen on her! I’m not into this destiny crap! And I can do without Bilith getting involved :) There has to be more to all this than there seems, I don’t know what but there has to be……

        • IMO it’s because Sookie had sex with Benlow that bothers me more than the Edward Cullen crap. LOL I can live with the fact he sparkles during sex. :P And this destiny crap is only due to the marriage contract. But the sex act itself was very weird and like there’s something more to it. It goes without saying…the less Billith, the better! LOL

  4. Sookie: “If you ever loved me you will let him go and will stop killing each other” or something like that… hmmm… and Alcide messing up Nicole, her mother and Sam again. I do hope the new title refers to the pack and Sam will shift into something spectacular and kills these useless wolves…
    Aren’t these descriptions supposed to make us excited? I like the new title, there are some great songtexts but the “spoilers” are pretty much what we’ve seen in the ComicCon trailer already.
    Maybe we should petition HBO for a Northman Clan spin-off series…

  5. To be fair I think Sookie is unaware at the moment of the fact that her brother and the other people/vamps she loves are in the Vamp camp. Hopefully when she attends Terry’s funeral in the next ep. she’ll figure that something is up with Jason or more likely when Bill comes to fairy to take Warlow’s blood he will explain. This will of course get Sookie thinking to make a deal with Warlow.
    I think this could be the episode when Bill comes in and save the vamps from the sun / all Eric’s girls are in the room (not sure about Tara actually??). Eric will be probably on the mission to blow up TB factory, but I really hope that his absence in the summery doesn’t mean he’ll have about 5 min screen time.
    I am desperate for ep 9 and 10 – I guess they won’t be releasing that any time soon.

    • I agree :D Both Eric and Sookie are too involved with what’s happening to themselves, to give a thought on what might be happening to the other.

      I just hope that they’ll have some scenes together before the season ends…is that too much to ask? Lol

    • I hope Willa makes it out alive and all goes well for Nora.

    • I think Eric is with Nora /or without her/ out from the camp

  6. Naturally no mention of Eric and his girls, I am convinced that this show goes out of its way to marginalize the Eric character. I don’t give a hoot about Alcide and the wolf pack, Warlow was a total dissapointment to me, Bill still just bores me to tears with his sanctimonious, pompous, arrogant attitude, and Sookie doing the nasty with a guy she has known a sum total of maybe 5 days I find rather disgusting.

  7. I think we are about to learn that congratulations are in order for the new Mrs. Warlow! I also think that no mention of Eric is meant to further inflame his fan base and feed the Eric will die rumor. It is also possible that they have killed him off, Wookie are now married and the rest of this season and the next is for her to disentangle herself from Warlow and find her way back to her ” one true love” Bill! Of course I hope with everything in my Eric loving heart that this is not the case!!!! Pretty jaded and worried right now!

  8. I just hope the reason for no Eric mention is due to his story being so KICKASS!! I wasnt impressed with the new writer last week, so lets hope this one doesnt disappoint again… Looks like they are just brown nosing the power couple Stephen and Anna…

  9. i’m just pissed that terry got killed off… and surprise surprise… sookie bangs another dude in the dirt. *sigh She’s getting really tiresome and anoyingly predictable. Eric will be fine and quite frankly i’m just curious to see how this Lillith fiasco ends.

  10. We all know the show is all Billcentric. They (the writers) think Bill and Sookie are meant to be…… Sorry I had to barf. Why can’t they get it through their thick skulls that we are so done with Bill? The ratings would be through the roof we they gave us Eric and Sookie!

    • A Northman family spin off…especially if there’s lots of Eric & Sookie lovin’ too and I’m in… ;)

      • At least get the two in the same frame…Probably with Eric beating up Ben in some alternate universe :D

        But seriously after episode 1, we havent had absolutely anything! Not even a dream sequence….We used to get good dream sequences in previous seasons (barring the Sookie/Eric/Bill threesome which was destroyed when Bill entered the dream)….

    • Awesome idea!! The Northman’s!!

  11. YES!!! I agree with you luvvamps! Could you just imagine how many people would LOVE watching the show again! They need a eric/sookie saves the world storyline because when those two work together its badass to watch!! warlow/sookie/bill crap makes me sick to watch.and PLEASE let the last 2 episodes have sookie give a shit about eric again, or at least find out hes been in the camp! I will never get sick of saying I want warlow/bill GONE!!!!

  12. You know actually Wookie pregnant.. losing Benlow to return to Billith.. may be a new discovery for a diet I certainly lost my appetite and now feel incredibly nausea leaving no enthusiasm now for remaining episodes. Ugh

    • Why does everyone think she’s going to get pregnant, did I miss something? I don’t see the show going there, but nothing would really surprise me anymore. Warlow may be fae, but he’s still a vampire and they can’t reproduce.

      • People are saying that, I think because of the “mystery light” like Maurella and Andy!
        I just hope it’s not true!!!

  13. What will work for me would be
    If Benlow will turn to the dark side and kill Billith, then tried to kill Sook but Eric rescued her and ta-da!!! The end!!

  14. I think I can understand what’s going on with Sookie right now…Warlow saved her life a couple times now and she’s always had a thing for a guy who saves the day…she knows she has this weakness for a hero so she’s telling him “hey, I’m not just going to jump head first into wedding bells with you” but at the same time, Sookie isn’t one to lie about how she feels…that’s why she tells him that she can’t stop thinking about him…and the weird sex scene…well…she’s clearly head over feet for Warlow, but he said he didn’t trust himself…so she gets a little rapey with him…at the same time, maybe she is trying to play games with him by using her magic snatch to gain a little power in the situation…and maybe she wants him to have her blood so he can come save her more?

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