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We have three new clips for you for episode 7 and as usual if you don’t want to know then don’t scroll!


Boring but here it is!




He is so adorable!

As usual, sound off below!

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52 comments on ““In The Evening” Promo Clips

  1. Not interested in any of these (especially not Alcide and his dad) except perhaps Jason, so not going to waste time even watching them.

  2. Awwwwwww. My little shipper heart still beats for Jess & Jason. I am just worried Sarah is going to try and take him out to shut him up permanently.

  3. Boring clips! And nothing about Northmans! I´m disappointment…

  4. Jason has a huge heart and is trying to make things right with Jess and I think that is a good thing. I don’t trust Sarah and hope everyone makes it out of vamp camp. I’m sure this episode is what’s going to make the town of Bon Temps band together. I wonder if vampires will be recognized as citizens after this. I also hope nothing happens to Nora to throw Eric over the edge.

    • Unfortunately I think we are in for some BIG Eric pain :(
      It’s terrible to watch when we love him so much but great from an acting point of view when they give Skars heart-breaking stuff to do, he always knocks it out of the park!

      • Evie, I think from the clips Eric will loose his humanity and start killing humans like the comic-con clip showing him attacking Andys last daughter and killing everyone at the true blood plant and choking Steve Newlin which I like ! This is where Sookie needs to come in because he will regain his humanity with her ….we will see how they write it

        • Wow, that was Andy’s daughter? This season is looking very sad for the vampires. Hopefully the preview is making it look worse than what it is and he shows some restraint. I don’t see Sookie coming to his rescue any time this season she has Billith and Benlow to contend with. She should have just walked away when she had the chance the same way she did with Eric but she had to take him to another realm. She is definitely gonna learn she did not choose wisely when she let Eric go.

          • Yes Aolani08, it looks like Andy’s daughter maybe its not….but Eric will lose control from Nora’s death because he feels responsible for her dying because Burrell got back at him for Willa by killing her…..its gonna be sad …..Sookie and this Warlow stuff is not interesting to me ….I just don’t care about Warlow so if he dies in the finale which I am sure he will then fine ….Sookie had been smart for 4 episodes then they had her revert back to doing stupid things …that scene last week at the end of the episode made no sense? She should be with Eric and helping the vampires escape from vamp camp

  5. I know, Sara will get in the way, of, Jason and Jessica. On a different note, I want to see more of, Sookie and Eric, and their love story. That’s why I watch the show.

  6. Got a couple of questions for everyone. First, can anyone clear up for me exactly how Sarah Newlin was able to revoke Jessica’s invitation to Jason’s house? And two, hasn’t anyone else wondered why Andy’s fairy kids grew up so fast? They were half fairy. Sookie’s granddaddy was half fairy. Did he grow like that? What didn’t Sookie grow like that? Just some “burning” questions that have been bothering me :)

    • Unfortunately Chistina we will probably never know, which has always been one of our biggest complaints about the writers for this show. There have been too many inconsistances in this show.. It has been bothering most of us for six years now. The way I look at it is that’s story telling TB style and that’s it!!!

    • I think these are probably just devices to suit the plot. Supernatural stories can get away with stuff like that. Of course we don’t know how fast Niall’s half-fae child grew, but I guess in the end the writers didn’t want babies getting drained by vampires. All I’ve got on the rescinding one is that any human can invite a vampire in (Tara invites Franklyn into Sookies house and Cooter invited Russell into Alcide’s apartment) so maybe any human can rescind as well. Not very convincing I know but with TB you just have to let stuff slide or you drive yourself crazy!

    • Sookie’s dad and grandfather were not true “halflings”, they only had a touch of fairy blood in them like Sookie does, so that’s why they didn’t rapidly age like Andy’s true halfling daughters. I think that any human or were in a dwelling can invite in or rescind a vampires invitation, though they’ve never clarified that within the show. I’m going by what I’ve seen in previous episodes, like when Sookie invited Bill into Jason’s house but Jason rescinded his invitation.

  7. I wish I had an answer, I asked that question. I’m still trying to figure out why Claudette or Claudine wasn’t brokered in the marriage mart the fairies held? I’m still trying to figure out why Warlow was on the bridge the night Sookie parents or daddy dearest tried to kill her?

  8. Yes. The invitation thing seems to have gone a couple different directions over this season. First Eric gives the house back to Sookie and she rescinds his invite to “HER” house which leads you to believe its the owner’s right to rescind. But, on the other hand the cronies at the governer’s mansion did say that they had to “invite her in” (meaning Willa). Even though the writing is much better this season, these are practical matters that need some extra time at the planning table.

    • Yeah I am a little confused at the whole inviting and uninviting thing but that inconsistency has never been explained and probably never will be. I decided to not think about those little things in favor of the big things. Also, to not get my blood pressure up lol

  9. I think any human can invite in and uninvite a vampire as long as the house is human owned i remenber in book four they wanted Sookie to get in Marnie’s place and invite all the vampires in so if they are following the books it’s correct of course i doubt theyre considering the books and are just doing what they want

  10. sorry but zzzzz to these promos

    Never thought that Eric will loose his cool after Nora’s death …he will be emotional and I am sure it will be a great performance as usual.
    However he will have to compose himself and get on the mission to save the rest of his family and destroy the TB factory.

  11. Snore’s A LOT! The rest of the ep. better then those clips.

  12. I don’t think Sookie knows what going on with the vamps. It’s not like her to not care. I hope she flips when she finally hears about it. Then she jumps in with both feet to save everyone. Oh wait I just woke up, it was just a dream.

    • Bill told her about their coming death, but she didn´t trust him. But who can wonder after all her experiences with Bill?

  13. I agree with Luvvamps,Sookie doesn’t know what is happening in the Vamps World,she is busy,dealing with Warlow and Bililith,as Eric also doesn’t know what is happenning with Sookie;they have their own worries and fights.I know that all of us have a bad image from Sookie,given by her relantionship with Bill,but i still like her and believe in her.I repeat that in the sex scene with Warlow,i didn’t see love or tender feelings in her,perhaps some sexual attraction,but looking straight to her face ,what i saw was determination;she has a plan,she is trying to keep herself alive.I can’t forgrt one of her speeches: “I can be a danger whore,but i”m not stupid”!
    In the comic con clip,we see Sookie comforting Sam for Terry’s death,so she’s still a kind and caring person.Well,i’m praying for that.Eric and Sookie forever!!!!

    • Sure, she is when it comes to her friends, but still makes stupid decisions with the men in her life. I don’t believe she has a plan, this show would really surprise me if that was the case, so far it’s been very predictable. She could have also been comforting Sam because of Luna, I don’t think Sookie even knows she’s dead yet.

    • I’m not sure what her plan could have been in regards to Ben seeing as he was tied up at his request. He saved her life so what danger is her life in, especially at the moment that she had her way with him? She already had his trust and he said he would tear up the contract (I am aware he could be lying) so I guess I just don’t see what plan she would have that would include her sexing him up. In the faemetary she had the upper hand seeing as he was magically tied up.

      • Nymerias that what makes that scene even weirder and stupid because I don’t see where she gains anything sexing Ben up and calling herself a danger whore….WTF? I don’t think it helps in any way in Sookie growing into a strong independent woman shehad been growing into the first 4 episodes ….I liked what there were doing with her until the end of that episode.

        • Episode 6 always has a sex scene, the show is quite predictable in that way and in most other ways as well. Which is why I wish they would do some different shit. I hope Ben kills Bill

          • i think Warlow will kill the Lillith part of Bill but Bill will kill Warlow….which works for me both ways…Bill is never dying on this show

          • I have to ask why people want him killed off? He does not like his maker nor does he care for Bill. I see this as a plus in his favor, not a negative.I am not saying I want him with Sookie, I am just saying he may not be the big bad. It would be so typical of this show to do EXACTLY what fans expect, I would like them to NOT do the obvious for once. Bill does not have to die, he just does not always have to get what he wants. I want him to get his just desserts, something Bucky said would happen on the ITBB and I hope he meant he would start with Bill. If Ben can give him some kind of just desserts I am cool with that! LOL

          • That would be so sweet nymerias!!!!!!!!!!

          • @luvvamps
            Maybe Ben will send Bill to another dimension, I would be all for that. All girl can dream.

          • I would “like” that a hundred times if I could!

  14. First clip – you are right – boring!! And, I though Alcide’s father wanted him to be part of a pack??

  15. Second Clip – slightly boring – LaLa was in it – I bet they will both go back to Bon Temps and Alcide will need to save them from the pack – I think they make a cute couple though!!

  16. Third – Jason Stackhouse to the Rescue – but it won’t be necessary – daddy Bill is on his way! – Question is – since she was having issues with daddy Bill – is she gonna go back to him now that she thinks he could be the devil?

    • She shouldn’t but who knows what she will do. At this point I am more worried about Jason, Sookie has not read heard his message yet and does not know where he is.

  17. Oh ya! Billy boy to the rescue! Oh happy day! NOT!

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