Videos: Inside “The Evening” & “Dead Meat” Promo


We hope your bloody tears have dried…but in case they haven’t, grab yourself another tissue. It’s time to watch this week’s “Inside The Episode” for True Blood Episode 6.07 “In The Evening” along with the promo for next week’s episode, True Blood Episode 6.08 “Dead Meat”!

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched the show – don’t watch below!


Check out HBO’s Inside The Episode with director Scott Howard and writer Kate Barnow by clicking on the image below!


If you can’t wait to see what’s in store for us next week…watch the promo for next week’s episode 6.08 “Dead Meat” below!

Wow! I can’t believe there’s only 3 episodes left!


Time to draw first blood! What did you think of tonight’s episode? Please share your thoughts below!

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83 comments on “Videos: Inside “The Evening” & “Dead Meat” Promo

  1. Heartbreaking, Eric is really going to want revenge now. Is it just me, or did anyone get a Interview with a Vampire vibe from the flashback? Was Eric being British? It was hard to tell.

  2. Lestat came to mind as soon as I saw Eric in the flashback!

  3. And did anyone get a inkling that Sookie glamored Arlene by accident?

    • Yeah I saw that hopefully having Benlow’s blood is going to make a kick butt Sookie after all. I’m still loving Willa she is fitting into the Northman Clan wonderfully. He really made a good choice when he made her a vampire. She shut Pam down.

  4. Eric/Alex was great tonight very sad scenes with Nora tonight and please what happened to the smart Sookie the first 4 episodes of this season now she is back to being stupid and doing stupid things that will bite her in her butt! Warlow is crazy and will be going off in the last couple of episodes probably will kidnapped Sookie…..SMH

    • Lol….the new Sookie. I guess Benlow is about to find out that Sookie is the love them and leave them type and her wham bam thank you ma’am attitude is not going to go so well with our new resident vampire. There is nothing good about a woman scorned (Benlow) and Sookie better watch her back.

  5. kidnap her please! lol, I thought eric/alex did a great job. I love that he can be so tough/yet so human as well..it doesn’t change how I see his character..I think he is going into ‘angry’ eric mode again, which I love…that means he will be DONE w/ bill as well as sookie’s crap. I’m loving willa as well, she is so good for eric and I think great storylines are coming up there! I really like the show this season

  6. First yeah Sookie is that dumb i believe she’s not in love or falling for Warlow she just wanted to f**k him see what is was like to be with her kind and i don’t know i still don’t see the point in her doing that. I dind’t see or care for the wolves i just forward all of the scenes just saw Nicole taken and i honestly don’t care, Sam was a bit more interesting than Alcide and by that i mean that i at least saw all of his scenes not that i liked it, Jason was the sweetest and jessica i’m not sure what to think about her and james i’m still confused as to how she used Jason to get it on with him, the stuff about the Bellefleur’s it was nice nothing exiting and now for the stuff that i care ERIC NORTHMAN i loved all of his scenes the flashback was amazing his british accent was really subtle but you get the point that he was trying to fit in he broke my heart with his bloody tears and i just kept waiting for Godric to show up and he dind’t that made me sad. But now after seeing the promo i’m scared he’s gonna be ruthless i don’t even know if even Sookie would get to him since she’s on Warlow’s side and he’s on Bill’s, i see more difficult that they get together soon i just think their encounter will not be good

    • I think…and this is JMHO…that Sookie still hasn’t seen Warlow’s true nature. I think he allowed her (or maybe glamoured her?) into having sex with him so he would use that as a way to have her agree to their marriage contract. The whole sex thing just didn’t seem very Sookie-like to me. LOL

      • She is about to see his true nature and it ain’t pretty …but she thought she was just being curious and having sex with him but he is not the type to do that with…she will find out

      • Erika I want to believe as you that Sookie was tricked I even kept watching the last episode for a glimmer of hope but nope our girl gave up the goods willingly and her flakiness about what she wants out of life is going to be her demise in the end. I was hoping when Bill mentioned Eric she would have wanted to save him like she ran in guns blazing to save Bill but when it didn’t happen I was disappointed.

        • Bill didn’t give her much information to go on, so she wouldn’t have been able to just take off and go after him. If anything, I’m sure she would at least want to save Tara and Jessica.

      • Sookie can’t be glamored

    • I think Bill did what he did told Sookie and Eric half the story to ensure they stay apart but some way some how by seasons end Eric and Sookie is going to put two and two together. I didn’t see her defending Benlow to the point she was ready to stake Bill so that counts for something curiosity killed the cat and Sookie is going to pay dearly for this one night stand.

      • True. I think once Eric and Sookie find out the whole story…they will be teaming up again to save the world. As for Sookie’s ONS…I just hope she doesn’t end up pregnant.

        • Me either I can take the vampires day walking like vampire diaries but the Twilight movie when Bella got pregnant was not my favorite movie. We know Sookie carries the Fae we just have to figure out what Benlow wants with her specifically. True Blood probably doesn’t get into that until next season. The show is having it’s good story lines (The Northman Clan). I learned Godric was special tonight I wish they elaborated more on how he saved Nora. I wonder if he was Fae I know Niall would know? Episode 9 will show us if there should still be hope for Eric and Sookie because Sookie is going to find a way to save her vampires earning the respect of Pam. Benlow is going to be livid when Sookie doesn’t give him his forever so no matter how long True Blood draws out the story line of Benlow at least we know next year it’s a done deal. There was a preview where Sookie says she rather be a corpse than thinking of him I’m hoping she chooses Eric to turn her resulting in a blood bond because of a third exchange. I’m still trying to have hope for these two but the producers and writers are making the outcome cloudy with a chance of meatballs

  7. My poor Eric. You get no break from anyone didn’t you, except heartbreak(book and tv). After all this is done, I wish him to just whisk Pam and Willa away from America. I don’t care about the stupid chick whose name I shall not utter(childish, I know). Get him away from her and her constipated suitors and America.

  8. cw: lol, I agree…my poor eric, I would love to see him ‘pick a fight’ w/ sookie though he so needs to say a few things to her. His is the best storyline this season, thus far. I could care less about bill the divine, really, only interested in so far as it fits the overall plot. willa is stealing the show for me, I think she and eric are going to be electric

    • I don’t think Willa is going to survive the camp she is going to be essential in the escape but when she learns her father is dead she is not going to be able to handle his death. I wish we could see more of the baby vampire but on any organized sport everyone has a role and so far she has proven to know her role. I’m worried about Jason he was bitten by Were Panthers and now he’s a vampire snack. I wonder what got the vampires high in the camp the only thing I can think of is fairy blood so did Billith make good on his promise in developing a better synthetic blood? I think Episode 9 we are going to see that Sookie’s loyalty is to Eric and his is to her because Eric is safe to her. I think Eric is mad thinking she didn’t want to help him but once he find out the truth Eric is going to tear Billith a new behind. I think Billith told her Eric escaped so she wouldn’t run in guns blazing but they are going to get everything together by episode 9 and Eric and Sookie is going to be a force to be reckoned with.

  9. I agree! Eric is pissed,and I think he will go crazy a bit,Now im just waiting for eric to blow up at sookie, either make her feel guilty/like crap because she was off with warlow and not helping!! I thought tonight’s episode was good,besides boring alcide/sam (as always)..getting ready for the last 3 episodes!!! and yeah i think eric and sookie are very far away from each other at this point though.HATE how bill gets all the scenes with her! ERIC NORTHMAN STOLE THE SHOW !!!!! love him!

    • Valerie Eric is going to give Sookie the business no doubt because they are the only couple on the show that calls one another on their Bull Shit. Sookie and Eric keep one another grounded Benlow and Sookie will never have the relationship that Sookie and Eric had because Benlow built the foundation for their relationship just like Bill with lies. Once Sookie finds out that Jessica ate the fairies and Billith covered it up, Benlow ate the fairies in the meadow, threw Niall in another dimension, and glamoured her brother we are going to see just what Sookie is capable of once she gets over her pity party in her choice of men. We still don’t know the reason behind what Benlow wants with Sookie and when she find out she is going to be pissed.

    • Although I don’t begrudge anyone from having a good time, but people do need to get together to defeat the monstrosity going on…And Sookie cannot wash her hands off the whole thing because 80% of her friends are supes of some kind and she needs to face up to the fact that she can’t keep pretending to be normal and expect nothing to happen to herself.

      Even if she doesn’t feel for Eric (Sigh what a waste!) she still can help him to gain some footing in the supe world. I don’t think the writers are thinking like this though :(

      But I have faith in the Viking! He is going to pull through this one too and he will be stronger in the end!

  10. Eric break my heart, Alex is the best actor in this show, but Eric about to fuck SHIT UP!! Watch out!! I have one question Why BILL DIDN’T TELL SOOKIE ANOUT NORA DYING??? Maybe she would have help save her for Eric???

    • I think Sookie would have tried to help if Bill had the decency to tell her.

      • When has Bill ever had the decency to tell Sookie everything important there is to know…He only tells her platitudes on his undying love for Sookehh (seasons 1 to 4) / worthlessness of humans (season 5 to 6) / Lilith is God and I am God (season 6)…….Frankly what has he done besides killing Truman which didn’t solve anything…

    • Because Bill is Bill out for self. I don’t think Bill wanted to save Nora anyway because Nora is knowledgeable in the book of Lillith. Bill wants to day walk and day walking is going to be his main priority. The Sookie vs Benlow story line is about to get interesting three episodes left. I like Sam with Nicole and I hope we get a glimmer of the old Alcide and he saves her life. It appears to me that True Blood producers and writers hires people to kill them off. I hope Willa survives by seasons end she is doing Eric proud as a vampire. I’m still trying to figure out where and how the rumor got started Eric was going to be killed off the show when he is the show? He is a wonderful actor Benlow your days are numbered and I am counting down the days when I can say bye bye. You may live to season 7 but I don’t see you surviving the first two episodes with Eric on the war path the way he is.

      • You mention anything about a major character dying, and people immediately go to Eric for some reason. It makes no sense to me, as usual, he steals the show. It would be nothing without him.

  11. I agree, I think she would of tried harder…well shes about to find out!

  12. Eric about to fuck SHIT UP!!

  13. Thank you Eric for making True a blood a success even Billtih didn’t want to mess with him this episode.

  14. I am in awe of Alex’s final scenes in this eppy!!!! Just got done watching them for the third time already. I.am.speechless.

    Another great eppy with only three more til the end of the season…..

  15. Eric and Nora heart breaking I confess I FF thru allot of stuff to get to the meat Eric before I went back and watched the extraneous stories. But is it me or am I the only one that cringes now when Sookie comes on screen afraid of what other stupidity she’s about to bludgeon me with?

    • I don’t really give her much thought anymore.

    • I gave up on Sookie when she walked out on Eric in the last episode of season 4 and she gave her speech to Billith in the last episode of season 5. I thought at the beginning of the season when she tried to stake Billith to save Eric there was a glimmer of hope. We as the audience was fooled the first four episodes thinking that Sookie was going to grow up, I guess the joke was on us. Eric and his vampires are keeping this show afloat this season and for that I’m happy.

  16. YES!!! Bill didnt want to mess with eric…and I think in the episodes to come bill’s still not gonna wanna mess with him either!! NO ONE will.and could you blame them? I want warlow the weirdo gone! Eric sure doesnt give a crap about him and, oh yeah, he will go at it with sookie when she will probably defend warlow!! getting very interesting and nerve wracking!

    • I don’t think Sookie is going to defend Warlow to Eric. I think Bill has Eric believing that Sookie chose Warlow over saving Nora but once the truth comes out Sookie, Eric and his vampires are going to be a force to be reckoned with, Billith and Benlow better watch out.

  17. …and yeah when i saw sookie and warlow laying together in the beginning i wanted to barf! you will regret that sookie!

    • Sookie will definitely regret having casual sex with Warlow…he is unhinged at best and she will see it soon…like next episode

  18. This one was good…Alexander Skarsgard totally nailed the court look :)….Seriously what look doesnt he nail ;)…I was so busy admiring ASkars that I very successfully refrained from getting depressed about Sookie’s downward spiral.

    However, good for her to still say that sex does not equate to marriage and she did not want to commit. Atleast her commitment phobia wil help her here, even if Warlow is not being the gentleman (that Eric was) and swallowing the rejection easily…

    • The writers screwed up her character worse than CH and I’m not saying that because I want her with Eric. The writers keep saying we are going to see a smarter and darker Sookie this season. I hope she shows up soon it’s only 3 episodes left. Does anyone know why Andy allowed his daughter to go out at night?

      • Yes everybody is hell bent on destroying Sookie’s character…She used to be so good, but it has been so long since I felt for/with her because of all the BS the show/CH keep on putting us through…

        Andy’s daughter might have been glamoured to go out :(…Or just wrong place wrong time…

  19. Do anyone remember how Roman and the authority was hyped up? By seasons end Sookie and Eric will come to some type of arrangement to rid Bon Temps of Billith and Benlow. We need to see Eric on the war path like this because he is the only one that is going to be able to truly save Sookie’s life.

  20. I really hope he saves her life,but i also want her to redeem herself.!! aolanl08 I think your right,eric needs to regain the thrown of Bon Temps!!!

  21. Well at least we found out that Sookie didn’t know about the “Vamp Camp”. I truly hated Eric telling Billith that he thought he was “Divine”. I wanted to punch Bill. The writers just have to smash it into our faces that they think Bill is so above the rest of the vamps. Divine my ass. Any thing they can try to do to put Bill on the highest pedestal. I do hope Eric and Sookie find out that Billith lied to them or didn’t tell them everything, because I believe Sookie would have tried to save Nora for Eric Guess we will find out in the few remaining weeks.

  22. I haven’t read through all the comments yet so hope I’m not repeating someone else’s thoughts. I was very glad to see Sookie climb off her fairy/vamp glowstick long enough to get a clue, even if a vague one that there is shit going down with people she has cared about in the past. Does she wonder where Grandad Niall is? Does she wonder where Jason is? The whole Warlow hookup is so random and makes no sense at all to me. I have a hard time believing anyone that doesn’t just care about seeing sex and bare asses would even like him or anything about Sookie with him. Just yuck!!!! All the years of contact with Eric and other than her “hookup” with him that lasted just as long as her “hookup” with this out of nowhere random character, she has rarely given him a thought. Just an episode here or there and generally she’s just shoving him away in some form and we never hear her giving him a second thought. This has become tiresome and coupled with the constant crap thrown at Eric’s character meant to tear him down (marginalize/ demonize?) him gives me not a scrap of hope that I will ever see what I want out of this show. Billith, Bill, his majesty, his most godly, god self has so overstayed his welcome in this show that is is fast becoming pathetic. Where on earth do they go with him from here? This episode, content wise, was pretty good but very dark, sad and foreboding of doom all around. Eric, as always, knocked everything out of the park. Sookie leaves me scratching my head and caring less and less about her as a character and has become quite dense and annoying. Either that or I am totally missing subltle hints that she has some plan. Arlene also knocked it out of the park and I care very much what happens to her. Jessica and her hookup…another cringeworthy WTF are you doing moment. Poor Jason right outside the door, REALLY? I kind of get her thinking but wow! I fear for Jason, especially since his sister seems pretty clueless about anything going on outside her little bubble of consiousness. Nora/Eric was gut wrenching and sets up yet another! plotline of pain and revenge for Eric. Can’t they find more useful things for this awesome actor ? At this point I am rooting for some hapiness for him with a worthy mate, Willow maybe? I can’t believe I just thought that but seriously, enough with making him bow, scrape, seek revenge, suffer and be shoved aside in favor of others so unworthy! All in all I was entertained, but saddened and suffering from fading hopes at the same time. i plan a more detailed rewatch tonight and hope to see things in a different light or at least see something coming from all this mishmash of seemingly random stuff going on.

    • No one understand why they have made Bill all powerful…It is just a load of BS really when he can’t even save his vamps because he might be supervampire right now, but that unfortunately didn’t come with brains and IQ to actually use those powers in the right way.

      By killing the governor, he also finished Eric’s and Jason’s leverages for vamp camp.

      Eric is just suffering and loosing and crying and he is not getting good stuff AT ALL! Sue me if I am whining!

    • No, sadly you nailed it all.. Re -watching doesn’t help believe me I tried.

  23. I forgot one important standout from last night…..Pam!!!! Loved her in this episode, but she is always a standout. I am hoping for a good sister bond for her and Willa! Still shaking my head at myself for liking Willa. At first I thought, just great, lets throw another female at Eric that isn’t Sookie but hopefully she will add to the greatness that is Godrics line!!!

    • I think Willa is awesome, since she’s had the Viking blood, she been a very worthy progeny indeed. I think even Pam was impressed, although of course she’ll never admit it. (Trying not to get too attached to Willa in case they decide to kill her as well though).

    • Totally agree with everything you said above… I feel the same way – so tired of this BS. All I care about now as you said is Eric’s happiness at the end – be it with a new love interest who will truly appreciate his greatness or just being with his girls and running Fangtasia. If they don’t want to give us E/S (I will never understand what is it about this ship that readers/viewers alike liked so much but the creators hate) then pretty please do not destroy Eric’s character by turning him into some killing/revengeful machine. Just let him be our carefree Eric we love so much.
      You are not alone in growing to like Willa. I totally find myself shipping her with Eric in the moments when I realize that bs in this show is totally wrecking my head. Enough is enough

  24. I guess we now know what Askars meant when he said he just did a scene with a blood bag! LOL!

  25. Yeah Alex is not a liar like that Rob guy or Joe that just talk lies and stuff to make people interestest in their boring characters well they don’t succed

  26. In the promo for next episode(“Dead Meat”),Warlow says to Sookie:”If i do this,i want you to be mine forever” and she replys:”Is this an ultimate?”.
    “This” what?I think she’s trying to help their friends and asks,perhaps,to Warlow give his blood to Bililith?And he is trying exchange his blood and her friends salvation for her life.Sookie still doesn’t what happened to Niall and Jason,not in this last episode we watched.
    Maybe i’m wrong and she doesn’t have a plan,but i’m sure she didn’t fall for Benlow and for the next episodes,she’ll try to save her friends and family(Niall and Jason) with the help of Eric.I still like her and have faith in her.

  27. I heard that eric might end up being with wila, I read somewhere of him getting a new love interest, I feel like they are strayinhg away from sookie some, the show is about her, I wonder if eric and sookie will ever be together again or they are going to stick her with warlow, maybe warlow will kidnap her and eric will save her lol

    • If they want to pair Eric with someone else, then they better make a good story out of it and build it up properly..Otherwise it would be like another Sookie/Warlow disaster.

      Eric really does deserve some good coming his way right now….However his love interest has to be proven worthy :) :)

    • I’m not sure Eric is going to have time or inclination to love anyone this season now, if he’s going on the rampage. From the “inside the episode” it sounds like whatever he starts next episode is going to continue through all 3 episodes. I still don’t believe the writers would want to go a whole season without an Eric love scene, but I’m not sure when or where they’d fit one in now!

      • He doesn’t need a love scene to enthrall us :) … (refer to – Eric looking at Sookie in first epi, Eric in Willa’s room, Eric in a coffin, Eric making a vampire….the list goes on). The kind of things Alexander does with just a certain look in his eyes is a tough act to match for the others (Kill me for been an Askars fan) ….Case to the point – The ‘other’ love scene of ‘other’ characters which was totally forgettable and cringe worthy!

      • I would like to think that his rage won’t last until the and that he’ll manage to rise above it at the end – I don’t think he can do it alone at this point, somebody will have to help him get there. Will that somebody be Sookie?? Or Pam and Willa…whoever, don’t care at this point, I want him to get his life back together.

  28. For the first time I felt for Arlene – she had me crying over missing Terry – RIP – and I never really cared for Nora, but Eric made her loss very painful. The look on his face at Bill when she died, we know Eric can be a force to be reckoned with – and I think over the next three episodes he is gonna show us that. In the preview for next week, it was interesting when Bill told him he could not get Benlow because Sookie had him – is Eric now gonna turn against Sookie too? – and what of the rest of the Northman family – Willa is showing much strength, Tara has her fangs out to protect her long ago love – Jason and Pam, well Pam is Pam – feeding and fcuking! Lovet that Girl!! The climax is building – hope the writers don’t disappoint us – again

  29. It’s just crazy for the writers to think that we are buying the Sookie/Benlow carp they’re selling i’ve visited a lot of websites and review all of whick agree tha Warlow is not necesary that he hasn’t fit in well with the other character that there’s no chemistry between him and Sookie you know i get that they’re the writers but they should give fans what they want and that is E/S scenes

  30. I think we are going to get a handful of eric and sookie scenes int he next few episodes…but he will be not happy with her! Its sad that ill take even that, becuase there been nothing this whole season! yeah,warlow/sookie have no chemistry,like alcide/sam…just a friends vibe,dont push it writers!!!

  31. I’ve always shipped E/S, however I’m really starting to move away from that. It’s great b/c I’m not frustrated w/ sookie’s behavior anymore…she will be her ridiculous self and that’s ok. I want eric to move ahead and progress as a character. I think willa is awesome! she has a lot of qualities that are eric worthy. I think they are building it slowly, which is good. I do not think they will kill her off, hopefully. He needs that storyline, he’s too hot to have him lingering for sookie. He really hasn’t had a love interest other than sookie. Ivana? was not really a love interest in season 3. So this is good for him! the show is so much better if you can let go of that ridiculous sookie triangle

    • I don’t get why everyone thinks Willa is going to become a love interest, I don’t see anything sexual happening between them at all. If it does, it will probably be angry sex, I don’t think he has the capacity to fall in love with anyone else right now. I only see them more as being family, there’s no real spark there. If she’s still in the picture in a hundred years or so, things might change, but right now I think he has enough on his plate.

  32. Remember Eric is trying to keep away from Sookie so that she can go back to her normal life. Also remember Eric does not know who Warlow is or the contract re Sookie.. I think in the end Sookie will have Eric’s back because of their interaction in the beginning of this season. As far as Sookie & Bill go they really have not been together since he lied to her. I think she has feelings for him because he was her first love, but I think that is as far as it goes. I think Sookie is using Worlow for her benefit. Something is not right with the way she f–led him. Also she drank from him which I found weird. Something’s Up.

  33. I totally agree with Passion Play and Tammydevil83!I guess we’ll start seeing E/S scenes in the next episode or no later than the ninth episode.I also guess(hope) Sookie will accept Warlow’s ultimate: her life for Eric,Jason,Pam,Tara,Jessica and Willa’s lives,not that i care about Willa.i don’t like her,but she is Eric’s family…and Eric will appear with a plan “B”!
    Ok,perhaps I’m just a dreamer!

    • I llike Willa and I hope she will be in season 7 . Clever baby vampire! Sookie doesn´t know yet Jason is in the camp too. And in the danger now…

  34. We saw in the promo – weeks ahead – that Bill will drink from Warlow – not sure if Warlow will do it willingly because Sookie negotiated and agreed to be his or something else happens. In any case Bill is walking away loaded with Warlow’s blood and heading to the camp. He will let all the vamps in the sun drink from him and hence we see that shot of him laying on the floor in the white room with lots of holes in his shirt. Eric will probably save the day with the TB facility and kill the evil doctor and Steve. Sarah will be I guess Jason’s kill. I hope this will be all resolved by the finale and then we’ll have focus on Warlow vs Bill. Really not sure where will Eric come in all this, I am hoping he’ll be there in positive light.

  35. We all know the show is all about Bill. Bill will end up saving every one. Eric will probably help, but in Sookie’s eyes it will be all Bill. The cliff hanger will be something like will good old Billy boy survive so Sookie can thank him properly. I wish it would end with Eric on top but we know it will be Bill.

    • They can have him save everyone if they want, it won’t make much difference to me. I get the impression Sookie is over him now, I don’t see why she’d go back to him after everything that’s happened. She has her precious Warlow now. Just as long as Eric survives, I don’t really care what happens.

      • Tammy your right Sookie is over Bill now but she is also not in love with Warlow …it was a sex thing ..a curiosity about what it was like to have sex with him….and after he will go bat shit crazy which is coming and kill people like he has been doing his whole existence she will regret getting involved with him ….constantly makes the same mistakes over and over. I gave her too much credit the first four episodes. ..thought she learned something from the Bill crap.

  36. Bill sucks.

  37. It will be interesting…I see Eric and Sookie teaming up again to save everyone especially when she finds out Nora from vamp camp and Jason is there now, maybe Eric will have to save her from warlow, not sure but the odd twist of sookie just having casual sex in the woods with warlow tells me something is up with sook and we just don’t know it yet. I hope sookie and Eric don’t have another heart to heart in bills living room

  38. I am also having continuity issues, Nora was 600 years old according to season 5 and they had her being made in the 1600s not to mention the rescinding of the invitation and many others this season, I think there are a few too many writers and they don’t have their editors doing anything at all, hopefully it comes back around to something in the end

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