Episode 9 “Life Matters” Press Release



HBO have today released their synopsis for the penultimate episode of Season 6. And here it is:

Episode #69: “Life Matters”
Debut: SUNDAY, AUG. 11 (9:00-10:00 p.m. ET/PT)
Other HBO playdates: Aug. 11 (11:00 p.m.), 12 (11:30 p.m.), 13 (midnight), 14 (10:00 p.m.) and 15 (midnight)
HBO2 playdates: Aug. 12 (9:00 p.m.), 16 (11:00 p.m.) and 18 (4:00 p.m., 8:00 p.m.)

A desperate Bill (Stephen Moyer) tries to ferry Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) away from the faerie plain, but Sookie (Anna Paquin) is having none of it. Meanwhile, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) arrives at vamp camp, looking to inflict serious human damage. In Bon Temps, friends and family take emotional turns remembering a fallen neighbor. Bill feels the pull of Lilith’s (Jessica Clark) sirens.

Written by Brian Buckner; directed by Romeo Tirone.

Nothing really there that we weren’t expecting, and it does make me wonder what exactly Eric is going to be doing in episode 8?

As usual – let us know what you think below!



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52 comments on “Episode 9 “Life Matters” Press Release

  1. So, Sookie is still keeping Warlow to herself when she knows he can save her friends from meeting the sun. It’s nice to know where her loyalties lie.

    • I feel you on that Tammy the writers and producers are making me have a strong dislike for Sookie this season. I keep hoping that there is some glimmer of hope for her but her selfishness shines through. I was thinking to myself three episodes left Sookie is going to single handily turn this situation around and save the day for once. My thought train was giving her the benefit of the doubt that maybe she is under Warlow’s spell because her fairy who ha lit up. I guess we know who she chose when Warlow gave her the option him forever in exchange for the safety of her friends and family. I guess now we know why things were dark in fairy she allowed Warlow to steal her light. I don’t blame Pam for hating her now. I hope the rumors aren’t true and Eric remains on the show the Northman clan will be the only reason I watch. Sookie never learns her lesson she went from bad to worse and she deserves every heartbreak and every ounce of pain she is going to get for turning her back on the man that supported her the most.

    • Now, why would, Sookie, do a thing like that? Sookie, has become, infatuated with, Warlow. I don’t like that at all. He is going to hurt her, very badly, before, his part is over.I don’t trust him at all. Trueblood, will leave us hanging, on a cliff, until, next year. Why is it, your seasons are so short? Its a long time until, next, June.

      • Rita Curry, i don’t know why they didn’t resolve the Warlow issue this season because he was a loose end from last season and then go through the vamp camp drama. I do know this the writers and producers are not getting any kudos promoting Warlow the way they have just to allow him to be tied up to a headstone in fairy the entire season. Sookie appears more sinister than him turning her back on her family and friends. I don’t think she gives a hoot about the fairies in the meadow, Niall, or Jason; if Sookie cared wouldn’t she seek them out for guidance since she does have him trapped?

    • You see…this makes me even MORE suspicious that there’s something fishy going on with the whole Benlow thing. Why would Sookie turn her back on her friends and family for him? That is NOT like her AT ALL, and I know she has done some pretty stupid things in the past. But at the expense of Jason and Tara…? It just doesn’t make sense. Benlow can’t be THAT good in bed, not after she’s slept with the Viking.

      • Erika, lol……I keep giving our little fairy the benefit of the doubt trying to come up with different scenes in my head. My only hope is she gets in touch with Eric they have their season argument and provide clarity on the lack of information Bill gave to one another. He tells her vamp camp is too dangerous stall Benlow and Billith and they will take care of them once the threat of vamp camp is resolved (yeah right only in my dreams) I will not be shocked with anything that Sookie does for the season because she had pity sex, Sookie is capable of anything.

  2. If that is a synopsis of episode 9 and only one left it sure sounds like things are dragging along a little slow with these stories. I really expected a faster resolution especially vamp camp. It is like last year when they were stuck in the authority ALL SEASON LONG! I am also not happy to hear that Sookie seems to be protecting Warlow. Very worried! Can’t he be goo or dust already! I am assuming from this that if we ever get to see Eric and Sookie in the same scene again it will not be good if we get to see them at all.

    • Peecan, I’m devastated. I never thought for once Sookie would turn her back on her family or friends. I’m trying to figure out why everyone hyped Warlow up the way they did just for him to remain tied to a headstone in fairy the entire season. I don’t even wanted to get started on Niall’s character King of the Fae defeated in one episode and thrown into another realm never to be heard from again. This shouldn’t be a shocker since she showed her gratitude for killing her parents by sleeping with him. I can’t blame Bill for her craziness because Eric afforded her the opportunity to make a change in her life for the better and she chose death. The new producer and show runner has a lot to fix CH and AB had the last laugh in the books as well as the series.

      • It’s for this same exact reason why I think there is something else going on…either Sookie is scamming Benlow or he has succeeded in glamouring her somehow. It might be possible for him to glamour her since he’s part fae. There is NO WAY IN HELL Sookie would abandon her friends and family when they need her the most.

        And if I’m wrong and Sookie is doing this because she’s selfish…then the writers should be ashamed of themselves for destroying the main female lead from all redemption.

        • Erika, I have cursed Sookie ten ways to Sunday. We can only hope her and Eric had a talk and he asked her to stall but Sookie pity sex didn’t make sense either. We don’t know what is going on with Eric this upcoming episode so maybe they come up with a plan. The writers and producers has done a terrible job representing our fairy

    • My first thought was they are really dragging the end of vamp camp out. It sounds like Bill hasn’t even got there yet? I do need an end to this soon, the season had great pace for the first half, there is no need to slow it down!

  3. peecan, I’m with you,100%, on Warlow. I signed up to see, Eric and Sookie, and their love affair. I have read almost all of the books, and don’t remember, Warlow, mentioned at all. Niall, yes, he is in the books, ever so often.

  4. I don´t understand that. What is Sookie doing? Is she totally under the Warlow´s influence or is she so dumb? Maybe I.m wrong and she has her own plan, but her brother and friends are in a death danger. But what will see in episode 8? I´m wondering

  5. I’m so OVER Sookie right NOW

  6. I think, they need to get, Eric and, Sookie, back together. That is what the books are about, but I haven’ seen to much of this program, even coming close to the books. I have not cared much for this season. Keeping, Eric and Sookie, far away from each other, is not a way to, please, this fan, at all. Sorry, but that’s the way I feel about, this season.

    • Everybody keeps voting for Benlow to be her man……..and I can’t even figure out who EVERYBODY IS because I like her and Eric also. They’ve been hyping Benlow up as the big bad vampire too keep him tied to a grave in fairy doesn’t make much sense to me. In the books when Eric got his memories back he stayed away from Sookie to handle Felip DeCastro and his regime. Maybe just maybe this is a part of the books that got flipped around. I just hope this doesn’t pan out like the books and Sookie doesn’t decide to be with Benlow the way that Eric chose Freyda to keep her safe. CH ending in the books jacked up any of my hopes for them to be together. I search frantically for fanfiction to keep my hope alive. I spent all that money on those books just to be cheated HBO costs more money than those books and I’m still being CHEATED😩

  7. They are really to destroy what little fans Sookie has left ….I mean she has to redeem herself and help save her friends and family from vamp camp……warlow is crazy so he will hurt her in the finale ….but ….I think she will come to her senses or at least I hope she will and do what’s right. Ericka ..I believe like you something else is going on because she would never abandon her friends and family not the sookie we have seen the first 5 seasons but this Sookie the last couple of episodes makes even worst mistakes than ever like sleeping with a guy that killed your parents. ..really Sookie?

  8. We won’t really know where Sookie’s feelinng lie,till we see the Episode?
    I’m hoping that Sookie goes and turns Warlow over to Bill so he can possibly
    get into that Camp and rescue Jessica,Tara,Pamela,Willa,James and Jason.
    Also can’t wait to see just how ballestic Eric’s going to go after Nora’s death.
    Sarah Newlin would be smart to find a good hiding place???
    That is if she can hide from ERIC?????

  9. I don’t think she is abandoning her friends and family. She knows Benlow and Bill are tied to Lilith. Bill along with Eric will save all the vamps and Jason. Sookie will use her one time only fairy light to blast Lilith out of Bill and back to Benlow. The cliffy for next season will be if Bill comes back as boring old Bill.

  10. Has anyone considered the fact that her only “proof” about what is going on (i.e. vamp camp) comes from Bill, who she clearly doesn’t trust? Bill, who I might add, conveniently forgot to mention Nora was at his house dying and Warlow’s blood might have saved her. Seeing as she jumped in front of a gun to protect Nora, just a few nights earlier, I don’t think she would have hesitated to at the very least get some of Warlow’s blood.

    What is actually disheartening is that for years, so many fans have been unwilling to realize, Sookie cannot see what we see. She doesn’t know for a fact her friends are in danger. All she knows is whatever Bill is (because let’s face it, she doesn’t understand what’s become of him) just approached her about having her blood. Now, a few days later, he’s walking in the sun, scaring the bejesus out of everyone and claiming her friends are in danger and her and Warlow are conveniently the answer. With everything she’s seen change in Bill, why are any of you surprised she doesn’t trust him?

    I, personally, do not blame Sookie for not trusting Bill (Lilith) and in my opinion would be unlike Sookie to just hand someone over to be slaughtered. Honestly, all of this would be going differently if she has an encounter with Eric next episode. But who’s to say that will actually happen. She may not see Eric again until the last episode.

    • I agree completely.

    • My whole thing with Sookie this season is she willing to trust this Benlow guy she know for like 5 mins and have sex with him, and she know there some wrong about him but she has No question about what he has done. I feel like Sookie is making the same mistake she did with bill, hope she has a plan, SMH

      • Okay, that’s fair enough. I am not entirely happy about the Warlow/Sookie thing. But the fact is, last season, Eric was willing to trust and sleep with Salome whom he’d only known for all of two seconds and no one dared to say anything about it.

        I don’t think Sookie trusts Warlow. I think she’s attracted to him and I think the sex between them had more to do with her defying her daddy after finding out he tried to kill her (and then possessed Lafayette to try and finish the job).

        But honestly, if everyone else on True Blood can have sex for the sake of having sex, why can’t she? Lord knows, we’ve seen Jason, Eric, Jessica and the rest of them do it.

        I just wish people would step back for a moment and maybe consider there’s another side to all of this. Because at the end of the day, everything in True Blood is completely shrouded in shades of gray.

    • Sookie Stackhouse, i’m speaking for myself. i’m waffling on Sookie’s character this season. i understand your point but what’s so hard in Sookie seeking out Eric, Jason, Niall or anyone she does trust. Did she seek out the fairies in the meadow to find out what can be done to rid her life of Warlow? Sookie decided to share her fairy light. We have stood by Sookie for 6 seasons and loved her for her fearlessness when it comes to her family and friends. Sookie didn’t think about seeking Eric out to see if he was okay after his ordeal? Again Sookie is allowing Bill to dictate her life she knows how much he lies did she try to find out the truth. I think everyone want to believe Sookie is still there somewhere but actions speak louder than words. When Sookie does something in characteristic of Sookie this season then let us know. The Northman Clan is keeping the viewers loyal. True Blood has hyped up the big bad Warlow for two seasons and he is tied to a headstone in fairy the entire season.

      • I’m okay with everyone having an opinion. I welcome it. But I’m confused… when was Sookie suppose to seek Eric out? If it’s in regards to Nora.. well, she doesn’t even know about that. And if you mean the vamp camp, we don’t know yet if she does or doesn’t seek him out. I’m truly hoping at the very least, he shows up on her porch thinking she said no and both of them find out Bill failed to even try to get her help in helping Nora. That is my idea of the perfect way to handle this situation. But, judging by this synopsis, I wouldn’t be surprised if they don’t see each other, for whatever reason. She’s being spread a bit thin at the moment, what with trying to be there for Arlene, Andy and them, she’s the only one who can go untie Warlow (who is going to try and make her promise herself to him in exchange for his helping Bill) and now finding out about Tara and everyone.. that’s a lot for one person. And timing has never been a strong suit for the creators of True Blood.

        Unfortunately, I feel the big problem with this season isn’t just about Sookie. Because look at all of the character assassinations we are witnessing: Sam just lost Luna, whom he supposedly loved and he’s too busy screwing Nicole to realize it. Jason risked his life to try and save Jess and she uses him to get a booty call with James.

        There’s a huge double standard in this fandom and as someone else pointed out, it’s hard to even guess why she’s saying no to Bill, without seeing episode 8. If she runs into Eric and finds out about Nora and vamp camp and still refuses, I’ll be right there with you pissed off about where they are taking a character I’ve clearly loved for years in this fandom. I’m just asking for a benefit of the doubt with all of this. Maybe this is setting it up for a huge Billith/Warlow showdown? Maybe this is how they are finally pushing Bill out of Sookie’s life. But I don’t think Sookie is supposed to be the one who saves the vamps. I think her job this season lies in Bon Temps with the humans and it makes sense to let Eric be the one to save everyone. Or heck, even Bill or Warlow (though I’m hoping it Eric). Either way, I guess we’ll see how it turns out.

        • Sookie Stackhouse, you are completely true. Everyone is sleeping their way around a true Blood this season. We are just used,to seeing Sookie be a prude about sharing her blood and goodies…….lol. Eric slept with Salome and Nora as a way to forget about his hurting heart and Sookie has every right to do it too. I’m holding out hope of all hope that her and Eric find a way to communicate before things get too far out of hand. This season was set out to make us talk about True Blood and I guess it’s working. Sookie has every right to freak who she wants the blood sharing is another thing all together because she knows the effects of doing it.

        • Sookie Stackhouse,you are great!Clear thinking and intelligent, and very good sense!I totally agree with you!
          We have to remember that Sookie has his personal struggle, she was betrothed to Warlow hundreds of years ago by a contract signed in blood and she has to find a way to get rid of that promise and Warlow, together.She already made ​​clear in other seasons and even then, despite his, I agree,strange behavior ,that she is free and does not want to belong to anyone.
          She has been very hurt by Bill and when it is very hurt, it is very difficult to trust someone again, even if that someone is clearly confident … like Eric. I believe this explains a bit her strange behavior .She doesn’t want to trust anyone and I do not think that because she had sex with Warlow, she handed it to him or trust him now.
          No, I may be wrong, but I also think there is something hidden,perhaps a well-architected plan or an attempt, without any planning, to be free.
          I was also disappointed with her in the last 2 episodes, but the fact is that I can not see Sookie going against its own essence, which is always help those she loves and cares.
          I guess we’ll just have the answers in the last episode of the season.

        • What great insight you have!! Yes! And it’s funny, I have perceived Sookie’s actions w/ Warlow in a totally different way. I think she’s had something of a nervous breakdown since she found out her Dad tried to kill her and why. If you look at her life from series beginning to now, and how short a time period it actually is–Sookie has reached her breaking point.

          My perception is that she turned her feelings off. When she was stripping herself and Warlow, I actually felt uncomfortable. She might as well have been cleaning her toilet. She didn’t kiss him, she looked miserable, and she’s so cold. She isn’t under his spell at all. Hell, I don’t even think she’s that attracted to him…after everything she’s been thru, she’s buying into her darkness, that she’s a “danger whore”. Honestly, it was like she’s using him to exercise her demons.

          Look at how she acts at the Bellefleurs too. She cares about these people, but her innocent “light”–it’s turned off. She’s like a robot. She can’t take anymore.

          And then, look at how she talks to him after…she’s withdrawn, almost contemptuous of him. She’s broken and it’s been a long time coming. How much can one girl take, I ask you? In that context, I understand her crazy actions totally.

          I think it’s significant that Warlow mirrors her relationship w/ Bill in almost every way. She sees it for what it truly is this time. But she’s so beaten down, she just doesn’t care right now.

          I’d suggest the reason she won’t release Warlow isn’t too protect Warlow. In the previews, Warlow demands she give herself to him in return. Maybe w/ her mistrust of Bill and Warlow’s threat–she doesn’t want to help for that reason. I find it hard to believe she wouldn’t want to help Tara, Jess, and duh, Eric. We shall see.

  11. I don’t get why CH, AB and now BB think we are the fans and the majority supports E/S so why they feel the need to keep them apart we are the ones that have made the books and the show a success and they dissapoint us doing this things

    • Andreita_cnm, almost feels like false advertisement doesn’t it? They gave us an illusion about the product and after we paid our hard earned money and delivery charges, the damn thing is broke. When we call customer care we get the automated system that can’t understand English and once we are patched through to a live person we didn’t read the fine print next to the page number at the bottom on the sheet.

  12. I think Sookie is keeping Warlow from Bill because she fears what he is capable of. I think Sookie will try to find her own way to use Warlow to help her and the others. Remember Sookie stated that’s not Bill anymore he died.

  13. I’m confused!, I don’t recall Erik sleeping with Salome?- I know Bill did in season 5 but don’t remember Erik doing so. I feel like this season is on speed and that none of my favourite characters are getting enough air time! There seems to be too many distractions that don’t really add to the continuity of the storyline i.e Jess and James ( who is he?) that Vampire chick in general population who sees herself as a bit of an Alpha girl ( Pam will fix her up when she goes to gen pop!!!) The Northman clan are where my loyalties lie. What the hell happened to Niall and why did he kill that fairy at the club? who the hell is running Merlottes?- does anyone work there now?- why did Terry have to die?. What does Andy plan to do to avenge the deaths of his 3 daughters? Sookie needs to eat some fried chicken or something she is too thin and muscly (it’s ok when you’re Sarah Connor- but Sookie is supposed to be curvy, voluptuous!!!! eat girl eat!!!!!)….. all these issues to work out and the clock is ticking!, 3 more episodes to go and what has really happened? Warlow has been lying around in a fairy graveyard, Alcee is under the spell of that werebitch (why does he have such bad taste in women?), Sam is still grieving, what was wrong with Jason in the early episodes?- why did he pass out?- why did his parents have such a bad effect on him? How are our favourite vampires going to live back in the post AVL world after all their P.R campaigns have been thrown in the toilet? And what was that orgasmic light thing about between Benlow and Sookie- did she conceive a fairy vamp bubba?. I just hope and pray the writers have a better conclusion than CH, because I found the last book treated Erik with absolute contempt! and was disappointing – More Erik and Sookie please?. Stop adding characters that are inconsequential to the storyline!!!!!

    • Too many questions that we will likely never get the answers to, about Eric and Salome, it was implied they slept together, but it thankfully wasn’t shown. Seeing Bill dry hump her was bad enough.

  14. All I can say is,they are making sookie an asshole and not a chick we could be proud of.lets just HOPE there is a twist at the end, Eric and sookie have barley had any scenes for 2 seasons now! the writers must know that, and if this all comes out that sookie was just being this way, for no reason,then she really is getting worse than we all thought! bring sookie and eric back together!
    dont get me started on warlow, who would ever like these two together now??!!

  15. I was just rewatching E/S moments from season 4 and OMG those moments were worth watching beyond all the other crazy storylines and made the best season to me Sookie as so in character first not trusting Eric then being feisty to confort and caring for him then sexual to romantic and he was at the beginning typical Eric al sexy and then the sweetest and specially in the love scenes now i wonder what it would be a sex scene between E/S with Eric having his memory will he still be sweet or like with iveta or a combination i hope ww found out some day just saying

  16. I totally agree with Sookie Stackhouse and some others. She only has Bill’s word for it and I understand that she doesn’t trust him at the moment. Even Eric told her to stay away from him. We have to say how ep8 goes. There is more there I am sure of it. Hopefully she’ll soon start wondering about Jason – surly he would come to Terry’s funeral … I mean nobody seems to be noticing at the moment. I presume Sookie will listen to her phone messages and realize that Jason went to the camp to save Jessica.
    I thought that all this would be happening in the next ep so I am a bit confused. It looks like they will be dragging Terry’s funeral and mourning for 2 ep. If Eric is only coming to the Camp in ep9. I think we won’t have much screen time in the next ep. – I guess his first scene with Bill and the whole thing with Andy’s girl. Is way early to tell what’s happening and tbh after s4 fiasco should we be surprised?

    • About the thing with Andy´s girl I have three theories: Eric wanrted to go to the camp in broad day, he wanted to go to fairyland to visit our lovebirds /like Bill was after drinking Sookie´s blood/ or he is only angry and hungry. But in this show it would be about something absolutely different.

  17. Here is my attempt to justify my criticism. As I said before I hope she does have a plan that would be a refreshing change currently its like shes lost and just reacting to whatever wanders her way instead having contingencies. But honestly I don’t see any indications of a deeper agenda and as we have seen in the past no plan usually gets someone one hurt or killed pretty quick on TB.

    I for one certainly don’t expect her to rush out and save the vamps like a walking cliche then end up having to be saved herself. I sure don’t want her to have to be rescued by Eric either I want to see her become smarter and more of an equal to the men in her life not a constant liability. And again Sookie we agree I wouldn’t want her trusting Bill or taking his word for anything. That is part of the frustration I’ve had with her since last season. I liked the woman I saw the first four episodes but then WTH happened after that?

    I could even get her rescinding Eric’s invitation to her home so she can have time to figure out who she is and what she wants. That would be smart. I don’t care that she has a hook up go for it its a new era women are liberated. I would however question her sanity and the hypocrisy of her current choice to announce to the world she is woman hear her roar. When in what universe would Sookie ever call herself a Danger Whore the woman has had two relationships and both of them had depth and feeling even if one of them was manipulated. Please don’t misunderstand. I’m not trying to sound like I’m attacking anyone nor dismissing their perceptions. It’s true TB is shades of gray. I’m still watching so I have hope or I wouldn’t be watching and frankly I’m not judging her regarding the sex nor about her not being in the know of what we the audience know.

    I do want her to THINK though. Sleep with Sam sleep with Alcide hell buy a vibrator. At least their not trying to kill her and the vibrator wont get her pregnant. It feels like anytime a character is about to do something stupid TB writers have someone A) strip down naked or B) have gratuitous raunchy sex to distract us from the lunacy. I’m not a prude I admire Eric’s butt as much as the next person but I still remember the “Duh moment” and I’m still annoyed by it.

    For debating purposes as Sookie suggested lets say just anybody is not a big enough screw you to daddy. She hops on the Ben express to thumb her nose up at daddy do we need to take his blood? Did we not learn anything from the Bill experience? How about Eric when he tricked her in Dallas? What about the effects on her that the blood connection has and how it manipulates her. Then there is the very annoying points that get me every time and has me grinding my teeth because she should have learned from her mistakes the first time. Lest we forget how she met Bill..

    Unless I am remembering incorrectly before she even has sex with Benlow or he gets blood in her she tells Lala she believes Ben when he says he loves her??!! What??!! WTH?? You have known this guy like five seconds he could be lying. Then we compound insanity by letting yourself be vulnerable enough to have sex with him and exchange blood?? He’s known her for about five seconds and seeing her as a child doesn’t count imo unless he’s claiming love at first sight and that’s even sicker than some of Bills crap. She was a child a baby really.. It’s Bill 2.0 all over again. She knows hes nuts and wants to kill her to save her this to me is as smart as making Hannibal Lecter her lover.

    For the woman that kicked Eric to the curb because she wants normal or excuse me her life back. For the woman that said I’m tired of people that love me using me for their own agenda I’d hardly call Warlow the best option for that normalcy package again it smacks of Bill all over again. What happened to Ben is sad very true but it brings to mind the tale of the scorpion and the frog. When asked why the Scorpion bit the Frog despite his promise. The Scorpion replies its in my nature. Point Sookie hasn’t known Benlow long enough to know his character much less trust him with her body and blood he’s no Godric. He survived 6000 years without her I think he has a handle on taking care of himself without hiding behind her skirts.

    Shrug, this to me is the aggravating part shes learned nothing despite her lip service.

    I do agree 100% with you though its almost like the writers don’t even like Sookie because they certainly haven’t delivered as yet on that savvier tougher woman. Maybe this was the writers way of taking it easy on Anna because of the twins. However the rest of the cast isn’t fairing much better some of the actors either seem like their doing their roles by rote or their characters are so bastardized they don’t know any more than we do whats going on with them and just want to get out alive. And if I who am not being paid can remember how old Nora is, or that vampires get the bleeds during the day or that when wrapped in silver should be burning why cant the writers? But there is three left allot can happen in three episodes and to quote a character from Sookie’s favorite movie. “Tomorrow is another day.”

  18. Personally, I think the whole Benlow story line, (next to the werewolves) is the weakest story line in the season. It’s pointless and stupid(and extremely corny) and it just paints a really negative picture of Sookie. Sure, Sookie is more “self-aware” this season, but underneath all that she’s still acting like a jaded high school girl. I don’t like how she just jumped his bones like that and how she’s actually considering becoming Warlow’s when she has no clue what his real intentions are. She was always so quick to rebuff Eric’s offer to become his, but now this tool comes into the picture and suddenly, she doesn’t seem too opposed to the idea. I don’t care how “drawn” they are to each other. Ugh..it just makes me mad. All the feels go to Eric…I just want to give him a hug. He broke my heart! (he always does ;)). At this point, I don’t think Sookie even deserves his affections.

  19. I think we all agree that we need to see the next 3 ep. and then we’ll get a full picture. Unfortunately I am more and more convinced that e/s won’t happen in the way we are hoping to see. I was waiting to see the summaries for the last few episodes and at the moment it doesn’t look that good. To be honest I am slightly more nervous for Eric’s survival more than ever before.
    We are only speculating that Benlow is really bad…we are waiting for him to go mad or something. What if this doesn’t happen. What if he shows his wild side towards Bill or anybody else who tries to hurt Sookie again. What if the writers are setting him up to be Sookies perfect mate. Just to put Eric on the side and try to be objective – Benlow may be better for her just with the fact that he can be with her during the daylight, possibly give her children, protect her, etc..
    Please don’t get me wrong – I cannot feel his character at all, I don’t find him attractive, and he doesn’t interest me, it’s totally forced on us like Nora was last season – but I am just trying to look at another perspective rather than be miserable and brace myself for e/s disappointment. If it turns out that he really has no other hidden agenda and he put all his card son the table then maybe he could be the right guy for her. Lets wait and see.
    As for Sookie – I couldn’t understand her at all at the end of s4…but we got what we got from the writers. She simply doesn’t love Eric the way we want her to love him – that’s how the show decided to go. Why? I’ll never understand such a wasted opportunity to please the fans.

  20. Everyone is jumping to the conclusion that Sookie turned her back on her friends and family. That’s just silly. First of all you haven’t seen the episode and you’re basing it off a vague one sentence line in the episode synopsis.

    Come on ladies, you’re all more reasonable than that. I’m going to sit back and laugh when the final episode airs and you all are eating your silly little words.

  21. I agree with sookie stackhouse, I think there is some kind of plan. The sex scene was horribly done but I don’t fault sook for it, I think there was a deeper agenda when she took warlows blood. She knows bill wants it and that it has special powers maybe she hopes it will strengthen her light. Three vamps have already day walked with her blood and now she’s had warlows, maybe this will play a part in her helping Eric since I think he will save the vamps and Jason. I think she would have helped Nora had she known and I also think that they won’t give away a big e/s reunion in their one sentence synopsis, after all they want up hooked for the rest of the season.

    INO, her taking warlows blood is going to increase her light and with the way Niall stressed her use of it as a last resort I think in the end she will use it against billith to save Eric. What effect that will have on bill I’m not speculating, he could die or he could return to plain old bill. Her having his blood could also play into her getting out of the contract in some way. I was disappointed in the sudden death of Nora because I felt like she had a lot of potential to add to vampire lore and would have helped in knowing how to break an ancient vampire blood contract. We all know the writers aren’t interested in setting up a serious deep story line with the way they can’t keep basic ages correct.

    I don’t think she trusts warlow just because she enjoyed his light saber. She doesn’t trust anyone right now except Eric even though they aren’t showing that. Everyone Including her parents betrayed her so she’s out to figure things out on her own. I think Eric will show up on her door at some point because he has no where else to go and isn’t loyal to bill. Remember he told bill he would help him if bill saved Nora, she died and bill blamed sookie so Eric will definitely not be on team billith in any real way.

    I don’t know why and I could be crazy but I think sookie will offer her supercharged blood to Eric so that he can save his vamps and he’ll end up saving Jason too because of his love for sookie. As far as them being together, we can hope but it may end up being a tortured love.

    • It (having sex with Ben) did increase her fae powers, when she left to comfort Arlene it was clear her powers had grown stronger. Kinda funny that Niall told her using her light would make her fae no longer. Yet she used it on Ben and he did not die and her powers did not leave her, they kept getting stronger. She used her light combined with Ben’s to get to the faemetary. After the sex, she did not need his help. Me thinks that Niall might have simply wanted revenge and was willing to use Sookie to get close to Warlow to kill him himself. Food for thought!

      • Sookie powers are stronger since she has his blood …so I am glad about that but I don’t like the whole Warlow storyline at all there is no chemistry between them he has help to cause a lot of pain in her life and he will be going to the dark side and it will be ugly .. i think she slept with him because he is different from Eric and Bill but.its just a bad choice from sookie….but I do think she will help her family and friends in the end and I hope Warlow will be killed along with Lillith storyline after the finale because I am tired of it…Bill needs to die as well but we all know that won’t happen.

        • Between Ben and Bill I would rather Ben live and if that can’t happen then I want to see Bill get thrown into another dimension. I want for Bill what Bucky promised ‘just desserts’. What you are saying for Warlow is just more of the same old predictable things the show has already been doing, I want something different and I will preach until the cows come home….lol!

  22. In the books though just being around other fae, having Claude and dermot live with her increased her powers and they weren’t finite, that is such a stupid twist that the writers put in. Niall does use her to catch Claude’s co conspirators too so it wouldn’t be far off for him to do so here, he’s the sole fairy prince after all and not burdened with ridiculous human emotions like guilt. Maybe she’ll work with Andy’s daughter to find him, maybe we should just start writing episodes and send me to them, we seem to have much more continuity than they do LOL

  23. I do think Sookie just trust Eric and no matter who she loves there is no way they can make us buy that she trust Ben more than Eric after their interaction on episode 1

  24. Maja agreed all we can do is speculate. And I sincerely hope that there is some deep seated plan. Because as I originally stated I only have ever wanted her to think for herself and not be so damn gullible.

    Good Point.. Ben probably would from the perspective of the writers make a better love interest but we don’t know whether he is good bad or ugly its too soon to tell IMO and that’s what got her in trouble with Bill. And as I said since S605 what has frustrated me the most. She doesn’t know anything where he is concerned for certain and I sure as hell wouldn’t want to be with a man no matter how horny he makes me because it was the price I had to pay for my friends and loved ones safety eternity under those circumstances is a long time cause he also wants to turn her.

    But again I reiterate I never once thought her a slut. And yes I’d like to think I’m too smart to be that judgmental since I have I never stated or posted I believed she has forsaken her friends and family as one poster said . Ever! Again for discussion purposes my frustration is we and she knows NOTHING for certain about Ben so to me she is doing the same thing she did with Bill “seemingly” trusting him too soon. Just my perspective as usual there are allot of good ideas here and as always the discussion was enjoyable a different perspective gives me food for thought and makes me sometimes reconsider how I viewed material. Thank you

  25. I visit here allot enjoy the comments makes me see how I compare in my POV with others .
    I am on the fence this season I am enjoying AS which is as much as i can commit to. But I’m curious how many here have seen Dracula 2000 with Gerard Butler? I’m wondering how many of the writers saw it an thought what a neat idea to see how well that would mesh with True Blood.

    For those going Huh? An who haven’t the premise is Van Helsing captured Dracula in London forgive my fuzzy on specifics but ill share where I found interesting similarities. Van Helsing was taking Drac’s blood an injecting it he ended up impregnating his wife. The child now grown is unique and has a connection with Dracula. Dracula who just happens to escape. Sookie and Warlow.

    Dracula is enamored here for the first time in centuries is a being he has a connection with no longer is he alone in the world. He wants her for himself basically he wants to kill her to love her because no other creature on the planet is like these two.. Sookie and Warlow .

    I could go on Van Helsing guilt desire for revenge lies of omission has created a situation that is now fubar. Niall

    The daughter Mary now has this dumped on her lap and she’s pitted against Dracula to save those she loves.. Sookie.

    I won’t go further incase someone wants to see it. Gerard Butler makes a compelling Dracula with a surprise twist on just whom Dracula really is. Just made me go hmm..

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