The One Where Kleenex Probably Made A Profit

S6 recaps reviewsIf you like to cry… then this was the episode for you. We knew something big was going to go done this episode. I mean, it was originally called “The Funeral” before it was changed to “In the Evening”. So, I can’t say I watched this episode blind.

But if I had to use just 1 word to describe the 7th episode of season 6, I am going with desperation. Oh I am sure there are others I could choose, but I was totally feeling the desperation from all of the characters in “In the Evening”. Eric’s desperation to save Nora… he was willing to do anything. Willa’s desperation to warn everyone about the Hep V in the Tru Blood, but older sister Pam has a good reason why they shouldn’t. Jessica’s desperation for redemption. Arlene’s desperation in the wake of Terry’s death. Even Sarah’s desperation when she found the gov’s head and the possible ramifications. You get the picture.

You also may say “B drank the kool aide” because I think this was a strong episode for True Blood.. at least from the Eric perspective. Even with the multitude of story lines, I am starting to see where they are bringing it all back in one strand at a time before the final episode. Yes, there were glaring errors in this story line… like Nora being 200 years younger than they introduced her as in season 5. I am not excusing it, I am just overlooking it on the strength of Alex’s performance which is mind blowing in my opinion. What can I say… I’m a fan.

Before I can gush over him, (and start an Emmy campaign for Alex’s performance) let’s take a look at the rest of the episode.

The Rest of the episode:

The Northman’s Girls: After a few episodes, we finally have the much anticipated meeting between Pam and Willa as vampires. It was not the “cat” fight many folks thought, but you started to see the further shift of Pam into the elder of the group. She was very “thoughtful” and “calm” when she explained why they could not tell everyone not to drink the Hep V laced Tru Blood. You can’t tip the humans off. It’s a matter of survival. Of course both girls were a credit to their maker with how creative they were getting back into Gen Pop. Especially Pam’s manipulation of the shrink, like putty in her hands. As for Willa, Undead looks really good on her.

The Shifter/Were Storyline: I know I am not the only one not thrilled when our tv screen’s get furry. Though the shower scene between Sam and what’s her name made sort of sense. I mean, with all they have been through, sex is generally the reaffirmation you are still “alive”. Now with Terry’s death and Sam feeling like he is facing certain death from the wolf pack when he goes back for the funeral, it makes sense for one last hurrah. As for Alcide, I am calling it now… he is going to be a dead wolf before the season’s end.

The Human Grief process:

Death is always harder on the living, let me tell you. And while I do feel bad for Arlene, Andy is having a triple punch, between loosing 3 of his daughters and pretending that he is ok they are gone, to loosing his cousin and childhood friend and being the patriarch of the family. Then finally having to shake Bill’s hand and not trying to kill him for Jessica’s part in his daughters’ deaths. Arlene was able to escape her reality with a few (well deserved) drinks. Andy did not. Thankfully Holly has been a rock for him and Arlene has Sookie and LaLa supporting her as much as they can.

There is also something about funerals that brings people together. Whether as friends and family… or potential hooks ups (Adilyn and Holly’s eldest or youngest.. I can’t tell them apart). I expect we will see more “blasts from the pasts”… which is good … and bad since it’s drawing away from the vampires I am worried about. Though, there is no need to worry about Benlow, Sookie has him parked in “faemetery” or “faeyard” when she ran to give comfort to Arlene. (Yes, I am glossing over the naked time there too. And for the record, she is not a whore or slut).

While I didn’t feel this was a strong Sookie episode, there were small moments we might want to remember for the future. Like recognizing Terry’s death was probably planned, meeting Adilyn and recognizing her as a telepath. Her conversation with (daywalker) Bill, which I am calling a cat fight since he finally started sharing details on the burning vision and she started listening. Of course I may be reading to much into it, but the only name she reacted to negatively was Pam. And really started listening when Bill told her Eric escaped from the death camp. But he did not mention Nora being in trouble… which might have inspired a more active response to helping. Was it intentional or not? Writer or character choice? Just some food for thought.

The awkward “J”s: Ryan gave a stellar performance as Jason this episode with his simple sincerity to help Jessica to his desperation when he is tossed into Gen Pop as a human toy. James… it’s still to soon to tell, but I saw no flaws in your performance. Sadly, while I felt the desperation of Jessica,I saw DAW acting as Jessica vs seeing Jessica on the screen. It was almost like she was reciting lines to “just get it done”. It was not my favorite performance of hers.

Proving she thinks she’s the HBIC: If you pegged the woman in the black trench coat as the bi bad this season, you are probably right. Between how she pretty much planned how to cover up the governor’s death and retain power to go forward with the “plan” to get Hep V out on the market to having Jason cut and tossed into the female Gen Pop of starved vampires… well… Sarah Newlin has power by the balls.

Or the head she happened to kiss

It’s all about Eric:

All the praying to HBO paid off, for we got an episode that started with Eric and ended with Eric in what is one of the finest performances of Alex’s on the show. After the discovery of the plan to contaminate the Tru Blood with Hep V, he had to make the decision to get Nora out and send his youngest back into the prison to warn Pam “not to drink the Tru blood”. In a quick sequence Eric and Nora leave the facility under the truck with True Blood with Eric cradling Nora close as he holds on. His face before they cut to the opening credits was one of determination… to save everyone, but especially Nora. He turns to unexpected source for help… like Bill. Or Billith, with his magical blood. Though Nora and Bill down vote Eric’s initial plea for Nora to drink Bill’s Lilith laced blood, and Eric realizes this is the beginning of the end. Oh I am going to start crying thinking about his face again.

Maybe it was the fact that the Viking humbled himself a few times to Bill, even offering to help get Warlow (whom Eric has no knowledge about), that Bill breaks down and gives Nora his blood. This does not visibly work, even though Eric’s face is filled with hope. When his face was averted to get a wet washcloth, Nora and Bill share a look that conveys “we know the blood did not work”. Bill leaves to allow Nora and Eric privacy on this death watch. And I’m bawling at this point because we the viewers are just hurting for Eric… and the pain is growing with each minute. We did have a brief respite with the flashback scene to the court of Charles II and Alex in a wig (and Louis from Interview with a Vampire costume) that just did not work for me. It was in this flashback we learn how Nora and Eric met and he saved her from the Black Death by taking her to Godric to turn her. Thus they are “ending how they began” with Eric trying to save her from death.

“I promised you forever.” “I only asked to live fully. You gave me that.”

But second time was not a charm and she melted away in his arms. Alex delivered a performance worthy of an Emmy with how deep he had to go during the last few moments of this episode. This was raw.

67ASLG    20130730-191322.jpg

And it sets us up for the next 3 episodes.

Do you think we are ready for them? And maybe we’ll have our questions answered. Time will tell.

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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

22 comments on “The One Where Kleenex Probably Made A Profit

  1. Fantastic Recap as usual B. I totally agree with you especially about Alex getting a nom for an Emmy (which, since this is TB they (the powers that be) at the Emmys will totally ignore Alexs’ more than excellent performance in this eppy.

    I am getting sadder by the day that we only have three more episodes left this season, its’ going to be an even loooooonger 9 month wait for season 7 to me.

    • thanks! I admit I was feeling the pressure on this one since everyone loved what i said for episode 3 :)

      I am totally with you on feeling the blues because we we only have 3 episodes left.

      As for Alex, i really do think this episode showcased him very well.. and I will be keeping watch nomination time to see what will be in the HBO box to the comittee.

  2. i agree with you B especially the part of Alcide i think he would be one of the death this season they need to cut the wolves storyline

    • I would like to see them kill off Alcide because his storyline is a waste of time, IMO. But I can’t see them doing it because he’s eye-candy. Who knows though at this point? LOL

    • I think its possible with the “return to the roots” and Vampire/Human story lines they toted at comic con this year.

      Plus I have my hair theory

  3. DAMN! Just reading your review, B makes me want to cry all over again! LOL I agree, Alex definitely deserves an Emmy for his performance during this episode. My heart literally broke for Eric while he was trying so hard to save Nora. I noticed the continuity error too. Re: Nora’s age. Plus, I wonder why Eric didn’t turn her himself? He was there! Why couldn’t he have done it instead of Godric?

    I think Bill not being straight-forward with Sookie about Nora was intentional. But that’s JMHO. I agree too…Sookie is NOT a slut! I’m sick of people calling her that. She has slept with 3 guys in 6 seasons!

    I’m looking forward to the next 3 episodes too. I can’t believe the season is almost over. Where did the time go?

    Thanks B for another great review! :)

    • That is one of my questions… why didnt he turn her himself?

      I agree on your bill commentary. he told enough to be truthful, but not the full truth.

      Dont start me on the Sookie name calling… it is a red button of mine.

    • Thanks for the great (as always!) review. My heart just shattered for Eric. I didn’t particularly like Nora, but her death was very painful to watch, most especially what it did to Eric. I’m actually fearful for what he will become because of this. :( And yes, Alex was freaking AMAZING in this ep. Just give him the Emmy right now!!

      Speaking of Nora, I was also thinking “I thought she was older than that” when we saw the flashback. And as for the “why didn’t Eric just turn her himself” question, perhaps Godric didn’t want him to, that maybe he just sent Eric to collect her? Or maybe Godric wasn’t ready to let Eric be a maker yet… We may never know. I think both things were just oversights by the writing (let’s face it–continuity issues happen a lot with this show LOL).

      And good ole’ Billy Boy. I believe he left Nora out of the conversation intentionally. Because he probably thought if Sookie knew of Nora’s condition, she would have come running back to help–not so much Nora, but Eric for sure. And as much as Bill pretends that the whole Eric/Sookie thing doesn’t bother him, we all know it does. *insert evil grin here*

      Sorry, I’m rambling here. I can’t believe we only have three more eps left this season. 12 was never enough, but 10?? *sad face* Hold on to your hats, because it’s going to be a wild ride for the next three weeks!!!

      Thanks again for the review. :)

  4. Yeah i don’t think Sookie is a slut i just don’t get why she slept with Warlow if just wanted a night one stand c’mon he wants to marry her and turn her for all eternity he wasn’t the right choice

    • I totally agree with you …..he wasn’t the right choice at all for that and he did kill your parents too….so no Warlow doesn’t fit the one night stand

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  6. Thank you brilliant insights you nailed what bothered me about Jessica she was freaking going through the motions and it wasn’t until you pointed it out that I realized that’s what bothered me.. Maybe in my defense it was because I was going tru tissue like crazy. Or grinding teeth with Sookie because I was doing that too it seems to me this season Eric and his clan have carried the show not that I mind. With some nods to Jason. But my frustration with her grows exponentially I’ve tried being patient but she makes the same mistakes over and over and that has nothing to do with thinking shes a slut. I don’t think what shes doing is morally wrong not at all. Written inconsistently and weak yes..Idiotic yes.. Hypocritical o hell yea.. Slut nope.. But Eric definitely stole the show..

  7. Thank you B I loved your thoughts and it definitely gave me something to think about.

  8. I agree with you B. This episode was all about Alex. An Emmy nod would be nice, lets keep our fingers crossed.

    • I think the Emmy nominations are already out, a few HBO shows were nominated, but True Blood got nothing as usual.

      • I heard the nominations were announced the other day. Those were for last seasons shows. Sundays episode would be for next years nominations. So we can keep our fingers crossed that they know great acting when they see it!

      • S6 would be eligible for next year’s emmys the way the award ballot works… so its all possible.

  9. I really enjoyed reading your recap! This really was a very Eric-centric episode and I am happy about that. He seemed to get (finally) a lot more screentime than he has been getting. I rewatched the episode again and still think somethings off. I so enjoyed the first four or five episodes, for the most part and these last couple leave me scratching my head a little. I am starting to believe that the change in “management” after episode 4 or 5 is responsible for this. Eric and Sookie fans may have been much happier before the change. Who knows! I do know that the whole Warlow thing is a snoozefest and I think 2 things caused this for me: The moment Billith said “As your maker I command you” and then of course when Sookie did a 360 and jumped on the fairy/vamp glowstick out of nowhere. Once again it seems Bill’s character has taken control of the story and this is not good. This is supposed to be Sookie’s story and as it stands now it is very hard to root for her when she seems so clueless and lost. I also don’t think she’s a whore but when she said that about herself and then added the “but I’m not dumb” I may be disagreeing with her on the second half of her statement. With only 10 episodes I truly expected more to be happening with more speed moving this story along and no filler! If we go by the summaries we are given that leaves Warlow-the big scary we heard about for so long tied to a statue in wherever that is and under the control of Billith (and being protected by Sookie!) who hasn’t really done anything but wander in and out of scenes being creepy and egocentric showing off how powerful he is. Terry’s death/funeral dragged out over maybe 3 or more episodes and the vampires stuck in camp all season! Someday when this series is over I am truly looking forward to reading and hearing all about what really goes on behind the scenes. Who really calls the shots, how people felt about the storylines they were given and whether all the years of speculation, analysis and hanging on for something was worth it!

    • Great recap Bee! Alex deserves and Emmy for his performance, it was very raw and I felt every emotion he had. Besides crying, I had ‘Love Story’ goose bumps all over my arms. Bravo, Alex, Bravo.

      I will keep my opinions on Ben to myself as I know it is not a popular one. I am just tired of the show doing the same old, same old as in us predicting almost exactly what is going to happen. It gets very, very boring when they do the predictable on major plot lines. I wish they would do something truly unexpected. They can have a great season that started off good and then have it end badly by doing the same old same old. It gets very old. *SIGHS DEEPLY*

  10. Ladies,We’re all in agreement that Alexander Skarsgard should be up for an Emmy
    for Sunday’s epiosde,but we all know that the Emmy nomination committee is
    always going to ignore TrueBlood as they think that it’s “Fantasy/SciFi”
    Game of Thrones is also Fantasy~but TrueBlood also has the Horror quotient
    added to it and the Emmy powers that be don’t consider horror “Good television”

    TrueBlood is not only horror,it’s also drama,comedy,relationships.
    I don’t even want to think of what Eric Northman is going to be like.
    Nora’s death has numbed him inside,he’s full of rage and he’s going to
    take it out on someone but when he hears that Gov.Burell is dead
    he’s going to look for the next person~Steve Newlin.

    I have watched Nora’s death scene 9 times and I’ve cried each time.
    This death scene wasn’t as wrenching as the one in Season 2 when
    Eric lost Godric~That hurt even more and you saw how much he hurt.

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