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It has been a while since I have written one of these and it just might be my best one yet. Hang on to your hats, for it might be a bumpy ride with the thoughts I had last night.

BITCHCAKES!! I love it and I am so stealing it!

I get it, no one understands Sookie and her motivations right now. Let’s face it,the writers do not make it easy to do so. With that being said, I have been trying to put myself in Sookie’s shoes to figure out her reasoning’s certain things. Let’s take things one at a time shall we?


I have never understood this comment by fans of the show and never will. Sookie has had sex with three men in her lifetime and all three happened to be a vampire or a hybrid. Three men do not equal a slut, no matter what time frame it was in with which she slept with these men. Woman have needs too and with all she has been through, I say more power to her. Why shouldn’t she get freak her on? Why shouldn’t she ride the white horse? Why shouldn’t she be knocking some boots and doing the horizontal bop? I say more power to her.


I know some might be confused by Sookie’s actions of late, I am guilty of that myself but Sookie has not had an easy way to go lately. She is constantly being told one thing and one lie after another and never knowing which way to go. What is the right thing to do and the wrong thing to do? Which way should she go and who should she trust? I guess the simplest answer is to trust no one but how far is that going to get her? In reality, the only person she should trust is herself. Let’s start with a few simple characters, old and new although I would mostly be focused on the new.


Sookie was told by her fae relatives in the club that her magic is finite and since she is only half-fae, if she used it all up she would be ‘fae no more’. Niall tells her the same thing this season, that she could use it one time (I am assuming using it full blown)to kill a vampire namely WARLOW/BEN and she would no longer be fae. Who is telling the truth here? The reason I ask is because Sookie has used her light on vampires before this season(Bill,Pam, and Eric to name a few) and it only weakened the powers to which she only needed to recharge. She used it on Ben, granted not full force but still nothing happened for she still had her powers. She combined her powers with Ben to take him to another plane so Billith could not call upon him and now that they have has sex, her powers are at least 10x stronger than before.

It seems funny to me that she was told by Niall that if she used her powers, she would be ‘fae no more’ when that has clearly not happened. If I was her, I would be questioning what my supposed grandfather was telling me. Niall could very well have been using Sookie because he knew WARLOW was coming for her and would get his revenge on him then. Notice he did say angrily to Jason that his parents were killed as well so why shouldn’t he get to kill him. I would wonder if this was the plan of his all along. One thing is for sure about this is that Sookie’s powers have not waned as she was told they would, they only got stronger the closer Ben got to her. Just some food for thought peeps!


The thing with Bill, past and present Bill is that has done nothing but lie to her about everything and I don’t blame her one bit for not trusting him. The Bill she once knew, she thinks is dead and gone and rightly so and even if he was in there somewhere, she cannot trust him either. All she sees when she looks at him is someone she cannot trust him to speak the truth, even if it slapped him in the face. What’s more is that she sees someone who cannot take responsibility for the things he has done wrong. So when he comes to her about a tale of vampires that she loves dieing in a vamp camp, what is she supposed to do or think? He does not tell her the whole truth and does not mention that Nora is dying, someone she protected from her own brother. Is she just supposed to believe his words? I think not.


Ah, the controversial character! What is he all about? Is he the big bad or is he not all bad? Well, the jury is still out on that one. I, for one hope the writers go the opposite with his character and not do the obvious. It would be too predictable and I would end up very bored with a season that started out with so much good goodness, only to end on a sour and disappointing note. Ben has the potential to be a great character and that does not mean I want him with Sookie. I just feel bringing him on only to get rid of him at the end of this season would be a wasted opportunity. It would be more, LATHER, RINSE, REPEAT!

I digress because this part about Ben has to do with Sookie. We know she is going to ask Ben for his help to save her friends (because a part of her did believe the thing called Billith) but I think it kind of pains her to do so. Now, here is where I am stepping into Sookie’s shoes. Sookie, of all people knows what it is like to be used for your blood and how it can help others. It is in this way why I can understand why she is going to be protect him any way she can. It is not all about her attraction to him, she is doing what she feels is right.

Ben has the same ability she does, the power to grant vampires a chance to walk in the sun but at what cost? It is not something they should be used for and in this they share a common bond. Besides the fact that they are both fae and feel left out in the world because they are not normal. I imagine this is ten fold for him because he would feel as if he did not belong to either species. They understand each other in this sense. Who would not be attracted to him then?

Well,that is another one of my two cents and I won’t bore you with another one for a while (maybe lol). As usual, sound off below!

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65 comments on “JMFO: The Truth About Sookie

  1. nymerias:
    I agree with you,something’s not Kosher concerning what Sookie was told
    about her powers and about how much of a fairy she really is.
    She has more than 1/8 Fae blood in her.
    And she’s more than half Fae~and Naill knows it.

    • The show never claimed she was 1/8, they have always said half but they have never explained exactly how she is half. There was just something fishy about why she was told she would be ‘fae no more’ when that clearly is not the case. Her powers seemed to grow the closer Ben got to her and after they had sex and each others blood. Someone was lying to her and it seemed to be Niall.

  2. Thank you. I’m so tired of people calling female characters “sluts.”

  3. Thank you. I am so tired of people calling female characters “sluts.”

  4. Niall said if she used her big time vampire super nova killer light she would no longer be fae. But then Benlow said since she has had his blood her light will now work. So maybe his blood recharged her failing powers. I too don’t get the Sookie is a slut thing. Yes she kissed Alcide and Sam, big whoop. That in no way makes her a tramp.

    I think Sookie is just tired of the lies and vampire BS that she got from both Bill & Eric and poor Benlow has to pay the price for it. I do like the Warlow character and I hope they keep him for next season. I think alot could be done with him.

    • I don’t remember Ben telling her that so would have to watch it again but it would still mean she was lied to. It also does not change the fact that she has used her vampire killer light plenty of times (pretty hard core on Pam and the same on Eric) and was just told that it was finite because she was half fae and if she used it all it would be gone. It still never happened, she used it on Russell too last season along with the other fae and nothing. It doesn’t matter outside of the fact that it may not have been her super light or that someone was lying to her.

      I am glad I am not the only one who likes Ben and that they could take his character anywhere. He has so much potential and I hate when they introduce a new character and then let them go.

      • When Sookie heard Arlene crying and asked how do I get out of here, Ben said use your light, don’t worry you had my blood it will work. Also the light she used on Pam & Eric etc. wasn’t the “Super Nova” vampire killing light that Neill taught her how to use.
        On a side note, I’ve read several other recaps on last weeks episode, NO ONE seems to have picked up on the reason they slashed Jason’s wrist was to remove the security chip they shot into him, He was in that room telling them how he shot up the authority and that doctor shot him with the security chip. ie@ the same reason Eric told Willa to rip the arm off that one doctor. there, now i feel better.. lol

        • Ah yes he did say that but it still means that her powers have been growing since they met and there should be a reason for that but who knows with this show.

    • I don’t remember when Eric ever lied to Sookie. Maybe someone can refresh my memory. When he tricked her in to sucking the bullet out of him in season two. He did that to protect her from Bill

      • Eric told white lies, such as the bullet a tiny falsehood and it sure did not hurt her when he did it, unlike some things others have done to her.

  5. I still find it odd how she isn’t even wondering where Niall is. I agree and yet I don’t agree, jury is still out on Sookie with me. I’ll wait until the remaining episodes before I judge.

  6. The one thing that I totally hate about this fandom is the Sookie hate and judgment. Honestly? A slut? after 3 guys? GMAFB! I am not going to say that I understand why the writers hate Sookie so much, they write her all kinds of ways rather than making her a consistent character. And, after all she’s gone through? Seriously, the writers hate her. I do not blame the character, I blame the writers each.and.every.time.
    As to her powers, lies after lies after lies have been spoken to her face by countless people except Eric. So, Niall lying to her? pfft..what else is new? I really hope she kicks some serious ass at the end of the season but, right now, I don’t see how.

    And, I have given up on an Eric/Sookie pairing. We got our bone in episode 1 and that’s all folks. She’s got Barlow and he’s got Willa. I am very disappointed.

    • I have not totally given up on the idea of Eric and Sookie….not yet. I like Ben as a character but not sure about a romance between the two of them. The only thing I do know is that I am OVER the Bill/Sookie relationship. Please stick a fork in them,they are so done and it is beyond boring.

    • Eric hasn’t even been romantically involved with Willa and we don’t know if he ever will be at this point. I’m sure Warlow will be history soon enough, I find it hard to believe they would have her end with someone who didn’t show up until season 6, there’s just no chemistry with that guy at all in my opinion. I don’t see what’s so great about him, the character is kind of boring to me. I’ve watched so many shows where they keep my couple apart for the majority of the series, but they sometimes still manage to end up together. I won’t give up until the very last episode. If that is all we get, at least there’s fan fiction.

      • I hope Ben stays and not for Sookie’s sake. For me it is not about them being a couple as the end game, it is for the potential his character has. I am sick of this show bringing in great characters that have great storyline potential and then killing them off. Roman anyone? This show has to smarten up sometime.

  7. I agree with tammydevil83 i will wait until the season is over to give my opinion on Sookie cause i still don’t where i stand with her

  8. I’d like to see Ben’s character develop into next season. He needs to join the 21st century. Possibly find a new girlfriend? Glad to see Sookie not being so gullible, as she was in past years.

    • I want to see him stick around as well, the more people to give Bill a hard time the better. She may have slept with Ben but it was not because she was gullible. She was just horny.,……lol!

  9. You make good points and Sookie is not a slut …just bad judgement on a one night stand guy and Warlow did kill her parents so I can never be pro on this fling relationship or whatever you wanna call it……that’s just me ….I don’t understand it killing her parents is a big deal breaker …if he didn’t do that then maybe…..like I have stated in earlier posts he needs to go along with Lillith storyline. …if she gets anything out of this with her powers increasing then good ….Eric is still her best option because of the unconditional love he has for her…we may never see them together again but Warlow giving her an ultimatium about helping her friends just proves he doesn’t love her like he says he does.

    • We don;t know if it is an ultimatium, she asked if it was. he could very well say no. As I stated in my post, I am not talking about her having a relationship with Ben nor do I want that persay, I just think he is an interesting character. I don’t think Sookie sees him killing her parents the same way you do. She saw her parents trying to kill her as a betrayal of her love for them. I cannot blame her for that at all. Right now his killing her parents is not bothering her for that reason.

      • Yes because she is mad at them right now but he is the reason why they wanted to kill her …you have to put it in context …when Warlow came to them there was no vampires out of the coffin in those days and most people thought they were a myth then Warlow shows up with a contract talking about taking their daughter and turning her into a monster which is what a vampire would be to the stackhouses at that time so what do you do if your them? They can’t fight him and they can’t stand the idea that their daughter would be taken by a monster and turned into one as well so they figured she’s gonna be killed anyway by Warlow so lets do it our way and not let him do it his way…..I understand their fear now would I have tried to kill my daughter? I don’t really know because there is a protect mode parents have …some extreme others not as but again its Warlows obsessive nature that put this in motion…he didn’t have to kill them he could’ve glamoured them to forget about him …..this is a pattern and he is blackmailing in a way to accept his marriage contract to help her friends that to me is very clear. I feel sorry for him to a point but he is trouble and we will see that I am positive….

        • Yeah, I agree, killing her parents for whatever reason is seriously messed up in my book, Sookie should have stayed away from him just for that alone. I’m curious to know what Jason would think of all this.

          • I think Jason would think it was seriously messed up that her parents would try to kill her at such a young age. They had plenty of time to figure out another solution.

          • Nymerias the parents could have figured another way but Warlow definitely should have as well …..I am just not interested in him enough to make excuses for him and after the finale maybe your opinion of him will be different maybe not as well.

        • It is still so confusing now that it was packaged this way. Niall blasted Nora after she gave him information about Lillith and her progeny but it didn’t look like he felt threatened. I am certain that the only story line I am interested in is Eric and his vampires.

  10. 1. You have two of the most powerful vampires in Bon Temps one focused on day walking. The other focused on fairy who ha and the end result their kind is fighting for their life. Ben/Warlow’s reason for not complying is he hates vampires but want to turn Sookie into the thing he hates the most. Ben/Warlow and Sookie both hate Bill another factor of I can’t get over my childish BS and man or woman up to save my family and friends, bottom line up front the vamp campnstory line is dragging out and the Northman clan is being used to make it bearable until they figure out what to do with the rest of the crap going on in Bon Temps.

    2. Fairies are tricky by nature forget about the books and Niall sending Preston to Sookie as a gift. Niall stated that Sookie carries the Fae i’m wondering why? Do you think Niall knew of Claudette’s demise she was of the royal bloodline? Hypothetically speaking Niall allowed himself to be captured knowing Warlow wouldn’t kill him so he could ignite Sookie’s spark allowing her fairy powers to manifest where does this leave Sookie? Does she have the ability to allow vampires to day walk more than an hour.

    3. Nora and Bill sharing knowing looks on her death bed while Eric was desperate to save her. Do you think she could have took the time out to make a wish on her death bed and made Eric listen to her about what she found out in the book of Lillith?

    4. Story lines are still as distracting as last year Russell led to the Authority, the Authority led to Lillith, Vamp Camp, Warlow, and Sookie and the prophecy. Before I forget we have Sookie trying to learn from past mistakes just to fall victim to those same mistakes and new mistakes.

    Conclusion: the ideation of someone that can share your sun become ruthless at night because they can’t control their hunger and oh by the way may one day seek to destroy what they hate the most themselves and you right along with him. Happiness comes with a price for anyone that wants to achieve it. I think in the end I would choose the man that sees me in the white dress than another man that is trying to change me to fit his cause. I guess we will never know the true meaning of the prophecy until season 7.

  11. My problem is that I don’t know which of these “lies” Sookie has been told are intentional and which are just inconstencies and laziness on the part of the TB writers. We know the TB writers can’t keep their facts straight as evidenced by the change in Nora’s age and them dropping whatever new information Nora gleaned from the vampire bible when she re-translated that passage. (Lucy Griffiths has said that that bit of info is never addressed this season.)

    • Exactly and it may be something we will never know.

    • I’m just going to take a break from the madness and watch the last episode

    • I think this is my main problem about Sookie, too. Is it intentional or just lazy writing? And we’ll never find out for sure.

      And I am anti-Sookie for reasons relating to her behaviour in previous seasons, it’s nothing new. My opinion of any character is informed by all the things they’ve done throughout the series, and each new action modifies my opinion.

      I do not consider she is a slut, but I do not understand why she would fuck Warlow. That probably has something to do with the fact I don’t find the actor, or character, remotely attractive. She’s just rescinded the gorgeous Viking’s invitation and the next minute she’s stripping and mounting the man who killed her parents and wants to own her? Remember how she reacted to Eric wanting to own her? If we are to believe her – and it’s a big “if” – she loved Eric, and I have no doubt he loved her, and he gave her the girl in the white dress speech and she said she wants to be that girl again, but then she meets Warlow treats him like a sex toy. I am sure as hell not a prude, but I really do not understand why she’d do that.

  12. First I need to take off my rosy Eric glasses off :) once I do that I can TRY to understand her better.

    I am totally with Sookie when it comes to not trusting Bill’s words. I hope she’ll realize on her own that her brother is in great danger and Tara/Jess for who she really cares about. If she heard about Nora I am sure she wouldn’t hesitate to help. God if she only saw the state Eric was in after Nora died she would run and comfort him as best as she could. I have no doubts about that. Sexing with Warlow – I also understand – it was her state of mind at that moment, it was ‘f..k it moment …and sometimes we all have moments when we know we are not doing the right thing but we do it anyway for different reasons (maybe just me :)
    So I am not pissed at her at all at the moment. We have no information and the next 2 episodes will clear that up – especially the next one. If I was Sookie I would wonder – as we all are – that idiot Bill is already walking the sun, why the hell he cannot use his all mighty powers and help the vamps himself ..surely he was capable of it when he killed Burell..anyway….she knows that Bill’s goal has a higher purpose and she knows he want’s to use Warlow long term and I understand she will not hand him over. Why would she??

    Warlow – as much as I tried – I simply cannot warm up to him or get interested in his character. It’s probably because e/s ship is sinking and I am still bitter about it. He feels so forced and it’s like Nora all over again. I like my love stories to be slow and nice burn – just like I hoped E/S story would be..but alas :(

    There is only one thing I’ll never understand when it comes to Sookie -S4 he Rats reveal – for me that was the end of Bill – no matter how much she loved him before, finding out that he just stood there and let her get beaten to almost death is unforgivable. But that’s just me. The only explanation there I have is influence of Bill’s blood but unfortunately the show implied that her forgiveness came out of love for him and her great heart ….whatever

    And of course another thing I’ll never understand – how the hell she can resist that beautiful, tall, blond walking Sex God, who loves her so much – that’s why I like Willa – I would be totally like Willa – pathetic fan girl, mesmerized after 5 min spent with :)

    • Maja, Bill was the reason she was shot too…..this is just crazy. I think I will check into True Blood the last episode since everything is supposed to become so explosive

    • That is why I feel she is and will protect Ben because she knows how it feels to be used for your blood and I cannot blame her, especially since Bill could very well kill him. Who is to say he would not do that with her, especially now that her powers are stronger.

  13. If he kills Warlow whats to say he wont turn Sookie to use her.

    • Not only that what if Warlow turns her and Bill gives the Warlow the makers command to make Sookie obey him and then Kill Warlow. Sookie will be his fairy blood tap forever……there is no right or wrong decision here, everything sounds risky. I guess when you look at it from all these different perspectives she still landed herself into some deep crap. I will just wait until the last episode to find out what I need to look forward to for next season and hopefully the Northman Clan survives.

  14. Nymerias, I have to say this is the first time I disagree with you, and strongly! I do not, can’t, and never will like Warlow! He does nothing for me but gives me that super-creepy vibe, like Bill always has. Looking around and reading reactions around the web actually frightens me with the amount of people jumping on the Warlow/Ben bandwagon. I guess this bodes well for the future of this show if so many people are ready to hop on (pun intended) the Fairy/Vamp ship that they will not lose massive amounts of viewers if they take this where I fear they will. Namely….the loss of the Viking. As for Sookie being called a whore or slut..she is clearly not. I do wonder if she’s being a total dumbass about him and if she were my daughter I would tell her so flat out! I wonder if all the confusion around her character stems from bad story telling, an unclear vision of where this was going as opposed to where it is now going (showrunner change) or something else? As viewers, we should be let in on what the heck is going on, at least to the degree that we can relate to the characters. That clearly isn’t happening here, with Sookie. I am always happy to eat my words and in the case of this show I am saving a jar of Sanders Hot Fudge sauce to drizzle over them because I will be delighted to be proven wrong!!!!!!!!

    • I mean wrong about them trying to replace Eric with Warlow and Sookie being a dumbass!!

      • Peecan I am in agreement with you ….I don’t get the Warlow interest ….like you don’t either and he just doesn’t me and I don’t see where he is a decent guy at all he is obsessive control freak like Bill…..he sounds a lot like Bill to me …he is pathetic with no self control….is there potential maybe but do I care enough to see it…no!

        • Maybe it’s not the interest in her being with Warlow maybe it’s the interest in a fairy successfully being turned vampire. I was under the impression fairies turned to dust

          • I think that is part of my interest too. I know I said I would never speak of the the series that must not be named again but he reminds me of how I felt sorry for Jake Purifoy, who felt like he did not belong to either species. Ben does not like the vampire species and does not consider himself one really. He just wants to live out his immortal life without killing innocents. As it stands right now for me, he did not ask to be turned and yes this is like Bill but Ben SEEMED more sincere than Bill. If I am wrong I can borrow Peecan’s sauce! lol I just think some people are looking at Ben as another roadblock to Sookie and Eric that they can’t see past the fact that his character is impressive and has potential. I loved Russell even in his badness! IMO, no one is as bad as Bill.

      • I don’t think they are trying to replace Eric at all, I just think they are trying to do something different and if I am wrong about Ben and other things, then you can pass that sauce of yours to me because I will gladly eat my words as well! :)

    • It is fine if you disagree with me, not everyone can agree and it is what makes the world go around. I have to clarify something again because people seem to be under the impression that I want Sookie and Ben to be a couple when I do not. My like for him right now has nothing to do with Sookie at all. It also has nothing to do with Eric and not loving him, he comes first with me. I know you did not say this I just wanted to get that out there. IMO and in mine only right now Ben is not giving me the slimey snake vibe Bill gives me. If he can rid of us of Bill even if it is only for a short time, then I am all for it. His character has potential to be so much, whether it be good or bad. I get tired of them bringing on an interesting character and killing them off.

      • I just think Ben/Warlow and this prophecy is allowing us to get the impression Sookie can be so much more…..her fairy powers ignited ten fold with a taste of his blood. Didn’t Bill control Sookie through his blood when she first drank it? It’s not that I despise his character it’s the writers and producers not giving us something different the package is different but the product is still the same. He is a fairy/vampire hybrid a creature of light and dark. Why let Sookie fall for a man only to get her heart broken (Bill all over again). For six seasons we’ve watched Sookie get manipulated and controlled by Bill and I believe everyone can agree it became tedious to watch her cry and defend a man that wanted nothing more than drink her blood. Look at the last episode of season 5 when Bill rose from the dead he looked at Sookie and saw her light. Enter Ben/Warlow who never shows Sookie his dark side always his good side and that eventually comes at a price, (she becomes his). Eric used Sookie to an extent but he gave just as freely, (buying and preparing her home). Sookie is happy now in the previews of the upcoming episodes does she continue to be happy or does she rather roam the earth as a corpse than think about who? She knows what Warlow wants but she continue to play with fire or is she trying to do the Sookie thing she tried to do with Eric and what Bill did to her, turn Warlow into her ideation of what her dream man should be? Keep the sweet Warlow during the day and tie him up at night so he doesn’t feed or have the urge to feed. There is always something that is going to be wrong with a man in Sookie’s eyes. Humans she hears their thoughts and vampires are a blank but she can’t get over their nature. Why not turn Sookie into a cat lady? I like the action that is going on with True Blood after six seasons of Sookie and Bill drama the action is a refreshing break and now we enter into another love triangle Bill/Warlow/Sookie. When Eric had rebound sex he chose wisely. I am just so tired of the same stuff. People want to see Warlow stay but then we run into the same stalker drama we had with Bill if Sookie doesn’t want to marry him.

      • Nymerias I really respect your opinion….and I can see your point of view…any one who has ever seen your posts or read your JMFO series knows that you love Eric and would prefer E/S to be together on true blood…..Warlow a half faery half vampire could be a very interesting character if done right and has a pretty good fanbase from what I have seen…..I just don’t think the writers of True Blood are up to the task of writing Warlow as a complete character their track record outside of fully developing Eric’s character has not been too good. Eric character from season 1, which was presented as a bad guy type to the 3 dimensional BAMF that loves deeply Sookie and his vampire family and is the real hero of the show has been a wonder to watch and mostly the only reason to continue to watch True Blood. I dont have the faith that Warlow would be developed into a such a character he is an in the moment character….he is here to help Sookie develop her powers and figure out what she really wants out of her life but he is not a long haul character at all. I don’t see him staying in Bon Temps if Sookie doesn’t want to be with him…he is obsessed with her being his only and he wouldn’t walk away from her like Eric has and let her decide on what path her life should go without him involved in it…..he isn’t written like that ….he should be a stronger and more secure character since he is over 6000 years old but instead he is unstable and not in control of his dark side…the vampire side of himself…instead he reminds me of Bill but a less ambitious Bill with a one track mind of his intended….Bill had always had a plan to get power from the first day we saw him in Merlottes waiting at Sookie’s booth. I am not too fond of anyone that has some Bill traits in them ……a liar, manipulator and overall power crazed vampire we have had to endure being thrown in our faces for all 6 seasons. Warlow is a manipulator just based on him saying to Sookie in the preview that he will help her friends with his blood only if she is his….manipulation 101 there I will do something for you that I don’t wanna do but you owe me after I do it …..We have heard something similar to that from Bill to her at different times over the seasons. I see Warlow losing control over to the dark side probably around the end of episode 9 and all of episode 10 because Sookie wouldn’t be his so then his reason for being in control is gone and he will do armegeddon to Bon Temps…..I think Warlow, Bill and Lillith are all heading to a collision course with each other with probably Bill being the lone survivor but without his Lillith powers he doesn’t deserve anyway.

        • @Warlow a half faery half vampire could be a very interesting character if done right and has a pretty good fanbase from what I have seen…..I just don’t think the writers of True Blood are up to the task of writing Warlow as a complete character.

          I agree and it is sad that they cannot seem to find a way to make it happen. I still wish they would quit throwing away characters who could be really great in some form. It is such wasted opportunities. The show needs to quit doing the predictable. Why I still have hope after all my Fangpinions I have no idea.

          • Hope is all we have nymerias. We are all suckers for the lovers that are Eric and Sookie. We fell for them on the show and in the books. We were let down by CH and we all have HOPE that we won’t be let down on the show. That just how it is. Without hope we got nothing, and I for one have to hang on to that til the very end. The Happily Ever After is all most of us want. I know that everyone here reading Eric and Sookie Lovers feels the same.

          • Yep yep yep and as always with this show I don’t have my blinders on! lol

      • Hot fudge sauce all around!!!! Love and respect all opinions (and especially all you hard working ladies)! My thoughts and judgement right now are clouded by panic that this character is being positioned to replace Eric. I can’t get past this suspicion and for that reason alone I can’t ever get on board with him. Between Rob K’s constant interviews/comments/possible trolling and the constant rumors surrounding Alex and his future on the show I am having bad flashbacks to the bitter, bitter pill we were all forced to swallow with the release of DEA. Still not recovered from that one. I actually think it is quite cruel of the powers that be to be trolling and teasing Eric’s fanbase at this time when we are all still mourning the horrific treatment of his character by “her who shall not be named”. I am one who will quit this show like a plague if Eric isn’t in it. His storylines are my main focus, especially when Sookie’s become so confusing. I have had to give up a series of books that I have enjoyed over and over for years now because I can’t even enjoy them knowing how it all ends and would be so disappointed if the show became the same.I really, really hate getting that sucked in feeling and being toyed with for years on end only to end up holding an empty bag of WTF!

        • The difference is I never had any expectations for the show, I only mostly cared about them ending up together in the books, but that got shot to hell. It’s so hard to have any hope these days. No one could ever replace Eric, this guy doesn’t even come close. I think he’s supposed to replace Bill.

        • I know how you feel Peecan, I really do. I am picking up what your putting down. NO ONE can replace the striking Viking…..NO ONE. I am not going to worry about what they could do to Eric because there is no point to it. It is obvious we can’t make them change the way they create story lines. I still have a wait and see what happens and don’t get your hopes up mentality.

    • Rest assured and I am putting it out there now, if TB is stupid enough to kill Eric off, then it will most definitely loose this viewer, whether Ben is on the show or not. It would be show suicide and they should know this by now.

      • Nymerias, I’m with you all the way

      • Nymersias – this is one thing that I am now seriously dreading. What if he really goes? Only 3 deaths will change direction of this show Bill/Sookie/Eric (better to say Eric’s death would change show’s future popularity). I am not mentioning Jason as I am pretty sure he’ll be OK because of James/Viola characters extended.

        I saw that KBVS clip when she was choking up about it – and yes I know she is emotional person – but lord it got me scared They will certainly loose me and lots of other fans but many people won’t stop watching.Of course majority love Eric and he is the fan favorite but I think many people would still tune in next year. I don’t think majority of people are as invested as we are. There would be certainly high emotions and uproar after the finale but then there is a whole year for dust to settle. It would be their last season so they don’t really care about ratings at the end… I feel like calling AS agent and demanding to know if he is signed up for the next season. In any case they are doing a very good job in keeping us guessing.

        • LOL Good luck contacting his manager, that is funny. I demand to know!

          All joking aside, I am not sure I could watch TB without him, it really would be show suicide.

  15. Me too

  16. You make some darn good points.. LOL ehhhh, I wouldn’t be attracted to Barlow but the rest of your commentary was darn compelling.

  17. I loved your post! I am so tired so people calling Sookie a slut, especially the Bill people. I’m still on the fence about Ben, I can certainly see Sookies attraction to him and Rob seems to be genuinely enjoying being on the show. I don’t understand why people think he killed her parents therefore she should hate him. Her parents were going to kill her! I don’t care how dumb they are, that’s the fact. Maybe it’s because I actually know a mother that killed her young son that I have no sympathy for Sookies parents.
    I wish they would kill Bill, and leave Warlow. I would love to see him banter with Eric!
    I am nearly as disappointed in what they’ve done to Eric’s character. After season 4 , he was just never the same and not for the better. And this is totally the writers, its like they got all new Eric writers and forgot who he was. maybe in their minds he was a totally changed person after his time in Narnia with Sookie but they should have told us. It started out with his “fuck Sookie” when he felt her fear and did nothing , then the Nora fucking immediately after that, then all the Nora forced b/s we had to endure. I will never understand if he loved her so much, why had Pam never heard of her. It would have been much more believable had they made her an old girlfriend and the nora writing inconsisties! how old is she, what happened to her being turned because she was a political genius?? how can they not get that right??That entire Nora death scene just irked me. In the past he kept his emotions in check, yet you knew they were there and he was trying so hard to be big and bad about everything but you could see through that and it was awesome. Now he’s just a blubbering vampire who never gives Sookie a second thought. And he make a rash decision to make another vampire. Total writer B/S!!!
    Anyway, I’m bailing water out of my E/S ship as fast as I can. I’ll never give up on them, even if the show lets me down like the books, I just hope some of the awesome fanfiction writers out there feel the same !! Thank you for your post, I wish everyone who watches the show had to read it. Sorry for the long post, I had to get this off my chest!!

  18. In my heart & mind Eric & Sookie together forever . True Blood need to get with the program . I feel it is never too lase . Get rid of Warlow & Bill . Go to the Viking .

  19. […] been awhile since we had a Just My Fangpinion post…this time Nymerias is telling us “The Truth About Sookie”! Do you agree or disagree with her? Feel free to share your thoughts on the […]

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