Season 6 Finale Synopsis Revealed!


TV Guide have just unveiled the all-important synopsis for Season 6 Episode 10 – the grand finale!

Don’t look below – if you don’t want to know!


Season 6, Episode 10

                Episode Synopsis: In the sixth-season finale, Jason feels a vampire attraction firsthand; and Bill finds that salvation isn’t free. Meanwhile, Sookie considers her future with Warlow as a new crisis poses a threat to humans and vampires alike.  Original Air Date: Aug 18, 2013
The episode title has also been changed again to “Radioactive“.
No mention of the Viking or his family so it looks like we will be kept guessing as to their fate right up until the end.
As usual, let us know what you think below!

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56 comments on “Season 6 Finale Synopsis Revealed!

  1. I really hope they aren’t going to turn Jason. I think we already saw that story with Tara. Looks like we’re not gonna lose Bill either. Can’t wait to see how they decide to either leave him as Billith or change him back to ol’ Vampire Bill.

  2. Interesting…I think our boy Eric is going to play a BIG role in the finale, thats why he’s not mentioned…the jason thing makes me think…over all i think the finale is going to be big!!! don’t disappoint us sookie!

    • I agree!! We all already know that Eric can go into fairy land, because he went in to drain Warlow. Eric found his way into fairy land by seeing Sookie come out and he heard her say that she had to decide to save her vamp friends she would have to become Warlows fae/vamp. We also know that Warlow is not going to let Sookie decide that she made a bad decision and with her becoming a fae/vamp my not be ideal for the human race. Of Course Sookie thinking about everyone, but I have always been team Eric and Sookie. and the best ending new beginning would be Eric going into fairy land to safe Sookie from Warlow just seconds before he has completed the turning of her and that will be the end. We will not know whether Eric made it in time or not. They have said that Jason will have a first rate Vamp attraction but what does not make since to me is when Eric gave Jason his blood he glamored him to have good dream/thoughts about him to me it seemed like he was glamouring him from having sexual dreams.

  3. The new crisis is Warlow killing humans and vampires. ..I think Bill will not be Billith next season….Eric hopefully has some humanity still left in the finale.

    • esw45, if that’s the case I guess Sookie couldn’t control another man on the show as she could control Eric.

      • Aolani08 I really don’t think she can control Warlow when he is dark mode let alone really knows the true side of him…..the Warlow/Sookie thing is not good there is a sick obsessive thing going on here.

    • I don’t think that is it otherwise she would not consider a future with him. When I think ‘radioactive’ I think a post apocalypse type thing.

  4. maybe humans and vampires have to fight together against that common threat.
    i also have seen an et interview on youtube from the tb-cast and there they said something like the happenings in the finale will change a lot for everybody in/on the show. but what could be the threat?

  5. Did anybody consider that the price Bill will have to pay is taking away his immortality – turning human again. Grrrr I’ll break my TV if this happens, but seriously what are they going to do with him in S7. There is no way he is stay all mighty powerful / being his boring old self possible, but nothing exciting for his character and he is one of the leads, he needs to have a good story line next season and adopting to being human again could be just a right thing. I am obviously not considering him being dead – just not possible on TB and they big Bill obsession. Anyway, it’s just a guess.
    Sookie considering her future with Warlow – zzzzzz – fed up with that, she’s being doing that since she banged him – what else is new. I don’t think the common threat is Warlow – seriously – they brought this character to replace Eric. Maybe something Bill does when he takes Billith’s blood will unleash Lillith – but then I don’t see how she would represent threat to Vamps. Maybe it will some kind of new fancy nuclear device…..maybe aliens are coming, ha, ha..it could be anything :).
    No Eric – of course – wasn’t expecting it – they will torture us until the last minute and possibly beyond.
    Jason – whaever – it probably has something to do with Violet….yawn…

    • wouldn’t it be interesting if Sookie’s Cluv adior scene turns out to be in the finale? She tells Benlow that she will be with him if he allows Eric to live (assuming that he gets Eric into a life or death situation)…and the show goes off for the season. It would be a good cliffy to leave us till next season.

      Also someone please talk to me about this whole Eric thing that I keep reading on Yahoo. I’ve read now two interviews that state that cast has been worried to the point of almost tears because there is a good possibility that Eric is being killed off due to some season six poster that reveals a dying vampire that resembles Eric a great deal. I’ve not seen this poster so I can’t say for sure….but they had a Kristen interview where she was practically in tears from her fears this may be true. I know every season we talk about this…but I don’t know…I’m worried this season.

      Also in regard to the whole Bill either kills Benlow or is downgraded to human status because of the death of Benlow. I thought the premise behind Benlow (i.e. what Nora told us) was that Benlow was created in order for there to be able to be an end to Lilith….or Bill in this case…not the other way around. I’m not saying that Benlow can’t be killed, I’m sure he can be…but it doesn’t seem like it would stick to the story line if he were to be and Bilith would be allowed to stay in tact.

      • That would be great Meliisa (re CD or magic to save Eric)- but I think it would be about saving everybody – humans and vamps from some terrible danger. We’ll see what that is.
        There are rumors that AS contract is up this season and it’s uncertain if he wants to say / or possibly stay with less screen time etc. Try not to worry as it’s only speculation and they are hyping things up. We’ll deal with hit when it hits :)

        • I know that Alex, Anna and Stephen have contract with HBO for seven years. I´m hoping it´s true. This show can´t be without Eic. It would be bad decision from HBO, because especially Eric is doing show and high rating and this means money for them.

      • Cluviel Dor? What is that? We don’t speak of such things here at this site for we abjured it I tell you ABJURED! LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Bite you tongue! HAHAHA

    • Maja Robert Krazinsky has stated that Warlow will be doing gnarly things ….his dark side will take over …….he is the threat I am sure of it….he is killing folks ….Eric is irreplaceable …Warlow can’t touch him with a 10 foot pole!

      • What if he is doing nasty stuff just to Billith / to protect Sookie – just playing devil’s advocate. Of course Eric is the one and only :)

    • Maja, maybe Sookie will have to USE the power Niall showed her how to use to get rid of Warlow instead of that fake shit she pulled at the dinner party.

    • Bill as a regular human I don’t see happening. His character would be even more boring than he is now. Besides, being human would not make him relevant but who knows with this show.*shrugs*

  6. Well, after reading all the above comments I will say that their are a lot of great speculations out there. The only thing that bothers me is what Melissa brought up about Eric. Its’ really getting to me too about all this Eric is getting killed off stuff. I thought he signed a seven year contract like Anna and Stephen did for one and for another (I guess he could break his contract if necessary by penalty) I also read that Tarzan starts filming in May, which is well before TB stops filming for the season. Therefore, I am really worried about Alex/Erics’ future on TB.

    I do know that no matter how interesting they would try and make the show, if there is no Alex there is no me, watching True Blood any longer.

    I hope that the rumors are just that and everything will work out alright. Its’ a wait and see kind of situation and its’ making me nervous………

    • Hey I read in a tabloid that the Tarzan project is on hold and most probably is not happening…SO Alexander would be free for TB I hope…This show is nothing without Eric…

  7. Damn it! I’m leaving for Germany next Friday for three weeks and I won’t be able to see the last two episodes til I get back. I will try not read this blog so I won’t be spoiled. It’s going to be so hard not to.
    As for Eric meeting the true death, if Alex goes, I’m canceling HBO!

    • Screw this show, I would love to be going to Germany right now. I’ve only been there once in my life and would give anything to go back. It might be better that you get the last few episodes all at once, less stressful and having to wait every week.

    • Have a great trip :)
      Hopefully you’ll have some great Viking to come back to!

  8. I saw an interview that Alex did, in it he said he just finished filming the finale. He chuckled and said, so I’m still here for that.. But, then Terry said pretty much the same thing and he is gone.. Who knows with TB.. I hope Eric doesn’t meet the true death, he adds so much to the series. I do like the Warlow character, not to replace Eric, but there is so much they could do with him.

    I just hope that with the end of this season, we get the final end to Sarah Newlin. She has to go, and take her weasel of an ex-husband with her.

    • I just thought of something…. Alex said in an interview that he did a very emotional scene with a bloodbag and that he made it to the season ending… what happens if his emotional scene is him having caught hep v and saying goodbye to Sookie….but he doesn’t completely disintegrate like Nora the season ends before we can see that.

      • I’m pretty sure the emotional scene was the one where Nora died and became a blood bag.

        • Evie, throughout the series, bloodbags have been humans to the vamps. So I don’t think it is when Nora died. It has to be still forthcoming in the next three eppys……….

          • It was Nora because she literally turned into a blood bag and that is what he ended up holding.

          • I’m convinced it was Nora. Eric would certainly call a human a bloodbag but Alex would never refer to one of his co-stars that way! It was Alex who uttered those words not Eric. He was being literal.

          • Yeah, he was referring to Nora.

          • The only human that Eric has ever cared about is Sookie. Unless he has an emotional scene coming up with her…. which is possible, Maybe Sookie begging Warlow to save Eric, or him having to say goodbye to her. (pure speculation) I think, at least I hope that he was referring to Nora. That was hard to watch. Not her turning to goo, just him being so devastated by it. Not gonna lie, I got a little choked up.

  9. When Bill drank the blood he lit up for a second. Maybe the blood will have some still unknown negative effects on the long run. Becoming human would be great for Andy esp. after Bill’s threats. Payback is a b….

  10. Just Don’t kill Eric…Everything else I can digest with a bitter pill…

  11. She shouldn’t consider a future with him regardless ….but you might be right about a bomb or reactor being setup by Sarah Newlin or Burrell.

    • Eesw45, Burrell is already dead. Bill ripped his head off. which was pretty stupid since he didn’t tell him where the vamp camp was..

      • Yes he is dead but that does not mean he did not set something up with Sarah or others before he was beheaded. He found out from Eric where it was and the Governor would not have told him anyway, he was all set to be a martyr for his cause.

    • What she should or shouldn’t do is beyond our control. LOL

  12. i think that the core cast is gonna survive and the deaths coming are sarah, steve for sure and maybe alcide or sam i’m convinced either one of those are gonna be death by the finale and that warlow and the other threat that was mention in the synopsis are gonna be the problems next seson and warlow will be the bad guy cause sookie didn’t want to be with him

    • It sounds like to me she is going to choose him, but she will end up regretting it. Sam would be counted as a core cast member, so I don’t think he’s going anywhere. Probably not Alcide, either, but I can’t say I would care much if that was the case. He’s become a real jerk this season.

      • The way they are writing her she is stupid enough to pick him and your right she will regret it ……like you said Tammy he is bill 2.0 …I thought she was suppose to be smarter this season.

    • That sounds good and hope that is what it is because after seeing Sookie and Warlow together I need to wash my eyes out with soap. Yes she is entitled to rebound nookie but any nookie Sookie has always almost cost her her life.

  13. I will be happy if Eric survives ths season i want E/S back together but at this point i just want Eric to live and there’s no point stressing over Sookie’s choices god knows they’re never good

  14. I think the major death of this season to change the tone of the show would be Sookie’s maybe Warlow turns her against her will or she turns to Eric for help and he changes her resulting in a blood bond making Warlow upset throwing him off the deep end…..I know nobody ever takes drama queen Sookie to heart but she did say she rather be turned and walk the earth as a corpse than to think about?

  15. How rad would it be if eric turned sookie!!! I mean c’mon! OR he claims she is his when things get really bad with warlow/sookie and sookie agrees!!!

    • Not sure that would work as she already told Ben that she is not his or anybody’s plus she already slept with him. I want Sookie turned and by Ben because then I do not have to hear the whining or glee from either camp. Sookie would make an interesting hybrid, much more interesting than she is right now.

    • I love your way of thinking…..I would take anything Eric and Sookie right now.

  16. I agree with Nymerias someone on TB has a real love affair going for Bill which objectively speaking is unfortunate because he isn’t going anywhere until they cancel this show. I loath the Bill character I personally find him boring, pompous and a pretentious jerk who you would need to strain everything out of his mouth with telescope to find the truth. SM though is quite a good actor I have seen him in other material and enjoyed him so it perplexes me why his Bill character leaves me indifferent at best and bored at the worst.

    • I don’t think it’s a good idea for Warlow to turn her because Bill can give him the maker’s command still putting her in harms way by Bill some way some how she gets from under Bill’s thumb and I don’t see that with Warlow if Eric turns her I can see her getting away from both of them or maybe she gets to use her nuke fingers killing Warlow and becomes a normal human

  17. I agree aolani08!!!!

  18. I read somewhere at the beginning of the season that Niall comes back and he is not what he seems. It was an interview with the actors that gave these hints.

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