“Why Season 6 is the show’s best one in years”


With just 3 episodes to go we are reaching the business end of True Blood Season 6 and the critics and fans alike so far have been more than slightly impressed. TV.com have followed the show since the beginning (and do some pretty awesome recaps), and today they have outlined the reasons they think Season 6 is one of the best yet.

Both Sookie and Eric feature heavily within their 5 reasons the show is currently so good.


And perhaps best of all, Sookie is currently in the middle of story that’s both surprisingly interesting and that has kept her isolated from the main narrative. It’s only a matter of time before something terrible happens to her and she makes a speech about not wanting to deal with supernaturals again, but I appreciate that her current attitude is basically, “Meh, screw it. This is what I do.” Anna Paquin is really good when Sookie isn’t weighed down by DRAMA, and she’s proven that again in Season 6.


Nora’s demise last week wasn’t as powerful, but the episode did a fine job of installing a sense of dread, building up to that final moment. And it was an important scene for Eric, the show’s best character, which made it even better. It just feels like anything could happen on True Blood again, which isn’t something I would have said during the past two or three seasons.

And obviously:

True Blood works best when Eric’s at the center, scheming and plotting his way through one seemingly impossible situation after another, and his maneuvering this season has been better than ever.


You can check out the full article here and it’s definitely worth a read.

Let’s hope that opinions are still as high at the end of this month, when all 10 episodes have aired!





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9 comments on ““Why Season 6 is the show’s best one in years”

  1. Evie:
    We know why Season 6 is the Best Season yet.
    No more Alan Ball to deal with,with his extra storylines and additional characters
    who take up wasted storytelling time and take time away from the “Core characters”
    Thank you,Brian Buckner,for getting back to Sookie,Jason,Eric,Pamela & Bill.
    And also Sam,LaFayette,Arlene & Terry & Tara & Alcide.

    Ok,so we have to deal with Warlow, who’s connected to both Sookie & Bill.
    because of Season Five, and the Faries.
    Jessica Hamby, is connected to William Thomas Compton due to Season 2
    and she’s his progeny/Daughter.

    The only reason we have Steve Newlin and his bat shit crazy ex wife in the picture
    is someone thought that it would be fun to bring Steve back as a Vampire.
    Now we have to deal with crazy Sarah,who is behind the whole Vampire Camp,
    she has not changed since Season 2. She’s dangerous.

  2. Alcide’s still connected to Eric Northman via his father Jackson.
    Jackson’s gambling debt’s maybe all paid up, but he still needs his son.
    Jackson loves Alcide,but ever notice how they never talk?
    I beleive that it goes back to Alcide’s mom’s passing?
    Think she either died giveing birth to him or after???

    And Sam.he’s hurting after losing Luna~and now also Emma who he
    returned to Martha which was the correct thing to do.

    I feel so bad for Arlene,losing Terry the way she did, so unexpected.
    LaFayette,had no idea as to what Terry had planned.
    All he knew was that Terry gave him the key to his safedeposit box.
    Nothing more,he told Arlene about the key.
    And poor Andy,he has Adeline and Holly,but who does Arlene have?

  3. Another charatcter who’s connected to Eric Northman is Willa Burell.
    The former Govenour of Louisana’s beloved daughter who was on
    the side of the Vampires and wanted to help them.
    She is a strong woman,she’s showing what she’s really made of.
    She’s going to make Eric proud that he turned her.

  4. Because A. Ball is out and I like new characters – vampires. And Eric has more screen time then in season 5

  5. I like this season because season 5 was so bad overall but the Warlow and Sookie crap and Billith stuff holds it bsck from being a great season to me Eric has been great all season whether he has been all loving looking st Sookie or sad with Nora dying in his arms or BAMF he has been with this humans vampires war……great combo of scenes for Eric this season. …Sookie was great this season up until after episode 4 been downhill for her to me and probably because I am not a warlow fan at all has a lot to do with my changing opinion of her this season. Jason been great this season he started all racist against vampires this season then gradually changed his tune and is now back to being the loving goofy Jason again. …episode 4 this season was one of true blood’s best ever …..I like Willa has a lot of promise as a character. ….Warlow needs to go doesn’t bring anything to the table and this whole lillith storyline needs to go…..shouldve never came over from last season Bill needs to go but that won’t happen so I just want the super Bill crap to go away just have the boring lying douche Bill back since they won’t kill him.

  6. Your right the creme of the crop this season is Eric plotting and scheming its delish..

  7. This season is by far the worst season ever. It’s so routinely laughable in a bad way that it trumps the times it’s intentionally funny. The writing makes no sense anymore, and they keep cramming in new characters no one is emotionally invested in and trying to make us care. I really don’t. I barely even know what I’m doing even coming to a fan page anymore. This couple is officially dead by the looks of it.

    • I think I’d rather take Cory Barker’s word for it. Even worse than season 5? Where Eric didn’t even seem like a character, more like part of a unit with Bill? It made less sense then.

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