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Now that you’ve finished watching True Blood Episode 6.08 “Dead Meat” – it’s time to go Inside The Episode to find out more from the mouths of Brian Buckner (writer and executive producer) and the director Michael Lehmann.

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!

You can watch HBO’s Inside The Episode by clicking on the image below.


HBO sent us these official pics from tonight’s episode! Check ’em out in the gallery below!

Now it’s time to draw first blood…what did you think about “Dead Meat”?  Share your thoughts below!

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58 comments on “Inside The Episode: True Blood “Dead Meat”

  1. Pretty decent compared to previous episodes, even though Eric had so little screen time again, he was still awesome.

    • Yes, I was starting to worry whether or not we’d see Eric once again in the episode. He was awesome in his scenes with Bill though. In his full “snark mode”! LOL

  2. Eric was great that why I LOVE HIM!!

  3. sarah newlin makes an awesome villain! missed seeing eric/gang…liked the dynamic b/w Jason and the new vamp! i’m wondering what will happen now…will ‘hero complex’ bill be needed to save the day w/ warlow?does eric think that his blood can help the other vamps from burning, or did he just want to get in there to save them? also, sookie is one confused girl right now!

  4. I liked this episode, can NOT believe no E/S scenes, they REALLY teased us with him watching her from behind the tree!! I really thought they were going to have some interaction, must be saving the best for last!! Loved the scene in the beginning. I actually didnt mind the alcide/sam parts.but the sookie/sam parts were bizarre. horrible chemistry for those 2.always have been. C’mon Eric!!! Save the day!! hes a badass,and hopefully sookie will find out he’s upset because of nora!! she has too. also, I actually like Violet and jason together alot!

    • The Sam/Sookie scene was an “ode” to the final book (which shall remain nameless). I haven’t rolled my eyes that much in a LONG time!

      At least we had our 0.2 sec Eric and Sookie scene as Sookie walked away and Eric watched her. :)

  5. Sookie is SO LOST?? But Eric just threw her a lifeline and now she don’t HAVE to be warlow, Sookie open your EYES girl

  6. I still don’t know what to think of this episode

  7. That scene where Sarah Newlin killed Ms. Suzuki with the stiletto heel…? Stolen straight from the movie, “Single White Female” starring Bridget Fonda and Jennifer Jason Leigh…just sayin’ ;)

  8. I laughed when sookie said “hell no” when asked if she still liked bill! Now thats the sookie I love! I love eric northman, im glad he drank warlow! sookie might be mad,oh well!

    • I don’t think she’s be mad that he drank the blood but she’ll be pissed at his highhanded actions….lol!!!! I guess Eric is the best she ever had. He drank from her gently and healed her marks without her asking.

  9. Yeah Eric did hear Sookie’s mental chatter to herself and threw her a life line. She still isn’t going to see it though especially after the way she threw herself at Sam. I’m glad fate has a way of intervening and Sookie is going to have to make the hard decision by herself. Bill looked hopeful when she took him up to fairy and looked abashed when Eric took matters into his own hands. I’m also glad that Sookie sees she made a mistake by sharing her goodies during a rebound. I’m glad and hopeful for her and Eric and for all the Warlow fans to see how he didn’t use love when he fed from her wrist nor offered to heal the bites on his own I can say in your face because Bill Jr. Is Bill 2.0. I’m glad Bill is making her realize what he is and the image she had of him was never the true him at all. This episode meant a lot to me as a Eric and Sookie shipper because there is still hope. I guess we now know why all the vampires were in a state of euphoria and while some say Warlow has every right to get revenge on those that took his blood unwillingly, how do you think the fairies in the meadow felt? Karma is a bitch Warlow take that. Tara being a loud ooohhhh I wish someone make her think before she talks we could have gotten rid of Violet. Sookie is going to wind up saving her vampires I still have faith in her and I hope Eric let’s Jason out of that room so he can be vindicated in Sookie’s eyes for drinking on the baby fairy. Bill doesn’t care of his son turns Sookie because then he will have two fairies at his beck and call on tap. Please let this season end with Eric and Sookie clearing issues up between them. I’m glad Eric doesn’t blame Sookie and blame Bill for Nora’s death. This episode said so little but meant so much, HOPE is a beautiful word.

  10. Does anyone know why Warlow is so old and can’t control his hunger and why Baby Willa is doing a better job than him at it? The way he tore into Sookie’s wrist was almost identical to Bill the last episode of season 4 and he didn’t even think to heal her during his temper tantrum in epic Bill fashion

    • Because both him and Bill are douchebags who have no self-control to begin with? LOL IDK…

      • Erika, I’m just glad all the Warlow shippers experienced some sort of karma tonight. I’m going to bed with a smile on my face. Let’s just hope Sookie doesn’t proposition Alcide next episode

  11. aolani08, i agree with everything you wrote! This episode did mean alot, even if there was no eric/sookie, i think something big will happen between them in the end.its just to weird that they have had NO scenes/interactions at all together.it doesnt add up in my eyes, especially after tonight. Im so happy sookie is seeing this side of bill, which we all have seen for years! C’mon eric and sookie! yes i hope sookie sees eric save them!

  12. aolani08 sometimes i think is part of the plot and sometimes i think is just to go with story because Sookie has met many vampires and yeah they say she smells nice but they can control themselves the exceptions are Warlow and Nora last season that was crazy for Sookie’s blood until Eric calm her down

  13. also…inside the episode, they say she went to everyone that meant something to her (sam/bill) why didnt she try and think of eric, i know she thinks hes in camp,but c’mon! its like she has forgotten about him!

    • That’s why it makes me think she eventually WILL go in search of Eric by season’s end. How could she forget about the Viking? It’s weird…and leaves me feeling suspicious. LOL He will be her last lifeline, I believe. A part of me doesn’t think she’s fully convinced about turning into a faerie vampire.

      • Erika, I think she didn’t go in search of him because how they ended. Sookie is a prideful woman. I think when everyone just thought of her as a mere human, Sam loved her. She went to Bill thinking he had a glimmer of care in him and would feel sorry enough to help her. I think when and if Eric helps her no questions asked Sookie is going to know for sure that he truly did and will always see her as the girl in the white dress.

        • Don’t forget…they like to take their time too. The writers I mean…LOL They can’t have Sookie finding the simplest solution because there would be no drama. LOL

    • She don’t know that Eric out of camp bill ass, Didn’t say anything

  14. I hope so Erika ….because its obvious that the only guy that truly loved Sookie was Eric …Bill keeps showing what he has always been …Warlow doesn’t love her just an obsession he wants to turn her into something she doesn’t want to be …..

  15. YES! now its getting to the point where its just TOO suspicious that they are not interacting with each other! yeah i think they will have a huge part in the finale! something has to come out of them not teaming up lately!

  16. At least she didn’t went to Alcide i guess that means she doesn’t care all that much about him and i think she doesn’t went to Eric because they have something big prepared for those too let’s just hope that cause we know Sookie cares about him and he’s the only one who’s ever loved her Bill is never get over the fact that Sookie put a stake through his heart protecting Eric

  17. Okay, this comment is sort of random, and not really Sookie/Eric related…it’s related to the rankings that the vampires have at vamp camp. I can’t wrap my head around the fact that Pam is a 1 when she’s only been around for a little over a hundred years! And James is a 2 and he referenced the fact that his human father is still alive, so he can’t be that old. I mean, I get why Eric was a 1, but some of the other rankings are sort of mystifying. I mean, even Tara is a 3 and she’s like 1 month old – Steve Newlin has been a vamp longer than Tara!

    Sorry, this is such a minor hair to split, but is has been just confusing me!

    • There are varying theories on it…but I think it’s something to do with how well they fought in the white room when they first entered the vamp camp.

      Others can share their theories too :)

      • I agree, Erika, I guess, when you think about it, the number system is sort of arbitrary, b/c if you have 4 newly made vampires one of them has to be a 1 even if they aren’t very old. Ha….confusion resolved.

    • This ranking isn´t about age. It´s about their intelligence and ability during the test game in the white room

  18. Sookie just seemed lost the scene with Sam was crazy even him was freaking out over what she said, that scene scared me because it made it seem like the HEA of that book i will not mention could happen on TB i still don’t know if they can make it happen hopefully they don’t cause after that it doesn’t make any sense Sookie sees Sam as a plan not B but like Z her last resourse and he’s not into her any more after all that’s being going on with him and now he’s apparently becoming a dad i hope that the end of the weird Sam/ Sookie thing

    • The scene was out in left field and very surprising. I know Luna just died but I’m glad Sam finally has someone that can give her all to him and he is her option A because she doesn’t know about the baby and she loves him for him.

  19. LOVED this episode!
    Finally Sookie was like she was written in the books!
    She told Bill Compton off, she cursed him out, I was real proud of her.
    Felt sorry for Arlene being so torpedoed by Portia/Grandmother.
    They couldn’t even hire the same actress to play the Grandmother that
    played her in Season 4, the actress on “Who’s the Boss”??
    Bad call on the part of the casting director.
    Another definate lack of continuity that was really in poor taste.

    Nicole’s pregnant!!! Way to go Sam. you’re going to have pups!!!.
    Alcide, going home to his dad’s house. His pack days are over.

    Eric, now what can you say about him?
    Who thought he’d go and kill Warlow?
    And now what is Bill going to do???

    Loved it when Ms. Suzuki kicked Sarah Newlin in the crotch.

    • I don’t think Warlow is,dead I just think that he drank enough to achieve his goal to save the vampires from camp just as he drank enough from Andy’s daughter to enter fairy.

    • Yeah Warlow is not dead as yet :( … Both dead vampires and fairies turn to slug or dust and Warlow still had a body…Pity :(

    • I don’t think Eric killed Warlow; he just drank what he needed. He will now be able to walk in the sun and feed his family and friends his Warlow-laced blood to save them. I wonder how many of the internees have snacked on the contaminated blood? I don’t know how many vampires they have imprisoned in that facility.

      At least now Sookie won’t have to marry Warlow because Eric’s already got his blood! Smart thinking, Viking!

      Loved the fight between Sarah and Ms Suzuki! Anna Camp plays an amazing and totally crazy villain; Sarah’s up there with Russell.

  20. Erika, how did Eric enter fairy by himself, Bill needed Sookie to enter?

  21. Does anyone know how Eric entered fairy by the blood he drank from Andy’s daughter and Bill needed Sookie to enter. I think some way some how the we become one is going to come into play?

  22. Ok I really like this episode…Main points for a thumbs up-

    1. Eric snarking and Bill still having no clue what to say in front of him :)
    2. Eric coming up with a plan and taking charge to save the vamps (he knows Bill will just sit and twiddle his thumbs and blame Sookie/ Warlow/life/ fate etc and not do anything)

    But whats with Sookie? She could just have taken Bill to the fairy meadow without agreeing to being a vampire. Dunno why she does dumb stuff and not get selfish on saving herself….

    • That is a good thought at least she would have realized the fairies are missing as well as Niall. Sookie is asking questions it’s all about to come to a head

  23. I would love that to happen aolani08! But knowing them its becuase he drank andys daughter, and maybe warlows blood has worn off on bill already! wouldnt it be nice if they did do a call back for when they were together in season 4 in some way? becuase guess what sookie, IT HAPPENED!

    • It would be very nice if that episode in season 4 meant something. This season both Sookie’s and Eric’s characters are evolving. The reason Eric hasn’t killed Bill is because of Sookie, now those doors are closed. I wonder what new dangers season 7 would bring?

  24. This was an interesting episode I’m..just embarrassed oddly enough by Sookie and Sam it felt like incest happening now I know why I thought CH was crazy with her HEA conclusions. And Eric.. that was epic he is amazing..

  25. The only thing missing from the “Inside the episode” interview was a tip of the hat to CH and not making the same mistake she did in DEA…loved the scene between Sam & Sookie….Been pondering the timeline here. James told Jessica he had been locked up for 6 weeks. So when did the governor start his vamp camp? After Luna went on TV and exposed the Vampire Authority? If so, then more time has passed in this season than appears to have. Probably doesn’t matter, just caught my interest.

  26. This has been my favorite episode so far this season. Eric played it masterfully. It felt like a return to his previously sneaky ways to get what he wants when he wants it. I LOVE that he figured out how to get into Fairie all on his own. Plus the fact that he attacked Benlow is actually very clever. Now in the preview we see that the vampires who were in the sunroom all have bloody mouths….so does that mean that they feed FROM Eric or did Eric bring them some of Benlow’s blood? Hmmm that will be interesting. I can’t help but wonder if Eric will have a “moment in the sun” moment of sorts like he did when he drank the first fairy when he lost his memory. I can’t really believe that Sookie is going to go through with it with Benlow…I would think she doesn’t have to now since Eric jumped the gun and seems to have found his own way around the situation. All in all yes the episode could have had more Eric time…but it was a great episode none the less. Several of you mentioned the whole Sam Sookie moment and I couldn’t agree with you more. I personally was like “what the F*CK!” Seriously, you are going to stick that into this show after so many fans have revolted because of it? But they wisely backed off of it after that. Oh and another thing…..Sookie eat a freakin hamburger and fries sometime…put some meat on your bones. Geezz…I swear when she was getting dressed in her funeral garb she turned sideways and from the waist down she disappeared!!

  27. Eric rules !! What a show . Alex rocks it always .

  28. I don’t have much to add…just LOVE reading all the comments every week. I don’t watch until Monday morning so I’m always late to the party! LOL! Kind of random but in next week’s ep…did Eric’s fangs get bigger???

  29. Let’s hope when Warlow wakes up he’s in a cell at the bottom of Bill’s mansion. Sookie shouldn’t have to baby sit an ancient vampire to ensure he doesn’t lose control. Hopefully by seasons end Niall will show up, Jason will give her some insight, or she searches for the fairies in the meadow and knows Warlow killed them.

  30. I hope the episode that Eric and Sookie shared blood comes into play. I know the moment meant so little to Sookie but maybe it will have a huge impact to help her get out of her contract with Warlow.

    • What a wonderful thought to hold on to :)

      But Alas! the show writers hardly ever remember things from the previous episode, let alone something from two seasons back :( ….

  31. I don’t have much to add to the comments. It’s all been said and said very well. I just have to say that if Eric dies so does the show.

  32. […] time to go Inside The Episode with Brian Buckner and Michael Lehmann! You can watch the video here! Plus, check out some of the “official” pics from […]

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