New Promo “Prayer Tease”


HBO have just released a “Prayer Tease” promo to mark there being only 2 episodes left to go.

Enjoy and digest the crazy!


Barbara at skarsgardfans has managed to grab some screen caps, and here are a few.

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You can check out the rest of her caps here

As usual, let us have your thoughts below.

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29 comments on “New Promo “Prayer Tease”

  1. They are trying to liven Bill’s character up but nobody can beat the Viking. I wished that Sookie went to the vamp camp to personally see what was going on and to save her vampires. Sookie is not going to like Violet’s control over her brother let’s hope violet dies and her ghost haunts Jason next season.

    • I agree, Sookie doesn’t know the half of what happened. It makes me wonder what she’d think if she knew the whole story? Would she be as trusting of Benlow as she appears to be?

      • Erika, I don’t understand your comment of Sookie trusting Ben based on what is going on at vamp camp. He knows nothing of vamp camp or its existence. It is Bill who did not tell her everything about what he knew of vamp camp. Just trying to get a sense of what you meant.

        • What I meant was…she has no clue about Violet using Jason. And because she’s pretty much clueless and Bill (of course) hasn’t mentioned anything about Jason, or the others…you would think she would be more hesitant in putting her trust into someone she barely knows. That is what I meant…

          • Ah I see. Well she knows she cannot trust Bill and I am not sure she altogether trusts Ben. To be fair to Bill I don’t think he knows Jason is there at the camp. He knew everything else though and did not tell her about the Hep V. I think with Ben she thinks about herself and her own blood and being used for it. I think she has sympathy for him when it comes to that.

  2. Wow!! I watched the clip about 6 times and I missed so much of it, I swear my eyes are really getting old…LOL (but not the rest of me yet!!!) I did go to the screen caps and got a lot more out of it that way. The action is moving soo fast I had a hard time catchin’ all of it. Thank goodness it appears all of our Vamps had taken a drink of “sun proofing” blood, so therefore, when the sun roof opens, none of our favorites will die from it. Other than that, I know that its’ action packed. I can hardly wait to see the complete season, but sad too that we then have to wait another year to see what happens next……

    • I had kind of figured that Eric would have managed to get some of Adalynn’s (or however it’s spelled)/Benlow’s blood to “his” vamps…thank goodness. I actually hope that the burning vamp is Violet. I know he effed Eric over, but I love the Reverend Steve. He’s good for a little comic relief every now and then.

  3. I’m freaking out right now after watching the promo and the caps who is the vampire burning is it Eric? it can’t be and well looks like finally Sookie met the dark side of Warlow

    • Could well be Steve Newlin. Eric certainly won’t be bothered about saving him!

    • I think the burning vampire is Steve Newlin. And it looks more like Sookie zaps Bill right out of faerie land…Bill looks like he’s been vampire food for the vamps too. Looks like Bill will take a lot of abuse in the last two episodes…which is good. :P

  4. I just hope and after watching the promo and caps for like a million time Eric fees the vampires he cared about in the sun room and free the then so they can throw the spiked true blood and then he flyes to save Sookie and i have no idea what Billith is doing probably nothing just laying on the floor letting Eric solve all of the problems as usual

  5. Yes – I agree that Steve is the one burning – eric holds him by his neck until he burns to death . What got me really excited was the a. eric took off from the camp during daylight b. sookie is tied up, hair down, seems out of it and Benlow’s mouth all bloody. He turns towards somebody who interrupts them – could it be Eric (makes me both scared and happy) or Niall or Bill (hopefully not). Were they in a process of turning or Benlow just lost it – why would he tie her up…is it a marriage ceremony ??? Cannot wait to find out

  6. well, if they align somewhat with the books…remember when bill saved sookie from the bad faeries? and you know bill has to be a hero on the show…my guess is its bill who saves/or attempts to save sookie from being turned, maybe w/ warlow’s help.

    • God I hope not – but now looking back at the ITE comments about bill and sookie ever going back together and that he must do something really big to redeem himself – it’s beginning to stink big time

  7. @br
    I fear you’re right. How sad that the writers spout iver & over how they don’t follow the books and they don’t…when it’s good for Eric or bad for Bill. If Bill ends up savior/hero, I won’t be surprised. Upset? Definately!

    • Bill is in reality common and unreadable vampire who likes to lie and talking half-truths. And that´s why he must to be king, prophet or hero. He never be so admirable and strong like Eric…And Eric is still Eric because he is interesting character in the book and in the show too.

  8. Maybe Warlow decided to ravish Sookie. I hope Viking is o.k. and his daughters too.

  9. Yup Bill does get blasted out of a fairy and goes to vamp camp alone..
    He’s the one they bite…not Warlow. Kinda sad to see Steve Newlin.burning after he told James about being bullied as a kid :( now i have a bit of sympathy for the guy..he’s always be afraid & alone…aww
    Looks like Eric pretty much slaughters vamp camp single handedly no one else is gonna do it…then he flies away …..sooo If Bill’s laying on the floor… and Sookie’s tied up getting drained.. who is Warlow looking at?
    ..Eric of course…. :D but poor guy, he won’t be himself for a very long time

    • I hope its Eric that comes to save her …..not Bill …bIll doesn’t love her at all …Eric does

      • I hope not, I’m tired of him saving her when she doesn’t even appreciate it. This mess is her fault, she needs to get herself out of it. She’s the one who was stupid enough to trust that psycho, both of them.

        • I hear you Tammy but I don’t think Eric is going to kill Warlow ..I think Sookie will with that fairy ball …but Eric will divert Warlow attention and surprise him

  10. if you freeze the video at 0:23 you can see the tip of the “4” on the shirt…Steve Newlin

  11. I think Billy shown up at vamp camp already too late. There`s no one there and everyone left already. Lol
    Because Eric`s at vamp camp and getting everybody out of there while Billy was playing Tug ‘n’ War with Sookie over Warlow.
    Did you guys notice Eric have faery power?

  12. Maybe the one burning is Dr Overlark or whoever… white coat n tie maybe?? .

  13. NO BILL!!! I would rather have ANY ONE else save her than him, im sick of him being the hero! please eric!! c’mon save her and show everyone that your the strongest vamp of them all!!!!

    • I don’t think it’s Bill that comes to Sookie’s aid…he is too busy with Lillith issues I believe …it’s Eric I bet that comes to her help and I still believe that she is the one that kills Warlow.

  14. […] SPOILER ALERT! Here’s the promo for True Blood Episode 6.09 “Life Matters” – looks like there’s going to be lots of Eric in this one! That’s not all…you can also watch the promo for the last 2 episodes called, “Prayer Tease”! […]

  15. I see Sookie throwing her light to Warlow!! If she is no longer fae Warlow will not marry her right?

    • That’s an excellent point but I thought he said it didn’t work on him when she zapped him in her house, not sure though, anything is possible with writers that have short term memory loss, I sure hope he goes

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