Anna Camp and her Alter Ego.


Anna Camp recently gave an interview with ET about her character, Sarah Newlin slowly being one fry short (and maybe a drink of a happy meal! She literally has gone off the deep end.

She talked about her fight (in pumps) with Ms.Suzuki and how she ended up with a trip to the hospital. It is dangerous to be fighting in heels, I would never recommend it but I am not 12 kinds of crazy like Sarah.

ETonline: That fight scene ended up sending you to the hospital, right?
Camp: Yeah, it was one take during the scene when Suzuki discovers we’re contaminating the True Blood. Tamlyn [Tomita, who plays Suzuki] throws me down to the floor and I hit my head. They didn’t put in the take where I hit my head, but the scene where I stand up and run after her is the take I hit my head during. I got a minor concussion, so the next day I was barking like a dog and had to relearn how to speak English and tie my shoes [laughs].

We get a little bit of information about the next two episodes, although they are of the normal ‘teasing’ variety.


ETonline: Well, the preview for next week shows Jason shoving a gun into her throat. How scared should we be for Sarah?
Camp: Well, I can’t say what happens, but we do get to see Sarah at the end of her rope and begging for her life.

I wonder how Jason will respond to the begging, he has a soft spot for woman but has he has enough of it?


ETonline: There are two episodes left this season, what are you excited for fans to see with the finale?
Camp: Fans can expect to see the vampires changing the way they can live in the world. You’ve seen a little bit of that with Bill walking in daylight. I think True Blood has a certain set of rules of how the characters live in the world, but that’s about to change. It expands the show in a way that will excite and interest the fans. It’s also kind of shocking!

Shocking? Will vamps now be immune to the power of the sun? Inquiring minds want to know.

You can read the rest of the article here

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21 comments on “Anna Camp and her Alter Ego.

  1. Great! More Eric time with day walking Eric. Plus Alex looks so good in sunlight :) …I cannot forget the drunk Eric in a lake proclaiming he was playing the sea god…Sigh!

  2. Sarah Newlin’s crazier than when we first met her in Season 2.
    Sarah’s always been the one in charge,and the brains behind the gentleman
    she’s been with~ Steve was a wimp, and Truman needed guidence.
    Both men had a real hatred for Vampires, that was the tie that bound them.
    Steve thought that they were abominations, and Truman’s wife ran off with one
    who sounded like Eric Northman when Willa described him to Eric Northman?
    Sarah’s sister was a fangbanger, and then Steve was punished and became one.

    Sarah saw an oppiturnity to rid the World of Vampires,so she took it.
    She’d ressurect the old camps at FOTS idea, only in a new state.
    Then she’d hire a scientist to come up with ways to kill Vampires.

    But she’s really nuts.

  3. Yep, thats’ the Anna Camp interview that I mentioned kin an earlier post. I do think that the Vamps will now (next season) be able to walk in the daylight, which will open up the whole story to a completely different set of rules. Could be interesting if they handle it properly. As long is Alex is on next season, I’ll continue to watch TB.

    • I need to read those comments of yours on the other post, now which post would that be? We have so many….lol. I just wonder how they are going to pull off all vamps walking in the sun (if that is what happens) or just the ones who had the blood.

  4. I think it`s part of the prophecy, vampires are destines to be in the light. Remember the prophecy says “And so it was that the people led Lilith to the sun. And so it shall be again. As the blood ascends, two will become one. When light and dark collide, her salvation is at hand.” I think it referring to the vampire are the ones kills Lilith,her own children to free them from the darkness and walk in sunlight among the

    It looks Eric`s fulfilling Godric`s final wishes and the prophecy at the same way.

    Way to go,Eric!!! :)

    I finally figured out the prophecy. :)

  5. As long as they keep Alex on next season I’ll keep watching. I don’t want to read too much into what Camp is saying in case her concussion is still bothering her, lol……

  6. I remember an interview she gave a couple of seasons ago where she said she originally auditioned for the role of Sookie, but of course Anna Paquin got it. I wonder what she would have been like in that part instead of nut job Sarah Newlin?

    • Probably it would change the course of the show if Anna Camp takes a part of So okie than AP and we should get our Eric and Sookie than the writers shoving Billy down our throats by getting carry away with the real relationship of AP and Steve Moyer.

      • I don’t think it would’ve made much difference in the direction the writers would have taken. I think they would’ve tried pushing Billy boy down our throats regardless. BLECH.

      • Bill has been no more shoved down viewers throats by HBO than Eric has. They have both become so much more than the supposed love interests they were in the books. We can’t have it both ways and I’m loving the way TB has developed Eric into such a dynamic character, I wouldn’t change that for anything.

        Honestly Bill’s story-line has been a complete side issue this season, even if he saves Sookie from Warlow in the end, he has done hardly anything interesting all season, meanwhile all the tasty Viking has been the main treat :)

        • Agreed Evie, as usual Bill has been a bore for me. He mostly sat in his mansion and drained a blood donor in a very very nasty way. Not to mention, taking blood from Andy’s poor daughters. I yawn when he is on screen. Ben was more interesting to me and he has spent a lot of his time tied to a tombstone!

    • Hmmm…good question! LOL I have no idea…but I can’t see anybody else playing Sarah Newlin quite like her either. Sometimes casting happens for a reason…

  7. Im so excited!!!!!! YES!! eric in day time!!!!!!

  8. […] Camp, who plays Sarah Newlin was interviewed by Entertainment Tonight, in which she shares a few things about what we can expect in the final episode of the season, plus […]

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