Two Episode 9 Clips!


Two Clips for Episode Nine! If you don’t want to know then don’t scroll!


Awwww A Terry Flashback

Click on the picture as usual!

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14 comments on “Two Episode 9 Clips!

  1. Raging Bitch IS really f*&$ing good.

  2. The first clip with Sookie and Alcide showing up to the Funeral is kind of ironic to me. Ms Bodehouse and Mrs. Fortenberry cracked me up about Alcide smellin’ like a man..LOL and the second clip with the flashback of Andy and Sam trying to coax Terry out of “Ft. Bellfleur” was sadly funny. Can’t wait for Sunday, even though its’ bringing us closer to the end of TB for this year!!

  3. Two clips like always without something interesting about vampires, two clips about nothing for me

  4. Clip One:
    Alcide the opportunist that he is shows up at a funeral for a guy he doesn’t even know. Nice Alcide. Just like when you showed up at Sookie’s house in Season 5, after the Debbie/Sookie shootout. Just hoping you could get in good with the girl. Looks like the same scenario in Season 6. Shows up at a funeral hoping Sookie needs some “cheering up sex” afterwards. Rolls eyes. This all makes me very suspicious of his motives all along with Sookie.

  5. I couldn’t watch the videos kept directing me to go to HBOGO I went there and couldn’t find them. I hope Sookie doesn’t proposition Alcide that would just be sad.

  6. Two pointless clips, IMO. I want to know what’s happening with the vampires. Disappointed to see Sookie flirting with Alcide. I don’t understand her comment about him looking handsome all dressed up. All he seems to have done is put on a jacket, otherwise he’s just wearing jeans and a shirt. He hasn’t run a comb through his hair and it seems he hasn’t showered, either, since Jane could smell his manly scent from a few feet away. *shudders* And why was it Sookie’s place to thank Alcide for attending Terry’s funeral? Strange clip, I think.

  7. Hope Sookie doesn’t go after Alcide now that Sam turned her down…….

  8. did anyone see the prayer clip? looks like Warlow has Sookie tied up and he has a mouth full of blood. it is at point .28 of the clip.

  9. […] like they’ve done all season long…HBO released some clips a few days before True Blood Episode 6.09 aired! Watch the ones they chose to reveal early! I know […]

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