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Finished watching True Blood Episode 6.09 “Life Matters”? Now it’s time to go Inside The Episode to find out more about what we saw – thanks to Executive Producer and writer, Brian Buckner!

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched the episode yet…this WILL contain spoilers! Enter at your own risk!

You can watch HBO’s Inside The Episode below.

Unfortunately…Bill didn’t die, but Eric was a hero.

It’s time to draw first blood…what did you think about tonight’s penultimate episode? Please share your thoughts below!

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28 comments on “Inside “Life Matters”

  1. Eric fucking Northman love him❤❤❤

    • Vicky, I don’t like the look he gave Pam before he flew away. Sookie accepting her fate as Warlow’s bride and he’s still up in cemefairy collecting a pay check. Once Sookie learns the fate of Jason and the other humans in Bon Temps will Life Matter because I know Warlow and Bill don’t care.

  2. I watched True Blood with a heavy heart tonight. I loved how Terry’s family and friends remembered him. Warlow spent another day in cemefairy I was more surprised that Sookie never once physically went in search of Jason to ensure his safety. Everything that True Blood stood for is gone.

  3. Ericka/Vicki/Aolani08:
    I simply LOVED tonight’s Episode!!
    Eric kicked butt, and then took names.
    Glad that Jessica,Pamela,Tara,James,Jason,Willa,& Ginger are all safe.
    Wanted for Sarah to die, she deserves to. Bye Bye Steve.
    Almost cried at Terry’s funeral, it was nice to know that Terry was smitten the
    first day he worked with Arlene~ and he really loved her and his children.
    Best Episode of TrueBlood Ever!!!

  4. the last scene with eric was so awsome,and so hot!!! I wander if he will be in the last episode?? maybe the time jump part at the end?? part of me is still hopeing/wishing he will have a meaningful scene with sookie but the other half just has to accept,it wont happen!!! but now we know what that naked eric part will be!! Jason will dream of him!! Jason was so awesome in this episode. I think after terrys funeral, sookie changes her mind and wants to live and be happy…i wonder if niall is coming back at all? SO MANY questions!!! I love eric!!!!!

  5. …also in the promo sookie uses her light on bill again..and i wonder if violet is going to stick around. tonight episode was really good, im glad they finished with the camp tho, I wanted them out! eric was such a badass tonite…I really want eric in the finale with sookie!! and alcide is boring,but maybe its just the boring wolves.

  6. Loved Eric but now i’m worried about him i think they left that cliffhanger really on purpose so everyone will think he dies, i think the funeral was beautiful but it was so long i admit i ff at times, Sookie is insane she still plans to be Warlow’s bride when he did nothing for her friends, Alcide should die in the season finale his storyline was the worst of the seaaon now he doesn’t fit in anywhere cause he has no pack and i already ruled him out as a love interest he and sam have the worst taste in women, I loved Lala so much talkin on the funeral in the flashback his eyelashes OMG, thank you Jesus that Steve died and that Sarah is next i’m glad Jason didn’t kill her she deserves a horrible and dramatic death, i wanted Liliths to take Bill i don’t get how he can scape lilith and keep the powers i see no resolution finally it’s so on purpose that they are not showing any E/S they are so teasing us i hate them

  7. Let’s hope Eric went off to be alone for a while..jeez im so worried

    • I agree. I am so worried about what happened to him.

    • I’m worried, too…in fact, I’m surprised more people AREN’T worried. He wasn’t shown in the finale clip and is anyone sure that ASkars is returning next season? All I can say is if Eric is being written out of the show, this will be my last season watching. (And I’ll be devastated… ;( )

  8. Bill probably told Lilith he’s gonna kill Warlow before she takes him

  9. Eric Northman in the sun, hair blowing with a side profile…just wow…that was all the value of an HBO subscription in one scene for me :)

    About the episode, I think Eric takes off and will be shown after the time jump in the last episode. Seriously he needs some time off. Maybe he returns in some position of power. I wont mind if he comes back as the king of Sweden or something :) :)….

    Sookie planning to marry Warlow in a black mourning dress? Hahaha how apt! Eric still has her white dress version in his mind and sees her like that. Sookie wanted to be that girl too. So the diametrically opposite black dress is symbolic.

    Bill was acting really stupid, AGAIN…I am getting sick of his permanent smirk face. It is so unoriginal and so annoying….He doesn’t do the smirk as well as Eric does it. In fact, he does nothing as well as Eric does it….

    • I’ve been tired of that stupid smirk and scowl for 6 seasons he’s been pulling his crap and they kill Steve Newlin I would have opted for Bill or Sarah now the viewers that are invested in next season has to deal with their crap when Steve could have proved his worth in repairing vampire human relations while Bill and Sarah will be back to their crappy ways

  10. hahaha so true! I hate that face, its his signature! and so true, the white/black dress symbol..ya know, it is so odd to me that sookie hasnt even mentioned him..thought of him…or even asked how he was.i know she is wraped up in all of this warlow stuff, but im hopefully the finale will give us SOMETHING! if it doesnt than i honestly dont even know anymore….

    • Atleast she was concerned about Jason’s no show… She really has forgotten all about Eric :( … Warlow was looking pretty smug too..I bet he won’t tell how he got rid of Niall and killed a whole lot of fairies and Sookie’s cousins.

      • Sookie proved in this episode that she really doesn’t care about Eric. If she wants to have a miserable life with Warlow, then so be it. They deserve each other.

  11. You know, after reading all the above comments, which most of them I agree with, it just occurred to me that the writers’ are more aware than we think they are…. They know how all of us feel about Eric and they just had to throw that angst at us by having Eric fly off into the unknown at the end. I feel that it is all intentional and that they know where they’re taking us. I had a feeling that Eric wasn’t going to be in the last eppy and will be very, very surprised if he is since Alex was already in Sweden before they wrapped the last episode for the year. I don’t know if he will be in the last eppy, but I know that I will be tuned into it next Sunday night waiting to see if he’s going to show up.

    I just hope that Alex didn’t take the penalty and buy out his final year on TB from HBO freeing him up for his movie commitments, as that would angry a lot of his fans which I don’t think he’d want to do, so once again the only thing I can think of is to try and keep calm and wait and see what happens…………….

  12. I really loved the episode. I know quite a few people felt the funeral was too long and overkill for a “B” player is what some said but I don’t feel that way at all. I felt that they were showing us the people of Bon Temps celebrating Terry’s life and all the important moments and people in it while at the same time there was all this death and destruction going on at vamp camp. I thought it was really well done.

    Hoping for some Eric next week…surely we’ll at least get a glimpse since Jason will be dreaming of him? LOL!

    • I thought it was a terrific episode – one of the best ever. I can understand why people perhaps thought the funeral dragged on but I think it was done that way simply to keep just the 2 story arcs for the entire episode.

      I already knew Brian Buckner was a Viking fan, but until this episode I didn’t realise just how much! Every second of Eric was magnificent last night, and the ending completely floored me, so much emotion. I can see why Eric needs some alone time but hopefully the viewers won’t suffer for it too much, and we will see a glimpse of him after the time jump and not have to wait until next year to see him moving on.

      The Jason dream is pretty much a given now LOL

      • Yes Eric was truly glorious in this episode. I was so cought up, I didn’t realize when the one hour of goodness was up. Judging by the annoyed looks my husband was giving me afterwards, I guess I might have let out some oohs and aahs out loud :) :)

        Jason gets all the laying around/dream sequences in this season :P Lucky him!

    • I loved the episode until the end, now I’m just dreading what’s to come. I for one thought Terry’s funeral was sweet, I’m tired of people complaining about it. He’s always been one of my favorites and will be dearly missed. I enjoyed seeing the flashbacks, but could have done without the obnoxious grandmother.

      • I loved this episode too Tammy. The funeral was needed to let people know they are appreciated for their hard work, so I understand why BB did it. It was sad that Steve didn’t get another chance to prove he could be a better vampire like his life didn’t matter. I know why because both Godric and Nora died in some form or fashion linked to him. Sarah played a hand in their lives too her life mattered and Bill dealt everyone a dirty hand because of him the True Blood factories were bombed his oily life mattered. Warlow’s butt been sitting in the cemefairy collecting a paycheck and giving interviews like he’s been involved in so many things this season besides being tied to a head stone in cemefairy. It gives me a wedgie thinking of why Ben/Warlow, Violet, and Bill didn’t meet their demise?

  13. Nope the writers and producers made fun of us the same way CH did

  14. Honestly i will be shocked if hes in the finale besides the dream..thats so depressing! this whole season all anyone wants is eric/sookie scenes.im hoping/wishing he will be in the finale time jump.He is the star of the show and the show wouldnt go on if not for him!!! Why cant the writers give us what we want!!!! Im so anxious for the finale!!!!

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  16. I know the funeral dragged on a bit, but I did love the fact that for once we were only dealing with basically 2 storylines…instead of the usual 12! I also think the writers knew that we needed something to offset the violence of the vamp camp scenes and Terry’s funeral was a perfect contrasting break from those.

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