Promo for True Blood’s FINAL Episode of Season 6!


As you know, next week will be the FINAL episode of True Blood Season 6! It’s kind of a bittersweet time for us. On one hand, we’re dying to find out what happens…on the other, this will be the last episode for awhile. :(

That being said, for those who want to get a sneak peek at next week – check out the promo below!

WARNING: If you don’t want to know – don’t watch below!

Go ahead and watch it below!

What do you think? Share your thoughts and spec below!

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48 comments on “Promo for True Blood’s FINAL Episode of Season 6!

  1. well it’s kind of unsettling that Eric took off like he did and he is not in the promo for next week, I have a felling little BonTemps bands together agaianst the hungry Vamps and some of their Vamp friend help them out, However it looks like their is a bonding ceremoiny between Sookie and Warlow. I hope something fouls it up, i realy do. I hate to see her with Bill, shutter, but Warlow, come on you are sttronger than that. Hell I woud choose the new Alcide over Warlow, another shudder he reminds me of when we first met BIll in season 1 and 2, He doesn’t love her , he would have never given her an ultimatum if he did, didn’t Sookie learn that Bill did the same thing to her and she where that has led. Kristie

  2. So Jason brings Sookie back to her house and i’m confused by the vampire being thrown away by fairy light who might that be? and where the hell is Eric? i think the ceremony between W/S is gonna go down the road

  3. at about .20 mark of the finale promo we have Sookie getting drops of blood from an arm and a hand that looks like Skarsgard big hands…could it be that Eric and Sookie will be together in the finale? I might be seeing things but it looks like Eric/Alex’s arm with Sookie in her bed giving her blood?

    • We can only hope and wish but I lost all hope. I kept rewinding the promo and I hope that was Jason carrying Sookie into the house. I thought it was Warlow carrying his new bride across the threshold and into holy matrimony. The promo was moving kind of fast my PTSD doesn’t allow me to focus that fast but I’m going to watch again

    • unfortunately to me it looks like a girls arm… meaning could be Violet seeing as she’s around a lot in the promo

  4. The marriage with Warlow won’t happen ……he will be trying to force her to turn her because she backs out…..his dark side is going to be shown in a very bad way to Sookie.

  5. I’m hoping that Sookie & Eric bond together.
    That could be Eric making Sookie his???
    Bill wants to get back the humanity that Lorena stole from in 1868.
    That will never happen~she can’t give it back to him and it’s his time to die.

  6. IT is Bill who sookie uses her light on and kicks him out of her house,I re watched it a few times and its the same outfit hes wearing in the other scenes! I agree, I think def.sookie changes her mind after the funeral and wants to be human and not warlows!! She barely knows him! and I LOVED how eric gave jason his blood and was with him tonite, those two are so funny together!! and Honestly, I really wonder if that IS eric’s hand who is giving her the blood,thats why there not showing it, and its a surprise, its def. sookie and thats at her house forsure!!!! I HOPE its not anyone else, not bill/warlow. gross! im so sick of scenes with those two!!

    • I have a feeling it might be Warlow, I’m now really worried that Eric isn’t coming back. I won’t even bother watching next season if that was the case.

      • I don’t think I’ll be watching next season either. I will stick with fanfiction. I’m waiting for someone to post half speed I’m like Terry and don’t do well if I have to focus on two things at once

      • Maybe Eric only appears in the finale in Jason dream and then he comes back next season to fight the new threat wharever it is

        • I think Eric is grieving for Nora so he may leave for Sweden or wherever they spent time together with Godric and will only make cameo appearances next season what a crock. I guess Pam will teach Willa the way of the vampire

          • I hope not i want him full time and in a love triangle or square od whatever geometric figure with Sookie and of course he’ll be the winner

          • Not the ways there characters are going I would love love love to see them together but nopeAB messed up too much focusing on Bill, Sookie, and QSA then the authority got in the way now the Warlow crap gutted the show

      • I have a really nasty feeling that Eric isn’t coming back. Having said that, if this was his last ep apart from flashbacks or dreams, I am actually content. If it was his ending, it was a good ending. It was him leaving on his own terms. If he isn’t back next season there’s no way that I’ll be watching, but I don’t care enough about anyone else in Bon Temps at the moment to be bothered about that. Warlow and/or Bill are welcome to Sookie.

        • If Eric leaves and that was his last episode on True Blood I will no longer watch the show and since he doesn’t appear to be in the season finale I can unset my DVR from record and not have to worry about the drama and or stress of missing an episode yes I was that faithful.

  7. I’m just as confused as everyone……I don’t want to get my hopes up too high about Eric saving her life maybe Jessica sent Bill to save her and Bill saves her and Sookie shoots Warlow with her light. I see someone barrel into the side of the house. I see someone carry her into the house. I hear her tell someone possibly Eric she can’t replace someone he lost and that is all. I’m going to watch again

  8. I re watched it again and paused the scene, now im thinking its a chicks hand..I dont know but it makes sense, if jason rescued her from psycho warlow, brought her back to the house to save her then maybe it was violets hand since shes there already! I WISH it was erics so bad!

  9. I think the church part is after the time jump cause Alcide’s hair is shorter and i’m worried that he is sitting next to Sookie, i can’s imagine the time jump and that she and Alcide are a couple that would so not work

  10. On seeing the stills, that arm looks particularly smooth like a woman’s arm, maybe Violet saves sookie for Jason and is that Tara reuniting with her mom?

  11. Doesn’t anyone else see that’s a female hand?? That’s not Eric’s. Maybe Jess’s??

  12. Yeah, Im wondering if your right, maybe that is the time jump at the church.c’mon! give us some more clues than this, and its jason who carries her in think, and looks like warlow at her window,and definetly bill who she uses her light on out the door.and i think at the end she was telling bill that she cant replace what hes lost,so many questions.

  13. yeah i think the hand is a girls, it has to be violets,saving her for jason..

  14. Also not hopeful hearing Buckner say the viking only cares about a few vampires in his life, not much hope for s/e but maybe we’re wrong

  15. Are we sure that is Eric’s hand?? I’ve been watching Eric scenes since earlier tonight.. first time I have ever looked at anything but his hand and nothing else on that man since he walked on to my television screen.

  16. Who is the person seemingly having sex?

    • Believe it or not it sounded like Sarah Newlin just put on a wig all in all I’m glad Jason has someone to depend on (violet) since he can’t depend on Sookie

      • Makes me wonder what’s in store for Jason and Violet next season. They didn’t kill her and she’s laid a claim on him, so she’ll be around. What’s the hierarchy going to be now? The Authority is gone. I don’t think Bill is still considered King of Louisiana. Do they get a monarch? Is this when Felipe comes to town? Is Eric still a sheriff? They really needed this time jump to reestablish some sort of structure.

    • Maybe on the other side is Eric…

  17. I truly believe if Alexander Skarsgaard were leaving the show we would have heard about it by now. That’s usually something they release in the beginning of a season. I’m thinking, and I’ve been wrong before, that the reason we don’t see him in the trailer is because he’s got a big moment. There is a time jump in the finale, so it may be he goes for that time and comes back at the end. The guy’s had a rough couple weeks in Bon Temps, he’s probably got to get his head straight. I can’t see how’s carrying Sookie across the threshold, but they look too short to be Eric, who’s invite was rescinded anyway.

    • It’s Jason that’s carrying her. I hope you’re right about Eric, but I fear if he does come back, we won’t get much with him.

  18. Also, Eric has a “sexy and provactive scene” in the finale, so we know he’s there for that, which must be with Jason.

  19. I think possibly this is a bit of “life imitating art” kind of thing. We may only see Eric in a sexy Jason dream in the finale and we’ll have to wait until next season to see where he’s been (although there is still a slight chance he could appear at the very end, after the time jump). I think Eric needed to get away after all he’s been through recently and they also wanted to give Alex a longer break too as he needed one. So both Eric and Alex are getting some down-time. I won’t give up hope of him reappearing until next season right up until the end credits though!

  20. Why is Sookie looking like like older married lady with boring husband by her side?

  21. Who is missing from this promo Eric – where is he – when he flew away where did he go?? He can’t just leave the girls like that!! -or leave me like that!! What will happen?? I guess next season the war on vampires will be in full swing!!

  22. No Eric . I will not be watching .

  23. I think ERIC is going to destroy the tainted True Blood and STOP BENLOW and SOOKIE’s Union.

    • We can only hope that he is the one who will put an end to that ridiculous relationship that is called Sookie and Warlow, because I’m certain that it will end. Whose hand is on Sookie’s shoulder at the end? And I hope she isn’t talking to Eric when she says I can’t give you what you lost.

  24. So, I promised myself not to see TB, but I couldn’t resist. So with eric leaving, does this mean it’s still the bill show? And with all this upcoming redemption from bill, does this mean amnesia sookie will come back in season 7? a full 360 once again…. I just hope eric comes back soon and forgets all about sookie. I’m tired of all her nonsense. AND we all know she’s not going to be a fairy/vampire, so why drag this warlow/sookie relationship further? *sigh* I really don’t like where this is going.. BTW, I love your recaps. IMO, it’s better than watching the show so that can avoid breaking my t.v. ;)

  25. China I’m so in agreement w you! I no longer care about sookies neurotic bs if it has taken this long to figure out she loves Eric it’s not going to happen so now I just laugh when I watch her and bill poking each other to death I watch Eric and I really want his emotional life to unfold !

  26. […] in store for us during the True Blood Season 6 finale…you can watch the promo for the episode here! Feel free to share with us what YOU think will happen in the last episode of the season […]

  27. I thought the last clip of Sookie jumping when a hand is on her shoulder might be Eric. Maybe he comes to talk to her and it makes her change her mind about Ben. I think the lines “i can’t give you back what you lost” is to Ben and she changes her mind or just isn’t ready yet and he flips out on her. I also think Eric is going to be the one to save her from Ben. I just have a funny feeling about it because of what they did in the beginning of the season with them and with Eric’s sister saying out loud that Eric loves Sookie, and also the bit with Eric being protective about who he gives his blood to and checking how often he gave to Jason. I bet Eric will blood-bond with Sookie before Ben can.

  28. If Violet gives Sookie blood then that is 4 vampires blood she had. I’m hoping it’s Eric or when Warlow goes to drain her he senses the beginning of a blood bond with Eric. I hope with this finale we aren’t fast forwarding, pausing, and hitting rewind just to figure out WTH is going on because the storyline is running amuck

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