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HBO have just released 2 teaser clips from this week’s big finale episode.

Click on the picture below for Sooke and Alcide:


Or watch it on the YouTube player below:

And on the picture below for Jason, Sookie and Violet:


Or watch it on the YouTube player below:

Meanwhile don’t forget to let us know what you think below!

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34 comments on “Finale Teaser Clips

  1. Is it me or is Alcide’s hair a lot longer in what the few hours the funeral was going on? Also, Violet’s freaking crazy.

  2. There seems to be some kind of orgy going on at Bill’s house – yuk! I just hope that Pam, Willa and Tara aren’t there!

  3. Joe had cut his hair that’s a wig . His hair was cut by then he had to do reshoots Violet is something else .

  4. I done with TB. Alcides’s hair, HAHAHAHAHA!!!. Alcide/Sookie pairing seems evident. Eew.
    And did Violet just drink from Jason then kiss Sookie? So she tasted her brothers blood? Gross. And she basically forced him to drink her blood. She’s a female Bill. Maybe I should ship Bill/Violet – 2 peas in a pod.

    I have a feeling this episode is going to give me the impetus to quit TB once and for all.

  5. Someone look at this and tell me what you think. Thwre appears to be a shot from last weeks promo that hasn’t happened yet. It is towards the end. It is night time and they are in the cemetery farey place and it is Sookie and Benlow together. Her hair is down but she still has on the same dress for the funeral. She looks a little out of it and Benlow has blood on his mouth like he’s been feeding….he seems to have Sookie by the arm and he turns and roars at someone. That is all I see but if I’m right I don’t think that it has happened yet am I wrong?? And if I’m not wrong any discussion on what this could mean? ???

    • No it hasn’t happened yet its in the finale ….Warlow probably goes off on her because she changes her mind about being turned and decides to turn her against her will anyway and then someone stops him…..I was hoping it was Eric but I don’t think it is ….that’s my best guess about this scene.

  6. Reblogged this on Eric Eric Eric and commented:
    Awww, Sookie, honey, the ground beneath your feet is going to turn out to be Eric once you think about it. And Sookie’s meeting with Violet? Um….awkward!

  7. Hoboy!!!! After viewing those two clips, I don’t like where it looks like they are trying to steer this eppy . But of course, it can be the ol’ red herring trick being put into play once again by the way the throw these teaser clips together.

    I just don’t know why they are throwing Alcide and Sookie together once again, I hope its’ just a friendship rekindling but maybe I’m wrong……..(Yuck!!!!). And I just loved the 2nd clip at Bills’ party and Violet just goes up to Sookie and starts making out with her and Jason says shes’ European. The writers give the greatest lines to Jason I swear…..LOL.

    I am, however, very sad to think that Eric will not be in the eppy (except for previously mentioned Jason sex dream) and hoping he’ll be back next season at all.
    I swear if that is so, it will ruin the whole finale for me this season!!
    Sunday is fast approaching now, so we’ll see what happens then (and I’m not holding my breath either). I sign off with dreaded anticipation………………

    • Jason hanging out at Bill’s just having a good ole time with this little bitch Violet (jealous much and she is too bossy for me DRINK!) can someone stake her please?. Bill did not tell you your buddy Terry died, another reason to dislike the fucker! Yep I have potty mouth today sue me! Sookie can you zap the BITCH?! Thanks! This finale is going to disappoint me I believe!

      It started out so good and so promising and we always end up with some kind of cluster fuck. I hope I am wrong!

    • Jason hanging out at Bill’s just having a good ole time with this little bitch Violet (jealous much and she is too bossy for me DRINK!) can someone stake her please?. Bill did not tell you your buddy Terry died, another reason to dislike the fucker! Yep I have potty mouth today sue me! Sookie can you zap the BITCH?! Thanks! This finale is going to disappoint me I believe!

      It started out so good and so promising and we always end up with some kind of cluster fuck. I hope I am wrong!

  8. Jason has Eric´s and Violet´s blood now in his body. What will we see in his dream?

  9. So now we have to sit through a season of Sookie & Alcide??? UGH!
    And Violet is cookoo for cocoa puffs PSYCHO!

    • I don’t see Sookie staying with Alcide ….he is not enough for her ….he is too boring if she does in a relationship with him I think she probably will be it won’t last next season.

  10. So I’m usually wrong about this, but here’s what I was thinking about this Sookie and Alcide teaser. True Blood seems to be cutting down on the cast. As well they should, since it’s gotten unwieldily. Anyhoo, Sookie and Alcide are having that whole conversation in the cemetery there. Dare we hope that Alice makes a move, Sookie smacks him own, Warlow hears and he comes out and takes out Alcide? I suppose that’s too much to hope for.

    I really, really, really don’t think AS is leaving the show. That’s just not the way things are done. Maybe it’s part of the cliffhanger they want to dump us with, maybe they’re not showing him in the trailers because he’s got a big moment in the finale, but I don’t think he’s leaving the show. I think we might think he dies though. I think we might be left with “Oh my God, Eric’s dead” and find out next season he’s alive and a captive somewhere or something.

    I’m wondering about Sam Trammell too and now much we’ll see of Sam next season because he signed on to do another show.

  11. Alcide is probably the equivalent of Quinn yawn who knew tigers could be so wimpy

  12. Alcides wig is HILARIOUS!!! At least we can laugh at him! Those two are better off friends.but she will probably fall for him because he is telling her what she wants to hear and she is vulnerable and confused…hes the one that probably makes her change her mind. PLEASE let jason tell sookie that eric saved him and others! GIve eric some f-ing credit in sookies eyes for ONCE!!!!!

  13. I’ll just say this weird…

  14. I can’t watch boo hoo the dang IPAD is sending me to HBOGO part of me wants to see and the other part is saying no don’t it’s gonna make you want to slap AB, CH, and BB

  15. WTF did I just watch????

    First, hated how Sookie stared at Alcide with googly eyes…was she staring at his hair just like I was? LOL WTF was that on his head…a mop? That scene left me so bored…zzzzzzzz. If they are hinting that Alcide will be in Sookie’s life more, NO THANKS.

    I hated Violet before, but this makes me hate her even more! WHO THE FUCK IS SHE TO BOSS JASON AND SOOKIE AROUND LIKE SHE DOES? I did laugh at Jason’s “she’s European” but other than that…I got that icky feeling. I think the finale is going to suck…

    Thanks Evie for posting! :)

    • Call me a complete fool but I’m starting to think about the possibility that we might get a really big Eric surprise in the finale :) And NO Erika I don’t mean that big surprise (although I wouldn’t complain lol) This has been Eric’s best season to date in my opinion and I don’t want it to end on a downer, so I’m not giving up on believing he is going to do something awesome in the finale to end the season off in style!

      • Evie, this is what I’ve been saying! I think there’s a reason they’re making a point of not showing him in the trailers and teasers. They’ve already said he’ll appear in the last episode with a provocative scene, but they’re not even teasing that. Why not? I think (hope!) we’re going to have a helluva jaw dropping Eric moment, OTHER than that provocative scene.

      • I hope you’re right Evie :) I agree, the way they’ve written Eric this season has been very good, IMO. I haven’t written him off either, because he could come back after the time jump.

    • Erika, That’s exactly what they (the writers) are hinting at…that Alcide and Sookie will probably be dating or something after the Warlow (he will probably be dead or something) mess is over and then the time jump( whether it will be many months or a year) happens. The Alcide and Sookie possible relationship is a borefest at best so no I am not looking forward to it!

      Violet is a crazy bitch to say the least and she will be trouble in this episode and next season overall because she is another Warlow type where Jason will never be able to get away from her…I see that occurring next season.

  16. Can someone tell me what Sookie says in the first clip toward the end before she says how he snuck up on her and surprised her or what-not? It sounded like she asked him a question and he said “yeah.” It’s right after he says the ground will come back. For some reason I can’t make it out.

    • I think she says “you lay cement” (as in what he does for a living)

      • I was finally able to watch the teasers and my take on it or my hopes are cement laying a foundation for a relationship and this conversation helped or gave her the courage to change her mind abouther decision more or less….

  17. I know I’m grasping at straws because I have so hoped that Eric and Sookie would get back together this season but…wouldn’t it be awesome if the writers want everyone to think that Alcide & Sookie are going to be a couple because of the conversation at the cemetery and then after the time jump they are sitting together at the town meeting but what if they are only friends. And Sookie goes home and Eric is waiting. They could have reunited sometime after the time jump and we didn’t see. She is wearing a white (print) dress at the town meeting. But alas, I have a vivid imagination….chances are she’s with that boring ass wolf.

    • I love your thinking Melissa, unfortunately I just don’t think the writers are smart enough to do that….Sookie and Eric make too much sense so her getting with Alcide is probably where they are going…like I said it won’t last but I think they the writers are going there.

      • Esw45, sadly I think you are so right. :(

      • It wouldn’t last even if they did put her back with Eric by the end of this season, she has to date the other frogs out there first to realize who her true prince is. Unfortunately, I don’t think she’ll ever realize that judging by these writers.

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