Kristin Bauer van Straten Chats with VH1 & Good Day L.A.

Kristin Bauer van Straten, who plays one of our favorite characters, Pam – talked to both VH1 and Good Day L.A. about the end of True Blood Season 6 and what means for her character.

WARNING: Spoilers may exist! If you don’t want to know – don’t look below!

Check out her online chat with VH1 by clicking on the image below.


You can watch Kristin’s interview with Good Day L.A. by clicking on the image below.


Of course, I’m not surprised she can’t tell us what we’re dying to know the most – whether or not Alexander Skarsgard is leaving the show. But judging from her reaction in this interview…I don’t think he’s leaving yet. IMO she’s just mirroring our reactions to the thought of him leaving.

I find it interesting that her favorite scene this season was the one when Pam was in therapy.

What are your thoughts? Sound off below!

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5 comments on “Kristin Bauer van Straten Chats with VH1 & Good Day L.A.

  1. I get the impression from the Good Day LA clip that AS is, indeed, thinking of leaving. But I still don’t think it would be an abrupt departure like this. Season 7 might be his last. Six/seven years is a long time to be attached to one project. I wouldn’t blame him for wanting to move on, but I don’t think the show should continue without him. It’d be like X-Files. That show totally jumped the shark when David Duchovny left.

    • I thought the Good Day LA interview was a bit of a duffer! She has clearly been told not to say anything as they want fans to be anguished right up until the end so we all tune in on Sunday to see where Eric has gone. I think Season 7 will possibly be TB last season (we could be very, very lucky and get 8), either way I expect Eric to be back!

  2. Ok I’m only doing positives this weekend :) We have plenty of time for negatives next week IF the finale sucks big time and Eric only has 10 seconds screen time. Positives from the VH1 interview – KBVS can’t wait to find out what the future holds for Eric and Pam (next season) and also that we will find out how important their relationship is (and hers with Tara) in the finale. Nothing to scare me there!

  3. Ericka:
    thanks for the video!! I’m so loving this, it’s adorable.
    Hope that she’s correct about Alexander?
    He’s going to be in the Finale, on Sunday~ so that means he’ll be back?

  4. […] Kristin Bauer van Straten talked to VH1 and Good Day L.A. about True Blood’s finale and other things concerning Pam. You can listen to both interviews here. […]

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