Who’s Hotter: Alexander Skarsgard or Joe Manganiello?

latest poll It’s been awhile since we’ve had an “Who’s hotter?” type of poll…and this one is a battle within our own True Blood fandom.

Alexander Skarsgard is up against that mangy mutt Joe Manganiello over at SheKnows.com.


This is what they said about Alex;

Tall, brooding and with sparkling blue eyes, it’s hard not to have a crush on this vampiric bad boy. A former child actor in Sweden, Skarsgard booked Zoolander while on vacation in the U.S. After being named The Sexiest Man in Sweden five times, he finally moved to Los Angeles in 2004 — and we are lucky to have him. His break out role is playing 1000-plus-year-old vampire Eric Northman, on HBO’s True Blood, but he has worked a ton. Skarsgard has taken on Sgt. Brad Colbert in Generation Kill, Charlie in Straw Dogs and he even made a cameo in Lady Gaga’s Paparazzi music video. He’s apparently going to be Tarzan next… now that’s a man I’d love to swing with.

You can find out how the two men match up in a number of categories like; talent, kindness and intelligence – as well as cast your votes for Alexander Skarsgard on the link below. As of the time of this post, Alex was in the lead…and we want it to remain that way. Please cast your votes and pass this on!

Who’s Hotter: Alexander Skarsgard vs Joe Manganiello?

I know who I prefer… Alexander Skarsgard!  There’s just something about him that tells me he’s more than a pretty face. He can act and is kind and caring too!


Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

PS. You CAN vote more than once by refreshing your screen! ;)

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27 comments on “Who’s Hotter: Alexander Skarsgard or Joe Manganiello?

  1. Well, I just voted for Alex and to let you know the poll right now stands at 90% for Alex and 10% for Joe. Yay, you go Viking!!!!!!!

    Keep us updated on this poll (in case I forget to go back there) before it ends, and if I need to, I’ll vote more, but I think right now we’re safe……….

  2. Redthang914:
    My heart belongs to The Viking. It always will.
    I’m loyal to my Master, I will watch out for him always.
    also I couldn’t find the link to vote.

    • Mar, If you want to vote just go above and click on the bold red headline, “Whos’ hotter: etc. etc.” That will take you right to the page.

    • Damnnnn right – – the “Striking Viking” will forever have my vote (and heart, and loyalty, and whatever the hell else Askars wants/needs hahaha…..)


  3. I’d say Alex, but let me try both & get back to ya ….. ;)

  4. Hard to say…

    Joe wins body wise by miiiiles.

    but it’s like this: Joe makes me ”raaaaar!” and Alexander makes me “hmmmm…”

    so it really depends on the mood.

    however, if you placed me next to them, my insides would turn into jelly quicker with Joe. It’s just more man/tetosterone per cm³.

  5. I think both are HOT! I agree depends on the mood.

  6. Hahahaha… as I so eloquently just expressed on our blog, IS THIS EVEN A CONTEST??? Northman vs. Alcide……….. REALLY??? It’s laughable.

    Also? After I voted, Askars was at 92% over Joe M’s measly 8%….. hahahaha…

    Laughable, honestly.

  7. Jeej! Alex has now 92% of the votes! Keep on voting on Alex people!
    He deserves the last 8% too! Nothing against Joe, but Alex is way hotter! ♥

  8. Damn, Alex is at 75 percent now, keep those votes coming. As much as I love Joe, he’s got nothing on the Viking.

  9. I just checked an update and WTF – somehow Askars is now at 74% to Alcide’s 26% – – – that’s just wrong on so many levels.

  10. Alex Skarsgard is more than just a hot body, he has a intelligent mind, sweet disposition, and damn…I lost my train of thought thinking about his hot body again!!!

  11. Somebody said Joe has a better body? I’ve never seen a more beautiful, uniquely sexy body on a man than Alex’s. Even taking the characters they play out of the equation, Alex wins for me. There’s much more to him than physical beauty. Right now it’s 60% to Alex and 40% to Joe. Joe must be paying somebody. Get on over there and vote for our Viking! <3 Shadokat

    • I couldn’t agree more with you, Shadokat ..
      People who say that Joe has a better body, they haven’t seen episode 4 of season 6 ..
      I was like *swoon* when i saw Alex’s naked upper body ..
      Joe is way to musculer, if i spelled that right ..
      I told you people in my last comment to vote for Alex not for Joe!
      Alex needs to win! Joe is definitely NOT hotter Alex!

  12. something is wrong with these polls alex is hotter and joe beating him it’s just no fair

  13. YIKES!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Joe is STILL in the lead by a small margin…….Everybody vote as much as you can, we can’t have the wolf beat our Viking Prince!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Vote, Vote, VOTE………………………………

  14. These polls mean nothing to me, they’re too stupid to be taken seriously. We all know Alex is the best, no matter what.

    • It’s true, Tammy .. I don’t know why i take it so seriously ..
      I already know for myself that Alex is the hottest, even if he would lose this poll ..

  15. Manganiello is like a chewing gum, you might like his taste at the beginning, but when the flavor is gone, you have to throw it away….. That’s why my vote is for Alex… because he has the whole package: talent, looks and charisma…..

  16. 59% Alex right now. Anybody know how long this poll is open? While these things are silly, I still want Alex to win. Nobody is hotter than our Viking!

  17. Right now it sits at 60% Alex and 40% Joe. Keep voting ladies, we don’t want our Viking to loose!!!!

  18. […] It’s a True Blood battle! Who’s hotter? Alexander or Joe Manganiello? Sheknows.com is asking you to vote – and we’d like to see Alex win! Cast your votes here! […]

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