HBO’s Inside The Episode: True Blood Season 6.10


Finished watching that God-awful True Blood Season 6 finale?  Let’s find out what writer Kate Barnow and director Scott Winant’s poor excuses are for this craptasic ending in the final Inside The Episode this season.

WARNING: If you don’t want to know (or don’t want to hear Scott’s reaction to Eric’s one scene) – don’t watch below!

Watch HBO’s Inside The Episode below.

UGH! Did he have the nerve to LAUGH at Eric’s fate AND praise Bill at the same time? Grrr…

At least we got to see the REAL G.P. for the first time…for what that’s worth. Somehow I don’t think too many of us will appreciate it because of what else happened during the episode.


I guess we’ll have to suffer through Sookicide too. GROANS. PUKES. TB SUCKS!

I have NO WORDS right now.

Do us the favor and go ahead and vent! Share your thoughts about this episode below!

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110 comments on “HBO’s Inside The Episode: True Blood Season 6.10

  1. well theat episode just sucked…… lets hope our eric is not dead……sookie and that dress what the hell…… also alcide dating sookie you have to be kidding me….bill thinking that sookie needs to be his what a joke……

    • Yep, and I must have missed the punchline…because I just don’t get it.

    • I don’t think he is dead, but I think that Alex will only appear as aguest star next season. I am definitely not going to watch it; especially after the time jump they made it really obvious that sookie will ever be close to bill, and I am 100 percent shure that they will get them together at the ende of season 7, before that she will have a relationship with Alcide ugh…
      If you continue to watch, you bascially support the writers and the crap they write, I doubt that Alex was happy with his “death scene”. The treat eric fans like sh.t.

  2. UN-FUCKEN-BELIEVABLE!!! I’m over True Blood, they just lost one fan. They fucked up killing Eric. Yes, maybe Alex wanted out but why??? It’s easy money and sure employment, so he’d look forward to a check during the season….. Why the hell didn’t he dig a hole and go to ground? REALLY…. I’m sick to my stomach right now, it dropped when that happened and the rest of the show was a waste of film. And Sookie and Alcide??? Gross…. she needed Eric to be her vampire protector, he said he would always protect her and they fucked it all up gggggrrrrrrooooowwwwwllllll. Sorry I want to rant and talk more shit but I won’t!!

    Oh miss moderator…. this will not come up in my inbox anymore when I sign on… it just disappeared and I want you back. I have to pull up an old saved email from ya’ll and find the “latest news” to see what you got going on…. please help?

    • I’ll look into it for you, okay? I’ll email you once I find out more. Sorry about that. Not sure why you’re not getting it. Try checking your spam folder in your email account for now.

  3. Not me, I’m not suffering through anymore of this show. I’m officially done.

  4. Cancelled hbo! Disgusted and embarrassed for anyone involved in this show! Gross! Ugh! Can’t even express my self properly! Maybe tomorrow?

  5. I never thought I’d miss Alan Ball
    I hate this show!

  6. Yeah that was the worst finale ever…..eric will be back he probably went into the snow and will be back ….Sookie and Alcide bored me already bad pairing ….Bill please not interesting as usual …..hopefully Eric will be her protector against the vampires next season …we will see as long as Eric is on the show I will watch it

  7. Seriously, if they kill off Eric in season 7, then True Blood is dead to me and
    they will lose hundred of thousands of fans including myself,
    because Eric is the main reason (okay maybe a tiny bit for Jason, he’s cute too)
    i watch True Blood .. will they be THAT stupid?!

  8. Worst finale ever! Are they trying to loose fans? I don’t think Eric is really dead; bet he will be back. Hope he shows up right at the beginning of season 7 with Pam to fight of this stupid, ugly horde of zombie vampires. They just want to leave us hanging so we will tune in next year. My only consolation is that the one guy says that yes Sookie and Alcide are happy but it can’t last. I have to believe that Sookie and Eric will reconnect in season 7. I just don’t understand how she claimed to have loved him but in six months never wonders where he is or what happened to him. That is just so unbelievable.

    • so you basically do what they writers wanted. You will still contribute to the ratings. You support these writers that way. If you really are intersted in the eric stuff, then you could watch that on youtube. It wasn’t only the eric stuff that was so bad in the finale, all the other things – bill writing a book wtf? Sam as a mayor… and sookie and alcide. And its really obvious that the make bill and sookie a thing again, the way bill was pining for her when she is with alcide. No, so done with it.

  9. It’s clear the writers are morons and going to put Sookie and Bill back together. The fact that the directors/writers talk about Bill only caring for Sookie and going back to “how he was for first 2-3″ seasons, shows what idiots are running this show. Once again, they completely dismiss every horrible thing Bill has done to Sookie and expect us to swallow this horseshit of them being “soul-mates.” He freaking’ beat the crap out of her, so he could give her his blood and USE her. He nearly killed her because he’s a selfish, weak prick. He hates who he is and blames other characters for every bad thing he’s ever done. He cheated on her. He called her an abomination. He threatened to kill her so he could get Warlow’s blood, EVEN THOUGH HE COULD HAVE GOTTEN IT ANYWAY. I hate that they always come up for some excuse for his behavior. I feel like the writers must be either as dumb as rocks or living underneath one if they truly feel like the TB audience want to see BS together again! Sorry, Anna and Stephen, nothing personal, but I will never forgive ya’ll for ruining this freakin’ show. Just look at facebook and you can see that 95% of the audience only gives a shit about Eric.

  10. If they can bring back Bill after he exploded (and don’t ask me how they explain that one when we clearly saw him die in season 5 finale), then they can bring back the mighty Viking from being bar-b-qued!

  11. For now all i have to say is that Alcide and Sookie are so boring they looked like an 80 year old married couple i need some time to gather my thoughts on these episode

  12. If someone recaps this episode, I hope they entitle it,”The one that made me cancel by HBO.” Or how about,”The one that made me leave a steaming pile of dog shit outside Fuckner’s doorstep.”

  13. WTF!!!! Not impressed with all the do-eyed crap going on when Sookie was watching Bill on TV or in general… So it only takes her 6 months to get alzheimer’s and forget everything he did since they first met…. Get a clue Alcide, she’s already moved on in her mind… Fucking pissed me right off… No Eric, No Pam, No LaLa, FTW!!!
    Even though I do think Eric will survive (thinking of all the finales to date; we thought Lala died, Tara we thought died, Bill we thought died so surprisingly there is still hope in me he survives…) one thing I do know is OUR VIKING IS A SURVIVOR!!
    Even though I wanna give up on this show, I cant help it, I wont till i know 100% Eric is gooooo… FTW…

  14. I cannot say much yet as I am still in shock!! I had hope that maybe it was a dream Eric had or something. But after watching the Inside the episode. The director said Eric was dead. therefore, The finale of season 6 is the last episode of TB that I will watch.

    I hope that some of my “Eric” websites will convert over to just shipping Alex and we can continue the love for our Viking.

  15. I am done after the send off Terry gets he dies alone on top a mountain and nobody I mean nobody in BonTemps even recognizes what he did in the vamp camp, detect the Hep V, save Jason. Bill comes of white as fucking snow again, freaking WOW. They sidestepped whether he was staying or leaving all season long and as fans that is what we get, WOW

  16. I am surprised my eyes aren’t stuck to the top of my head head with all of my eye rolls through out the roster episode. Violet is my new favorite episode character character (after Eric and Pam). If Tara survived her head blown off, Pam rescues Eric. As long as the contracts have been signed for next season.

  17. that was the worst finale they have done ever, I want things to go back to focusing on Sookie, looks like we are not getting our Eric at all, so in 6 months Sookie is with Alicide all of a sudden, Arelene owns the bar and Pam is nowhere to been seen. ugh why are they making this show sooo bad now, they need to get back to the roots, and now we have Bill trying to get Sookie back and it looks like from the ending that next season is going to be all about the Hep V vamps

    • yeah and WTF is up with that….. Nora died so fast when she got infected? These infected don’t look all tired and not walking all fucked up like Nora did (*Eric flying to Bills house, with her out of it*) she could barely look up… the inconsistencies are so GAH!!! And I’m sorry but Anna Paquin is not the greatest actress…. no one and I mean no one can get over one man in a few days if you truly are in love…..She really shows no emotion towards her loved ones… They have made Sookie a battered woman with some PTSD shit going on because she is in some serious denial!! just sayin…

  18. I wanna start by saying i don’t think Eric is dead if they spend like 4 episodes mourning Terry how can they get rid of him in one scene let’s get real they do what they want they think people like Bill wich they don’t the writters are the only ones that like him and make him do horrible things and then we are supposed to just forget it but they don’t live under a rock they know Eric is fan favorite so they owe us more, Sookie as always proved that she’s super dumb cause ultimately we were right Warlow was just using her he didn’t love her so she fucked up again and now with Alcide that makes no sense i guess she just can’t be single i’m sorry if i ofend anyone but Sookie is so empty she’s just keep looking in the wrongs places for someone to complete her and the man that loves her and let’s her make her own decision she just let’s him go, I hate what they’ve done with Jessica this season i hate her she’s so annoying to me, Jason, Eric, Pam, Tara, Lala and now Willa they’re carrying the show and they were the ones with less screen time, Sam Mayor WTF and now there’s no Merlotte’s hahaha we all now know the series will never end like the book as we saw a very happy Sam with his pregnant GF i really enjoy that and we also know her relationship with Alcide won’t last so if Eric survives she’ll be between him and Bill because they always want to push Bill down our throats

  19. BTW I’am done with Sookie she didn’t even wonder where Eric was or anything and i hated that Jason didn’t mention that he saved him i think the writers do this on purpose to pissed all of us

  20. I’m still reeling. WTH? This whole season has just left me scratching my head. I don’t know who Sookie is anymore, and I don’t think she does either. You can tell that each episode has different writers. Maybe they need to get on the same page with who the characters are and their motivations/values. Even if I don’t agree with Sookie (TB or the books) at least I always felt like I knew where she was coming from. Not this season!

    Bill. The hero. AGAIN?! Seriously?! Why isn’t he dead?! For real?!

    Warlow. Good riddance. Were we really supposed to believe that what motivated him was love for Sookie? I was with her all the way when she asked him that same question. Then, oh well, jump on the fairy/vampire hybrid bandwagon!

    I watch at a friend’s house with a group, and we spent a good deal of the time pre-show talking about how horrible Bill is because he’s trying so hard to be human. Eric, who tears people’s hearts out/genitals off, is less bad than Bill, because he’s not pretending. And ultimately is more human – in a way. I just -gag!- -flail!- There are no words! (The nausea I felt was not only due to the smell-o-vision experience I had because they were cooking turtle. xD )

    And then, who are these people in Bon Temps? They look kinda like characters we know, but they sure don’t act like them! Why would Sam sell his bar? What is he doing leading a human/vampire pair-up rally? Did they really just resurrect Tara and her Mom angst? Do we have to ride this ride, again?

    Vampire zombie wannabes?

    Alcide? Really? And what’s up with his switch flipping personality shifts? Old Alcide-packmaster jerk-back to old Alcide?

    Did Violet just totally come out of nowhere? Did she just really keep Jason in a 6 month relationship? Without sex? Why did Jessica just let that happen? I mean, back in vamp camp prison? James? Who cares!

    I’ve read a lot of support for Willa’s character in various places, but she really hasn’t shown anything yet. She’s just a name and pretty face; her only value is she’s Eric’s progeny.

    I still don’t see what purpose killing off Terry served. He was one of the few side characters I liked. He got some dumb story lines, but that wasn’t his fault!

    Eric: DIG!

    (And why did they give us full frontal as he started to burn? That feels a little manipulative, doesn’t it?)

    I have never commented here before, but I just had to vent. And grab onto other people for support.

  21. I hate how in other shows or books characters are so well defined like i know he wouldn’t do that or i know she would not say that but in TB this season the characters had no trades of their personality no values nothing that made viewers say oh i know tha she wouldn’d do that it was totally th opposite they all did things out of character the only ones who maintain their personalities were Eric and Pam

  22. I have no idea what I watched except that it was a load of crap. They KILLED ERIC!!!!! Are they out of their MFG minds?! The only thing holding fans was Eric. They had made everyone else so bipolar that you could get whiplash watching them. I now understand better why the previous new show runner was replaced early in the season. The first 3 or 4 episodes were very good. The characters and happenings made sense. We had a direction. Apparently he was not toeing the line about making sure Sookie stayed stupid, Bill would come back, and that the Viking must be trashed at all costs. I am so sick of all of this. I want to tell HBO to shove it big time. I hope that Eric somehow survived but I have my doubts. I also hope that Askars has bang up career post TB. After the abuse he has taken from Ball and Co. he should run for the hills if anyone offers him another TV show . . . especially if it comes from HBO.

  23. Amnesia sookie is back y’all. This has got to be the most clusterf*ck episode/ending of all time.Watching bill offering his protection after all that crap he said to sookie. But if you think about it, the writer has been in existence since season 1,so we all know who he’s cheering for. *PUKE*

  24. Where was our v-induced Jason/Eric scene? xD I mean, we got to see the dreams of every other v-induced pairing. (I needed to lighten my mood).

  25. WTF doesn’t even begin to cover it! Sam was a completely different guy who I’ve never met before. Bill=barf as usual. And why hasn’t Willa mentioned Eric at all, did she not feel him burn? She should be able to sense that something happened. If Eric is indeed dead, then I’m done. But since we didn’t see him go to goo, I can’t be sure.

    And I’ll say it again, fuck Sookie. Seriously. Like I’ve also said before, fuck whoever you want, but I hate that googly-eyed stare that she seems to give to every guy that enters her life. I just hate it. She seems so vapid and completely incapable of critical thinking.

  26. First Eric is NOT DEAD!! But I have come to a point that I don’t care about Sookie anymore, she is so dumb SMH!! Eric is all I care about now and I will watch the first episode to find out if he life but if they do kill him, I’m DONE with trueblood

  27. OK the episode was crappy. They made an adonis star in a cheap porn scene. I can’t express how angry I am at how their Eric killing stupidity looked onscrean. Folks this is the same vampire that gave that fantastic vampire making scene. And they show his burning like that? WTF!!!

    So here are my 2 pence thoughts on a worthless episode –
    1. Alcide takes the place of Quinn from the books and Sookie is hooking up with him for now.
    2. Pam reaches in time and saves Eric and herself from the sun. There is no other way to explain her leaving.
    3. Bill – From miraculous creep to powerless duechbag. He even wore the same white T-shirt he wore the first time he met Sookie, when he went to talk to her again. pfftttt….

  28. It’s snow, he can dig down to get out of the sun……

  29. I really don’t understand what’s going on inside the heads of the writers and Buckner. Eric Northman would never do anything so stupid as to place himself in such a vulnerable position without shelter. He has survived for 1,000 years, for Pete’s sake! The whole second half of the show felt like a trip, of the magic mushroomy kind.

    • :) Eric Northman may have survived a thousand years but the writers do not the perspective of even a school kid writing a school paper. So they just go ahead and keep on assassinating the characters that we love and then expect us to keep watching. And we watch! We watch and they give us cliffhangers like this!!!

      • Having watched a few of those Inside the Episode things, I have come to the conclusion that the writers on this show are far too self-absorbed, in the sense that they become obsessed with the particular episode they are writing and they are allowed to wank on doing their own thing without giving enough consideration to the characters’ motivations and development over the series as a whole. I criticised the writers of Buffy a helluva lot, but Joss Whedon would never have let a lot of this shit go on.

        • Joss Whedon is pure evil, but at least he made sense for the most part. This show always makes me miss Buffy.

          • I have been re-watching Buffy this past week and that show was great. Just starting to get into the comic books now too. In them there is still hope for Buffy & Spike, hell they are extremely close there, like Season 7. Joss Whedon liked their relationship the most, the way it grew and deepened so he is keeping that connection in the Season 8 & 9 comics.

            As for True Blood………….WOW, this was horrible. It’s like they have absolutely no clue why people watch the show. I’m done. The ending of Season 4 was the beginning of the end for me……this just put the final nail in the coffin. This show turned into a heaping pile of shit.

          • I see the comics as being the complete opposite, they’re like really bad fan fiction.

        • I know there were some rocky moments on Buffy and I was a Spike fan through and through but at least Joss understood the importance of Spikes character and gave him a decent ending. On the other hand, I still haven’t recovered from Wash in firely/serenity *sob*

          Regardless of Eric’s fate they have screwed his character up the proverbial as far as I am concerned. Well done TB.

        • I think after season 4 everyone should have alread gotten the clue that the writers just don’t care, the season 4 storyline wasn’t like it should have been, no real time for eric and sookie. always bill involved, pretty sure thats what they will do with alcide and sookie, now we have a new love triangle. Buckner has ben honest when he said the show is about sookie and bill… I don’t even care with whom she ends up with, she is too dumb to care for, she jumps from one guy to another with no explanation, and its funny that she is now with Alcide, who has only done stupid were wolf stuff this season. He was an ahole during the whole season and all of the sudden they throw him back into the mix lol…. the way he appeared at the funeral all of the sudden, he didn’t even know terry lol… the writers really don’t seem to know what they are even writing.

  30. I’m speechless personally I think that was probably the most boring Finale I have ever seen for TB. I am still reeling from the complete tedium, cliches and predictability that riddled the episode. For TB sake they had better save or produce AS quick next season because as I sat there waiting to see Eric I seriously questioned my intelligence level at subjecting myself to the insanity on screen. If it had been a book I would have thrown it across the room five minutes into it as my TV is 60′ I couldn’t do that so was left seething.

  31. That’s it. I’m the battered viewer who has finally said enough is enough. Terry, a secondary character gets a huge sendoff but Eric, the guy who saved everyone at Vamp Camp, including Sookie’s brother, burns alone on a mountaintop and no one wonders where he is especially the woman who claimed to love him? F.U. TB!

    Even if Pam saved him or he dug a hole in the snow and saved himself, I can’t do this anymore. I can’t continue to watch a show written by idiots who will NEVER give Eric the credit he’s earned or Bill, the constipated douche exttraordinaire, what he has coming to him or Sookie, a functioning brain. Already see they plan to shove BS down the viewers’ throats for their next and now most likely, final season. However, I won’t be watching.

  32. OMG – I haven’t seen anything yet and just wanted to check in here first…sounds like it’s not worth a penny…well I am off to jump in Adriatic sea and froget about this crapfest called TB….what a shame!

  33. I don’t think Eric is dead, they never even mentioned that he might be in ITE. We’ve seen vampires survive burnings before. After witnessing the fuss they actually make when a character leaves for good, I can’t believe Eric would just be got rid of like that.

    Pam is still not back after 6 months either and I think that is a good sign.

    The episode as a whole was definitely by far the worst one of the season. I think I’m finally over Sookie, as I just couldn’t even be bothered to care about her and Alcide or that she is clearly still carrying a torch for Bill. This is how many fucks I actually give…………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………….

    Apart from Andy Bellefleur who has been stellar all season, all I care about now is House Northman. I’m glad Willa is still around and I’m glad that Pam asked Tara to take care of her. If Pam brings Eric back next season, and I still think she will, then I’ll be back next season as well.

    • Don’t know what the writers are thinking, the show is so badly written. The have always treated eric fans like crap, the way they treated the eric sookie relationship (Sookie bascially forgot about everything …), the way they always shoved the bill sookie pairing down our throats, this is too much, hope they will lose all their followers. I have never seen a show where the writers cared so less about their fans… never… so glad I have found other shows to watch.
      you can still support alex by watching his movies, I doubt that eric will be a major character next season, just a sidce character , because the writers can keep the fans that way. You ar supporting this writers if you continue watching this piece of crap.

    • Evie the whole Bill & Sookie giving each other longing looks is so ridiculous that I just can’t believe they are going there. I mean I think they are, but still, its just awful. I am flabbergasted that the TB writers don’t understand the fandom, like, at all, for them to think the majority of fans want a Season 1 redux of Sookie and Bill.

      If Skars is out, I can quit this show for good, but I suspect TPTB will troll us for a good few months, maybe even to the start of Season 7 with the whole “is he, isn’t he gone”. I don’t know if I can stomach that shite.

      • Sookie gives longing looks to all male charcters that are not married or part of her family. Sam, Alcide, Bill, Eric, Ben …. :P ….As far as I know, real women don’t act like that.

  34. It’s hard to think of anything new to say, everyone else has expressed the total cluster fuck last night’s episode was so well.
    I was on the talk forum on HBO last night after the episode aired. The reactions there were very similar to here. I don’t know if BB deliberately stepped into a steaming pile of offal, or tripped into it by accident..but either way, he and the show are there.
    And did anyone notice the “Minnie Pearl” hat Sookie wore to church? (for those of you under the age of 50, she was a comedian on the Grand Ole Opry who always wore an incredibly ugly flat hat with the price tag still on)..The price tag was the only thing missing on Sookie’s ridiculous hat.

    • So glad you mentioned Minnie Pearl.:D When I first saw the spoiler pic I was thinking of Grannie Clampett or Grandma Walton, but afterwards I realised it was Minnie Pearl who had the flowers on her hat! What the hell possessed Sookie to wear that damn hat? Where did she get it and why did she wear it? Why on earth would she wear it? It’s got to be a joke. She couldn’t really think it looked good. Surely not. I really can’t get over that hat. And with those little white gloves. *eyeroll* But she wore those flat shoes. She’s walking out with a man as tall as Alcide, but she’s wearing ballet flats? WTF? Sookie has lost me for good with this ep. I jjust couldn’t believe her making googoo eyes at Bill on the TV. Something horrible has happened to her brain over the course of the series.

  35. Okay, First of NOT HAPPY WITH THAT ENDING HBO ?!?!
    And I seriously think that Willa would have felt it if Eric died and would still be mourning or would have at least mentioned it at the party. The vamps are always saying that a year is nothing to the so six months would be less, so I think Willa would still be upset at the party also Pam was on her way to find Eric and she would have known where he would be (you don’t spend 1000 years together and not learn these things) and if Eric was dead Pam would be too because she seems the type to do that and Tara wasn’t mourning either.

    I also have a bone to pick with the writers. What the hell happened in 6 months
    I mean did the writers just think well hell I cant think of a logical way to link this so I’m just going to skip a giant chunk of time?!

    My theories for next season:
    1- eric isn’t dead
    2- Alcide and sookie break up (hes too protective)
    3 – Tara’s mum has hep v and is trying to save her daughter from vampirism (I do not trust Liddy-May)

  36. Just watched the episode and wow. Just wow. It was unbelievably stupid and that’s not even taking into account the one ridiculous Eric scene. I don’t care about seeing Skars junk. I know I’ve giggled along with the rest of Eric fans when we get to see the viking naked, its all a bit of fun – but I would sacrifice never seeing Erics butt again for some respectful writing for this character. Its like 6yrs down the line with this show and he’s reduced to a gratuitous skin shot? Its not even the fact you can see his bits. I like penises, it was the insulting manner in which TB/Buckner promoted the scene.

    I really do wonder how AS feels being objectified in this manner? I feel sorry for him right now.

    If Eric’s dead then that is the lamest send off for a beloved character I’ve ever witnessed. I just can’t……

    If he’s not dead then well done TB writers for trolling your own fans. Proud of yourselves?

    Oh and Bill to the rescue again huh? *shudder* And all of the ridiculous forlorn sappy looks between him and Sookie?

    Ugh. This show has hit rock bottom. I hope Skars has left, after that pile of stinking doo-doo, he’s best off away from it.

  37. I think the writers gave every character multiple personality disorder and amnesia, because nothing they do makes sense anymore. Alcide is supposed to be “repulsed” by Sookie and he was a jerk for 95% of the season and then all of a sudden, he is Mr. Sweetie Pie again? Bill starts out good, then Bill is a wimp, then Bill is King, then Bill is Billith, then Bill is a GIANT JERK, now he is nice again? Sookie changes her mind more times than I change clothes. UGH….All I know is THEY MESSED WITH THE VIKING. Mess with him and you ruin the show. Time to cancel HBO! Message me next season if the writers get Amnesia too and write Eric back into the show.

  38. Seriously.. who cares about season 7..and its not just the eric plotlines. Why watch a show and earn these chumps money if they just keep phoning crap like this in.

  39. they really changed a lot of things, Sam being the mayor is too funny, I seriously rather have a Eric/Bill/Sookie love triangle then what we have now, I know she dates Alicide in the books and I know they def aren’t following the books but now it seems they aren’t even taking any plots from the books, I guess shes with Alicide so she can have a normal relationship but they are boring together, and who knows how long that will last in next season, I just don’t understand the time jump I know we lost two episodes because Anna was pregnant but did they really have to make it so bad, they jumped ahead and made things happen with no explanation and why the hell are they making the hep V a big focus its just makes no sense, they need to get back to what show is about and that’s Sookie and her life, not politics and not everyone else s dumb bs. I am so upset and I don’t like how we are not sure about Eric, I was hoping for her and Eric to be together next season and that they would get back on track with taking plots from the books but I guess I can stop hoping

  40. Bill got pretty crispy in season 1, so it’s possible that Pam got to Eric in time. BUT I kind of think, given Kristen BVS’s comments about hoping he comes back that Alex’s contract might be in renegotiation and he’s undecided if he’s returning or not, which is why we likewise didn’t see Pam the second half. That leaves the writers the option of saying Pam was nursing him back to health or mourning him.

    Sookie and Alicide, well, yes, I agree with the person that said this is our Quinn time. But I didn’t buy it. They don’t have chemistry and I’m not just saying that. Sookie and Warlow at least had chemistry. And the writers also fucked up that change in Warlow. Having him flip the switch like that without any kind of foreshadowing was just amateur and character assassination.

    I thought there was a little hope for Violet during those scenes of the Sookie rescue, but the second half of the episode was ridiculous.

    Sara Newlin is unresolved. We’re supposed to think she can just get away?

    Sam became a cartoon in the second half. Okay, I can get on board with him being mayor. Why not? But what was up with his speech? He didn’t deliver the fiery rhetoric well at all.

    Bill, well, I can buy the “possession” too, but that leaves his character with no growth.

    The only good thing about the episode was when Jessica went to Andy’s house. Unfortunately, she couldn’t save the ep, but at least she had something REAL in it.

    What the hell was Sookie wearing in church?

    I was one of the optimistic ones. I did say that Eric would have a big moment in the finale and I was right, but it wasn’t what I was expecting at all.

    I am underwhelmed for season 7. Usually, True Blood does a good job with its season finales, but what? We don’t know they’re going to ax off a few more characters with in the premier? Are they having budge problems? This episode seriously came across as written and directed by amateurs.

  41. I don’t think Eric is dead – we didn’t see him explode into goo and they also ‘killed’ Bill last season for a cliffie. Although I did not like in the video above how he said “Eric was…” in past tense. I think that is crappy writing and this year has royally sucked to be an Eric fan. FIrst Harris and her final book giving all Eric fans a double dose of the finger and now the TB writers doing the same. I only watch the show for him so I will be watching next year from internet snippets (and only if he is back) and cancelled my HBO last night right after the show. . Even if he isn’t finally dead, that ‘death’ scene was yet another junk punch to all of the Eric fans and this fan thinks it was beyond bad taste. I would hope a 1,000 year old viking has a more honorable final death than tanning to death.

    And I don’t have the strength to even comment on Sookie/Alcide and Bill. That would have been enough to cancel right there.

  42. this show is total fuckery I hate what they did to my Viking and sookie and alicide I rather watch paint dry you idiots bill the same old sookie is a dumb ass am so sad for her she cant just be single for one minute she really is a danger whore my Viking is better of without stupid fucking sookie

  43. The sick part is that sookie doesn’t even know nor care where eric is. The hell with sookie, i hope she is vulnerable in becoming a zombie vampire now. BTW, did bill ever apologize?

    • no, but the writers seem to think it lol. you know, the are the soulmates of the show. And Zombie vampires? really they have to steal everything from other shows, just shows how stupid they are.

    • Sookie never really cared for Eric. She has proven this again and again. So I didn’t expect her to remember. If she can look at Bill like that, then what the hell, the girl deserves someone just like him. Shove Bill up her you know what and spare us the horror. I am not watching this show ever again.

  44. Really don’t have to say anything about it! The finale speaks for itself! A bunch of shit is what I saw and that’s what we got – a Bunch of Shit! Guess the writers either wanted it to go down this way to guarantee a massive outcry to keep the show hot because everyone who loves Eric would be turning in season 7 to see if he’s healed because Pam got to him in time or a pile of ash….Even the ones that say they are done will check in just to see which way it goes!

    • just because you check in doesn’t mean that you will still watch it, like already mentioned, the eric scenes can be watched on youtube afterwards, don’t need to watch the whole clusterf*ck.

  45. So, it just occurred to me that Sookie was with Quinn when the blood bond was formed, so maybe all hope is not lost. Maybe.

    • LOL hope this is a joke. Its kind of delusional to think that they will change something. Bill and sookie are their end game. thats it.

    • I am scared to even hope for anything like that now. Everything has really gone down the drains….

      • Yeah and guess whose left to blood bond with wiener Bill I am cutting sling load. The writers, producers, and show runners know that ship has sailed and what do we get goo goo eyes and oh he’s my hero looks while boring Bill is taking all the credit for the vamp camp fiasco

  46. There is a small part of me that thinks they will play this off as a Billith foreseeing the “future.” 1st episode next season, they show Bill envisioning all this fuckery…and then next season Beehl will be trying to change the future because of the Hep-V vampire crap. However, anyway they try to go, they can’t take away that the last episode of season 6 was boring and awful to watch. I don’t think Eric is dead, but after 6 season’s of them treating his character like shit, they can kiss my ass. Like a poster said above, the inconsistencies are glaring.
    Alcide was glamoured by Eric to find Sookie “disgusting,” and now what, he loves her? I don’t remember Pam being able to fly. They never explained why hep-V killed Nora so quickly, but enables other vamps to live at least 6 months. It doesn’t matter that Nora was injected and the others drank it. It would affect them the same. That’s like saying you got HIV from a blood transfusion or from sex…doesn’t matter, it still affects you the same. Bill is the biggest douchebag known to television and viewers DO NOT WANT to see Sookie giving him any kind of attention what-so-ever. I mean, COME ON! What does this turd-bag have to do for this girl to get it!?! Note to Anna…Bill is not Stephen. You can still be married to Stephen and have your character despise Bill.
    Eric’s a survivor…he would never strand himself on top of a mountain with no escape route. Not only that…but NO-ONE mentions him, or thinks about him. This is the guy that Sookie staked Bill over. This is the guy that she “became one with.” This is the guy that bought her house and “never gave up on her.” I cannot stand one more episode of someone telling Sookie that she and Bill are soul-mates and that he loves her…or she gives him those stupid goo-goo eyes. I also cannot stand one more ‘Inside the episode’ where the writers admit that they are as stupid as I feared! We all know what a pile of crap the last CH book was. If the writers are going to ‘change the story’ at least change it to what the majority want to see. Idiots. Sorry for the rant, but ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!
    Oh and P.S. That whole Warlow crap was ridiculous. It seemed like the were once again trying to steal Eric book shit, twist it around and give it to another character. The whole “forced marriage” stuff…ring any bells? I’m just surprised they haven’t had Sookie give Bill a ceremonial knife yet.

  47. Insanely bad episode, my husband made fun of me for watching this horribly written show again as its been all season, maybe it’s written for the ADD generation and they assume we don’t pay attention for more than five minutes at a time.

    Couldn’t believe no mention of Eric even when Pam hugs Sookie or Sook talks to Jason.

    WTF was she wearing to church, she hasn’t looked that ridiculous on six seasons.

    Peepaw Niall, where did u go? He shows up to save the day, I’d say he’s better protection than Alcide from zombie vamps.

    Almost half the season mourning Terry, longest funeral in history and less than a minute for Eric, WTH?

    Where did Sam get that new found Southern drawl, he was laying it on thick, maybe the same place he got the mayor position or maybe he borrowed Rene’s tapes.

    Sam and Bill working together? They hate each other.

    Aww, how cute, Jessica’s new man James is in a band…barf

    Tara and her mom…Again…how convenient that now Lettie May needs protection she wants to “help” her daughter, that woman is a worse mom than Sookies cause she keeps using Tara over and over. More character assassination for poor Tara just as she was starting to heal.

    Willa, who cares, just another pretty face to replace Nora who had potential to add to the story line with her knowledge of vamp history.

    Warlow, most powerful vamp in history and half season he’s tied up in fairy land and then he dies that easy, WTF, there was at least a potential for a good scene there.

    Arlene buys the bar, seriously…

    Bill publishing in six months…it’s not even possible to get a book printed that quickly let alone go through the publication process even if u crank it out in a week, it could have been more realistic to say he was writing it or that it was accepted by a publisher and he gives one flying fuck about sookie all the sudden…LAME

    And seriously…a herd of hep V vamps? The guy in the camp and Nora couldn’t even move after a day but they can now roam in herds like zombies…maybe Sook kept that crossbow from her authority raid and will put it to good use, un-fucking-believable

    I won’t can el HBO because of GoT and BrdWalk Emp but I won’t be giving them my ratings for the premier, HBOgo FTW because apparently the writing staff hung out on the breaking bad set and got some of the crystal blue before writing this, I mean, holy shit, how bad can it get?

    i’m not feeling his Death.
    Eric will be back.
    I Did LOVE the scene with a naked ERIC!
    Finally we got to see Alexander’s G.P.!!!

    So glad that Warlow is Dead.
    Loved it how Tara’s mother offered herself to Tara
    I had said that Tara would turn her mother.

    Never in a million years saw Sam as Mayor?
    Loved how he sold the bar back to Arlene’s family and renamed it “Bellefleur’s”

    Can’t really see Sookie and Alcide, it’s not really going to last???
    Don’t feel sorry for Bill Compton~he deserves to be alone.

    One thing is for sure Alan Ball’s fingerprints were all over the Episode.

    • stop being delusional. Even if he returns, there is no real reason to care for the show. Why watching it when he only appears in 3 episodes or even less. Think that Alex want to reduce his time on this crappy show, who cane blame him.

  49. I feel like Eric will only live in flashbacks next season – maybe Pam will reveal more of her life with Eric. I just don’t know – I was expecting a love scene between Eric and Jason – since the so-called writers hinted that Eric would have a really “hot and steamy scene at the end of the season and we would see more of him than we have ever seen before” – I don’t care to see it and then see him burn and scream out in agony!! Thank God I have a year to maybe forgive them – but I am almost off TB – seems like mine has been infected with too much silliness!!!

  50. Don’t you love how they’re trying to defend Warlow and his abusive tendencies? Do wish they’d crawl out of his and Bill’s collective rectums. That would be nice. Love how they’re trying to whitewash Bill’s general assholery.

    And they’re trying to say that people didn’t see Eric’s love and compassion…geez, trying to rewrite history much? Ugh, and trying to excuse Sookie and the doggie??? TIME FOR A REALITY CHECK, WRITERS…

    They completely CH’d Eric and we’re supposed to laugh it off and endure Sook and the dog? I don’t think so.

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