That’s right folks – Eric Northman LIVES (well ok technically he’s undead!). True Blood show-runner Brian Buckner has today revealed to TV Line that everyone’s favourite vampire will return as a series regular next season!

TVLINE | The big question coming out of the finale, obviously…

Let me guess. [Laughs]

TVLINE | Alexander Skarsgard — will he be back for Season 7?

I can tell you that Alexander Skarsgard is going to be a part of the next season of True Blood. He will be a series regular.

TVLINE | That will be a huge relief to fans.

I am aware! I’m not going to take Alex Skarsgard out of people’s living rooms.

TVLINE|I’m guessing Eric won’t suddenly be alive and well in the Season 7 premiere.

No. That would be a cheat, wouldn’t it? That would be an incredible cheat. Pam has gone off in search of Eric, and maybe she’s going to be the one to find him, y’know?

TVLINE | Let’s talk about Alexander’s nude scene. Full-frontal nudity on a guy is not something you see often on television.


TVLINE | What kind of behind-the-scenes conversations took place prior to shooting?

Alex Skarsgard was the coolest camper in the world. There’s no conversation with him. He’s Swedish. They’re naked all the time. As a matter of fact, when I saw what we had on camera, I sent him an email that said, “We’re going to lock picture. Are you OK with this?” He said, “No problemo.” That was the conversation. It couldn’t have been easier.

TVLINE | Did the reaction surprise you — or him? Probably not.

I think sometimes we are impressed by how much people care. But I don’t think that people care was a surprise. He knew the gift he was giving everybody. [Laughs]

The entire interview is still being transcribed as I write this and you can check it out HERE

It includes Buckner’s first hints about what will happen in Season 7, including Sookie, Bill and Alcide.

We can think about all that later though – for now let’s celebrate the Northman lives to completely captivate us and OWN another season of True Blood.


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  1. YOU have just made alot of fans SUPER HAPPY CAMPERS!!!!
    THANK YOU. I’m definately going to be watching.
    I knew that Eric wasn’t dead,I didn’t feel his death.

    • Exactly – I didn’t feel it either :)
      I’m glad you are as happy as I am with the news!

    • hope that not everyone is actually contributing to the ratings by watching the whole episode, do you really want to support the writers and their bill love? Watch the important scenes of the characters you actually care for on youtube afterwards. I think watching the whole show now is just painful, can’t stomach to see the bill sookie scenes and most of the other boring characters, who even cares for this bad version of wolves?

      • I think the writers love Eric as much as they love any of the characters so I’ll be just fine :)

        • sorry, but that sounds delusional. you are obviously only watching for eric, then why watching the whole crappy thing? Just don’t get it, even if I didn’t like eric I would have thought that the final was a piece of crap.

          • I like quite a few of the characters – Pam, Tara, Willa, Laffy, Arlene, Holly, Jason, Andy, especially this season. I’m not delusional – I enjoy my favourite show, I’d say that is healthy. Eric is definitely my favourite and I would have found it hard to think about next season without him, but now I don’t have to – so that is good.

    • Still cannot bring myself to watch any more. Been a fan from the begining but, it has just gone too far out. Glad Eric will be back, but , not enough to bring me back

  2. OMG, you just MADE. MY. DAY!!! **big cheesy grin** Naked Viking hugs to you!

  3. Thank all that is sacred!!!! I now can breathe easier knowing our Viking lives….. I read the article just a few minutes ago and Buckner actually said that he does follow fans reactions to the show and knows he couldn’t take Eric away (YIPPEE!!!). The only thing that kinda upset me is that we can chalk up any hope we had of Sookie and Eric getting back together as Buckner said in the article that their will be a love triangle between Alcide, Sookie and Bill (Blah……). Eric will be going off in his own storylines I guess from what I read.

    At this point, I don’t care about Sookie and Bill (or Alcide or whatever, whoever). I just want to be able to bask on that hunk of Viking next season and to Hell with the rest!!!!!!!

    ERIC LIVES, LONG LIVE THE VIKING!!!!! (Sorry, didn’t mean to yell, but I’m super excited!!)

    • Yell away – here I’ll do it for you – LONG LIVE THE VIKING!!!!!

    • I agree with you, I’m so excited our Viking is back but it does make me a lil sad that Bucky wont be reliving the Sookie/Eric romance again in S7 or ever… I’m just thinking now that it may be a case of awkwardness b/c Stephen and Alex are best of friends?? Otherwise why would they completely take Eric out of the running?? it makes me sad, and although I love the show and various characters (eric/pam/tara/lala/andy/jason and jess) the main reason I fell inlove with it i HAVE to admit is due to the amazing chemistry of these two characters and their love story… :( so this interview for me is bitter sweet…

  4. I’m still mad at TB but very relieved that they did not keep us guessing for the next months. Let’s have a lot of Northman clan action in S7 and please keep him out of Sookie’s love drama, esp. if Bill is part of it.

  5. You have made me soooo freakin happy!!!! Thank you!!!!

  6. I just hoping that they give a story line worthy of the Viking and not just some back ground filler.

  7. Yes!!!!!! I shed quite a few tears watching that gorgeous man burst into flames. My husband thought I was nuts. ;) This is fantastic news. Smiles for miles. Love that sexy Viking vampire!

    • My family thought I lost my mind too, Lindsay! I was screaming and cursing. Never felt such panic over a character before. Just felt so shocked, cheated and empty when the credits started to scroll. Just stood there. Can you imagine the collective “scream” from fans around the US? Probably loud enough to wake the dead!! (pun intended!) Love and cheers for that sexy naked Swede! Come on writers!! Give him something to sink his teeth into! (love puns) Shame to waste such talent!

  8. Ok, so will watch the eric and Pam scenes on youtube. I really don’t need to see sookie sleeping with alcide and then getting back to bill; Buckner also made it really clear in his new interview that there is a new love triangle now, can’t believe what he is saying about bill.

    I will never understand it: Why the hell are the writers thinking that people want to see a bill and sookie reunion, why? It always looks like the writers just want them to be together like the actors are, that is just so childish and stupid, getting influenced by things like this.

  9. I still cannot rest easy. BB said he would be back he just didn’t say how. He might end up lurking on the edges of things horribly deformed like Phantom of the Opera or he could be reduced to being ghost Eric channeled by Lafayette in order to encourage Sookie to go for Bill. There is no depth that these writers will not sink to in order to stick it to us and the Viking. Beware.

  10. I I knew they kept track of what the fans reactions were and we were all pretty upset and angry…but this still better not be a cheap ploy and we end up watching Pam search for Eric for 9 episodes only to have him show up in episode 10 of the Season 7 finale. That is unless we get a Season 8 and beyond with him.

    • thats why its the best to just watch the scenes on youtube, why wasting your time just to see sookie staring at bill all the time?

  11. IMO, Beel started out as a big deal on the show. Then we got one look at Eric and it turned into “Bill Who?” I’d bet the farm Mr & Mrs Paquin were putting the squeeze on the writers. As in “More Bill or we’re walking.” True Blood has a hell of a following and the powers that be should stop letting a different wanna-be writer go berserk every week. It’s no wonder there’s no developed storyline. Fans giveth and fans can taketh away. Ask whatserface Harris.

  12. i was sooooo going to stop watching!!!!

  13. Buckner is not pro Eric at all like people we stating ….I am glad he is gonna be back but the Sookie Alcide and Bill thing is horrible and it might be too much to overlook even for Eric for because abuse is abuse and watching Bill disgusts me a lot…so I will see

    • I still think Buckner loves Eric, you only have to look at the episode he actually wrote himself to see that, it was one of Eric’s best. But we have to concede that he is not an Eric/Sookie fan. I don’t think there is any point watching the show anymore if that is all people are looking for. I think Eric had an awesome season (ep1-9) and I’m looking forward to seeing what he does next year.

      • Your right Evie the writers don’t like Eric and Sookie at all and its been quite clwar for a long time…we have all been delusional thinking that Eric and Sookie would eventually have a relationship…..never will happen…..its a travesty because they have the best chemistry on the show but now Eric doesnt even have scenes with her at all anymore …so that ship has sailed .

  14. Worst season finale ever!! Everything was rushed!!
    And our precious Viking burned???? Wtf? And Sookie with Alcide?? Wtf???
    Eric glamoured him to be disgusted by her??? And Warlow in thousands of years never
    Surpassed the Neanderthal urges of grabbing the woman by the hair and say “mine”!!!!

  15. Anyway tnx for the good news… :(

  16. I suspected he wasn’t dead TB folks are dumb but not retarded they like their paycheck and HBO ratings defines and insures that process killing him off is like killing the golden goose. As for the triangle great The Three Stooges 2.0 .

  17. Eric all the way, about Sookie I don’t care about her anymore I’m done with Sookie so she can be with the dog and crazyass all she want, DONE!! I’m watching for Eric and Jason and Jess Pam Tara and Willa

  18. I’ve been a long time lurker and this oh so momentous occasion coaxed me out of the “internet shadows”! THANK YOU for posting this! I am so happy! In my own personal opinion, it’s just not True Blood without Eric. =)
    I hate to say it, but I have kind of given up hope for our favorite couple to have any legitimate romantic reunion. I keep trying to get myself invested in Eric’s relationships with other potential suitors (Willa, Pam, even Nora for a little) but it’s just not the same…sigh. What a bummer.
    But least we’ll always have season 4 =)

  19. I knew Eric could not go out like that! His character is to important for that kind of ending.

  20. Here’s to hoping my Eric gets his own love interest!!!!! far away from the ridiculous sookie!!!!!!

  21. Maybe he is not gonna be part of the triangle at the beginning of the season but they can’t spend two seasons pushing Eric and Sookie away they have to see each other at some point plus BB is just getting into the obvious things we watched in the finale like the Bill Sookie and Alcide triangle but if he is reading the comments he knows what people want so maybe he’ll take into consideration and that triangle maybe becomes a square in mid season he tease about triangles and squares relationships between humans and vampires and WE ALL KNOW WHO IS THE OLDEST AND MOST POWERFUL VAMPIRE OUR 1000 YEAR OLD VIKING ERIC NORTHMAN he is the best option to pair up for Sookie in the inside the episode they said that happy A/S thing won’t last so if they fight and she doesn’t trust Bill (honestly who could’ve?) she finds herself in danger she’ll look for Eric cause she trust him but she’ll have to earn that because a this point i would want for Eric to say no

    • Although i’m doubtful, i cant help but still be hopeful… Ahhhh I hate it but its true… Maybe Bucky is just not willing to release that kind of information b/c he wants us ES shippers to be surprised… i know everyone on that show bar a few are BS fans but maybe just maybe he does care what the audience thinks?? Stranger things have happened lol

  22. Ladies:
    I’m in this for the LONG HAUL.
    That mean’s I’m going to watch wether or not I’m liking the show.
    I don’t watch for Bill Compton,his character has NOT been a favourite of mine
    since Season two~ I watch for the interaction between Sookie Stackhouse
    and Eric Northman and for the other characters.

    What happens to William Thomas Compton means nothing to me.
    I’m sorry, but I don’t like men who tell lies and betray women.
    Be they in real life or in my dramas. I have no respect for them.

    Sookie Stackhouse has said “I can never TRUST Bill Compton”
    Sookie got a feeling off of him~and everyone knows that feelings never lie.

    Sookie has TRUSTED ERIC NORTHMAN from the second they met in
    Fangtasia in Season 1,Episode 4 “Escape from the Dragon House”
    But if you really want to read something about how she feels
    then go read the Fanfiction “entitlement” by Morgainne Swann.
    That speaks volumes!!!

  23. I think Next season will focus on Pam and Eric`s relationship,because Kristin said she’s going to back in early December and I think Alex`s going to be there after he finishes the giver. Some people prefer Pam as Eric`s best luv interest over Willa and Sookie. But I prefer her with Tara and Eric with Sookie (if she isn’t a stuck-up b**ch and Billy lover). But I don’t mind Pam shown more her timid side toward Eric next season (like she did in season 3 and 5) and Eric need someone to comfy him after Nora`s death. It looks like Pam feels guilty about betrayed Eric like that by sleeping with the shrink. Probably they works things out between them. :)

    I really hope there`ll be a game changer later on this season, I meant a major death I am saying like they did with Terry. I really hope these idiot writers come realize people don’t want to see Sookie love Billy cr*p and decide to turn him into a freakish vamp zombie,then he starts go after Sookie and Jessica but Eric puts him out of his misery or so okie will do it by staking him like she did last season. >:( I would be happy.

    I also think Eric and Pam are fighting zombie vamps and finding food and survivors. Probably they shown up later on next season at the church to find Tara and Willa and slaying all the zombie vamps.

  24. Ladiees:
    HBO got indated with hostile calls yesterday and not alot of people were HAPPY.
    I called and suggested that they fix the situation really fast before they had
    major amounts of customers cancelling HBO due to the Finale.

    Also said I saw Alan Ball’s fingerprints all over the episode.

    Told them that Sookie would never pick an outfit so horrible as the one
    she wore in the Chruch scene.
    Also told them the BEST SCENE was with a naked Alexander.
    The rest of the show STUNK TO HIGH HEAVEN.

    • LOL Good on you!! i hope you also told them no one wants to see BS together again and they should get a clue hahaha

    • Marleneemm,
      Who did you know who to call and what’s the number? 😳

      • I don’t know which number people have been calling but I know they have had a lot of irate calls LOL. I’m pretty sure HBO hauled Buckner’s ass into the office and told him to make good by the end of the day!

        You can write to Brian Buckner at Brian Bruckner at: Your Face Goes Here Entertainment, 1041 N Formosa Ave, Santa Monica Bldg W, #7, West Hollywood, CA 90046

    • Another Amen to that! What the heck was that dress she wore??? Out of everything that happened in that episode and no matter how upset I was about Eric, the one thing that stood out for me was that weird ass outfit Sookie wore to church. It just was odd.

    • LMAO!! That great I we off on HBO.com

  25. LADIES:
    HBO knows who “Butters their bread/who supplys their paychecks”.
    HBO made Alexander Skarsgard a “Regular Cast Member”.
    Look for his name to be higher up in the credits next Season!!!

  26. Yay yay yay!!!!!!! Fantastic news!!!! And please more nude scenes!

  27. This news made me deliriously happy. I don’t care about the new triangle because I don’t like Sookie enough anymore to want her anywhere near Eric. Bill and Alcide are welcome to her. I wish it were not that way, because Eric does love her and I thought there was hope, but she’s forgotten all about him. Maybe she’ll have an epiphany, but I doubt it. And as long as my Viking is alive and well and has a good storyline (and hopefully a love interest who likes and respects him and appreciates what he does for her and doesn’t treat him like a dirty secret) I’ll be a happy camper. I’ll be able to watch the crazy show and enjoy the Viking and the other parts of it I do enjoy.

    • If Eric have a new love interest next season, and although he’s alive, his storyline will never relate to sookie anymore, they will not have any scence together anymore, I don’t know if I can accept that!
      By the way, I think the season 6 final Charlaine Harris will love it, becase Sookie is with Aclide, and no more vampires, this is exactly how CH want this series end.

  28. So I can’t quit TB quite yet. Damn you Buckner :) Ecstatic that Eric will be in S7, I just hope he gets a good storyline.

    And just through my own amateur assessment of the reactions over the interwebs to the S6 finale, literally all people were talking about was Eric;s 30sec scene. That pretty much signals Eric’s importance to the success of TB. His absence would not just be a matter of (potentially) lower ratings, but also the impact it would have on the DVD sales for next season. Its all about projected revenue and TB producers seem to know what side their bread is buttered on regarding losing Alex.

    I agree with you Millarca, I don’t care about Sookie and her latest pairing. If Eric is not romantically involved with her, so be it. I think I have finally finally given up on them. As long as Eric is at his Viking Vampire God best then I will be content. I can always fast forward the Billsh!t

  29. I’m glad eric is alive, but this question which F*kner answered still hasn’t convinced me that TB is worth watching:

    Q. The show has flirted with a Sookie and Alcide romance for years. Why was now the right time to pull the trigger on that?
    A. “To me, with Eric gone and off on his own story going forward, I think it’s a pretty obvious triangle we’re setting up between Bill and Sookie and Alcide.”

  30. If it’s really the Moyers that are putting pressure on the writers, then I say let them leave. Sookie is not the woman we were hoping that she would prove to be, especially after last season and now this one. She is one character that had wasted potential. She was becoming a strong single woman but has fallen back into familiar patterns. Buckner has a hardon for Bill and Sookie so I don’t think that Alcide will last long. At this point, bring on Quinn. I did not care for him in the books but at this point I am willing to see how the writers would deal with a weretiger.

  31. Happy..Happy..Joy..Joy!!! What more can I say? ♥

  32. WOOHOO So glad that Buckner didn’t kill Eric off…yet. I love his character more than any others. He deserves a woman that is worthy of his time and devotion.

  33. Buckner recanted his statement in another interview. He says that ASkars will be back, but not necessarily alive… Buckner is a troll and he isn’t to be believed.

  34. Also, a writer on the show admitted that TB is about Bill’s journey to redemption and finding his way back to Sookie. No thank you. Not interested in Beeehl, so I’m out.

    • SERIOUSLY? I thought TB was about SOOKIE’S story and journey, not Bill’s. JFC

      • Erika actually its about Bill not Sookie …Sookie is just a foil for men to use and abuse …that’s what they show us and the one man that did just that Eric but they never cared about the relationship again…..they want a guy like Warlow that abused her at the end or Alcide that controls her and ecentually back to Bill that verbally abuses her by telling her she is no good ……Bill does whatever he wants and gets away with it …he never has to account for his bad behavior ……gets what he wants….Alcide doesn’t stand a chance ….Bill will be her protector and she his blood donor and the will hookup by Episode 7

      • Anna seems to think it’s about Sookie’s sexual awakening. And so far I’ve seen a lot more of Sookie’s sexual awakening than Bill journeying towards redemption! :D

  35. I meant the one man that respected her was Eric but the writers mind that was a fling never to be retruned to

    • I have come to terms with that, as much as it pisses me off. I still love Eric, but I don’t love Sookie. The way they had her react to him having his memories of their time together, and all her behaviour to and about him since, has turned me right off Sookie. Well, there were other things too, like her sense of entitlement and rudeness.

  36. Yeah, I’m still done, I’ll just watch the Eric scenes online.

  37. Mmm, have been reading various Buckner interviews and he seems determined not to reveal if Eric is actually alive. If they have Eric meet the True Death and bring him back as Ghost!Eric or flashbacks I will happily say goodbye to TB. He’s either alive and they give Eric a decent storyline or I’m out.

    • Yes, they are definitely using Eric’s “death” as bait to reel us in to convince us to keep watching. I guess they didn’t like how vocal we were about not watching the show and cancelling our HBO subscriptions. *eyeroll*

      • Yeah Evie, it does sound like dangling the proverbial carrot. I guess we will see whats what when we start getting production spoilers post October. As long as its not a bait n switch a la DEA – I may just tune in next season

    • Me, too, Michelle. Ghost!Eric or flashbacks will not satisfy me. He has to be alive with a decent storyline for me to watch.

      • Alive and back in the mix as a main character – I think our chances are 50-50 Millarca.

        The comment from BB re, Eric will have his own storyline away from the main action really has made me pause. I mean, even if Skars has negotiated less screen time due to availability for other work opportunities, why would they remove him from the main storyline/action? He could still be involved in the main plot in a reduced capacity if they really wanted him there. And that would keep the fans happy. This whole separate thing is pretty telling in terms of the direction of the narrative for the main characters. The best seasons of TB were with Eric/Sookie/Bill in the main plot/arc. I don’t want a repeat of the triangle of doom, nor do I want to see sappy Sookie and Bill bore us for another season, but the interactions of the three main leads were where TB performed at its best IMO. So keeping Eric separate (if that’s how they play it for S7) is kinda telling.

        Sorry! I want to be realistic, but yeah, BB’s comments are a bit of a concern.

    • I want to see him in Shreveport or Bon Temps in his new club with Willa and Pam

  38. Duh. I knew that. But what I did not know was that there are no plans to get Eric and Sookie back together. Damn. I liked Warlow better than either Bill or Alcide. That angers me.

    • Same here…Warlow was the lesser of three evils. At least I can tolerate him over Bill and Alcide.

      As for Eric and Sookie…I doubt they will ever get back together now. :( Which makes me sad because they are truly the show’s soul mates.

  39. I won’t buy any of the crap Buckey is selling let him be and talk a lot just like Rob Kazinsky talking about all of the deaths and they were just a few and Warlow died so the network puts them to let people guessing and talking but if we keep saying what we want in forums specially HBO maybe just maybe they’re gonna get it cause we are not being subtle about it

  40. hiya!
    first, i want to say that i am so happy that eric will be back as regular cast member. i’m really relieved. the last couples of days were horrible.
    second, honestly i don’t care anymore for eric/sookie (therefore we have fanfic). as for the series i think eric deserves better (how about a nice woman from austria *ggg)
    third, i’m with some posts above: i don’t want eric back as ghost (like godric). he needs a descent storyline for his own. bb said that he will be back as regular cast member – so i think he has a descent storyline. when you come back as ghost – you just have some glimpses of appearance – otherwise it’s really ridicilous.

  41. I agree with everyone above. Eric needs to come back live and well and in Bon Temps. I don’t want flashback Eric or ghost Eric. I don’t want Eric off on his own somewhere else, either. I want Eric interacting with the characters of Bon Temps. Some of his best scenes have been with Jason and Lafayette. All I’ve heard them say is how much they are simplifying the storyline and bringing it all back together. If that is true, then why is Eric getting his own storyline away from everyone else? I just don’t understand why it seems like the writers don’t like his character and refuse to pursue the Eric/Sookie possibility. I’m convinced now that that won’t ever happen again, but still it saddens me. There is so much potential there as Eric struggling with his bad Viking self but also loving Sookie. It would be much more compelling to watch than her with Bill or Alcide. She and Alcide are like an old married couple, nothing interesting there. And I’m so over Bill. He can never be redeemed no matter what the writers do. He fell out of the suitor category for me after he professed his love for her and still proceeded to do and say horrible things to her. I just don’t get what they have against the Eric/Sookie thing. I’m so frustrated by this show. I wish there was a way for all the viewers to make our concerns know and know that they would listen!

    • I totally agree with you!I have no words to express my feelings about the last episode of the season, I am very disappointed!It’s clear to me also that the relationship between Eric / Sookie is over, and the outcome of this relationship was in the first episódio.If Sookie did not remember Eric the entire season, Eric did not remember her as well, it seemed he was even angry with her when Bill told Sookie was with Warlow.He didn’t want to talk to her in the cemetery.
      That to me is incomprehensible, because even in the books of the crazy CH , they stood together, bonded and married, only in the last book she resolved to disappoint her readers: if the writers and directors want the series follow a different path of books, so exactly with Eric that Sookie has to be.They don’t have to throw out a story of five seasons, like it was nothing and with a very bad outcome solved! True love does not end so fast, from one day to another , and Eric / Sookie love each other really, since the first season, she fought against it, but she knew she had feelings for him.
      Needless to talk about Eric, he wanted her since the first time he saw her at Fangtasia.The best scenes of the show are the interaction between them: attraction, teasing, harassment, verbal and physical fights, denial of feelings , sensual dreams, tricks to conquer her and to save her life, the stolen kiss reciprocated, his patient expects to have her, his sweet memory loss, finally recognition of her feelings for him, the fantastic and beautiful sex scenes between them, the affection and care, his disposition to die for her, the confession of his love for her after the recovery of his memory, his anger against anyone who tried to attack her, his despair and anguish to escape and find Russell Edgington, before he killed her and even in the first episode of this season, she was going to kill Bill to save Eric, she did not hesitate, she chose Eric!
      Impossible to forget it all in a snap!
      These guys from HBO’s don’t like Eric or Sookie or they are crazy … Eric and Sookie apart and do not even remember or care about each other? Madness!
      Sookie behaving like a whore danger? Madness!!
      Sookie with Alcide? They have no chemistry … And back to Bill next season? Madness!
      Bill can even have her saved in some situations, it may even believe he loves her, but he is weak in character, he can not resist the temptations, so it is not reliable
      Eric dead and appearing in the next season as a spirit? Madness!
      Oh, God, I love Eric, but I also like Sookie and do not know if I want to watch next season!

  42. Wow! A lot has happened since I’ve been on vacation in Germany. I haven’t seen the last two episodes yet and I don’t know i I want to. From what I have read in the above comments, It’s a big cluster fuck. I can’t even get the video clips here. They are all blocked. I have ten more days here. Then I can watch and weep.
    I do know if Eric is gone then SO AM I.
    Deep down we all pine for a Eric and Sookie reunion, that is why we are here. We were let down by CH and now it seems we will be let down by the writers of the show too. We can hope for the out come we want, because HOPE is all we have.

  43. We could all send our concerns to Mr. Buckner. It’s via snail mail because nobody can locate an email address. I might do this too. This would at least make a statement.

    Brian Buckner c/o

    Your Face Goes Here Entertainment
    1041 N Formosa Ave
    Santa Monica Bldg W, #7
    West Hollywood, CA 90046
    Phn: +1 323 850 2433

  44. An interview I found on insidetv.ew if y’all have already seen this my apologies same tripe he has been spewing for weeks but the final question asked of BBuckner and his answer caught my attention..For thse wanting to read it themselves the title is
    ‘True Blood’ season finale: EP Brian Buckner answers burning questions’

    Is there anything else you want to say?
    I want to allay everyone’s fears; at the same time, I want them to trust us. [Laughs] I promise people none of this has been done without forethought.

    So what do you think y’all trust Brian Buckner and company?

    • Nope, they’ll never have my trust. We’ve been screwed over too many times for that.

    • Wow I mean hopefully they mean that the scene with Eric burning was just for cliffhanger just like Bill last year and to trust them not to ruin his character by turning him into a ghost/vision or something ridiculous like that… Hopefully they have something great planned for him… He’s back to being more powerful than Bill, that much I appreciate…

  45. I was on Facebook saw a similar themed interview with Buckner where he talks about Season 6 and the Finale as well as the creative team and himself being shocked by fans reaction to AS/Eric possible demise. So to me this means yes they are aware of whats being said by fans on the internet as well as fan reactions to certain events. Or why else specifically ask for fans to trust them. Why admit the fact that they are aware of comments and reactions and voice a comment about it. He could have played it safe and gave a pat non-answer. My guess there was allot a whole booku of folks not happy with the Finale or this season and he and the writers know this and these interviews damage control. Trying to throw a life line/incentive to fans saying their done.

    • I do not think Brian Buckner and company care about what the fans want or our reactions to dissatisfaction and disappointment about the last episode of temporada.I also do not believe they have changed the fate of Eric because fans complained a lot in the web and social networks .If they listened to what we want, Eric and Sookie would already be together because we are asking for this since the first season!

  46. what i don’t get with all the discussions about renewing the contract, not knowing if the actor signs, comes back for the next season etc…is:
    you can either give a character/an actor a good farewell with the chance to bring him back or not or you do it like they did with Eric. That was just a pos.
    A character who has done so much for the show is just leaving within 45 secs and all he gets is a shitty lousy “death” / burning to a crisp-scene etc.
    Nobody misses him – nobody asks where he is? Like he never has been there.
    I mean there are more honorable ways to write off a character or to create a cliffhanger. For me that’s just disrespectful and in a way i hope it doesn’t show how the writers have seen the importance of Eric to the show – namely none.

    • I honestly don’t think it was ever a case of us never seeing Eric again after that finale scene. I’m pretty sure that whatever happens they had already got agreement with Alex that he would return in some form next year (even if it had just been for a proper send-off). I don’t think the fan and media reaction has changed their mind about what happens to Eric next season (I think that is all down to how much time Alex wants to actually commit to filming the show), but obviously the fan and media reaction, and most importantly people cancelling their HBO in protest made them change their mind about keeping Eric’s fate a cliff-hanger. They were loosing too many subscribers, and at the end of the day that is what matters most to HBO.

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