Buckner’s Attempts At Damage Control

As we posted the other day, it looks like Alexander Skarsgård will be returning for True Blood Season 7! Hooray! While this is good news…we urge you to proceed with caution if you do decide to watch next season.

spoiler warning

Here’s why…it appears Brian Buckner (aka Bucky) has been sent to the principle’s office (aka. HBO) and was ordered to do some damage control. With numerous fans threatening to quit watching and/or subscribing to HBO altogether after Season 6’s finale, it’s not surprising HBO executives contacted him urging him to reassure the fans.  At least, that’s what we here at ESL think happened…

Premiere Of HBO's "True Blood" Season 6 - After Party

This has never happened before (that I know of) in any fandom…where an EP has had to make a press release or statements to let people know one of the characters is still alive; therefore spoiling their planned season ending cliffhanger. DAMN. Sorry about that Bucky, but that’s what happens when you mess with our favorite vampire Viking…TSK. TSK.

Not only that…but this was less than 2 days after the finale aired!  GO TEAM ERIC!  I can’t remember this happening…EVER on True Blood. Haha. I guess they got a lot of negative fan response, eh?

In numerous interviews including the one we posted, he talks about Eric’s fate and what we can expect in Season 7.

Here’s some others, which we’ll highlight just a few things for you and if you want to read the entire interview, please click on the links;

From Entertainment Weekly;

ENTERTAINMENT WEEKLY: You’ve confirmed that Alexander Skarsgard will return and be a regular on the show next season. Eric’s alive!
BRIAN BUCKNER: [Laughs] Well, I did not confirm that he’s alive. Not that I want to create more conversation, because I don’t, but to be clear, we’re not saying how we’re going to use him, we’re simply saying that we are using him. I will say that I do long for the days when television audiences could stand to wait and enjoy the tease. But I understand we’re living in a different time. I don’t want to watch a show without him either.

tumblr_mrr905Igmj1qevo2jo6_250So we can start with the next important question: Whose idea was it for Eric to be sunbathing nude on a snow-covered mountaintop in Sweden?
It was mine. The original idea was that it’s basically like a Corona commercial, but I didn’t want to do a beach because it’s obvious. This is a man who doesn’t want to love, and doesn’t want to feel pain, and every connection he has to people ends in pain. So if Eric could be an island, he would be. So with Nora gone, and having sought vengeance for her death, he found that the pain was still there and he doesn’t want to feel it again. So he retreated and returned home. That’s as much as the audience is meant to know. For now.

So he wasn’t suicidal, sitting on that mountaintop so exposed?
Nobody knew the rule that if Warlow died, the blood that he gave to you would lose its efficacy. It was a surprise to all the vampires who realized that they just lost their ability to walk in the sun, but Eric was the only one in a timezone where it was light out. I think in the sort of “What the f— just happened?” of it all [Laughs] some people missed the idea that it was Warlow dying that precipitated that event. So if people called it an anticlimax, that Warlow’s death came and went without consequence, no, the Eric thing is the consequence of Warlow’s death.

I think we’ve seen fairy blood wear off before, so a lot of viewers were thinking that was a possibility. Or are you saying Warlow’s blood would never have worn off?
Maybe it’s on us. Warlow’s blood was special in that once you had it, it was not gonna wear off. It was the real deal. That’s why Sookie’s blood and Adilyn’s blood didn’t do what Warlow’s blood could do. Bill, at a certain point in the season, realized Warlow is the prophecy, that’s why Lilith all along said that you alone are going to be responsible for the continuation of the species. But when Warlow died, out went everybody’s ability to walk in the sun.

tumblr_mrr905Igmj1qevo2jo4_250[UPDATE: We’ve confirmed that the book Eric was reading was one chosen by Skarsgard: Den allvarsamma leken by Hjalmar Soderberg. Translation: The Serious Game. According to a synopsis on Amazon, it is Sweden’s most celebrated and enduring love story: “Sweden at the turn of the previous century. Arvid, an ambitious and well-educated young man, meets Lydia, the daughter of a landscape painter, during an idyllic summer vacation and falls in love. Lydia, however, has other suitors, and Astrid is frightened of being tied down by his emotions. Trapped inside loveless marriages of convenience, they struggle in later years to rekindle the promise of their romance with bitter and tragic results.” Well done.]

First, a few of my thoughts before we move on…

  1. I think I’m going to read this book Alex was reading…sounds like a good book. Thanks Alex for the suggestion!
  2. Oh Bucky…if you’re thinking what most of us are thinking you’re thinking…and are planning on using him like you’ve used Godric in the past (ie. Ghost Eric)…then DON’T. JUST DON’T. If you think THIS was bad…if you plan on killing Eric off sometime during next season…you ain’t seen nothing yet! Just warning you now… ;)
  3. I’m confused…If Warlow was the prophecy…how in the hell was it up to Bill to continue on with the species? Eric figured it out without Lillith’s help, so really, Bill didn’t do squat. Yes, it IS on you, Bucky…


From The Hollywood Reporter;

THR: Let’s just start with the most obvious. Is Alexander Skarsgard coming back as Eric Northman?

Brian Buckner: The character of Eric will be back as a regular on our show, but I’m not promising how we’re going to use him. But I also don’t want to incite more controversy. Here’s what I would like to say: Eric Northman will be back in your living rooms next summer.

THR: I assume you knew you were going to shock and piss off a lot of people with that surprising scene?

Buckner: Well, yeah, but truthfully, here’s the thing — the idea that the audience needs to and deserves to know that everything’s going to be OK sort of runs counter to what I think our job is. So, yeah, of course Skarsgard and I sat down and said, “We’re doing this story for behind-the-scenes reasons, but we knew it was going to be fun.” The anger is surprising. But I understand he’s beloved, and he understands he’s beloved and he’s going to be a part of this show going forward. We should be allowed to put characters in jeopardy — and people can hope we didn’t just do that — without death threats.

THR: We got some pretty passionate comments on our website about those choices.

Buckner: I’m happy people still care. I didn’t want to upset people or ruin their fall, winter and spring. But I stand by it — I think it’s good storytelling. I understand that it made the rest of the episode hard to go down for people. I get it. I guess I can’t be surprised — it’s the level that surprised me.


I don’t get it… Why is this so surprising to you, Bucky? We’ve never kept it a secret that if Eric Northman was gone…so will many of True Blood’s viewers. And Bucky…YOUR job is to entertain and to tell a decent story…which hasn’t happened for awhile now. As for death threats…you think any of us are going to do that to you? We still don’t believe the author (who shall remain nameless) received ANY. And guess what? Your idea of good storytelling versus mine is vastly different.

From Vulture.com;

Why do you think the finale fueled so much negativity?
Well, it’s testament to Alex Skarsgard. People want those ten or twelve weeks with him in their living room and they may have feared we were taking him away from them.

Will the feedback you’ve received recently influence the story lines of season seven?
I don’t think so. Look, the blogosphere … This, by the way, is my very first time sitting in this chair, watching something like this happen. It is my first rodeo. But I have been making TV for a long time and I don’t think that we should let the audience tell us what show to make. Because I think it’s the death of television if we give people exactly what they expect to get every week. What’s the point? So the idea that we need to release material beforehand and immediately come clean with our audience and promise to not surprise them anymore, I’m not sure that’s the TV world that we want to deliver.

How dare you deny us a Jason-Eric sex dream? Or should we expect that in season seven?
I think you can reasonably expect it. With our show there is an appetite — Alan from the get-go called it “popcorn for smart people.” And popcorn is addictive: You keep eating it and expect there to be another piece of popcorn right away. My favorite shows on TV make you wait for things. So the idea that I failed to deliver on a promise when I only made one episode after that promise … You know, sometimes things are better when we wait for them. I would love to get our audience conditioned to the idea that this might be a show that delays gratifications sometimes. Because of course we know people want to see that dream. The setup wasn’t written lightly. And believe me, there were HBO executives who were saying, “You have to give us the dream!” And we will. Of course we will. But that doesn’t mean it has to come in the very next episode.


His reasoning for not having the Eric/Jason sex dream doesn’t make sense. No, you don’t have to put it in the very next episode, but after 6 MONTHS? Not to mention…after having some of Violet’s blood too? Um…you’re forgetting about the time jump. By then it’s too little…too late, IMO.

To quote our good friend Debbie about the “popcorn for smart people” comment they keep saying over and over again…

Popcorn for smart people. *laughs*
Popcorn has very little nutritional value.
Add water and it tricks your stomach into feeling full.
Not even Orville Redenbacher can save this show if Eric’s gone. : )


As for whether or not this will influence what we see during Season 7…IT BETTER NOT!  I do agree, we shouldn’t tell you how to write the show, but you SHOULD listen to what we say when it comes to continuity and plot holes. We’re only offering you free advice. Please take it and use it wisely. Then, we’ll have no problems whatsoever!

Lastly, from TV Guide;

Turning to the biggest question after the finale: Is Eric really dead? What kind of role will Alexander Skarsgard have next season?
In the olden days, this was a fun tease for an audience [Laughs]. The actor Alex Skarsgard and the character of Eric Northman will be back on the show next year. He’ll be a series regular. We’ve obviously promised a “Where is Eric?” story and it would feel incredibly cheap to deliver the goods right away. We sent Pam (Kristin Bauer van Straten) off in search of him and if she were to find him right away, we would be doing a disservice to ourselves and to the audience. How we use him is going to be up to us, but we want people to rest assured that he will be back in their living rooms next year or wherever they watch. Boy do they love him! Wow!

Pretty sure he broke the internet after going full-frontal.
It was crazy. I got a question about the discussion on that and said, “He’s Swedish. There was no discussion whatsoever.” I even called him to say, “Are you sure this is OK?” and he said, “No problemo.”

People thought it might be a body double.
Nope! One day the tell-all will come out that that guy is as cool as Eric Northman. He doesn’t sweat the small stuff.


Of course we love Eric Northman! Normally we would be happy with a “Where is Eric?” story…but lately our trust in writers has vanished. Now you need to work harder to please us. (No pun intended). But I do love Alex’s reaction to being naked, “no problemo”. Haha…gotta love him!

Remember, if you would like to read all of these interviews in full…please click on the links. I highly suggest you do, because they reveal more of what we can expect in Season 7.

What do you think about what he said? Should we believe him? Please share your thoughts below!

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53 comments on “Buckner’s Attempts At Damage Control

  1. The only thing I won’t tolerate is Ghost Eric – that would suck big time!
    Hopefully after all this finale fallout, they won’t even think about going there.
    No to Ghost Eric, Yes to Pam nursing him back to full health and awesomeness!

    “Boy do they love him! Wow!”
    Really Brian, you think?

    • I don’t believe a word of Bucky’s damage control. I won’t have a stroke or blood pressure problems ..bring Eric back , then I believe.He wants to manipulate Eric fans to keep the ratings .

  2. They better not make him a zombie vamp. Someone posted a pic of him as a zombie. I really hope not.

  3. I’m not watching this show well into the season to watch Pam have flashbacks of her time with Eric, just to wait to see if they bring him back as a phantom like Godric. HBO subscription is cancelled.

  4. I don’t actually put a lot of faith in whatever the hell he was saying. He’s a mealy-mouthed extension of HBO who is now scrambling to keep viewers from mass exodusing in disgust.

    Also, at no point did BB specify that Eric would be a MAJOR character next season, just that “he’d be in people’s living rooms” or wtf ever, so he’s leaving himself room to STILL CH Eric as BB obviously prefers to live in Bill’s rectum. Gaaagh.

    Am I happy that Eric isn’t finally dead? Of course. I adore The Viking!
    Am I in any way pacified by any of BB’s other verbal ass kissing? Not one bit.

  5. Reblogged this on I'm Addicted to Godric (& Sometimes Eric) and commented:
    BB’s verbal ass kissing to hopefully stop the hoards from leaving HBO:

  6. I don’t trust him. Not even the least little bit. And I won’t be back for season seven unless I know that he’s not a ghost or a crispy critter. I thought the finale sucked butt and I’m not really sure I even like the way he wrote sookie. Not to mention there was a huge build up to how evil warlow was only to have him tied up in a cemetery fir most of the season. There was the whole nuclear ball of fairy light that amounted to nothing since Jason was able to stake warlow with an average stake. And Joe they want me to assign on for a sookie Alcide bill triangle? Yeah thanks I’ll pass. I don’t see bill as even remotely redeemable and he wad way more interesting evil anyway. I may feel differently come next summer but right now? I’m holding out to see how things go before I pay good money simply to find out Askars will only be appearing in dreams.

  7. I must say that Buckner telling us to wait for what we want holy crap its been six now seven seasons of us waiting on a sookie Eric love fest. sheesh how long do they expect us to wait oh like mrs harris until the end of the series so they too can shit on us and say haha thought that would happen No way Mr. Buckner really needs to understand his fan base better. we aren’t trying to write the shows however I know of some really great fan fiction writers that do angst really well and still deliver what we sookie, Eric lovers want compared to the crack pots who write the true blood story lines. If they think making him a regualar and not giving him top billing when he carries the hole damn show is okay with us well MR.Buckner and HBO have another thing coming.

  8. I have a nagging suspicion that they are going to have Eric spend half the season in Sweden, with one minute scenes each episode. Then when he does come back, he would be nowhere near the Sookie Alcide Bill circus and would again be sidelined, in favor of Sam and his girl or Arlene and her kids or Tara and her mom or whatever TF they keep doing.

    He has already said clearly that Eric has his own story going on and SoBilCide would be the poison of choice the next season :(

    Tough luck for us!

  9. BB is talking but he’s not telling us anything. I won’t watch a ghost Eric or a flashback Eric if that is even remotely what they have in mind. They need to bring him back “alive” and well or this viewer is done.

    What BB said in the damage control interviews about the Jason/Eric dream makes no sense to me. Why show a dream next season, which is nearly a year later for us, and at least six months after the fact in Bon Temps time, when it should have occurred very shortly after Jason had Eric’s blood. I have to wonder if they ever planned to include it at all and are back peddling about that too. I think they manipulated the viewers with their “sexy and provocative” comment for the finale, only to horrify and disgust us by incinerating Eric on that mountaintop.

    I also think one of the reasons behind shipping Eric off to no man’s land in Sweden after the vamp camp crisis (temporarily or permanently) was to conveniently get him well out of the way so they can have their ridiculous triangle with Alcide/Sookie/Bill with no Eric in contention. Alcide is a snooze fest and as for Bill, I have never despised a fictional character as much as I do him. I could care less about that triangle and if Sookie goes back to Bill she is a moron.

    Clearly they didn’t expect the backlash they got when they lit up Eric. I hope they use better judgement for next season or their show will tank because whether they want to admit it or not, ERIC is the show.

  10. And I have more patience with Gollum in Lord of the Rings than I have with Bill right now. Hs problem is he is neither a good guy, nor an evil bad guy and he isn’t even interestingly complicated. He has a flat character sketch. I don’t know what people like in Bill :(

  11. BB seems really dense & seems to be missing several points in our ire. He rightly assumes we were upset about Eric’s death. Yes. That is true, but it is also the way it was done seemed like a fuck you to Team Eric. I will never understand It. BB is also under some delusion that there is a legion of Team Bill fans??!? Now, there might have been some prior to S3-S6, but there really can’t be many now?!? Eric & Sookie are the stars of the show. Alex and Anna have more chemistry than any other coupling. Wouldn’t you want to use that?!? Do I want to watch a show about Bill Compton’s redemption? No. Not unless he is going to sacrifice himself to save Sookie & the town. Redemption through death is the only thing that works for me. I certainly do not want to watch Sookie go back to an abusing asshole. She would not be strong by doing that. I don’t think we will get a ghost Eric, he seems to be hinting to a boring where is Eric storyline, where Pam hunts & hunts and finds him at the end of the season. Who wants that?? I don’t. I want Eric front and center in the storylines or I don’t want the show at all. My other major issues were not addressed at all in these interviews, like the lack of LaLa this season, Jason’s abusive relationship with Violet, the crappy use of Warlow & Niall & Tara & Nora this season. The lack of real magic, humor & originality. And the huge huge plot holes left by this ill advised plan BB has for next season.

  12. I don’t think they have the balls to make him Ghost Eric now, if that’s what they were going to do. Obviously, there’s only so much insult bookies are going to take. I read another article where Buckner said they wanted the audience to have their Sookie/Alcide fun. What the hell show does he think people are watching?

    • HAHAHAHAHAHA! They think the audience wants some Sookicide fun? LMAO They are REALLY clueless…

      I will have to take potty breaks during their scenes, or have a quick nap because they are going to be SO BORING…zzzzzzzz

  13. like I have said BB does not know who his fan base is at all. And if they are getting all these we want sookie with bill or alcide or sam or some other mythical magical creature where the hell are these fans. I don’t know of anyone that watches the show that isn’t team Eric and Sookie my guess they are listening to when Mrs. Harris was on set way back in season 1 and mr Ball now don’t get me wrong first season followed pretty closely to the book but seasn two and on not at all from the books I really wanted season two to be closer to the book. And the show actually made bill look better which just irritated the shit out of me which made me think from way back when that they were going to always play on the fact that he was her first love and she will always be tied to him well they need to realize that when we realize our first loves were sent by some one to seduce us and then use us we don’t carry a torch unless your stupid. Alcide although Joe is hot is not what I watch the show for especially after him becoming pack master. Has anyone thought that pack masters have to breed with the bitches of the pack to keep pure off spring he probably didn’t explain that to sookie yet right? And Bill yeah he has put her in danger every step of the way and who has bailed her ass out. yep Eric and in season what five didn’t they kind of put it out there that Eric was the only one who didn’t give up on her when she up and disappeared into fairy land for a year he bought her house and renovated it to make it nicer for her and the writers just let her blow him after he was nice enough in episode one of this season to give it back to her with oh yeah by the way eric I rescind your invitation. I was pissed then and knew that the writers were really stupid people. so again I ask where are all the fans who begged for those stupid scenes maybe we just didn’t make a stink about it early enough hopefully they will actuallly start listening. I knew when Kristens interview where she started crying they were going to kill Eric off I am glad that our screams came through now we really need to put the pressure on or they are not going to understand ERIC AND SOOKIE Mr. Butt brain. BB..

  14. I don’t believe the guy for one minute. He now thinks that he has calmed the masses and that we can all go back to our “ladyporn” (an AB coined phrase) and just be happy staring at Eric’s man bits. I think that now is the time for all of us to rise up and keep the pressure on HBO. Apparently somebody there is paying some attention to us. I think that we need to very quickly organize ourselves in order to communicate our desires regarding Eric and the direction of the show. A statement to them saying first of all no dead Eric, no ghost, Eric, and no Eric on the backburner. Second our desires and expectations about next season. People keep saying in most comments I have been reading “if such and such happens then no more HBO for me”. This needs to be a reality and something that everyone is willing to pursue w/o wavering. I propose all of us write HBO and BB stating our Eric preferences and our preferences for season 7. I don’t care anymore about is it right or is it our place. I want a “live” Eric and I want a positive Eric/Sookie ending to this series. I am tired of being teased over and over again only to have Bill shoved into my face. We must absolutely make them aware that a Bill/Sookie HEA is not wanted and will not be tolerated. This means cancelling HBO and constantly communicating with HBO management and BB in order to have them understand that we mean it. I went for years w/o HBO and never missed it. I did not see Sex and the City or the Sopranos because I did not want to spend the money and the topics on those shows did not interest me. I have only subscribed because of TB and I will happily pull the plug. We as consumers have the upper hand. They are selling a product. We are unhappy with the product. We want the product fixed or we will return it or get rid of it, Cable channels are in it for the money. This is still a tough economy and they are fighting for our entertainment dollar . . . let’s make them work for it. .

    • I think you have hit the nail on the head bwtawny. Enough is enough. They made it obviously clear that they DO read the internet sites and ARE afraid of losing viewers. That’s why I’m pretty damn sure that ‘some’ of the actors on the show are influencing the storylines. I mean, COME ON, hardly ANYONE wants to see Bill and Sookie back together. The thought completely disgusts me and no amount of Eric can entice me to watch that crapfest. I won’t even mention Alcide/Sookie pairing because that’s already a dead fish in the water. I know that a lot of people dislike the character of Sookie, but it’s the writers fault. Sookie is at her best in her scenes with Eric and the chemistry is undeniable. I know that the “author that shall not be named” hated Eric, but the show has already gone way off the books 5 years ago. If they plan to pair Sookie up with someone other than Sam, it needs to be Eric or no one. I cannot support a movie network that thinks it’s ok to put a woman back together with a man who beat the shit out of her, used her, lied to her, called her unforgivable names, and said he would kill her. F*** that. Let’s let our voices be known. We may not get the E/S we want, but we sure as s*** can try to stop a B/S reunion!

  15. Why do none of these interviewers ask about Eric and Sookie and how they now t as if they don’t even know each other and never interact after 5 seasons of tease to their story!! Ugh!!

    • I’ve often wondered this too…..why do none of the interviewers ask why they have all but dropped the entire Eric/Sookie storyline? Granted Buckner would probably just jerk us around with false hope but I wish someone would out-right say what we all are already thinking about the entire Eric/Sookie situation. I like many others do not know anyone who isn’t Team Eric and it boggles my mind that the people on this show continue to force Bill and Alcide down our throats, wish these writers would get a clue.

    • It wouldn’t suprise me if it’s one of the “taboo” topics specified in advance of the interview. I don’t think the powers that be at TB have any intention of giving us an Eric/Sookie romantic relationship anymore, so they probably prohibit the subject…the way some celebrities specify in advance of an interview that they won’t answer questions about their personal lives.

  16. What Maureen, MistressCinder and bwtawny all said so eloquently. I completely agree that now is the time to put some pressure on HBO. Yes, I agree partly with Gaiman’s famous “George RR Martin is not your bitch” to a point, but I think Gaiman and other creative types who cite it are missing a key point. You all can be creative and do things your way and on your own timeline and all of that, and I’m completely cool with that. Really, I am. But, as a consumer with limited leisure time, I will choose my leisure time activities according to my taste. Accordingly, I will never read another book published by Charlaine Harris because I do not respect how she treated her fan-base or the artistic and creative choices that she made.

    So, HBO, if you’re reading this, please listen up: sure, you can try to force a Bill-Sookie-Alcide triangle on us for a season, because you feel you want to spotlight Joe M. or because of the Stephen/Anna marriage or whatever your reasons are. But, you are putting your head in the sand if you think that more than 75% of your show’s fan-base isn’t watching mainly or solely because of Eric (and/or Alex). That base will disappear if you try a Ghost Eric, Dream Eric or “Quest for Eric” that spans a whole season. We will not stick around on a teaser of 1 minute of screen-time for Alex per episode for 10 episodes while you focus on all these other storylines that do not matter to most of us. He’s either a central, core, principal player in all the episodes or you will lose a substantial chunk of viewers, imo. I like Anna’s Sookie some of the time. I like Pam, Jason, Jessica and this new vampire James. I do not like any of them enough to continue watching the show without Eric or with him being a bit player in a ghost or dream or extended absence scenario.

  17. Looks like Eric & Sookie will never get together at this stage . I do not believe BB interview for a second . All he cares about is Bill and Sookie ,Alcide bull . I am so tired of that crap .

  18. i am not pleased with what he said so arrogant!! the fans make the show so when you get outraged reaction about doing this kind of thing to the show’s most loved charachter you should take a hint from the reaction and for one i think he is incapable showrunner for making eric burn in the first place he should’ve known better!!!!!!! its not a cliffhunger this scene its a show killer!

  19. Yeah I’m fed up and I agree with all my fellow ESL comments above. We have to stay strong and stick it to them for insulting us an audience. “Ladyporn” my backside. Keep Eric clothed head to toe in every single episode and we wil still be there to watch him on our tv screens in our living rooms. Put him in a hat and scarf parka and skipants and we’ll be there. And I still can’t believe CH or BB got death threats. We are strong in our opinions but we aren’t crazy. So if they got death threats they need to separate the nutbars from the real audience opinions. Thank God AB is gone but somewhere he is still wielding influence. This Brian Buckner says something slightly different all the time. I mean for the most part this was one of the best seasons since the first season in my opinion, and I get change has to occur yadda yadda yadda but who in their right mind kills off a sure fire ratings grabbing beloved character on a tv show? He said in another article that he doesn’t want to write shows the way the audience tells him to and I agree with that, too. But, guess what HBO and Brian Buckner? We are your audience and without us watching it you have no freaking show to write for.

  20. Welcome to the real world bucky. I guess he was so enamored with bill and sookie, he didn’t pay any attention towards our viking. Rest assured there are A LOT of eric fans. Of course I don’t approve of these death threats. But If bill was in the same situation,I have no doubt BLs would react the same way. JMO

  21. Regardless of what happens with Eric, I’m done. I won’t be watching True Blood next season. My level of disgust has reached a point where there’s no turning back. I would have had alot more respect for the show if say, somewhere around a few seasons ago, they just came out and indicated that, hey, we know there are alot of book fans out there and we know Eric’s popular but we wont necessarily be going down the Eric/Sookie road the way the books did. Even now they won’t just come out and say it! Surely BB can add that bit in after he talks about the Sookie/Alcide/Bill triangle next year! Instead they’ve been stringing E/S fans along since season two.

    It’s pretty clear now to me from these interviews that Sookie/Bill is it. End of Story. And I for one will NOT be watching that. I’m hoping the people holding out even a littel hope for Eric Sookie next season don’t find their hearts crushed again. I have never seen a fanbase treated like this. It’s not like with Harry Potter where there was a faction that wanted Herminonie and Harry together and were upset because the movies still paired her with Ron. Eric and Sookie are actually BOOK CANNON! And Eric is undoubtably the most popoular character on True Blood. What is the problem! Why go sooo far off the books only to have the series dissolve into a mess. TB had so much potential in the first couple of seasons. It’s really a shame.

    You know the cynic in me thinks HBO maybe convinced CH to end the series with a complete non entity like Sam so that they could go on and end theirs with Bill/Sookie. After all, Bill has a heck more fans that Sam right? And then Eric fans couldn’t yell and scream cause Eric wasn’t the one left standing in the books right? They were just underestimated the fan reaction.

  22. I was so angry with the last book od CH that I did not buy it after getting the feedback. I was so angry that I threw all my Sookie Stackhouse books into the
    bin. I know now if Eric will not be a major character in Season 7- there goes
    my HBO as I will cancel it. Chucky Buckner is full of crap. We are not stupid so stop treating as one. I am not so happy with Sookie anymore so I hope Eric will have somebody who deserves him. Be warned Chucky B. your arrogance is your downfall.

  23. I see that my reply is awaiting moderation. I am not using offensive language am I? I see people write here “mealy mouthed” “crap” “bucky” “mr. butt brain” to name a few. I am very passionate about Eric Northman but nothing extremes here guys. I was devastated with the books and now upset with Season 6 finale- one can only take so much and just completely walk away, as my main reason for patronising the books and TB is for entertainment and if that is not the case anymore then quit.

    • Sorry…I was eating and missed it. LOL Your comment is approved now…vent away! :)

    • grumpy vamp we were all being moderated it wasn’t just you and yes I called him mr. butt brain because like you I have read and been a devoted fan since she first started writing the books. I had bought every single one of them until the last book. I am just as frusterated with Bukner and that was my way of saying his head is so far up his backside he isn’t thinking clearly. So no you didn’t use offensive language its just how she chose to make sure the replys were in keeping with her blog…

      • Actually, comments are only moderated the very first time you comment with a username and/or email address. As long as you don’t change one or the other or both, you should have no problems from here on out. We’re very lenient when it comes to people posting their opinions around here. You’ll see… ;)

  24. Not believing a word from BB. All the Bill/Alcide/Sookie fuck up is shades of another awful fandoms love triangle. Just Ewww. Bring The Viking back is only way to save the show.

  25. Just to make it clear how I feel I also swore a while ago not never watch anything AB EVER had anything to do with. I am prepared to go further and swear to NEVER EVER subscribe to HBO again or watch anything having to do with BB. By letting people know the depth of our anger we might have a chance for effect change. At this point if I get 2 minutes of Eric a week and the rest of the show Bill and Sookie that will not do. I will walk away. They need to understand that the fans are not a bunch of Twi teens, adult nerds who live in their parents basements, or bored housewives who sit around waiting for some naked guy to show up on screen but in fact mature women who run households and make all the family purchasing decisions. Again it all goes back to the almighty dollar. The show wouldn’t be there unless they thought there was an audience for it and right now they are ticking us off like whoa! If anyone is interested I would be willing to try to help organize a writing campaign to HBO & BB. This site and another posted addresses for both. I am very serious about this but I think we have limited time because they supposedly start work for season 7 early next month. Think about it people. We might have a chance and it would feel so good to get our point across to people who might actually have some control over the situation. I personally just like the idea of shoving my feelings about the “ladyporn” perception these people have about us back at them with a healthy dose of whup a$$. Any takers?

    • I agree with what you just said…

    • You mean, like a petition or something? Or have an open letter type of thing and everyone writes a comment about how they feel? And we can send them the link or print it out and mail it to them. It might work…you never know.

      • I mean exactly that. We have snail mail addresses already for HBO and BB. If we can coordinate letter writing there it would be a start. If we can set up a petition or something online that we can ultimately get to HBO/BB that will help too. I think we should also try to reach out to the TV Line guy Michael Ausellio (sp?) because he seems to have a connection with TB. He might be willing to push us in the right direction with contacts After all he is a reporter and it would be all about the story for him. I don’t think that people realize what a committed public can do. Example. When the original Star Trek TV show from the 60’s was on it was actually cancelled after 2 seasons. The show had a following and a massive letter writing campaign literally brought the show back from the dead for one more season. Those network people then recognized the power of the pen and responded. Granted they made it hard for the series by changing it’s time period thereby making it harder to find it and for people to stay up to watch but it was the first time such a thing worked. We all know how successful that franchise ultimately became. It survived because the fans cared enough to make the effort and save something they loved. We can perhaps rattle a few cages and let HBO know how we feel. Threats and follow through of service cancellation are our main weapon. I think that everyone willing to participate should cancel HBO now and make sure the network knows why. Let them know that it stays off until we see what we want. If they are not interested then fine. No more HBO for us. We would have to be strong and mean what we say (no backsliding for Game of Thrones). While our services are off we can continue bugging them through periodic reminders of how we feel. Remind them of what not having our money is costing them. If anyone has a better idea I would like to hear it.

    • Oh yes please, I’ll be checking back regularly for any updates. I’ve had to rein myself in this year because even though there were spectacular moments, much of the season was difficult for me to watch and digest, and then they throw us the finale? Not cool!

    • you have my vote I am tired of bill and alcide being shoved into my face. I am an eric northman fan I appreciate that Alex gave us full frontal considering I am slightly obsessed with him and have seen almost all of his movies event he swedish flilms I don’t understand. But I do not want to tolerate any more stupid story lines that slight Eric for the sake of bs writing I would also like them to understand that alex could be dressed in every scene and I would still want to watch him.

  26. @I have been making TV for a long time and I don’t think that we should let the audience tell us what show to make. Because I think it’s the death of television if we give people exactly what they expect to get every week. What’s the point? So the idea that we need to release material beforehand and immediately come clean with our audience and promise to not surprise them anymore, I’m not sure that’s the TV world that we want to deliver.

    Let me tell you something Bucky because you are right in that you do not have to give people exactly what they expect BUT you do have to give us a quality story and you and your team failed to do that, and you do it every time. This idea where you seem to think that the audience should NOT tell you what kind of show to make is beyond ridiculous. In the old times and the new, producers knew what fans wanted and what their complaints were and for the most part respected their audience. You want to know what I hear with every interview you give? I hear a producer who could care less what his audience thinks and feels.I want a good story that makes sense at the END of the season. You wasted the talent of two superb actors in Rob and Rutger by sidelining them and therefore making the whole Warlow Prophecy null and void. It was utterly ridiculous!

    • @I have been making TV for a long time and I don’t think that we should let the audience tell us what show to make.

      Dude, in the real world, there is a very well known concept called “Supply vs. Demand” – Google it!

      *le sigh* I wonder if some of the staff that are actually normal look at him and his ilk and think “I work with monkeys?”…

  27. Having cooled down a lil since the finale aired I have to say I’m not as worried as I was originally… In relation to this comment by Buckner
    “My favorite shows on TV make you wait for things. So the idea that I failed to deliver on a promise when I only made one episode after that promise … You know, sometimes things are better when we wait for them.”

    I actually understand that he wants to keep the mystery of the show alive, it also makes me consider that the reason nothing is ever said about Sookie n Eric is exactly for that purpose… Writers enjoy cliffhangers they enjoy viewers seeing the surprise I suppose so for me, although I may be a little naive and people may say i’ve been sucked back in, its just me trying to be logical and think as a creator rather than a fan… Lets hope I am HAPPILY SURPRISED :) but of coarse I continue with caution…

    • Finally, some positive thinking. Although this season finale was terrible, the rest of the season was pretty good and Eric, Jason, Willa, Pam, Sarah, Steve were used too well. Shame I can’t say the same thing for Sookie, Bill, Tara, Sam and Warlow. And the one thing we forget is that this is a drama series. If most of the fans want Sookie and Eric together then the writers will prevent this and will make it happen at the very end of the show. It’s a M- intense drama series not some eye-candy teen show, it is not going to create a relationship between them until they both made too much mistakes and we got tired of waiting to happen. ;)

      • thanks :) and if i don’t stay positive i just get really angry and that doesnt help me any thats for sure…

  28. Agreed Evie I loved Godric hated them killing him off. I’ve read a few
    Of these interviews BB is either oblivious or being deliberately obtuse.
    Since it seems unlikely you can make it in the entertainment industry being dumb I’m leaning toward obtuse. I don’t trust any of them because one of these twits thinks Bill is like the second coming and while he does have a fan base I tend to think the character has hit a stagnation level that is boring and needs to die.

  29. Quick thought re: choice of book. At least Askars hasn’t forgotten who Eric is, even if the writers have.

    As far as what BB has said – it’s not about not being able to handle a cliff hanger or tease, it’s not about Eric’s naughty bits (no offense to the GP intended) – it’s about continuity and staying true to the characters. Seriously? They could do so much interesting crazy storytelling and if they just kept those two aspects I think most of us would be happy.

    Oh, and quit trying to force us to accept an abusive relationship.

  30. I can’t really believe that there are so many fans that actually fell for that cheap cliffhanger that made BB to give an interview to calm the audience… Come on, friends, Eric is a protagonist, you never kill a protagonist within 30secs out of nowhere. They wanted a cliffhanger and they gave us the most intense one. And that because BB knows too well that Eric is the most popular character of the show, didn’t you notice he used him this season as a bait and eye-candy (although the finale backfired at him)? Eric will be just fine as a vampire, no ghost, no zombievamp. But he having a seperate storyline is what to expect for, he is so furious about what happened to his sister, he needs time to heal and romance with this featherminded creature named Sookie (with Alcide and thinking about Bill again?! Really, Sookie?!) is not going to do any good to him. I think BB used Eric well this season (until Ep9) and the season was pretty good (until Ep9). Zombievamps, Alcide+Sookie vs Bill and vamp-human matching is so stupid, this finale should end with the Eric scene. Now that would make a good season finale.

  31. He’s just attempting the damage control but he’s also not going to reveal Eric’d fate and after i read all of those interviews you can tell he worries about backlash the way he said he’s not going forward or thinking about a Sam/Sookie ending and he said they have the triangle and Eric’s fate is unresolved and out of Bon Temps for a short term but that won’t last the whole season which is so crazy because he’s been contradicting himself a lot i think on SEp 3th there’s gonna be a lot of mentions of Mr Alex Skarsgard on that writters room

    • Well, I am sure BB came up with this cliffhanger and I am sure (once again) he was made to give this interview to calm the fans. Now, how would you feel if, after using Eric too well until ep9, you had to spoil the major cliffhanger (which you created) about his fate? I wouldn’t want to completely spoil my cliffhanger, so I wouldn’t admit that Eric will be alive, I would be stating that he is hust returning.

      Of course, I am smart enough not to mess with the most famous character of the show. If I was directing the show and wanted an Eric-cliffhanger, his screentime on the finale would show him in Sweden at night where he would be hunting in some small town. I would portray him very beastly, eviscerating and draining everyone who happens to be in that town block, far away from his humanity. That’s a good cliffhanger as well, a “lost”, monstrous Eric and the question for the next season would be “will he find his way back to his humanity or he will remain a beast?”. It is a better (not perfect but still better) cliffhanger, don’t you think?

  32. […] we think something is up with this news…read about how we think this is all just damage control…so do proceed with […]

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