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We’re always reading True Blood reviews from other fansites, blogs and websites, and we found these and thought they pretty much summed up what we’re thinking too. We JUST had to share them with you. Hope you don’t mind…

WARNING: SPOILER ALERT! If you haven’t watched the episode yet…these WILL contain spoilers for you! Read at your own risk!

We’ve quoted some highlights from these reviews which we happen to agree with or like or just want you to see.

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This first one comes to us from Hollywood Life;

And that was it. That was the big season finale we’ve all been waiting for. While I appreciate the show obviously trying to get back to its small-town roots, and while I also believe Alexander’s penis deserves a guest-star Emmy nomination, I just feel like there was no closure — aside from the death of Warlow, of course, which actually kind of bummed me out. I wish they hadn’t completely turned his character around on a dime. It felt cheap.

As for Eric, his death — if that’s really what happened — was definitely the biggest blunder of the hour.

Nay, the series.

Yep, yep…YEP!


This next one is from HBO Watch;

Now look, we all know that if Eric dies, the show is over. We could do a poll right here and know who would watch the show without Eric, and I guarantee that at least 80% of people would no longer watch. Also: there’s shade right nearby. He can vamp run into that. AND Pam was flying to find him. She’s going to scoop in at the last minute and save him. If “True Blood” actually kills off Eric, NO ONE will watch anymore. Please tell me that the show understands this very simply principle.

Haha…one of the other staff writers had this to add to this review which we couldn’t help sharing with you.

Tamara: I could have eaten a box of Alphabits and crapped a better script than that.

Thank you, HBO Watch for making me spit out my bowl of Alphabits while reading, and the gifs were pretty awesome too. We LOVE angry Panda. LOL


Lastly, True Blood Wetpaint had this to say about the finale;

Let the record show that we totally called Alcide and Sookie hooking up, even though it makes no sense. They barely said a word to each other all season, then they reconnected at Terry’s funeral and were happy and living together in the six-month time jump. Umm, OK…

About Eric, the heart and soul of the show, who may be dead. Once the powers of Lillith’s blood disappeared with Warlow, the vamps who drank it could no longer day-walk anymore. Eric was lounging naked and reading in the middle of nowhere (well, somewhere in snow-covered Sweden) and erupted into flames and potentially died. Oh, and the show gave us no answers in the strange six-month time jump, so both he and Pam could be dead (they weren’t seen or talked about in the future). If they both perished so unceremoniously, we might have to quit watching.

As for that time jump in general, we don’t really have anything to say.

Oh TB Wetpaint..for once we agree with you on these things above. We don’t really have anything to say either…not anything good – at any rate.

What do you think? Do you agree or disagree with these reviews? Please share your thoughts below.

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29 comments on “Must Read True Blood Finale Reviews

  1. I hated everything about it. The Warlow about face was jarring and wreaked of cheap plot device.

    Don’t get me started on Eric… Bucky actually thought a cockshot would soften the death blow.

    The time jump was laughable. These writers truly believed that if you skip 6 months into the future, then it’s a clean slate?

    Ugh, just f*ck this episode and Bucky and the writers and I’m still so mad I could spit nails.

  2. The Alphabits snark was totally priceless.

  3. i very much agree avery word set in stone without eric the show is done! i am raging all week because of that shitty episode!

  4. Please it’s almost a week later and I’m still pissed especially when you liberate Sookie’s character with her staking Bill and I’m searching for Sookie heart Alcide blogs high and low. The producers, show writers, and Buckner know what we want they are just using the Eric and Sookie ace in the whole to trap viewers into watching when the zombie vampire stunt fails. Zombie vampires can I have some of what you are smoking all mighty show runner that has ran a show of this caliber before and know what it takes to invest viewer interest?

  5. Totally agree! Question… If even Harris was willing to kill Bill, prior to Ball squealing… why are we force fed him on the show?

  6. someone on that show has a bill erection I think its because of stephen and anna being married while in real life they and their twins are adorable. In true blood kill the mopey shit head sorry I can’t stand Bill

  7. This show sucks now .. Without Eric they have nothing . What a crappy finale ?

  8. This season of TB started so good the first episode was so great I liked Sookie when she staked Bill I thought she was finally done with him but no in the finale she watches him on tv with dreamy eyes…. WTF! I hated season 4 finale but this is even worse!

  9. What I am afraid of is their, yes they are having him come back and get to be a regular on the show, hell Tara is a regular and one rarely see’s her. But if he is back in some ghostly or flashbacky or memories drivel of Pam’s all I can say is forget it. And Bucky has already said he will have nothing to do with the Sookie story line or even to do with her circle, that he and Pam will have their own story line, this does not bode well. It would be terrible to believe him alive and in the end find out that everything we see is just a figment of Pam’s dreams or memories. And they could pull it off. And I would not put it past him.

  10. NIce to know it isn’t just the “Eric Lovers” who thought the finale was a craptastic mess. The season started with so much potential, how could it end so dreadfully? Do the writers truly have no idea what makes people watch the show? I can you want doesn’t: Keeping Eric off screen, having vampire zombies threatening the town (and yes BB said they aren’t zombies, because they have the ability to think and plan..okay SMART zombies)..Can’t believe they are channeling “The Walking Dead”..of course they did re-cycle the smoke monster from “Lost” so I guess it makes sense. Shame on the writers for this mess.

    • I think it started off so great because Hudis was showrunner the first four episodes and I believe him to be a E/S shipper. When Fuckner ‘took over’ it was clear which direction he wanted to go….straight up Beehl’s ass. Wonder who was the idiot at HBO that thought the public wanted a B/S reunion?

      • I don’t believe it would have been any better with Hudis, I never got the impression he cared about E/S. I don’t think any of them does or we probably wouldn’t keep getting screwed over.

  11. Does anyone know where Alexander Skarsgard is? I hope this is the beginning of a spin off

  12. I agree with the reviews, this season started so good, why did they end it with this way? Warlow’s death was unrealistic and the time jump horrible. As for Eric, it was a cheap cliffhanger which I see from the comments it was successful, many of you are really scared that Eric is killed. Buckner may not be a very good writer but he wouldn’t kill a protagonist who happens to be the most popular character within 30secs. So no, Eric will be fine.

    As for Eric+Sookie, if they ended them together at S6 finale it would be sure that S7 would be the final season. Probably, Eric will be with Sookie at the final episode of the show for a “happily ever after” finale. But I don’t understand why you keep shipping Sookie and Eric, fellow trubies. Sookie turned out to be a whining and featherminded creature. Eric deserves better. And he has some pride as a Viking. She said “no” he is out of her life for good. Having his own storyline would be great, Sookie is so irritating and unpredictable after this season. I personally ship Eric with Willa. She is so innocent-looking when he turned her and she fell in love with him despite he kidnapped her. She is much better than Sookie for Eric, don’t you think?

    • Vampiremaniac, how did you find this site? Lol…..nice to hear from you fellow blogger😊

      • Hello! I was googling reviews to see if I am the only one disappointed with this season finale. Clearly I am not! Of course, I am not disappointed with this cheap cliffhanger with Eric, I know he is fine, after all it is exactly what this arrogant yet favourite character of mine would do, sunbathing after a millennium must be really relaxing and that’s what he needed after his sister’s death. I am disapppointed with Warlow’s unrealistic death, the zombievamps, the human-vamp matching and Bill/Alcide + Sookie triangle. Pretty much everything after the time jump. It’s sad because this season was looking so good until Ep9… :(

  13. Thank god I’m not alone I’m still traumatized.. Buckner is a twit. And I’m still pissed because I don’t even have the new season to look forward to. I was going to leave it at I hated the Finale but Buckner pisses me off so here begins the rant..

    I read the damage control interviews from Buckner as well where apparently he is shocked..ney stunned at fan negativity re: Eric’s apparent demise like a cockshot is supposed to sooth us . Eric is gorgeous Mr. Skarsgård’s genitalia a work of art but if left with the choice of him dying for me to see it I’ll choose to not see it again because frankly he was the drawing power for me this season.

    Gee Buckner is stunned his clueless-ness probably explains the craptastic Finale we got that made no sense. From Sookie and Alcide who saw each other five minutes this season and now their moved in together which is reminiscent come to think of it of her love affair with Warlow knew him five seconds and shes in the sack with him. Whoo Hooo it’s love.. Her lover tried to have her for a snack. Her first love had the crap beat out of her to manipulate her feelings for him and O BTW called her an abomination..
    Eric who she cant remember and offers her his love and heart tries to fry himself along with Russel to save her boney ass.Go figure make sense to y’all? Because it doesn’t to me.. Then there is the so called Lilith/Bill conversion and the twilight zone mentality of that so called prophecy that went….No where.. or at least no where that made a lick of sense.. To Buckner’s attempts at coyness which sucks enormously when he says… “Eric will be back but we cant say in what capacity.” Eyeroll moron..

    Here is a direct quote from our resident genuis.. ” Buckner: I’m happy people still care. I didn’t want to upset people or ruin their fall, winter and spring. But I stand by it — I think it’s good storytelling. I understand that it made the rest of the episode hard to go down for people. I get it. I guess I can’t be surprised — it’s the level that surprised me.””

    Buckner your an idiot.. No you don’t have an obligation to reassure the public.. You don’t even have an obligation to avoid story-lines that will possibly upset folks.. But frankly you DONT get it your not telling good stories!!!!!

    The only reason the large portion of the audience gives a rats ass is because of the character Eric Northman. Buckner stands by dropped canon, shitty plot devices, weak characterzations, stories dropped, forgotten or go no where… And hello the shows about Sookie Stackhouse who he/they made as big an idiot as he this season and he wants television viewers to route for more of her idiocy?? I think not women in the world today have enough cliches to fight I’ll be damned if I support more.. News flash boy wonder…you do have a responsibility to entertain the public with tight stories, people on staff committed to remembering the canon. Plot devices that are going to make some sort of sense instead of cheap attempts at T&A again or Mr. Skarsgård’s naked body parts when your hoping to distract the savvier, sharper viewers of this show who are too demanding apparently in your opinion and want both smart stories and nice body parts. Worry less Buckner about my Fall, Winter, Spring and find a few working brain cells or better yet a smarter group of writers for TB because the ones you have suck.

    Forgive me all done now.

  14. the finale was just horrible…could have done so much more with Warlow…lets not get started with Eric…..the whole hour was a mess…worst finale for them ever…very, very disappointed.

  15. I agree willa and eric have much more potential at this point he deserves that!sookie isnt even believable to me at rhis stage ! I dont get any sense pf connection so sad! Im shipping eric willa!

    • How do they have potential? We’ve hardly seen anything with them and she’s another who seems to have forgotten him, at this point, I’m shipping Eric and Pam. I hope they stay far away from everyone and build a new life together.

      • Pam is like another dude they may start out that way but that is another train wreck waiting to happen if you sit and think about it. It’s almost like the Sookoe and Alcide chemistry 0 to none. We already have to deal with the Bill/Sookie/Alcide and zombie vampires that would be too many stories to maintain and not enough time to tell it I don’t think True Blood is going to survive season 7, with Buckner as front runner

        • What are you talking about? They have a ton of chemistry, more than anyone else on this show does. It’s not even close to being like Sookie and Alcide. I know she’s into women, but vampires always love the best of both words. She was with him once before, I don’t see why it wouldn’t happen again. She’s the only one who cares about him.

          • Okay, with the way things that are going on on the show to be honest all I can say is okay it’s a lot better than I don’t care. Pam and Eric, Eric and Tara, Tara and Willa, Eric and Willa, Pam and Willa it ‘s just going to take getting used to because they talked about women together is all I’m saying and that is a lot better than I don’t care. He was with Nora and she cared for him and he still shipped Sookie. Pam was so angry that he stopped feeding from and screwing the fang bangers for Sookie the time jump left out a lot of stuff Willa cared for him too so why not all of the Northman clan coming to the rescue I guess we will never know I can’t say someone cared for him more than the other because we will never know and that is all I will say. When you sit and think about what I’m actually trying to say instead of implying what I’m trying to say then you can understand my point of view like I can understand yours. Season 6 has left a bad taste in everyone’s mouth I am not a writer, producer, or the show runner.

      • Maybe not. Maybe we get to see that Tara and Willa knew Pam and Eric are fine that’s why they were so happy and relaxed. ;) Although I like Pam+Eric too, I prefer Willa+Eric. Their initial scenes (coffin, turning) where so emotionally charged, I believe they have something. Although, Pam will save Eric and that will refresh their broken realtionship which was broken for Sookie. As for Sookie, after her behaviour this season, no more Eric+Sookie for me. Eric deserves better, don’t you think?

  16. Honestly I just cant see how S7 will end well even if Eric is in it. Same trite situations with Bill and Sookie. Despite BB saying their going back to the roots. What roots I’m betting there will still be an excessive amount of characters and story lines once again. I can see it now Sookie torn between her first love (puke) and whatever she is feeling for Scooby and the shot at a family he can give her. Eric gets the shaft again because apparently writers and Buckner can’t present Sookie as a smart capable woman but one who thinks controlling, manipulative, and abusive males are true love. We will get a season of triangle garbage before boom she will be back to Bill. Yawn

  17. […] not the only ones who were disappointed by the True Blood season 6 finale…we shared a few reviews where they feel the same as […]

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