The One That Broke My Filter

S6 recaps reviewsAs a follower of ESL, you are very aware that there are 4 of us who work here and that either Erika or I would be the one recapping the “finale” of True Blood’s season 6. I am the “lucky” one who gets to draw final blood for the season. When I write, I try to be insightful with a dash of humor to keep us all entertained and an attempt at neutrality since we are covering “Eric and Sookie” here at ESL. I can’t do that this time, and I apologize. It has taken me a few days to gather my thoughts on what we saw on August 18th. Plus I had to actually watch the full episode since I refused to finish watching the entire thing when it aired.

I was that angry. I think we all were. Wait, I don’t think. I KNOW we were, and still are.

I normally look forward to finale night and was actually liking season 6 through the penultimate episode. It had a vibe I had not felt in a long time. And devout Viking lover that I am, I loved every minute we had of Eric on our TVs this year. When he flew off at the end of episode 9, I clung mentally to the Entertainment Weekly interview with Mr Buckner that we were going to see Eric in the finale. In a provocative scene.

Provocative:  serving or tending to provoke, excite, or stimulate

Well, depending on how you interpret the definition of provocative, they did stimulate us. But not the way they intended to.

After 9 episodes that actually made “sense” as the stories started becoming one strand, we ended up falling down the rabbit hole with the 10th and final episode. What we knew was down, was up. And light was dark. In one episode they undid any positive reaction I had to the 6th season of True Blood.

Because in an effort to “reset” all story lines for next year, they broke the golden rule:

You do not fuck with this fandom.

By now I am sure you all have either watched “Radioactive” or have ready any of the recaps to know how the episode went down. The first half was the slow downward spiral down the rabbit hole with “Vamps gone Wild” crossed with the groom (Warlow) becoming becoming the “bridezilla” and the start of the road to redemption for the Billithless Bill. It was all cringeworthy, cause it was sloppy on how it all flowed. Warlow’s rapid change in attitude can only be explained as “we need to close out his story to move on and find a way to start to redeem Bill”. And while I am pretty much dropping Sookie from my inner circle of caring about from this show, violence against women is never condoned as she was slapped/choked/tied up to await being drained.

The only redeeming moment for me from the first 30 minutes was Pam coming off her high to fly off to search for Eric. She left parting instructions to Tara to take care of Willa. It really was the only redeeming moment for me. Yeah sure, Jason rallied Andy and Adeline to help save Sookie at sunset… but it was blah blah blah, rush to save Sookie, blah blah. It was the same formula they have used before, but this time it was  Jason’s turn to shine and save Sookie with a reappearing Niall’s help. It was a tried and true method and Warlow was staked to death, taking with him the ability for all vampires to daywalk. Which is proof we are further down the rabbit hole since it contradicted pretty much what they were telling us in the first 9 episodes. It was a WTF moment quickly followed by the “OMFG they didn’t” moment. For while it was night time when the vampires in Bon Temps lost the ability to daywalk, our Eric Northman was sunbathing nude on a sunny mountaintop in “Sweden” reading. Before he burst into flames and they faded into black. We waiting close to 30 minutes for a glimpse of Eric and it was to watch the show imply he might be dead. But we were supposed to be happy he went full frontal? Do they think we are that shallow? And it was at this moment I lost my cool on Sunday night on the wench account, tweeting to one and all I was done and refusing to watch the rest of the episode. That if Eric did survive, that I would only watch the youtube highlights next year. And I was serious, as were many of you.

You really do not fuck with this fandom.

They could have just had him disappear after episode 9 when he flew off. I would have been fine with that. I would have missed him in the finale, but they would have had the “What happened to Eric?” hype they were looking for. Instead, they wanted us to turn in and promoted that we would see “more” of him. After a stellar season, they reduced him to a “cock shot” before being lit on fire. And we were supposed to be happy about it

5 Days later my blood still boils.

The rest of the episode really doesn’t matter. Not that it made any more sense from how this episode was playing out. But for giggles, lets list it out.

  • Its 6 months later.
  • Sookie and Alcide are a couple… which means if I do watch season 7 I can skip watching both of them since I cant stand Joe.
  • Bill wrote a best selling book, looking for redemption.
  • Sam is Mayor of Bon Temps????? WTF.
  • Arlene owns Merlottes, and calls it Bellefluers.
  • Tara and Willa are BFFs and don’t seem to worry about their Makers.
  • Hep V is rampant and you suddenly feel like you are watching a cross over of True Blood and The Walking Dead.


Way to go Kate Barnow, you seemed to have penned what might be one of the worst finales ever. From all of the reviews I have read, it sounds like I am not alone in my opinion. Between my 2 viewings, I seemed to have lost a few brain cells… and alcohol was not involved in any of it! .

But one thing is for certain from this finale. If Eric is gone, then so are the viewers.

Appeasement: to bring to a state of peace, quiet, ease, calm, or contentment;pacify; soothe

The fallout from the finale was heard loud and clear by the powers that be. Not only were we the fans in the uproar, major publications like Rolling Stones posted that they were done if Eric was gone. This changed the playing field for us.  In an unprecedented move to help calm the masses, Mr Buckner shared in all of the “post mortem” interviews that Alex Skarsgard will be back on True Blood for season 7 as a series regular.

This was much needed news as quite a few of us were ready to jump ship. I still have feelings of being used so i am accepting this news with caution. As a fan I can boo hoo all I want. As  consumer, want to make sure my money is not going for a sub par product… or the bait a switch. Because their is a catch. Yes, Mr Buckner had to appease the fans by spilling a bit on Eric’s fate… but I’m sure he is not “happy” he had to make the “mea culpa” at all. So again, I urge caution.

It was probably my spidey senses working over drive as I kept finding ways to not write up about this years comic con experience. It was all to good to be true.

There are 2 things for certain I know from this finale:

  1. They have 10 months to mend bridges with the people who have supported them through really shitty times.
  2. You really do not FUCK with this fandom.

About B

Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

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  1. What a wonderful review – you nailed it – you made my heart and soul “speak” out loud.

  2. Very well said, i cant believe they are doing a sookie/alcide/bill love triangle UGH i dont want to watch that shit. i will watch next season for Eric, but if they only have him in flashbacks im going to be soooo pissed.

    Maybe now the writers will finally realize just how much we love Eric. Although it might be silly for me to still hope for that.

  3. Hear, hear!!!

    • Bee, I am still so bitter and not just about how they chose to handle the Eric situation but the way they handled the whole season. It started out on some good notes, very good notes and the story they were telling ending up so bad. You were so spot on with your post and the use of definitions was superb. I am not sure we can believe anything he says as it seems he is just paying lip service. The idea of an open letter being sent to HBO and the media is sounding better and better.

      • yes, you are completely right but in a way we should manage to write one letter with all our signatures… i think that would have a great impact.

        • Someone had the idea of the letter being written and then a facebook page being started and I am sure there is a way for folks to sign the open letter. Need the writer first. I have written and open letter before to Alan Ball but it did little good…..lol

          • I think an open letter to HBO and the media and possibly even a Facebook page is an excellent idea. The sooner the better if there is any chance whatsoever the writers will pull their heads out of their asses and write something that makes sense. I’m ready to sign.

          • It is a great idea. I think I could get the ball rolling. Everything that B said in this post was so spot on, it just makes the disappointment of the season and show that much worse.

          • you can count me in

          • Problem is I don’t think Bucky really gives a crap and we would all be wasting our time as he sounds determined to do whatever he wants, even if it does not please viewers.

  4. Worst finale ever!! And a woman wrote that stepford crap for Sookie. Yikes! And an ingloriously end for our viking I think not!!! What a load of Billshit!

  5. Well said B. Here is hoping that Brian Buckner and team grow a brain cell and right all the wrongs they have caused. But, I’m not holding my breath.

  6. and there is another important thing to underline… the writers dont know math i mean if Jason and co. went to rescue Sookie as soon as the night came and Warlow was killed let’s so around 6/7pm that means in Sweden Eric could not have been sunbathing because IT WAS STILL NIGHTTIME They are simply jerks

  7. I cancelled HBO first thing Monday morning. I pay for it all year just to watch True Blood. In the beginning we got 12 1 hour shows, then they started cutting them down to 50 minutes and the hits keep on coming. There’s plenty of Eric/Alex in too many other places. HBO may as well face a few truths. Number 1 being they don’t have the only game in town. There’s MUCH better fan fiction than the garbage their “professional” writers turn out. That’s where I’ll be going to get my *Eric* fix from now on. I can buy a lot of shoes for the money I wasted this year on HBO!

  8. I totally agree with everything you said. I was so angry after watching that mess they called a finale, I was speechless. I’m still devastated all these days later, and all the stuff Buckner has come out and said doesn’t make me feel any better. I feel like they are just baiting us to watch next year, and then they will jerk us around with flashback Eric or 2 minute snippets of Eric in each episode. My little shipper heart is just broken beyond belief. I have no hope for Eric and Sookie anymore.

  9. Great review.. Word for word you said what I think most of us are feeling. Though I’m glad Buckner said we will see Eric next year, I am worried about HOW.. If they mean as a ghost, Then I’m out. Surely they know from the fan outrage, That killing off Eric would tank the show but I’ve lost faith in these writers to do the right thing. These are the same writers who said they want to move past what Bill’s done these past 2 seasons so there may be a chance for Bill and Sookie yet AGAIN. Ugh, I can’t take it! I’ll admit (hope I don’t get too much hate for saying, lol), I haven’t hated Bill as much these past 2 seasons.. Imo he’s more interesting when he’s his normal a**hole, arrogant self and not pretending.. But theres no way I’m buying that Sookie could EVER forgive him. Don’t even get me started on how they handled Eric and Sookie.. She said she loves him and now they treat it like it never happened. Sorry for my rant, I could go on and on about what a huge cluster**** that finale was

  10. First, I just want to say…I’m glad I drew the longer straw and didn’t have to write a review for this episode. ;) LOL Sorry B… You did great, and pretty much summed up my thoughts anyways…it was like I wrote it myself. :P LOL I’m glad you took the time to tell us how you feel, even though we’re all feeling pretty shitty right now.

    ICAM about the use of the GP. If they think we would be happy about that, they really don’t understand this fandom…or women in general. The time jump was too stupid to be believed. And I haven’t seen it mentioned ANYWHERE, how there were at least 4 episodes this season which were only 50 or 55 minutes. Not that it matters much when it comes to the storytelling…but I feel ripped off! HBO, GIVE ME MY MONEY BACK! And my wasted minutes too while you’re at it.

    When I first read your title…I thought every other word was going to be “F this” and “F that”…haha. I can’t believe a WOMAN wrote this episode, and one of the newer writers too. Why wasn’t this written by someone who has been there longer? None of the time jump crap made sense, and I can’t believe they are copying The Walking Dead…oh wait, yes I can…they copied Lost last year. *rollseyes*

    Thanks so much B! :)

  11. Amen.. I’m sure he didnt like placating the masses.. We will find out S7 if he’s petty or not by the story lines crafted for Eric. Personally I’m still reeling that was the biggest pile of crap I’ve ever seen..

  12. Ladies:
    I’m trying to obtain the email address of Brian Buckner so I can write a email
    to him telling him how annoyed we are with his messing with ERIC NORTHMAN
    WE don’t want to see Sookie with Bill Compton.
    His story’s OLD NEWS and we’re not interested in him.
    We’ve had 6 years of William Thomas Compton’s story.
    Now it’s time for Eric Northman’s story!!!
    Please be FAIR to the Eric Northman Lovers.

    Mr. Buckner,you’re now in charge of writing the show, and not Alan Ball.
    Please make this show your own.

  13. Wonderful review! You gave voice (or words) to every thought I’ve had. I pay a lot of money in Canada over the entire year to my cable tv company for the addition of what is called The Movie Network in my part of the world which features HBO programs. This is a special treat I give myself because I’m on my own, so a single income household and can’t afford lot’s of extras so paying for this is essentially a luxury item for me and might replace going out for dinner or to movies regularly. So the thought of someone who works for HBO insulting me by using terms like “ladyporn” or saying “I don’t want to write what the audience dictates I should write” or insinuating that the only thing I want to see is a naked Alexander Skarsgard makes my blood boil. Also, whether or not the actor, himself, is comfortable with nudity, HBO reduces him to nothing more than eye candy as well and he’s not just a good-looking guy but a very good actor as well. So, I think Alex should be a little pissed at them, too. Charlaine Harris with her comments made my blood boil when she received backlash for the last book of the series. What is she stupid?? She didn’t expect that? I refused to read her book and I refused to buy her book for myself, or my daughter or my sister and my best friend when they had requested it for birthday gifts. In Canada, a hard cover book is easily $30 each without taxes. And I can certainly save myself some money on paying for HBO, not just for the measly 10 weeks True Blood is on the air, but the other 42 weeks of the year as well. HBO is entertainment but it’s a product we have to pay for. I refuse to shop at Future Shop anymore because of repeatedly crappy customer service. Maybe HBO should be on that list.

    • I agree with you. First CH messed up a good series of books (well the last three books) by ending them wrong. Then HBO messed up with tearing Eric and Sookie apart in season 4 and now they do this crap with the “ladyporn” Alex is so much better than this. He was on screen for what 4 minutes or so. I pray they listen to the fans this time stop with the Bill and Sookie show. Stop making Sookie a whore, she was strong at the begin of the season and then Warlow and Alcide at the end. WTH get it right cause without us to watch the series is doomed.

  14. I’m so over this show, I am going to watch Eric scenes on YouTube they have made me HATE Sookie

  15. ***Tettering on the top of several soap boxes about to fall over***** Hey B, I am shouting your praises from high above to let you know that I am with you 150% on your review of the finale. I just was able to watch the second half of the eppy after the time jump myself, as I was truly numb and shocked so badly on Sunday nite none of it made any sense. (and you know what, it still didn’t make much sense when I watch it last night either).

    Some of the reviews I read earlier this week on Tuesday (I lost my internet connection on Wed AM after a bad storm and just got it back Fri PM) It sounded like Buckner wasn’t very happy to have to tell us that Eric didn’t meet the true death, cause it “ruined his cliffhanger” for the season. Well, thats’ too bad and as you said he was awful for referring to Eric/Alexs’ assets to have his fans tune in. I can’t believe he thinks so little of us regular people who pay his salary every season. It was a huge insult to both the fans and to Alex and you stated that so aptly in your rundown.

    At this point, I don’t want to speculate anything about next season yet and am happy to note that Eric Northman will still be back (who knows what eppy he’ll come back in
    tho’). ****Climbs down from the top of the six stacked boxes, Whew, made it********

    Thanks again B, I am glad you spoke for all of us here!!!!!

  16. How do you manage to say exactly what I’m thinking so perfectly? Major kudos to you for doing yet another great review of something that was most definintely not worthy of your time or effort. Yes, I’m STILL angry, and something tells me I might never get to the other stages of recovery.

    As much as I am devoted to our beloved Viking (and I hate to say this, but can’t even root for Sookie anymore because she has been dumbed so much after such a promising start) I just can’t justify giving HBO anymore of my air time. In the space of 60 minutes they ruined the show I have loved from the beginning, devoted six years of my life to, obsessed over, defended, etc., etc. This season started out so well and I was excited to watch it again for the first time in a long time. But I feel this sting almost as much as after I read that HORRID last book from she-who-must-not-be-named. Except this one hurts more.

    I couldn’t give a flying f*** about Eric’s full monty. What I did care about was HIM BURNING TO DEATH. And when I think about how they marketed that as “sexy and provocative?? Really? REALLY?? I am disgusted about the way they handled Eric in the finale. It just makes me mad all over again.

    While I am DELIGHTED and relieved that Alex will be back “as a regular” next season (whatever that means in BB’s mind) I have already cancelled HBO. Next season, I will NOT be in front of my TV at 8:00 on Sunday nights. I will be waiting for the Eric scenes to show up on the internet somewhere. I really don’t care to see Ghost Eric or Flashback Eric. I want my Viking alive and kicking and PISSED – he’s so much more fun that way. *wink*

    I just can’t give anymore time and love to a show who has destroyed (IMHO) one of the most amazing fictional characters ever created. Said character – who by the way IS YOUR ENTIRE SHOW HBO! – who is beloved and adored and admired and I know there are a great many of us who watch this now-train wreck of a show ONLY because of him.

    And I’m SO sorry I rambled on like that. It’s really the first time I’ve vented about it, and there isn’t a better place to do it!! Thanks again for the review!! You ladies are the shit!! HUGS!!

  17. The crap may have already started I’m guess in attempt to make Eric seem less appealing I stumbled across the on FB and if your sick of BB crap and dont want to read in its entirety here is the pertinent quote that caught my attention.. What a weasel. I guess they have to come up with something to make Bill more appealing than Eric.


    Although Skarsgard’s Eric is coming back, don’t expect him to be the bold and beautiful version of himself everyone knows and loves. “That would be a cheat, wouldn’t it?” Buckner asked. “That would be an incredible cheat. Pam has gone off in search of Eric, and maybe she’s going to be the one to find him, y’know?”

    • WHat do they mean by Alex not being his bold and beautiful self? Are they going to return him to us, fried like Russel Edgington in Season 5 ?

      Oh good GOD NO :( ….

    • Here is what I have to say:

      I’m sure Mr. Skarsgard’s performane as Eric Northman would/will rock the show wether they make him flashback/ghost/spirit/disfigured/amputee/even headless/zombie/name-it- ERIC.
      Though I don’t know if anybody will be watching.
      So if HBO wants to keep the pay cheques rolling they have to give Eric Northman a descend story line.
      Plus, please honor the effort and the work of the actor, so that somebody will watch it.

      PS. I hope that some guys from HBO is reading it – so I hope they will know!

  18. You ladies have done great with your review of the train wreck of a show that they are putting out and calling true blood. When I first started watching the show I was thrilled my favorite books were going to be made. Well the author screwed the books up for me. But I hung on to hope when AB said he would not be going off the books what fun or point would they be if they took directly from the books when we could read them. Well I had hope that meant they would not screw up the characters like she who Will not be named did. In the bookies Sookie is stubborn but FINALLY learns that Eric has many sides to love and has much love for her. In trueblood they made her stupid and flighty when it comes to finding love. I just can’t stomache her at all. I thought when she staked Bill for Eric and then called him an asshole we had seen the end of it. I will say when they made Bill king I thought I was mad but then I began to see they don’t want sookie with our viking. uggg the shows writing is completely unbelievable to me now I won’t watch probably just read the recaps.

  19. You really nailed what must have been a very difficult recap to write! I agree with you on every single word and would love to be part of an open letter. I would happily sign my real name to anything written by you or any of the other ladies who work so hard on this site! Shocked, insulted, furious, disgusted, disbelieving….there are just not enough negative words out there to describe this steaming pile of shit that was served up to us last Sunday. I still struggle to form coherent enough thoughts to participate in discussions of this show! Worse yet, the hits to Alexander’s super loyal fanbase just keep coming through mean-spirited comments and outright jabs made in interviews by this so-called professional. A few comments have stood out in my mind, such as one he made talking about certain storylines they were “locked” into. I can pretty much guess what that means and I am now left wondering if this isn’t a contractual matter. What if Anna Paquin and Stephen Moyer were guaranteed favorable outcomes as love interests and really have all the power to drive the storylines in their favor? It sounds stupid and petty to see myself actually writing this but I just can’t come up with a better theory right now.I would rather see them both recast than have to endure another minute of their characters as they are now and see Eric’s character continute to be minimized, demonized, made unattractive (as if they could) and cast aside. Even Warlow, who I did not like from the get-go or find at all attractive or interesting was basically wasted as an interesting character to prop up Bill’s character and increase screentime for him, and him and Sookie to share scenes. I begin to think that the huge draw and popularity of Eric’s character began to cause some problems behind the scenes. I can’t think of another reason…besides Alex himself wanting to be freed from the show to pursue his career, for the systematic destruction and isolation of his character in favor of Bill and Bill and Sookie having a reason to have scenes together. I am just not interested in watching this anymore and have no plans to until I get a feel for the direction they take my favorite characters! I do not find Alcide either attractive or interesting, quite the opposite in fact. Both the actor and the character annoy me to the point that I skip all his scenes. I know this is becoming personal but I really took the insult to my intelligence from episode 5 on very personal, and that minute or so we saw Eric onscreen in that finale just did me in! I also lost my filter! I guess it’s time to end this long-winded rant and start to forget about all this stuff but honestly, based on what I have seen and read, I would prefer Eric just be dead than come back and be used as an onscreen sex toy or a lure to get his fans to come back. I DO NOT trust anyone on the writing staff or anyone involved in this show anymore to deliver the kind of grown-up, thought-provoking, popcorn for smart people entertainment I expect for my dollars and investment of time! I do not live in a frat house, nor find being pandered to with jiggling boobies and even a (glorious) cock shot funny or entertaining in the least!I am willing to take my hits and thumbs down for this rant but this is the first and only time I plan to unload and I apologize if any of my words offend!!

  20. well, it looks like the negative press/lower ratings for the finale have led to this story I just saw on yahoo…that they are in the works to decide if 7 will be the last season. What a mess to try and make sense of this crap they created and tie it up this next season. I guess they’ll set up the bill/sookie forgiveness and reconciliation.. maybe move eric and his gang to a different place

  21. Wow, I have to say, I must be in the minority here, because I really liked the season finale. I was horrified that they taunted us with the idea that Eric may not be all that immortal, but on the other hand, I got to see Skarsgard’s penis and I didn’t for a second think they would ACTUALLY kill him. First, because this show never really definitively kills any vamp without conclusively showing them dissolve into a puddle of goo, and second, because Eric is the number one fan favourite for both men and women. He’s pretty safe in that respect; he would have to REALLY want to leave for HBO to let him go.

    I’m a hardcore Eric x Sookie shipper, but I also don’t mind exploring other storylines for Eric. I think it might be time for him to let down his badass exterior a little. The timeline for the past few season occured in little over a year for Eric, and in that time, he’s lost his maker and his sister; released his then-only child; lost all his memories which consequently made him aware of his own vulnerability AND also freed him to explore his love for a human in a way he ordinarily wouldn’t; and now he thinks he’s met the vampire god and has had all his beliefs about his role in the world shaken? AND just made a new baby vamp?! I think it’s time we give Eric a little space to meltdown and be vulnerable. I don’t think they had to carry it to the extreme of LITERALLY melting him down, haha, but I think that scene really brings home that this is how Eric is feeling.

    All that said, I would obviously be so angry if TB had actually annihilated my favourite character that I too would consider ceasing to watch the series so religiously.

    • I agree with you about HBO not him letting go, if Eric leaves the show it will only be because Alex was determined to leave (and personally I think that would be the end for the show), HBO are a highly successful business, they won’t just toss aside one of their prime assets.

      And I agree that Eric needs some time, he has basically coasted along on his good looks, charm and killing skills for 1000 years, then in a very short space of time he has lost his maker, lost his sister, had his heart broken for probably the first time, been spelled by a witch, and made a new vampire under stressful circumstances (although I do hope his new vampire will ultimately play a major part in his rehabilitation as I think he made a good choice).

      I’m still having problems with the finale as an episode. I watched it again and it didn’t get any better, then last night I watched it again up to the scene where Eric catches fire, then I stopped it as though that was the very end of the season. I watched the second half this morning as though it is the start of the new season, and I’ll admit it does work a lot better that way. I never thought Eric was dead, but they made a major error of judgement in having his cliff-hanger half way through an episode and then never mentioning him again. Brian Buckner has now admitted that viewers were unable to concentrate on the second half, so hopefully they have learned from their big mistake!

  22. Here’s a thought… perhaps the two main characters who are married..don’t like the thought of an Eric and Sookie storyline and that”s why they (writers/producers ) keep shying away from it…just my thoughts…

  23. Amen Viking sister B!!!

  24. […] why Nymerias was feeling “Discontent” after episode 9 and find out why B has broke her “Filter” after the […]

  25. I just looked online, and I may be way off, but it seems to me that the show as a whole was written better and actually was better, when Mark Hudis was the Executive Producer. Now, according IMDB, he was only Exec. Producer for the 1st 3 episodes, but I wouldn’t be surprised if he was replaced, but that his direction of the stories lasted till episode 5. I mean for me, that’s when the stories started to change. This is when Sookie started to have feelings for Warlow and when she started acting much more stupid then the first half of the season. So I’m just saying, that to me, I think if Mark Hudis would have stayed Executive Producer, it’s possible we might have gotten a better outcome for Eric/Sookie. Now I’m not saying they’d be together now, but I think they probably would have gotten another scene together before the finale. Also I really don’t think that Mark would have allowed a really stupid scene like Eric’s sunbathing. Or if he did, am I the only one who was thinking, hmmm 1000 year old vampire starts to sunburn when he shouldn’t after drinking Warlow’s blood, then starts to literally burn, but nahhh it’s probably nothing or What??? I don’t understand what’s happening to me?? Really, our Viking would have either figured it out quick or at the very least take off when he realized he was starting to burn!! So that annoyed me more than anything!!! Also I read quite a few times at least, that Buckner was taking the show back to it’s core roots with the core people of that town. So Alcide then???? Umm no, Alcide was not in the show till the 3rd season. So that already was a lie!! Anyway, I hope that Alex got a Whole Lot of Money for even being in the next season in any way!!
    I also hope he’s not gone and that Pam or whoever saves him. But once Alex is gone, so am I. And honestly if the writing that we got for the finale continues in anyway, I will cringe while watching anything with Alex even in it.

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