Will True Blood Season 7 Be It’s Last?


Will True Blood Season 7 be the last season EVER? TV Line is reporting that HBO is making that decision RIGHT NOW!

Read on to find out what EP Brian Buckner told Michael Ausiello at TV Line.


Is HBO about to stop the flow of True Blood?

A decision about the future of the vampire drama – specifically whether Season 7 will be the show’s last – will likely be decided in the coming weeks, according to showrunner Brian Buckner.

“That decision is happening, but we don’t have an answer yet,” the EP tells TV Line. “I’m being told that I will know – which doesn’t mean that I will tell everybody. But I will know when the writers resume in the room [next month] whether or not we’re wrapping it up or not.”

HBO president Michael Lombardo said that True Blood will continue as “long as there are stories to tell,” adding that, “no decisions have been made.”

TV Line also has a poll at their site, where you can vote to let them know whether or not True Blood should continue.

You can cast your votes here: TV Line Poll

At the time of this post, “yes” was in the lead for cancelling the show after Season 7.

I’m not sure how I would feel if True Blood were cancelled, but I AM sad that we might not be able to see our faves on our TV screens anymore. :(

What do you think? Should Season 7 be it’s last? Please share your thoughts below.

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39 comments on “Will True Blood Season 7 Be It’s Last?

  1. Put it out of its misery. No one wants to watch 2 more seasons of Sookie and Bill.

  2. Yes, it needs to end. They’ve destroyed this show over the last 2 seasons. I just hope they write a fantastic ending and for pete’s sake, don’t do any spin-offs!!

  3. That all depends on how STUPID Buckner and his band of goons will bw next season. If it was like the recent finale…then unfortunatelu yes. I agree. I do not want to keep getting Bill shoved down my throat! If they finally give us what we want ie. Etic and Sookie, then no. But, I am rapidly losing any faith in that ever happening. I have a feeling we will get just as screwed by TB as we did Harris. :'(

  4. I’m a very big fan of the show, I’ve read all all the books, and watched every single episode, the show last Sunday left me saying WTF , over and over again. Bill has hurt Sookie way too much, I want her with Sam, I liked the way the books ended, but however I love Eric too! And That freaky vampire with Jason kinda of pissed me off. It also made me sad to to see Terry go. I didn’t really enjoy this season at all, I wish he stuck to the books a little more. I agree I don’t want Bill shoved down my throat either. However as much as I love the show, maybe it does need to come to an end , before it becomes to disappointing to watch. If they kill Eric off I might have to stop watching it just saying.

  5. If Bill dies, and Eric becomes the MAIN character with Sookie chasing after him..then by all means, continue. If they go in the direction I think Fuckner’s going to go, with every character shoved up Bill’s ass…then please for God’s sake, stop the torture! There isn’t enough brain bleach in the world to erase a Sookie/Beehl repairing.

  6. i need as much true blood as possible, please dont end!!!! im in love with all of them, sookie, bill, eric, lala, pam, jason, .. just no. please dont stop!

  7. I agree that the last two seasons are lack luster. But, I believe that they can, if they tried a bit harder that we could be amazed again. I heard that a vital person was not on the team. Was his name Allen Ball? Who ever it was, BRING HIM BACK! This has been the best show before. It must be again. I refuse to give up hope!

  8. I hope it is over after 7th season… The lack of continuity, the pointless storylines (Hotshot, the Authority, Lillith) and the insistence of tossing Beehl in our throats has killed that series….

  9. even though I get upset at the use of Eric, i cant help it.. i need to see MORE!! Two more seasons for me please lol :)

  10. It’s already over for me, so it makes no difference. I for one really think this show needs to come to an end. There is no way it can be saved now.

  11. I strongly suspect they’d far rather kill the show than have Sookie end up with Eric.

  12. I don’t even care about Eric & Sookie being a couple anymore. The author of the books totally put a nail in that coffin, no pun intended. I will always be grateful that she created Eric Northman but Sookie is beginning to remind me of the heroine of that movie/book “Eat, Pray, Love” who was annoying and a whiner. I almost feel like it should end after Season 7.

  13. Once upon a time I loved this show but in light of the information coming out now about S7 I think they should end it before they bastardize Eric. Yes end it now. And believe me that makes me sad more sad than you can imagine. Everything in my house use to stop on Sunday nights when TB came on now I set my DVR and just catch it when I’m in the mood.

    I don’t trust the creative team of this show to do right by any of them much less Eric. If we recap lets look at some of our once favorite characters Sookie who we routed for whole heartedly is such a dunce 90% of us could careless by the end of the Warlow fiasco whether she lived or died. Even Eric doesn’t escape the insanity. Eric was very serious about being a maker and the importance of it I don’t care how devastated he was by Nora he wouldn’t have left Pam and his newest child to go commune on the side of a mountain while there was still such uncertainty with the humans. Imagine what they will do to him in S7 to make Bill seem the better option for Sookie. Bill will now be redeemed and every despicable thing he did erased and forgiven by Sookie because someone on this show has a hard-on for SM. And if that’s not bad enough we have a triangle with Alcide which makes as much sense as her crawling in bed with Warlow.. shrug..

    When I find the stories on the internet written by fans more rewarding and satisfying than those provided by people who make a hell of allot more money than the fans it’s time to stick a fork in it. I will miss Eric.. Pam.. Eric.. more than I can say but I’d rather the characters that entertained me and I care about go out with what dignity they retain than watch them become caricature’s of who they once were..

    • I certainly agree with what you have said Rayne this insane show must end now… I hope HBO will get so many bad comments about this last season so all they can do is to cancel it I’ll be sorry not to see Alex but we can follow him with other movies and stuff…

  14. Although I know that I’m very lucky to get a season 7 (if you had asked me a couple of years ago I would have guessed 6 would be the last) I’ll still hate to see it all end and know there is never going to be any more Eric Northman :(

    I think Buckner will be very, very lucky if he manages to get an 8th season, and I think it will depend a lot on whether Alex is willing to commit. HBO certainly won’t entertain it without him.

  15. It could have ended in S6. No Northman No Watch. You don’t kill the HERO!

  16. They set it up to go in a crappy direction next season. It does feel over to me, much as I like it (minus that craptastic season finale). Seven seasons is a pretty good run.

  17. TrueBlood needs ‘fresh blood when it comes to it’s writing team”.
    The original writers are burnt out,and are just rehashing storylines from previous
    seasons and switching character lines unto other characters. BORING.

    Alan Ball’s fingerprints were all over the Finale. IT STUNK.
    Let Stephen Moyer direct more episodes,his direction is flawless.

    I can’t wait for Season 7~but please don’t d r a g out the storyline having to
    do with the HEP-V infected Vampires~ Give the fans what we really WANT.
    For 6 Season’s we’ve gotten William Thomas Compton’s story shoved down
    our throats, ENOUGH Already.
    Viewers watch for Alexander Skarsgard/Eric Northman not for Bill Compton!!!!

    • I agree! Zombievamps are boring, the show needs new writers ASAP (even I could write a better storyline) and we want Eric alive and well to end up with Sookie or at least with Pam or Willa since Sookie seems to be too stupid (as long as she doesn’t end up with Bill I won’t be 100% disappointed) … But, please, do put Bill behind the camera, he is an excellent director, I was thrilled with his episodes!

  18. Nah, I think there are at least two more seasons in it. I think Sookie needs a semi-healthy relationship with Alcide to work out what she deserves from life in a man, and I think Eric needs some time to have a meltdown and then regain his natural badassery. That’s enough time for the characters to work through the drastically changed political landscape of their world and find something positive, AND to possible bring both Sookie and Eric to a place where they might happen, or at least both be really happy with other characters. I’d even like to see another 3 seasons of this show. But I do think they need to cut down on introducing new characters each season, and tighten the plotlines so there isn’t so many unnecessary subplots. It’s hard to give B characters like Jessica, Pam, Lafayette and Tara the airtime they deserve, but a better solution is a cohesive plot that gives them time to shine alongside the main cast, not outward-spiralling storylines we don’t care about.

    • Thank you, exactly my thoughts! Based on ratings, the show has 2 more seasons. Of course, for the 8th season they will need the protagonists (especially Alex) to renew their contracts. Maybe giving them time to heal, Eric and Sookie will end up together at the very end of the show. But I wouldn’t mind anymore if Eric ends up with Willa or Pam. What I don’t want is Sookie to end up with Bill. I prefer Alcide over him although I hate his character…

      • Yeah… I am with you on that one, I just think that Bill has been far too much of an asshole for Sookie to wind up with him. It’s nice that he’s sorry and wants to be forgiven and still loves her, but none of that makes Sookie OBLIGATED to be with him and the healthy thing for her as a character is to learn from that relationship and move on. It’s okay for her to still have feelings for him, because part of you always loves your first love. But Bill has proven himself unsuitable as a trustworthy romantic partner; he lied to her, let the Rattrays beat her, fed her his blood without explaining it would make her more sexually attracted to him, spied on her for the Queen, and then went total psycho and joined the authority. Repenting for his actions doesn’t stop the fact that he is to blame for bombing the True Blood factories, giving the government all the impetus they needed to start torturing vamps and treating them like animals. All Bill’s fault. Who would ever trust that guy again?!

  19. Well, its not that I am a Vampire movie tv nut or that I am obsessed with vampires. I just have an unhealthy fixation on something because i cant have a healthy fixation on someone so made from my own body. long story. And true Blood and Twilight are part of my own internal therapy. The Department of Child Services took away my Sunshine and watching the soap operas of True Blood and twilight and the vampire Diaries have been my small amount of free therapy from losing my daughter. Please don’t let them take that from me too.

  20. I feel TB has two more seasons in it. I think everyone needs to give the writers a chance to redeem themselves and show us it can and will be better. They are trying to get back to the original feel and I for one think they deserve a chance to get us there. If you are disapoointed stop watching, but don’t ruin it for the real true fans. Just relax and be patient…we may be pleasantly surprised.

    • I’m definitely going to give the writers a chance. I thought episodes 1 to 9 of Season 6 were absolutely excellent, much better than season 5. Eric was completely awesome in every one of them. So 9/10 of the season was great. The finale was disappointing and badly thought out, and I’m pretty sure, with hindsight, there is a lot about it they would do different now.

  21. We loved the Sookie from the books because she was brave, caring, independent and smart. The Sookie in True Blood has no dimensions to her; her character is flat and boring. I believe if the writers had stayed closer to the books, the plot lines would have been better. I love some of the changes – Lafayette and Jessica are great! – but every season there has been some crazy threat that leaves the real story and characters too disjointed to bond with. Sure, we love seeing these characters come to life, but don’t destroy who they are.

  22. I dont think it should end I love that show. I have never gotten into a show like I have True Blood. I just think they need to come up with some different stuff this whole lillath thing was retarted. I think if they got some more fresh ideas and more interesting maybe putting Sookie and Eric back together or something that would spice it back up. But I dont wanna see the show end.

  23. No offense but real true fans what is the definition of a real true fan? One that accepts mediocrity no matter what without calling TB on it??Because we disagree doesn’t make us less fans and having an opinion if someone is a real true fan shouldn’t ruin it for anyone else not if one is a real true fan and again most of these folks have alreafy said their done but thanks for the suggestion to watch something else..Writers Ball Buckner have had the chance to fix things apparently this season was Sookie’s smarter tougher season. Please feel free to let me know what happened to that Sookie after S4 because if that was smarter tougher someone needs to introduce the writers to the real thing.

    We as fans as many have said will get this season i agree there and based on whose left fan wise after their done mutilating Eric an Co will depend on whether there is another season and if that fails why then BB an the creative PTB will have a beloved character flash naked body parts etc. That’s what TB always does when their trying to distract the audience from dropping the ball or hey outright lying. The question isn’t whether TB can go two more seasons. The question for me is when their done with our beloved characters this season will we want them to?

  24. Yes, lets move on. It’s still about bill and always will be. I’m sick of it. Bucky can’t even create a cliff hanger that gives our viking a break. And this whole vamp/zombie crap is so unoriginal.( I love you Walking Dead, plz feel free to sue.). Anyways, Bucky is just another AB in disguise. But since this is based on a book, I give it until the 8th season. Sookie hasn’t decided her HEA (*puke,* we all know who it is).

  25. Sadly, the books gave us way more of Sookie and Eric than the show ever will..for some reason the writers/producers are unwilling to give us a season with those two characters together…who knows, it may have something to do with the actors not wanting it to happen…referring to the two leads who are married….my guess is HBO will not renew for an 8th season…

    • They’ve always loved Bill and were never going to put Sookie with Eric, whether the actors are married or not. I never saw it going in any other direction. If the books still managed to screw us over, there’s really no hope for the show. They should just end it before they ruin the characters even more.

  26. Whatever happened to just enjoying a show. There are so many ways to go with this series but we need a writer who has imagination to take it someplace. There is a fan base out there that writes fantastic fiction, why not use some of their stories if they can’t find a storyline from the books themselves. If they kept the main characters, the characters we have all enjoyed watching, whether it has been a good season or not so good, then isn’t that what we want the most from this series? The story is far from over unless the creativity has run dry…but me….I love my sunday night vamps!

  27. Well, this season was way better than last season. I’m glad they are trying to get the show back to its roots and when they say that, I hope it means Sookie and Eric. But the alcide romance is not that bad. I’m tired of her bill romance. If she says “if you ever loved me…” Again ugh. Bill is too flawed now to be her perfect man and I’m starting to not even like Sookie anymore. I think Eric can Do way better. Her poor choices are annoying. I loved episode one when Sookie picked to save Eric over bill. I hoped that was a hint of things to come between them. Continuity wise if Eric isn’t dead how can alcide date her since he was compelled to find her disgusting by Eric in season five??

    • I wouldn’t mind her with Alcide if it made any kind of sense, I can’t forget that he spent most of the season as an obnoxious jackass who was hungry with power, but that’s apparently her type. I think Sookie broke the glamor last season when she touched him, it hasn’t seemed to work since then.


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