Happy Birthday Alex!


As many of you know our main man Alexander Skarsgard, who plays our favorite Viking vampire Eric Northman on True Blood, is celebrating his 37th birthday today, on August 25th!

We wanted to share our best wishes in hopes he might see them. You can pass yours on too!


From all of us here at ESL…wishing you all the best Alex on your 37th birthday! Hope you have an amazing and great day! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Now it’s your turn…please leave your own best wishes in the comments below!

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28 comments on “Happy Birthday Alex!

  1. Happy Birthday Alex!! Hope you have had an amazing day & that it gets even better! My 4 y/o daughter wanted to hop on a plane to bring you a cake & balloons. lol Julie

  2. Happy Birthday Mr. Skarsgard! On the off chance you see any of these comments or hear of them, I’m sure we all hope you are spending the day surrounded by those you love having a fantastic time and that the year ahead brings you nothing but the best!

  3. Happy Birthday Alex!!

  4. To our favorite Viking….Hope you are having a very Happy Birthday with your family and friends and that this coming year finds you more successful than ever!!!!!!
    (Now I know why God made me a Cougar!!!!!)

  5. Happy, Happy Birthday Alex. Sent you a card to your fan mail address, hope you enjoy it. Best wishes, fellow Virgo!

  6. Happy Birthday Alexander!! May this wonderful day may fulfill you with love joy and …lust !

  7. Happy Birthday! Here’s to many more!

  8. Happy Birthday Alex, hope you have a happy one and i hope all your dreams come true

  9. Happy Birthday Alex!! love you 💋

  10. Happy Happy Birthday Alex, hope its the best one yet with many more to follow. Have a safe and memorable day. I wish you luck and happiness always. Us Scandys have to stick together :)

  11. Happy Birthday Alex. I hope this is your best one yet with many more to follow. I wish you all the luck and happiness always. Your a terrific guy and great actor and hope to keep seeing you for many many yrs. Can’t wait to see you again next yr on TB and thanks for the peekypoo of you this season lol. From one Scandy to another, looking good :). but I would expect no less from you as you always deliver the best.

  12. Dearest Alexander:
    Hope that you have a wonderful Happy 37th Birthday.
    You are such a terrific actor,and I always enjoy watching you.
    Your face and wonderful eyes tell so many stories.
    You don’t even need to say a single word,your facial movements or the glance
    of one of your beautiful blue -green eyes tell your emotions,desires.

    You have so many fans who love you,and you’re alter ego “Eric Northman”
    You’re fans fought for you,we always will.
    Can’t wait for Season 7,and hope that it will be your year with Sookie.

    You’re aging like a fine wine,aged in a oak barrel.
    You’re getting better with age.

  13. Happy birthday Alex hope you have a memorable day!!!lovemyvikingvamp

  14. Happy Birthday, Alex! :)

  15. Funny! I have my birthday today as well! Happy birthday to both of us, then!

    I really hope we will be seeing him alive and more badass next season!

  16. Wishing you a very Happy Birthday

  17. Happy bday Alex! Your so handsome and a good actor!

  18. Happy Birthday Alex – thank you for another year of brilliant acting and entertainment!! All the very best!!!!!!

  19. Happy B-day Alex glad you back home enjoying this special day with your family. I wish you peace, happiness and a lot health .Please continue to give us a opportunity to dream with our work ..Never stop acting you are a truly .

  20. Happy Birthday Alex. I know you’re enjoying the celebration of your birth with family and friends in Sweden. Party well and party hard. You deserve every bit of it after an exhausting year of pretty much all work and little play. Thank you for your 3 latest films and amazing characters and of course the continued awesomeness of Eric Northman. Have an even more rewarding professional and personal year coming up.


  21. Happy birthday!!!!! Hope it was a great one!!

  22. Grattis på födelsedagen

  23. I put my birthday wishes on twitter . I hope Alex had a great birthday yesterday. Plenty of family , friends & booze . Happy 37th sexy swede!!!

  24. […] would like to leave some best wishes for him, in hopes he might see it…please post ‘em here! […]

  25. Happy belated Birthday, Alex! I’ve been out of the Skarsgard loop since the last episode. Still licking my wounds like a lot of other fans. I hope you had a fantastic day filled with everyone and everything special to you.
    My wish for you in the coming year would be for you to continue to stoke that aura of determined zeal that surrounds you. You are determined and so focused. The payoff is big.You will win the loin’s share. And everyone will be happy, happy, happy! Keep up the great work! Best wishes!

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