Why I loved Eric Northman in Season 6


First of all a quick note about my purpose: This post is purely to give some love to Eric Northman and his (almost) epic journey throughout True Blood Season 6. I’m not going to compare him to Bill or add up the amount of “Sookie points” anyone earned, I’m not going to weep about the direction in which Sookie certain other characters are heading, and it’s certainly not an attempt to find deep and hidden meanings in the storylines from Bon Temps. I’m going to talk about Eric and why he is still so completely f*cking awesome!


Eric and Sookie’s interactions this season were fleeting but I think still deserve a mention. In the opening episode he gave her back her home and agreed to leave her alone so she could attempt to get back to living a normal life. (A promise he kept throughout the season despite having one golden opportunity to interfere with her in the cemetery just after Nora had died). If this was indeed their goodbye, then our Viking handled it with grace and style.


But Season 6 for real started at episode 2, and Eric’s chilling response to Pam’s concerns, that if the humans want war he’ll give them one, and he did, and although there were the inevitable casualties along the way, he won. He’s good at winning.


Eric needs a good adversary otherwise it is boringly easy for him to quickly get his own way. And like Russell Edgington in previous seasons, Governor Burrell provided just that. Cue a classic Northman scene, the plight of the Whooping Crane, and my first big tick for the writers this season having Eric impersonate another human, the fans have been waiting for that one and were duly rewarded. The Governor had a daughter who likes vampires, especially blonde Viking ones, and this gave the writers a chance to take True Blood to a place it rarely goes, back to the old style creatures of the night and the original dark lord. Eric was acting like a proper vampire and it was wonderful to see. Throw in (another) classic Northman scene with Eric calling on Ginger and declaring they won’t be having sex tonight, and then it was onto the tantalisingly sexy coffin sharing moment. (too many ticks to count up for episode 3).


But even Eric’s vampiric shenanigans in Mark Hudis’s episode didn’t prepare me for what would go down the following week. Alexander Woo is my favourite writer left on the show and it’s no surprise that his episode 4 was my favorite this year. Just like Pam before her, Willa Burrell made her own choice to leave behind the world she knew to walk the earth forever with Eric Northman. It is official and I will never be dissuaded from it – Willa Burrell’s turning scene was the sexiest and most awe-inspiring turning scene ever in the history of anywhere! It was HOT and it was a moment of true vampire greatness. Time and circumstances meant we didn’t get to see Eric and his new progeny bond, but that story is unfinished (or at least it better be………….)


I admit I was worried that Eric in Vamp Camp would end up going the same way as the seemingly endless time he was trapped at the Authority last year. But my worries were unwarranted as the writers didn’t even attempt to take the Viking out of the vampire. From his “f*ck you” attitude towards his captors to his steely determination to punish each one of them for their crimes against him and those he loves, and from his bewilderment that the governor had imprisoned his own daughter to his aggression and helplessness at Nora’s cruel fate ( her only crime was being his vampire sister), Eric was Eric and Alexander Skarsgard was having a ball. His daring escape with the ailing Nora was one of True Blood’s greatest ever pre-title segments. (Lots of big ticks for Vamp Camp).



Not too many viewers gave Nora much chance of survival but Eric will never give up on those he loves, and Alexander Skarsgard earned his money and many plaudits, in the heart-wrenching scene when Nora finally succumbed to her true death. FACT:  Eric does heartbreak better than anyone else on True Blood. Later the same night, this season’s big bad, Ben Warlow, had the privilege of finally meeting Eric Northman, and no doubt learnt very quickly that there is only going to be room for one alpha-male to be large and in charge on this show.

Eric’s triumphant return to Vamp Camp was the stuff of legends, and every move he made, with  a vicious relish, meant that the majority of Brian Buckner’s episode 9 was a Viking lovers dream come true. A big tick for Eric being the one to end Steve Newlin’s miserable life, not least as he was the catalyst to Godric’s Season 2 demise, a big tick for Eric picking up Jason Stackhouse (and Ginger) along the way, and another one for saving the therapist for Pam.


Real heroes don’t do it for the applause and Eric Northman certainly doesn’t.

Kristin Bauer van Straten has often remarked that Pam represents the True Blood audience, and I’m pretty sure most of us felt exactly the same way Pam did,  as Eric headed off into the blue beyond. It was all fantastic television, and all we needed now was a killer ending………….


It’s not where you start, it’s where you finish, and whilst I appreciate that True Blood and Eric’s story are far from finished, that was no excuse for how they decided to end the season. For some “behind the scenes” reason Alexander Skarsgard was unavailable during the majority of the finale filming and someone, somewhere, came up with a great idea to appease his multitude of fans – show him naked, set him on fire! They might just about have got away with it if the season had ended right there and then. But no, there was more to come – 6 months later Alcide has written a book, Bill has hooked up with Arlene, Jason has became Mayor, and Bon Temps has been invaded by a swarm of hungry killer bees, or something a bit like that, because as Brian Buckner has already admitted during an interview, the HBO viewers were hardly able to take any notice anymore. It’s not that no one cares about any other characters on the show, it’s that generally they care the most about Eric, and thus spent the final 30 minutes of the season wondering what the f*ck had happened to him and why none of the remaining characters seemed to even give a crap.


It’s a shame it had to end like that because Eric has had a wonderful season. They gave him drama, action, horror, seduction, tragedy, heartbreak, and comedy, and it was all carried off with his trademark sexy confidence and aplomb  by Alexander Skarsgard, who seemed much rejuvenated after a more weary season 5. The team at HBO will have to come up with some pretty amazing stuff next year, if they want to have any chance of topping it. (I’m already looking forward to hopefully witnessing his epic return to Bon Temps. And a genuine love interest would be good).

As for the rumors about a possible and dreaded GHOST ERIC. I’m afraid Pam and I don’t have any time for that shit!


Miss Swynford De Beaufort  and I will never give up on Eric Northman. and now that the ancient has-been Warlow has met his demise, and the gruesome twosome of Lilith and Bilith have parted ways, going into Season 7, a certain tall, blonde Viking is now the oldest and most powerful vampire on the show. And I’m absolutely fine with that.


(Eric pics from screencapped.net)

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34 comments on “Why I loved Eric Northman in Season 6

  1. he is incredibly F***K**G SEXY!! I want more of him too. He pretends to be bad which is what I love but that sweet side I yearn for, more ERIC! JUST TALKING ABOUT ERIC TOO:)

  2. made me feel a lot better – thx for that nice Eric love.

  3. Bravo Evie, I loved your Viking “worship”!!!! Hes’ worth every word of everything you said!!!! Even tho’ you got a little mixed up after the time jump (or was it the time warp?). i.e. Alcide didn’t write the book Bill did, Sam became Mayor, etc. But who cares about all of those guys, we ONLY care for Eric anyway!!!!

    After Buckner tried to calm the masses about saying that Eric will be back, I started to feel calmer myself, until I read that next line where he said that he wouldn’t say in what form he’d be back as…..WTH!!!! Now I’m worried that he’ll be “Ghost” Eric or some other lame brained creature that BB comes up with. Back to the worrying and I’m trying not to worry so much now as I think 9 months of worry might cause me to bust a blood vessel or somethin’……

    I love Eric/Alex and just want him back to his old Viking self next season!!!!!!

    • Thank you :) but remember we’re not even thinking about Ghost Eric!!!!!! Not going to happen! Pam and I will not stand for that!

      My comments about what went on after the time jump (although I like your time warp better) were deliberately misleading as viewers really had trouble getting a handle on what was going on and Brian Buckner has admitted that. And I doubt Alcide has actually even read a book LOL

      • Evie, I found three websites today that gave a little bit of information out about True Blood season 7. The websites are as follows: gossiponthis.com, breathe cast.christianpost.com, and ibtimes.com/true-blood-season-7. I was thinking if enough of us made comments it might help Eric’s character next season.

  4. LOVE this!!!

  5. that was just great !!!!!

  6. To quote Eric: “fantastico”! :)

  7. Thank you for this :-D Besides the last ep, this season was really epically awesome for Eric. He was just the right mix of brutal and smouldering (no pun intended). I can’t believe I managed to love the fact that Willa was turned and it wasn’t a storyline involving Eric & Sookie getting it on :-D

  8. If the season had ended at episode 9 it would have been a much better stopping point. ASkar’s performance this season is worthy of an Emmy nomination and I hope he gets it. It was his finest season (I know, season 4 with all the Sookie/Eric goodness was a treat). His acting was dead on (no pun intended) and was wonderful. I still have trouble dealing with the utter stupidity of Brian Buckner’s statement about the “provocative and sexy” Eric scene in the final episode. Why a sane person would think anyone would be turned on by watching him BURN just because we got full frontal nudity. And this is the man at the helm of the show..Lord, give us strength.

    • Only a dingbat would think that scene was “provocative and sexy”. There is nothing remotely sexy about watching a man burn even if we can see the poor man’s penis while it’s happening. Anyone who was turned on by the sight of said body part in that context needs help. I suppose in one sense it was provocative though, since it has provoked an angry reaction in a lot of people.

  9. “6 months later Alcide has written a book, Bill has hooked up with Arlene, Jason has became Mayor, and Bon Temps has been invaded by a swarm of hungry killer bees, or something a bit like that” LOL! I like your version much better than what actually happened. For some odd reason the idea of Bill hooking up with Arlene appeals to me immensely! And Jason as Mayor would be a hoot. :D That snowy scene knocked the stuffing out of me and I nearly turned off the TV. (Snowy scenes on TB seem to be harbingers of doom.) One thing Buckner knows now is what to do if you want to ruin the finale of an otherwise rather good season. The only good thing in the second half was the absurd and hilarious sight of Sookie in that hat, which continues to amuse me no end.

    Excellent read, Evie! Brava! With the notable exception of his final 25 seconds on screen, our Viking did indeed have a splendid season. *thumbs up!*

  10. Thanks Evie, that was great!!
    I’m also so happy to have Eric back on top as being the oldest and strongest of the vamps we know… Looking forward to him kicking some vamps into line and taking charge like in previous seasons… Def want to see him put Violet in her place, (if they ever get a scene together) I’m not liking Jason being so pinned down, its like he’s loosing himself already… I would love if Eric were to come back and save him and claim him as his LOL their interaction is a dream!! LOVE IT!!

    One other thing I was disappointed in this season was that we didnt see the Eric/Warlow scene… That would have been great viewing and they missed the mark on that one… I know there was supposed to be some kind of mystery but they could have deleted some other scenes and kept that one in…

    • I wanted to know does anyone know if its first true about a season 7 starting in sometime of 2014 and Tara being replaced by another girl in her character? Are those two facts correct? Also does anyone have a more closer date and where it might come out first like Comcast on demand on the DVR or online in Stream pix or also my dream is there a possibility of a continuing series like sex in the city and other series that never ever stop every week. I want it to never stop. We have nothing the closest was twilight and this is just so good that no tv show nor movie is good enough for me anymore and bores me. I cry, laugh, get scared and jump for joy and even get enticed all at the same time when watching True Blood 1-6. So please anyone ? I need them! Also if anyone has an idea can we petition and put together a paper and sign electronically how badly we want the show to continuing airing ? I will help in every way I can possibly and will do whatever anyone needs? Thanks so much!

  11. Thanks for the post Evie …I was getting a little depressed but all those things that make Eric so awesome have put a smile on my face I just hope that next year Eric returns home well (no ghost o Pam’s memories please) I won’t stand that!!!

  12. Nice break down. Agree and agree!!

  13. Beautifully written, I could not have said it better.

  14. Why the f*** did they ruined the season at the end??? I’m so sad!! :(
    I hope nxt year It’s all Eric!!!

  15. True Blood is getting on my nerves with Bill & Sookie . Where is Eric & Sookie ? I love Eric Northman . He is hot !

  16. I was searching the net today and found some information about True Blood Season 7. The websites are as follows: gossip this.com, breathe cast.christianpost.com, and ibtimes.com/true-blood-season-7. The websites allow you to make comments about what you would like to see next season. I made comments on all three websites and am searching for more. The comments you make may not make a difference but it would be nice for Sookie and Eric fans to voice their opinions before the writers return to work for next season.

  17. Thanks Evie – agree with everything you said … the only thing that can help this to rise out of mud it fell into is Eric, Eric and more Eric.. .Who really wants to see boring and predictable Alcide/Bill/Sookie triangle?? I sincerely hope that show producers will realize this (fingers x that AS also wants to stay full time on ths show, and I guess it all boils down to that). I don’t care if he has a separate story line or comes back to BT stuff as long as they treat his character with respect he deserves after 6 years. If he has to die at the end I want it to be glorious. If he gets love of his life I want it to make sense – so far Sookie or even Willa…even Pam HEA would work for me.
    I hope season 7 will be the last.
    This worries me:
    – Buckner said he is not sure in what form he’ll be back – as you said I don’t want to even think about the ghost/vision bs, but the writers never cease to disappoint
    – AS signs for less time on the show
    -they decide to totally butcher his character and bring him back as some mad villain /all burned up and evil (this is in reference to Buckners comment that he won’t be coming back as Eric we all love – that stinks!

    Hopefully any of these won’t happen but well I have full year to think about it

    • I agree there are three websites I made comments on today asking for suggestions about True Blood season 7. The websites are as follows: gossiponthis.com, breathe cast.christianpost.com, and ibtimes.com/true-blood-season-7. The websites asked what changes we would like to see for next year, maybe if we get the word out Eric and Sookie shippers might stand a chance before the writers get back to writing for next season.

    • I can understand everyone’s concerns but I don’t think they will butcher his character, they know how beloved he is (and if they didn’t before they certainly do now lol), or give us Ghost Eric. Both of those would be unacceptable. I know I’m in a minority in Team Eric but I think the writers have always done a really good job with him, and I am hopeful they will do something great again next year. It does sound more and more like he is having a separate storyline (at least to start with) but any storyline with Eric in is usually epic so fingers crossed!

      Alex is now back in LA, and I think this week all the big decisions will be being made before the writers start up next week. Oh to be a fly on the wall at HBO!

      • I agree completely agree! The writers have made him EPIC. He is the most well rounded and fully developed character by a million miles. He is both hero and bad boy, loving but ruthless, smart but vulnerable, open but hard as nails. And funny. And always runs rings around Beehl, Alcide, Warlow and every other supposed stud on this show. The only real let down was that he’d be stupid enough to go up mountain naked w/ no back up plan–esp. after knowing Claudine’s blood didn’t last either. NOt buying that.

        And even if they are setting Beehl up to be “redeemed” in finale–they still make him look like a douche at every turn. Even letting Eric use Warlow so effectively w/ no deals. HA!!!

        After the outcry too, the writers definitely know now that it would be the true death for the show if they screw up his character. If they had other plans, I guarantee they have changed them to put the viking front and center in a compelling and worthy storyline.

  18. Great post Evie.
    For me season 6 ended at episode number 9. The last episode was so crazy I still can not coming around it.
    Even if I don’t trust Buckner and the other writers we must not forget that if we love Eric we owe it to them. This is the only reason that makes me still have hope about his future.
    The same can’t be said about the possibility of a relationship between Eric and Sookie for this I lost all hope.

  19. Thanks for this amazing post! Yes, Eric was used too well this season (omitting the finale episode of course). I must say damn too well, his best season so far. And I have to say this season (omitting the finale again) was MUCH better than S5 and even S4. Not as good as S1-S3 but still much better than those last two, right?

    And of course we are waiting an alive and well Eric on S7, not ghost, zompire, flashback or even an alive Eric with burnt body 4ever. We want Eric as we all know and love. And for the first half of S7 I won’t have a problem if he has his own seperate storyline. But until the finale, his story must interconnect with the others. And of course we want him eventually with Sookie.

    • Yeah, I liked this season better than 4 or 5. It’s a toss up between 6 and 3 which is my favourite overall season now. Absolutely this could be my favourite Eric season already.

      “We want Eric as we all know and love” – Amen! That’s hopefully not too much to ask them for :)

      • I really don’t think that the writers will risk it. Eric will be alive. I just hope he will at least have a descent storyline and he will be back with the other protagonists (Sookie and Bill – especially Sookie of course) until the new season finale. I am hardcore fan of the character and this season reached him on top. I literally had spasms when he turned Willa, it was so epic, the best scene on vampire movie/series I’ve ever seen. And to think I hated him until the first half of S2. He was almost evil. So cocky, possessive, confident, cruel, unmoral… My opinion changed after Godric’s death and he gradually became my favorite character of the show and my favorite fanger ever. But I do want to see him again as his old self now. It’s necessary with this zompire mess (which I really hope it’s going to be over until the new season finale).

        • It’s good to know there is someone else who thinks Eric will be very much alive (ok un-dead). Ghost Eric or anything else stupid like that would be totally unacceptable to the viewers. True Blood is nothing without Eric being Eric.

          I think the only possible reason they won’t have Eric reunited with the other main characters in Bon Temps by the end of the season, would be if Alex just cannot commit to the filming schedule, and therefore they have to film all his stuff separately and at a different time. And if that is the case it is not Brian Buckner’s fault, or HBO, they will do their best to keep Eric central to the show.

          • Thank you, exactly my thoughts. Alex is too busy to film with all the others. He will have his separate storyline with Pam and I really hope with Willa as well. But he must find time to film at least a couple of scenes with the other protagonists. The directors can use those scenes on the semi-finale and finale episodes. Given that S7 won’t be the last, we hope he will be free enough to film with the others for S8. And given that Sookie will stop being a featherminded creature, we hope they will end together at the very-very end… ;)

  20. Here’s my theory on the stupid way they will do this: he will bury himself in the mountainside, but be frozen in ice until Pam finds him and of course that takes 6 months. If i’m right, I’ll be so irritated, cuz that’s stupid!

    He’ll be back as vamp. He’ll be in main story in Bon Temps w/ his girls….I think the main issue is that he won’t be in love triangle/rectangle w/ Sookie.

    • I hope she holds out on all hope and trusts Eric to be her partner and Bill just won’t leave her and Alcide alone…..the drama between Bill and Alcide pushes her in Eric’s direction by the end of the season. Rumor has it if this is the final season they will do another time jump. I’m hoping if she does end up with Eric they do their relationship justice and we get to see it unfold.

  21. I could watch a whole season of Eric just sitting on his throne at fangtasia.. or better yet, just laying out reading.. OMG i love that man (character)

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