Poll: How would you like to see True Blood end?


With the news that True Blood Season 7 will be it’s last… People.com has posted a poll – asking you, “How would you like to see the show end?”

One of the options available is Sookie ending up with Eric, and we’d like to see that one win – or any of the other Eric ones they have available are fine too. We just don’t want to see Bill, Alcide, or Sam beat our striking Viking!

Please cast your votes here: People.com

At the time of this post, Eric & Sookie were winning with 34%! Where is it at when you vote? Feel free to tell us what you think below!

Thanks Eric & Sookie Lovers!

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71 comments on “Poll: How would you like to see True Blood end?

  1. It should be Eric and sookie but this show I have NO HOPE AT ALL!! But I voted for them!!

  2. Eric and Sookie WEDDING!!!!!!!

  3. The season should start with Lafayette waking up from a dream where he prophesized the season finale stops Sookie and company from killing Benlow, thus saving Eric and giving the writers a second chance to get it right.

  4. LaLa is the head chef at Bellefluer’s, it is now a fancy Restaurant Arlene holds court as reigning rich woman of Bon Temps. Jason settles down with someone we have not met yet. Jason is set on rebuilding the Bon Temps police force when his good friend Hoyt comes back into town after working in Alaska. Sam and the girl have a shifter baby, he runs for re-election as Govenor after rebuilding the True Blood factories – with no HEP V – He is a hero to vampires all over, and Willa works closely with him to build another vampire authority/human government alliance. Tara turns her mother and the pastor, and they start Louisiana’s First Baptist Vampire Church. Jessica and the new sexy vamp end up together, traveling the world. Pam reopens Fangtasia and starts a chain of Fangtasia’s all over the world. Ginger becomes the spokeswoman for the clubs. Sheriff Andy and his fae daughter find her fae mother and they reunite, although Andy wants to stay with the wiccan waitress. Bill realizes that he has been insufferable to both humans and vampires, fae-vampires, Lillith and everything else he comes in contact with, he leaves Bon Temps to find a new spiritual calling. Alcide can’t keep the wolf down, and goes back to sluty pack girls at his sister’s hair salon in Shreveport. Sookie, is downtrodden, she feels she has lost everything – but, everyone is happy so how can she be soo selfish as to not wish them well. One night she has a dream – she wakes up shaken…she feels that there is someone out there that needs her – she hears the voice – soookiee – free me – who’s voice could it be – ERIC?? Sookie runs to Fangtasia to tell Pam – Pam wants to kill her, cause she knows Eric is dead, she saw him burn – but Sookie insists that she takes her to the mountaintop in Sweden – once there – Pam drops Sookie and says something snarky – and then Sookie follows her instincts – all of them, woman, fae, vampire/werewolf lover, sister – and she finds Eric in ice in the snow – his naked body perfect not a burn mark on it – she uses the last of her faerie light to release him from his frozen grave – we cut to five years later – it is night and a gondala is being steered down a Venitian way, there is a tall, slender and blue eyed Viking God on the boat – he pays the gondola driver and says “my wife and I are not to be disturbed until sundown” the driver nods in agreement. The Viking God emerges from the gondola – behind him a woman, dressed in white with a red scarf covering her neck – he holds his hand out and says “My love, are you coming?” – the woman looks into the camera and says – “I am always by your side” – YES – it is Sookie – but is she human or vampire?? We will NEVER know for sure!! End of STORY (And i have not read the books – purely what i want to see happen) Loved TB for 6 years – Eric Northman will always be a legend in my mind!!!

    • Lolita, if you don’t write Fanfic, you should. Your ideas on how the story ends would make a great story. Why don’t you try and elaborate on your plot and try writing? I’m sure you could find a Beta out there to help you.

      • Thanks, I appreciate your feedback. I have no idea how i would even begin to write “Fanfic” – and what is a “Beta”? Help me out – and I will try it

        Thanks again

        • A Beta reader (or just Beta for short) is someone to pre-read your work and make corrections before you post. They’re basically like an editor. Some betas primarily correct things like spelling, grammar and sentence structure, while others do more and actually assist with story ideas and feedback. On FF.net you can find a section to request a beta if you need one.

    • Ok… I wish you were the writer!!!!!! PLEASE let Sookie and Eric end up together!!!!

    • Yes! You need to write season 7. Except I’d kill off Bill.

  5. How in the hell does Beehl have 29% of the vote???!!! Seriously, HE’S HORRIBLE. Maybe this show does need to end, I can’t take it.

    • Kristen is Beehl, Bill? I think they are making a big, mistake, to end the show. How the writers got so far off of the books, I will never understand!!! I have not read anything about, Warlow, only, Niall. Rutger, is such a good actor, why have him, for just a few shows? I just started, Deadlocked, and Eric and Sookie, are still together. There are so many stories left to tell, from the books. As far as I know, vampires are still on top of millions of people list as, favorite themes in movies, reading, and watching on TV. Hope, Vampire Diaries, doesn’t follow suit. In stead, they are starting, The Originals. Unless the actors are tired of doing, True Blood, but we may never know, what the real reason is for, shutting it down.

  6. though I will say I voted for Eric/Sookie twice…maybe it’s the same 10 bill fans voting over and over. GROSS.

  7. I just want to be left with at least some hope for Eric and Sookie and to know there’s NO HOPE for Bill and Sookie!

  8. As much as I love Eric, TBSookie doesn’t deserve him. She’s been nothing but a fucking…dude I can’t even think of a word for her. Fuckwit, douchetard, asswipe…none of those completely convey the fuckery they’ve put her character through and as such, there is no hope for a realistic Sookie/Eric endgame. The writers are so far up Bills ass that those few measly bill fans are gôing to be squeeing their little hearts out. :(

    • I agree Kelpie with you even though i voted for eric/sookie endgame

    • don’t forget Danger whore. She has always acted like she’s doing him a favor and she could take or leave him. meanwhile, no matter what bill has done to her, personally, cow eyes.

      I truly believe if they weren’t married in real life, this would be a completely different story. and much better. the writers are stuck on stupid.

      now the problem is that Eric can’t have new romance audience invests in cuz there are only 10 episodes left….i’m pissed on every level that they have ruined this.

      • Seriously. There is no hope without a completely unrealistic out of left field surprise. It sucks. :(

        • I’m sad to say I’m w/ you. I’m now down to final desperate hope. That the writers will steal best idea from tumblr: finale was Bill’s fantasy while he’s been in vegetative lilith state since overfeeding vamps in white room ep. 9…they could have the 6 months go by w/ him just coming out of it to find the world finally sees him as the douche he is—THEN, if he truly wants to REPENT, we may take trip w/ him there….but certainly not the way they set it up….esp. Sookie gazing at him adoringly while he’s on tv bragging he was a god who committed 1st degree murder, but no punishment, cuz hey! nobody liked the victim…am I right, msnbc guy, huh? Oh bill’s so adorable when he’s in charming sociopathic god complex mode.

          again, it’s a pathetic hope, but I cling to it. I can’t imagine how they could win back me and my local chapter of Truebies any other way. The catastrophic blow to every narrative in finale was just too severe to stay invested.

          So fingers crossed.

  9. Eric & Sookie together

  10. Id love to see some strong character growth from the character the show is suppose to be about. And once that happens if it happens Id like to see her go after Eric assuming he would want her.. But I have no hope for it

  11. I just cast my vote every 30 minutes during the day I want to win dammit

  12. Eric and sookie!!! I voted,and will do so again and again, if I have too!! This being its last season SOMTHING good must come out of it, then again I held my breath for the finale, and it disappointed me to no end…I don’t know what to think anymore, but I’ll always hope for Eric and sookie! And He’ll no bill!! Bil needs to just be alone!

  13. Up to 37 percent!

  14. Eric and Sookie together, of course.

  15. I see they put stupid Bill first, looks like he has been doing a bit of voting too, Sookie and Eric is the only ending I will be happy with, we have been denied this for long enough GRRRR

  16. I don’t want to see it end at all!!! :(

    • Grace Bottlefield, I don’t want to either. I think, the powers that be, need to explain, why they are ending it, big time!!! Yes I want, Eric and Sookie, to be together. How can they pull the show back in that direction, in 10 shows? They can’t. A bunch of stupid people, wanting to end, a winner show.

  17. Sookie & Eric Wedding.

  18. I think its a bad idea to end the show, with so much, story left to tell. Sookie and Eric all the way. The writers have strayed so far from the books, its just not fair at all. Why do they even want to end it now. Just go back to the basics, and stay on top of other shows. Hope Vampire Diaries, won’t follow on these lines. Your making a big mistake, by ending, True Blood, next season.

  19. Pretty sure that 27% voting for Sookie and Bill getting back together is all of the employees at HBO who probably received a threatening email from HR yesterday telling them they had to vote that way. Seriously…I know NO ONE in real life or in cyberspace who wants those two back together! Since I know there’s no way Bucky will actually put Eric back with Sookie, I would’ve cast my vote for Sookie becoming a vampire (if that had been one of the options.) It’s a far cry better than her getting back with Beehl!

  20. LMAO – Alcide is not even in the equation and he is Sookie’s current lover…feel sorry for Alcide fans.
    One thing I am really wondering – would writers be so stupid to pretty much spell out the whole Bill and Sookie reunion thing. Are they really going to be so lazy, lame and predictable ??? To finish off the show like that…Don’t know…I would like to think that they won’t be.
    As E/S is pretty broken ship I would prefer for Sookie to stay single and independent woman, find her brain again, sign up for a course and just BE THAT GIRL IN A WHITE DRESS
    I think Bill will be a tragic hero at the end ..whatever

    Eric will probably have a short side story and probably be more present towards the finale. I am guessing that Willa may be more involved in his story. I don’t mind I want him happy at the end

    • I noticed Alcide missing as well. I just keep voting for Eric and hope something changes with him and Pam off on their own story line maybe we will get a spin off with our favorite Viking

  21. I just voted 5 times for Eric and Sookie together in a few minutes. Yup, I’m playin hardball w/ all of beehl’s 15 fans.

    • cannot help but notice all the bill and sookie love fest on FB…they are putting Bill’s romantic quotes from S1, pictures…yeap they are so setting it up and nothing will stop them…yes it’s boring, predictable and not to talk about insulting after everything we learned about Bill’s character through 6 seasons ..but never mind..they treat their audience as sheep. And when you look at people’s comments everybody is singing how wonderful it was in S1 and how they want that Bill and Sookie back….just vomit inducting … Of course S1 was fantastic, it’s what made me fall in love with this show…I loved Bill and Sookie as well…but guess what, many things happened after that and them going back together doesn’t bring that happy feeling like it does in many other stories. And isn’t it so ironic that all 15 BL are getting what they want at the end and laughing …grrrrrr

      • Maja:
        I’m an Eric/Sookie lover~and don’t know where you’re seeing Bill/Sookie
        love fest on Facebook? I post there and most posts are for Eric/Sookie.

  22. I read this acticle 2day, I am totally in outrage when I read. I had a done with this sh*t. We need to get HBO fire totally a** Brian Buckner. He finally f**king spilled the beans that Sookie will end up with Billy in the final ep. People totally sick and tired of this Billy luv Sookie cr*p!!! We don’t want Billy/Sookie HEA!!!!! HBO knew we want Eric/Sookie HEA, but That a**hole Buckner ignoring fans and making things way more worse.
    http://www.allvoices.com/contributed-news/15457426-true-blood-season-7-spoilers-will-sookie-choose-bill-after-allWe need senting more death treats to HBO get that f**kner a-hole fire!!!

    • That article seems like it was written by a Bill lover. Since when has Eric and Pam become true loves? And as for Bill being a romantic hero…how soon have they forgotten he almost drained Sookie in the back of the truck? WTF? I don’t believe this article at all…they are missing too many facts on what went on before.

      • Erka it sounds like a Bill lover wrote that article because Eric has never loved Pam in a romantic way plus I read where Buckner said that her and Tara has some unfinished business between them so no ……Pam is Eric’s daughter to him and I don’t see that changing but Bill and Sookie thing makes me wanna vomit and not wanna watch this last season at all.

        • I’ll be right there with you, with my own barf bag ready. ;)

          As for not watching…that’s why we’re here…to let you know what happens so you don’t have to watch. :)

    • I put a response down on that website. I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. I feel as though Comic Con and the talk of change was only a diversion to suck viewers in to watch the show. Eric being with Pam as his true love when they never showed anything for one another other than a maker and child relationship. Bill and Sookie loving their happily ever after because they turn him back into the Bill of season 1 because when he was Billith his mind was messed up. If Eric could escape the influence of Lillith then why couldn’t Bill? I guess I am officially done with True Blood if it gets picked back up for season 8 then I will glance at season 8 to see what that’s about. I also feel betrayed right now and feel that my money was used to line the pockets of actors that knew the show was coming to an end but led us to believe otherwise now we will not get the best product of season 7 because everything will be rushed to get resolved with no real resolution the kicker for me was Lafayette bringing Jesus back from the dead and them trying to figure out what to do with Jessica, Jason, and Alcide. Nobody cannot tell me the actors had no clue this was going to happen good luck supporting them in their future endeavors but this is one girl that when she says she is done I am not weak like Sookie’s character I never go back.

    • We all hope and wanted Eric and Sookie`s HEA,but now we can’t and f**king writers still kissing the couple`s a**es!!!

      This`s totally unfair!!!!! :(

    • No. No death threats, please. It’s not worth threatening someone’s life over EVER.

      • I am about we need sending more complaints,Erika. I am very sick of writers keeps throwning Billy luv Sookie cr*p at us.

        I known you guys feels the way,too. I don’t want you guys get heartbroken again,because you guys disappointed about the last book and Charlaine Harris screwed you guys. Now writers`re going to get screw us now. I think it’s really unfair we fans that we didn’t wanted, Eric and Sookie HEA.

        We still have a plenty of time to making more complaints

        But I think it is about we make a petition to finally put the end of the Bill and Sookie cr*p. I finally had enough of this sh*t.

        • It’s just not even worth it, stop watching the show, that’s all you can really do. We knew it would end with Bill and Sookie, this shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

  23. UGH! I won’t resort to death threats, but I will be watching something else on Sunday nights. “Eric returns to his true love, Pam.”


    Eric is Pam’s maker. I know they love each other, but it has always felt like father/daughter or close friends. Even when they showed how Pam was made, I didn’t see any “chemistry”.

    As for Bill & Sookie rinse and repeat…I have no words.

  24. *jumps onto her soapbox* ahem!

    Yeah, I loved season 1 too, but seriously, if they think that going back to season 1 and doing what has been done before because it worked back then will make the show great again, then (as heartbreaking as it is to say this) maybe it’s a good thing they’re ending the series: they either don’t want to, or are not able to get rid of the writers who are responsible for practicing the time honoured tradition of butchering an adaptation of what was once a great series of novels, and probably felt a sense of validation that “hey if CH can do it to her work, then so can we! YAAAY!”


    *jumps down* I’m done with my rant, thank you for reading it. :)

    As to how I would like to see the series end? Do justice to the characters and do it with wit, humour and honour… And promote it that way!

  25. Im not sure i want to see the last season and i have never missed an episode! But its feelimg like the last book tp me which i chose not to read im pretty sure they will disappoint us w erics story ive even thought they might kill him off in last season i have no hope for he and sookie that writing is plain she and bill for sure so if i know where were headed why watch?

  26. SERIOUSLY, they should have fired Steven Moyer and Anna Paqiun as soon as they found out they were involved with each other early on in the series! It would have been the way it was supposed to be. It was very unprofessional.

    • You can’t help who you fall in love with, that had nothing to do with it. They can’t fire them for that. I honestly think these writers would have always favored Bill, no matter who was playing him.

      • Tammydevil83:
        Anna Paquin fell in love with Stephen Moyer,the man~not with the character
        William Thomas Compton III.
        Now Alan Ball is the one who fell in love with the idea of Anna/Stephen being
        “Soulmates” in the show~But they’re not soulmates on the show.
        That honour goes to Eric Northman & Sookie Stackhouse.

        Alan Ball had the writers write the scripts with a bent to Sookie/Bill.
        He never wanted to see Sookie with Eric,as he was in love with Stephen.
        Alan favoured Stephen/Bill Compton~he just threw the EricLover’s scraps
        sometimes just to keep the fans happy.

  27. Ladies:
    I voted for Eric Northman to be renuited with Sookie Stackhouse.
    I don’t want to see her with William Thomas Compton ever again.
    I blame Alan Ball for insisting that Sookie & Bill were “Soulmates”
    in the show~they’re NOT. Anna Paquin/Stephen Moyer,maybe
    married in real life but they’re not soulmates on TRUEBLOOD.

    The only way I want TrueBlood to end is with Eric & Sookie together,
    maybe even Eric turning Sookie.???

  28. Ladies:
    Yes, Pamela has a major crush on Eric,she has since she first met him
    in 1905,San Franscisco when he saved her.
    But Eric isn’t in love with Pamela the way she is with him.
    He loves her like his daughter,which she is.
    She respects him,but she’s never going to leave him.
    Even thought he released her,she knew that the words meant nothing.
    Eric was saying them,just so she heard them.
    And she knew she’d never follow them.

    Pamela,will always be there for Eric,that’s why she left Tara/Willa.
    She had to find Eric,before something happened to him?
    We have to pray that she found him before he burned totally?
    That’s were Season 7 will pick up.

  29. Voted for Eric and Sookie. And there is a nice show finale I just came up with.

    Bill is getting crazy, realizing that Sookie will never be his again, he kills Alcide and tries to turn Sookie. Then, Eric comes out of nowhere, ripping Bill’s heart out. Sookie falls in his hug. Then we get another 6 months time jump. Sookie is on her couch with her undies watching TV just like S6 finale. We learn that the government created a cure for the zompires and is already spreading the skies. Eric comes in like Alcide (but not with those corny pants, black silk boxers is Eric’s style I pressume), grabs Sookie and levitates her to their bedroom. They have passiontate primal sex until morning and being both naked he grabs her, feeds on her and flies out of the house, in the sun as he is still feeding on her. THE END! Happily ever after!

    Liked it? Should we inform BB?

  30. I just hope it ends good and that they surprise us with more than 10 episodes! Oh, and I hope that Eric is in every scene of every episode :) That would be a nice going away present :)

  31. Well as disgusted as I am I still am a sucker for the underdog in this case that would be me still routing for dimwitted Sookie and the incredibly awesome Eric. But I have come to the painful conclusion that what I think always differs from movie Critic’s, writers, producers, and the occasional author who I’m sure we all know who I mean. I didn’t buy Season 5 of TB and Season 6 I’m waffling about because I can get the scenes I want of Eric off youtube so why pay 50 bucks for the rest of it. Still though I am traumatized about 6 the only thing redeemable about it was Eric the thought of 7 right now frightens me because of what they may do to Eric next they have screwed everyone else up.

  32. Eric & sookie
    Were up to 41% now :)

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