Alexander Skarsgard at the Calvin Klein Show


Alexander Skarsgard attended the Calvin Klein Spring Collection Show at New York Fashion Week today.

No surprise that as the face of Calvin Klein’s “Encounter” fragrance for men, he was there on the front row as a special guest of the fashion house’s creative director for menswear, Italo Zucchelli.

Check out the gorgeous gallery below!

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7 comments on “Alexander Skarsgard at the Calvin Klein Show

  1. Always looks so Damn Yummy in a suit!

  2. Alex is so hot !! Yummy .

  3. Glad to hear that he put in an appearance at the Calvin Klein show. Hopefully that we mean he will have more promotions to do for them, as I really love to see him in his modeling mode besides his acting mode……………..LOL. He does look good in that Blue suit, I just though he should have worn the shirt collar out and not all smashed under the suit collar. But who am I to judge Alex???? I’d take him anyway I could get him ladies………..(fans self before leaving for a cold drink of water).

  4. Blue brings out the blue in his eyes even more, and he has that ‘Straw Dogs’ tan again :)…(SWWOOOOONNNN)

    And he was too big for that too small chair haha :)…..

  5. This man is just going to end up killing me.
    I’m sorry but he get’s better looking every day!!!

  6. God damit…he is delishius!

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