Alex on “that” scene, and racing Prince Harry to the South Pole


Alexander Skarsgard gave a couple of little interviews at the Calvin Klein Downtown Event this week, which included his first comments on his now infamous Season 6 finale scene.

Firstly, from Celebrity Extras Alex appears at around the 2:12 mark, and briefly gives his thoughts on Eric’s finale scene.




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(Seeing Alex smiling and being so relaxed about Eric’s fate just reiterates my firm belief that Eric will still be the Eric we know and love next season)


He also spoke to E! online about “Walking With The Wounded”. Click on the fine picture below to watch that one.

Celebrity arrivals at Calvin Klein Collection post show event in NYC


Finally Alex gave talked to People.com about the upcoming South Pole expedition.

Watch out Prince Harry, a vampire has set his sights on you.
Alexander Skarsgard, who plays Norse vampire Eric Northman in the hit series True Blood, is racing to the South Pole against the British royal in November to raise funds for the Walking with the Wounded charity and says he has the mental and physical skills to beat the prince.
“I’m pretty stubborn and motivated and I don’t give up easily,” Skarsgard, 37, told PEOPLE at Thursday’s Calvin Klein Spring 2014 Collection after party in N.Y.C. “I’m very focused and we’re not going to lose!”
Prince Harry is the charity’s patron and the event features three teams of wounded soldiers from the U.K., U.S. and Australia/Canada racing across the snow and ice of Antarctica for 16 days to raise funds for rehabilitation services for military veterans.

The Swedish-born actor hasn’t met the 28-year-old prince yet, but says he’s eager to introduce himself – at the finish life.
“I’m very excited to meet him. I’ll be with my U.S. teammates at the South Pole welcoming him,” Skarsgard says with a laugh. “I’ll be happy to see him when he arrives. We will be there first though!”
And how will the HBO hunk greet the prince? With some trash talk?
“No, I’m going to give him a high five when I meet him,” he says. “I hear he’s an amazing guy. I admire him for being involved with Walking with the Wounded for a couple of years and taking the time to help wounded soldiers. It’s going to be an honor to meet him.”
And for those of you wondering if we will get to see any television coverage of the “Walking With The Wounded” South Pole Challenge, both NBC (in the US) and ITV (in the UK) have signed up to air a documentary in 2014. Source.


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22 comments on “Alex on “that” scene, and racing Prince Harry to the South Pole

  1. Alex seems so down to earth and level headed. it’s refreshing for a STAR to act this way, Bravo to him. Kristie

  2. Great man he is indeed . Alex is the best ..

  3. Alex is great as always and he is never going to say anything negative about his job but the true blood season 6 finale scene was b.s. and to treat his fans that way by let’s show his penis and no one will care you are burning him up for 3 minutes of screen time I’d disgusting by Buckner and his cronies.

  4. I am going on record by saying that I did not mind the open end way in which Eric supposedly met the true death.I like a good mystery but I like it down well. I know Alex has no problem wiht nudity as I have no problem seeing it, it was the marketing of it that bothered me. Alex alone is enough to make me watch this show so there was not need to advertise the peen. Again, it was not even daytime in Sweden at the time Warlow died so no sun to fry him. Sloppy research, fans did it TB writers could have as well. I am over it, I just think it is funny now.

    On o the Walking with the wounded, I am so glad we will get to see this because more attention should be brought to how veterans are in need.While I think it is the responsibility of the Government to take care of the soldiers who fought so bravely for their country, this is a great worthwhile charity.

  5. As always Alex was outstanding in both interviews. I agree that it was totally wrong to “use” Alex that way in the final season of his in season 6, but he seems to not feel that way, or at least not to show it as the show is still his bread and butter for one more year.

    As far as working with the wounded veterans, that just put Alex on a higher pedestal as far as I’m concerned. Three cheers to him!!!!

  6. he is just so handsome and adoreable. i really love watching him in interviews.
    and his comments about s6 – gave me so much confidence that we’ll have back our beloved viking eric in s7. don’t know why but i have a good feeling for s7.

  7. Why would you feel good about the last season? How could they end the show, without, Eric and Sookie getting back together, like in the books? I wish the writers had followed the book a little closer. They went so far off, it was nothing like them. There would be many more stories to tell and make, if they would follow them. Why are they ending it so fast, anyway. If somebody knows, please fill me in

    • I don’t know why anyone would still want them to follow the books after the way the last one ended. Not that the ending for season 6 was any better, I’d rather them just leave things how they were with Eric and Sookie in the first episode instead of making things worse between them. It’s not ending fast in my opinion, we all figured the show wouldn’t last longer than 7 seasons.

      • Despite the finale was terrible and cheap, the rest of the season was good, much better than S5 and S4 for sure. I still hope this fairytale can have a happy ending, but is it TB style to end things happily? As for the end of the show, no cable TV show can last more than 8 seasons. What I can see for S7 is that it will be rushed. They opened a huge storyline on the season finale (zompires) and I doubt they will be able to close it within 10 episodes giving us a satisfying ending.

        For example, BB was sure that the show will have an 8th season and quickly gave Alex a break to expand his career, telling us that he will have his own separate storyline on S7 which means shooting scenes with Kristin alone. But now, his schedule is out of the window, he must involve Alex with the rest of the cast since this will be the last season and has to get rid of the zompires quickly. From the one perspective, I wouldn’t want to be in his shoes because he has some difficult tasks to accomplish, from the other I would to make sure that the show will at least end with the way the majority of the fans have always wanted…

  8. It is always a pleasure to see people involving with charities. Alex seems to be a very grounded and “ordinary” man as well, good for him.

    • I disagree Vampiremanic season 4 was much better the season 6 for me bit I am a romantic and this b.s. ending for season 6 ruined that season for me ….your best character in the finale for 3 minutes ……just to burn him up …and some nude penis shot…..not good enough and the 6 months time jump was ridiculous with this sookie/alcide and bill triangle and zomie vampires ……ruining the show. Season 5 was horrible all the way except for the finale and season 6 was better than 5 but that’s not saying much. Season 4 Eric and Sookie love story was worth the Marnie as the weak baddie to me.

      • yes, i said the S6 finale was horrible but the rest of the season had more power than S5 and S4, it really kept me waiting for the next episode, something that I had to feel since S3. S4 had its romance between my favorite characters but it didn’t have the power to make me hate that I had to wait 1 week for a new episode to air. Now, S5 was boring and poorly executed but it was at least dark and the show started showing the politics and religion aspects thrgh the supernatural world (not in the best way) just like it did with other important human aspects (like love, betrayal, family, discrimination, homosexuality, etc). As an idea it was good but the execution was clanky. Last but not least and although I hated the S6 finale, can’t say that it is the zompires that bothered me. We have seen a mysterious creature who tried to marry an ancient Greek god back on S2, after that I am prepared to witness literally anything on this show. What bothered me was the way the killed Warlow (not his death itself) and Sookie’s inability to clear her head. Eric was a typical cliffhanger since they know too well that Eric is the most famous character. ;) And the zompire story pretty much sets the show to make its last spin, you can’t really recover everything to the way it was before after that.

        • I thought that season 6 was a strong season too, especially for Eric. The writing team have really developed him into a wonderful character. There’s been enough said about the finale obviously, and I’m pretty sure Buckner knows it could all have been done a lot better. (The cliff-hanger would have worked better without the time-jump afterwards for instance).

          The best thing about season 4 was the gorgeous romance, but Amnesic Eric doesn’t have quite the same effect on me as the Viking one, so whilst I loved his scenes with Sookie, I missed the guy I fell in love with in Season 2, and that’s the guy I want Sookie to love.

          I ‘m worried about the writers pulling everything together in 10 episodes too, in a way that is going to leave most of their audience happy. I don’t envy the writing team at all right now. I’m sure Buckner was hoping for a Season 8, and I’m still not completely sure why he didn’t get one (probably as contracts were running out). One thing for sure is, and if you look at previous seasons then you can evidence it, wherever characters start off is nowhere near where they will end. If you look at the end of season 5, it looked like Bill and Alcide were out of the picture for Sookie and Eric was the only option. Then by the end of season 6 it looks like it could be anyone but Eric. So that could all change again.

          At least, going forward now, we are down to 2/3 storylines – there’s the zombies in Bon Temps (with Sookie’s new triangle in the midst of that) and then there’s Eric. Hopefully Buckner won’t introduce a lot else, and there’ll be no major casting calls. Just give me a great Viking ending damn it Brian! That’s all I need!

          • Agree with you 100%. This season was Eric’s best. And if you think it carefully, he already had a separate storyline. He only met once the other protagonists. Sookie at ep1, Bill at ep7. That means that if the 7th season wasn’t the last, having Eric separated from the others wouldn’t mean that his storyline would be boring. But now that the next season will be the last, they need to interconnect his storyline ASAP. Ep5 is ideal. Let’s all hope that Alex will eventually be able to shoot the scenes with the other protagonists since it was partially his wish to have his own storyline on S7, BB said that they had a discuss and there were deeper purposes for “that” scene (to separate him -again- and give him a more flexible shooting schedule I suppose).

            As you said, let’s all hope that the show will end leaving us a good taste. And to do that, the team must work very hard for this last season to come.

          • I don’t have faith that these idiots will end true blood and Eric correctly at all ….Buckner and his cronies are horrible and have no clue.

      • I think Warlow and the governor are weak baddies. I was really worry Brian and writers are going to make Eric into a big bad,because he`s a last powerful vampire and I think Brian Buckner like him as a villainous-type character since way back in season 1 when he introduced him as a villain in season 1. It bothers me lot,because Brian brought Billy boy becoming a “romantic hero” who once fell in with cr*p. Oh, gimme me a break.

        I don’t even like the sound of it. I would hate to see him to lost to Billy. :( I known some fans like Eric do bad things,but for good things and that’s okay. As long, he didn’t went crazy and attacking the town by releasing army of the zombie vamps. :( We had seen Eric did bad things in the past like in season 3 when he was (pretending) teaming up with Russell,but he was playing cat and mouse with Russell all long by getting to revenge for murdered his family and everybody love Eric taking revenge on Russell. :) With season 6, He takes on the governor, because the governor took everything (his family and his bar,but he lost his beloved sister Nora. Poor Eric :( ) away from him. I wish Eric killed the governor instead Billy boy,but Sarah Newlin turned to be a big threat. I would luv to see Pam captured her and feed Sarah to Eric to finally get revenge (I really hope she isn’t a carrier of Hep V).

        But A lot of fans missed Eric most as a romantic hero, he became the romantic hero during season 2. That’s biggest part that is missing from the show. The writers didn’t get it at all and hadn`t explore the real Eric and Sookie`s relationship. Some fans would luv to see more Eric`s softer side (I do). :)

        I am reading that story Tammy posted on here awhile back, it was so good. I wish this writers would use that idea to play out next season as Skokie partnered with Eric and Billy`s turning into a zombie vamp. :) But I am afraid they`re going another way around. But I don’t known what the writers comes up,and I think they are looking at other people `s fanfics to give them some ideas (Well, fans wrote way better than tb writers). Probably they are using that story for 1 of their ideas,because Brian Buckner mentioned it didn’t last long with Alcide(it must be a hint). Maybe They finally bring Eric in Bon Temps,because it`s a final season and I guess Alex relieve. Probably we gets our Eric and Sookie HEA than separate Eric and Sookie`s storylines.

  9. Cartermatt.com has a new poll for how should True Blood end, if anyone is still interested please vote.

  10. As many have said here before me material done well makes a huge difference. I didn’t mind the nakedness or the huge question mark at the end contrary to how they present themselves TB creative persons are not stupid enough to kill off Eric Northman. He was the bright spot during S6. What does become tiring and cliched is the writers constantly trying to distract the viewer from weak scripts, wrong canon, no character growth, plot devices that go no where, with nudity or the prerequisite sex scene. Cause lord knows we cant make it through the episode without watching Bill have sex then twist his partners head backward while he climaxes.

  11. Always the consummate professional, Alex would never say anything bad about his employers. However, apparently there is some psychology behind “pretending” to scratch one’s nose which means he was lying when he said he loved how the season ended or so say some on tumblr who have time to analyze such things. Myself, I just love to watch the man do anything…sit, stand, walk, cheer at futbal matches…whatever!

    My favorite post today comes from @isabel_ogrady on twitter. So if you have a twitter account go check out her prediction of what Prince Harry is likely to find when he reaches the South Pole! ;)

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