The Results: “Quotes” Have Been Spilled



18 quotes. 9 from Eric. 9 from Sookie. All winners in their own right… battling it out for the privilege of being our favorites from True Blood Season 6.

We quoted… You voted. 

And it is time to reveal your favorite quotes of season 6 from both Eric and Sookie.

Starting with our Sookie results…This past season, Sookie had a potty mouth. But when she’s right, she’s right. Your top Sookie quote from season 6 is…

“Listen to yourself, you really think your God. You’re not God, Bill, you’re just an asshole.”

And now for the quote we’ve been waiting for. We all know everything Eric says is golden… but one quote resonated with us throughout the season.

The top quote of season 6 from Eric is…

“To me you will always be the girl in a white dress. The one who walked into my bar.”

It really  is tough to top that one :)

With the final season still at the beginning of the writing process… one hopes we will have tons to be quoting starting next June.

Time will tell. Thank you for your votes!

TBS6 Quote results


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Really, there is never enough Eric... I'm loyal to the Viking, no matter what. I will love him whether in Book, Show, and just because... my first thoughts are of him and I close my eyes to dream of him. As far as I'm concerned, the night can not get here soon enough.

11 comments on “The Results: “Quotes” Have Been Spilled

  1. I liked “put your tape back on”.

  2. I’m not surprised by these.

  3. They are best quotes!!!! :)

  4. Perfect choices…

  5. Yep, those quotes can’t be topped. They most definitely are the best ones. Next season being the last, its’ going to be hard to get thru. I just hope that BB rethinks his storylines for the final season and includes Eric into Sookies’ life somehow, I really don’t think I’d like separate storylines for them. I don’t care if Eric isn’t with Sookie at this point but to exile him from Bon Temps would be pointless at this juncture.

  6. The quotes are perfect!
    Did you see the interview with Stephen Moyer? The interviewer asked him what were his hopes for the last season and he said that he hopes he get his “white picket fence”. It made me sick. You know he and Sookie are going to live HEA. I will want to poke my eyes out! UGGGGGGGGG!

  7. WE Dion’t want to see Bill Compton & Sookie get a HEA.
    Their portrayers got that in REAL LIFE.
    We’re talking TRUEBLOOD here~ and the HEA should be between
    Sookie and Eric!!!

    • I think he was making a joke, but white picket fences are really dangerous for vampires. Maybe he’ll fall and accidentally stake himself, we can only hope. At this point, I really don’t care what happens because I have no intention of watching. I think Sookie deserves to have a boring, miserable life if you ask me, it’s what she’s always wanted.

  8. I thought just what everyone thought Sookie & Bill end game . They don’t have anything else on there mind . It should be Eric & Sookie Anna & Stephen real life is just to much into this show . That is what sucks .

    • its really sad that the writers are so invested in a RL married couple.. I mean its fine they are together in RL but to not put together 2 characters that clearly are meant for each other and make each other better just proves they never actually cared about the fans at all. And what makes it worse is now that there’s only the last season to worry about i am convinced they care even less b/c there is no concern for backlash causing the cancelling of the show… its done for them and they will never have to care again…

      • I think HBO finally pulled the plug after Brian Buckner made things way worse by blurred out his big potty mouth billy billy boy becomes “romantic hero” cr*p. No one stand watch through Billy luv Sookie cr*p. Brian says there’ll be 8 seasons,but cast members signed for 7 seasons,except Alex signed for 6. (I think that’s totally unfair. :( ). Brian Buckner is such a fool believed the show is centered on Anna and Steve`s relationship and better without Alex. Oh man, he`s totally dead wrong,because fans proved Brian Buckner that Alex really is the center of the show and writers need to stop carry away with Anna and Steve`s relationship.

        Redthang, I agreed with you. I really hope Brian Buckner and his staff have to learn from their mistakes,and they NEED to BRING our beloved viking Eric in Bon Temp storyline for the final season.

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