Video of the Week Returns!

Video of the Week

Now that it’s been well over a month since True Blood Season 6 ended…I’ve been missing Eric and Sookie like crazy. (Don’t ask me how we’re going to get through this a year from now. LOL) Just like previous years, we’ve decided one of the ways to help us not miss them as much – is to bring back the Eric & Sookie Lover’s Video of the Week!

For those who don’t know what that is…every week the staff here at ESL picks out a fan-made music video which shows how perfect Eric and Sookie are together as a couple and/or just show why Eric Northman is the vampire Sookie should pick!

If you have any videos you would like us to check out and/or if you want to make us a video which you think Eric and Sookie Lovers might like…please feel free to contact us on our Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr pages as well as shoot us an email on our contact form, which can be found under the “Contact Us” tab at the top of the page on here.

To start things off…one of our followers on our Facebook page posted this on our Facebook wall! We thought since we miss Eric and Sookie too…it would be a perfect way to kick start this off-season feature! Hope  you enjoy it as much as we did!

The video is called, “I Miss Everything About You” and is sung by Colbie Caillat!

Love it too? Show the video editor some love and leave a comment on darkswordfish7xx’s YouTube account! Thanks darkswordfish7xx for making this beautiful vid and congrats on being this week’s pick for Video of the Week!

Thoughts? Please share ’em below!

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19 comments on “Video of the Week Returns!

  1. Missing all of the wonderful videos you’d put up about TrueBlood.
    Slack is being taken up with many YouTube videos on Facebook.
    Facebook is where lots of fans are talking about the show,the cast
    and their hopes for Season 7.

  2. oohh…this is a good one :)…Now I am really missing Eric! :P

  3. wow! Wasn’t expecting this today. Thank you Erika. That is a wonderful video. It half makes me happy :) and half makes me really sad :( (and don’t get me started on next year, I’m still in denial)

  4. Thank you Erika for bringing back the weekly videos, you guys always find the best ones, I swear!!!! Marlene is right, they are posting some E&S videos on facebook too. I enjoy them all repeatedly!!! But sakshichopra is right, makes me miss him more too!!! Also it makes me want him and Sookie back together where they belong, which we all know realistically will not happen in the finale of the show……..

    • Great video Erika. I have missed them too. I have to agree with Evie, I too am sad and in denial. I also agree with you redthang914, that we will never see them together again. The writers are to set on Sookie and (blah) Bill being together.

  5. I love this song!

  6. I do STILL miss everything about Eric and Sookie, I kinda lost sight of that this season – but I loved the Viking when he was with Sookie, and when he just pined away after Sookie!!

  7. I haven’t had a chance to watch the video but I just wanted to say that I LOVE this feature so thanks a bunch for bringing it back. So many good videos out there and you guys always find the best so I will be looking forward to this every week. :)

  8. Wow this video made me so sad :( …. sad b/c it might be all we have left of Eric and Sookie being in love together. I’m not as hopeful as I want to be for season 7..
    Its an amazing video just makes me so sad that we will never see them together again. boohoo!!!

  9. Thanks for the memories Love Eric & Sookie together. I still am hoping in the series finale he will be with her not Bill. Love the video.

  10. that was perfect, I loved it Kristie

  11. Wow..this was perfect..any chance you can send it to BB and writers to jolt their memories about WHY we love these two together?

  12. This is a great video, but would be nice to have the sound as well. Do love it though.

  13. I’m glad this resumed Excellent!

  14. That was beautiful. And so bloody sad! *sniff*

  15. That was awesome…love the video! Does really make one miss Eric more, hopefully we will see Eric and Sookie together in the last season :-( :-(

  16. I love the video, and very glad they are back. It would be much better if it had the sound, though. Why, if others can get the sound, I can’t?

  17. Lovely video but makes me even more frustrated with those bloody writers … can they just give us a hint that she is at least thinking of him like in this video :(

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